Moral Standards Of The Great Depression History Essay

Through out clip there have been regulations that have kept people a civil and non a barbarian society. These regulations are called Torahs. These Torahs help with stating the populace what is good and what is incorrect. They have been Torahs as far back during the clip of Moses with the Ten Commandments. From at that place we as a human race based our ethical motives around the commandments. Since so we have added and more Torahs. A moral is “ wonts with regard to compensate or incorrect behavior ” ( ) . Laws are invariably being changed throughout clip because of what is go oning with the political relations and the economic system. They are meant to maintain the people as a group a more civilised community and less barbarian. They prevent people from stealing, slaying, and making other evil workss. Laws and regulations are broken day-to-day conditions it be enticement of holding a good clip or merely out of endurance. Morally it is more wrong for a individual to interrupt the jurisprudence when they do non necessitate drink alcohol when it is illegal, instead than holding to steal from person in order to feed your hungering household. During the 1920s and the 1930s people broke the jurisprudence daily. They both committed the same offenses but the purposes of the offenses were different than each others clip period. The books The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald and The Grapes of Wrath, by John Steinbeck display the moral criterions of the 1920s and the 1930s. The 1920s is known as “ The Roaring Twenties ” . During this clip everyone lived freely, amorally, and broke the jurisprudence daily. The 1930s is known as “ The Great Depression ” . During this clip everyone lived ill and amorally every bit good but there actions were justified by the state of affairs the people were in.

The Great Gatsby takes topographic point during the 1920s, right after the American triumph of World War One over Germany in 1918. America was going a more equal state for adult females, with the confirmation of the 19th Amendment in 1920 ; this gave the adult females the right to vote. The current president during the beginning of the 1920s was the twenty-eighth president Woodrow Wilson, and the people did non hold with his broad policies. The first election of the 1920 ‘s was between the Republican Warren G. Harding and the Democrat James M. Cox. Harding won the election of 1920 by 277 electoral ballots. Harding ‘s disposal seemed to be an immoral one. They had a dirt call “ Teapot Dome Scandal ” . This was a secret leasing of federal oil militias by the Secretary of Interior, Albert B. Fall. Fall was able to acquire the oil for lower rates. If the authorities was to hold low moral criterions so so will the American populace. The dirt showed that the authorities was corrupt. From the authorities, the corruptness so enters the populaces ‘ lives. Harding died before he could finish his first term as president in 1923. He died of a bosom disease while touring the United States and giving addresss. Harding ‘s frailty president Calvin Coolidge was the following in line for the occupation. He supported and maintained Harding ‘s conservative moralss. When Coolidge was in office the United States lived a comfortable clip, from 1923 to 1929.

The Great Gatsby took topographic point during an epoch known as “ The Roaring Twenties ” , which began an astonishing clip for economic prosperity, as the recession during the terminal of World War one came to an terminal and was fleetly replaced by fiscal growing. The stock market flew to indefinable highs because of the “ Second Industrial Revolution ” . It was the beginning of new innovations that would alter the American life everlastingly. The innovation that changed daily life the most would be the car. Henry T. Ford created the Model T, the first car. Ford was besides developed the assembly line. “ Ford ‘s assembly line [ was the ] agencies of production was the key ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) . The assembly line made it easier to bring forth mass sums of merchandise. Each employee would work on one portion and so when they were down with that portion it would travel to the following employee and it keeps on traveling until the merchandise is finished. The car gave the Americans easy entree to suburban and rural countries, and they were able to acquire out of the engorged metropoliss. The in-between category that worked in the metropoliss were able to travel out of the metropoliss, live in a less busy community and still hold a occupation in the metropolis. Other innovations that ranked with the car were the aeroplane, wireless, and gesture images. These innovations along with the conservative economic ideals added to this economic growing. “ The state ‘s entire income rose from $ 74.3 billion in 1923 to $ 89 billion in 1929 ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: // % 2034- % 20Depression % 20 & amp ; % 20New % 20Deal/CaausesofDepression.pdf ) . In 1919 an amendment was passed. This amendment was the 18th amendment or besides known as the “ Volstead Act ” . It was when “ U.S. Constitution banned the industry, sale, and transit of intoxicant ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) . Its chief intent was to halt the ingestion of intoxicant wholly, but it the American populace paid no attending to it. Its ultimante occupation was to assist the American populace to accomplish the virtuousness Temperance. Temperance is “ moderateness and temperateness, as in behaviour or look. Restraint in the usage of or abstention from alcoholic liquors/intoxicants ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) . The American populace paid no attending to it, it let merely created a new calling, called “ Bootlegging ” . Bootlegging was when people would do illegal intoxicant called “ moonlight ” . These people who picked up the calling of bootlegging were called “ Bootleggers ” ; they made, sold, and transported intoxicant when prohibition was in act, to provide the Americans with moonlight, illegal intoxicant. The “ moonshiners ” and the consumers of the intoxicant displayed low moral criterions because they broke the jurisprudence and did it recreational. Prohibition was the ground for the start of the organized offense. Gangsters would open nines called a “ Speakeasy ” to sell their intoxicant to the populace. “ The federal authorities hired merely hired 1,500 agents to prohibition ” ( the history book pg 648 ) . The mobsters would pay off the constabulary so they would turn the other manner while they delivered the illegal intoxicant or merely go forth that nine entirely. Again, they broke the jurisprudence and took the easy manner out and non pay for the effects of their offenses. It is an immoral thing to make. Their actions did non warrant the state of affairs they were in ; they did it out of the enticement of holding a good clip. The authorities allow these offenses undertake because the United States authorities had the Individualistic policy during the economic roar of the 1920s. Laissez-Faire is Gallic for “ allow it be ” or “ leave entirely ” , and it were so the authorities would non interfere with peoples ‘ concerns. The 1920s was a comfortable clip because the United States stayed isolated from the remainder of the universe. With all this prosperity in the United States, it influenced the societal life of the people.

The Great Gatsby took topographic point during the societal revolution of the twentiess. With adult females eventually able to vote, everyone was able to take part in taking who was in the authorities. Women and minorities were get downing to be more common in the work force. Immigrants and adult females were able to work in the work force and this helped with offenses because everyone was eventually equal. With the stock market turning people began to bask at that place wealths. Silent movies became highly popular. In 1927, “ talking pictures ” came out ; they were a speaking movie. The wireless was the chief signifier of amusement for the mean American. The wireless was besides off for the intelligence to acquire out in the populace, alternatively of trusting on the newspaper. The first wireless station was “ National Broadcasting Company ” otherwise know as “ NBC ” . The Harlem Renaissance created the genre called wind. Louis Armstrong was one of the most popular cornetists of New Orleans. Men and adult females changed their manner manners. Work forces dressed like they were immature once more. While the adult females created a new manner called “ flapper ” . A flapper was a female who smoked, drank intoxicant, drove cars, exposed their legs and had sex freely. The manner they would dress showed the sloppiness of their ethical motives. The flappers lived amorally because they would perpetrate criminal conversation, and broke the jurisprudence prohibition by imbibing intoxicant. People actions did non stay by the jurisprudence and showed they had a low or no moral criterion.

“ The dominant influences on F. Scott Fitzgerald were aspiration, literature, Princeton, Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald, and intoxicant. “ ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) . Fitzgerald met Father Sigoureny Fay when he attended the Catholic prep school in New Jersey during 1911 to 1913. There he learned from Father Fay to follow his aspirations for personal accomplishment. Fitzgerald attended Princeton and was a member of the Class of 1917. He neglected his surveies for his love of literature. He wrote the books and wordss for the Princeton Triangle nine musicals. Since he was on academic probation he thought he was non traveling to be able to graduate so he joined the ground forces in 1917 and was commissioned a 2nd lieutenant in the foot. When he got back from the war he fell in love with Zelda Sayre. He married her in 1920. The couple went on holiday to France during the spring of 1924. Zelda had an matter with a Gallic naval aeronaut while at that place. He wrote The Great Gatsby that summer. The fresh subject could be a sarcasm of the ethical motives during the 1920s. Zelda showed low moral criterions for herself and cheated on F. Scott Fitzgerald. The fresh involved many of the characters to hold personal businesss with each others. Zelda ‘s actions could hold influenced Fitzgerald to compose about these personal businesss.

The Grapes of Wrath took topographic point during the late thirtiess. The 1930s epoch is known as “ The Great Depression ” . This Depression started on October 29th, 1929, a twenty-four hours known as “ Black Tuesday ” . President Hoover promised the populace that the recession would stop rapidly and that the United States would populate prosperously in the shortly future. President Hoover was incorrect about prosperity being shortly, because the economic system took a nose-dive doing the greatest depression that has of all time happened in United States history. The United States was non the lone state that was in a depression, the full universe was in a depression. Many Americans lost their places and occupations. Many shantytowns known as “ hoovervilles ” began to start out of no where. These shantytowns were named after President Hoover because many Americans believed he did non assist the populace. The economic system worsened, still President Hoover did non assist endow any federal aid to ease the agony. In 1932 Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt of New York ran for president. He won by a landslide, he won with 472 and Hoover obtained merely 59. Roosevelt pressed difficult and passed a clump of Torahs called the “ New Deal ” . The “ First Hundred Days ” of his presidential term, Roosevelt and Congress were able to go through about all of the “ First New Deal ” . The Emergency Banking Relief Act was passed in 1933. It allowed the president to command exchange rates and all other banking minutess. Another act was created ; it was called the “ Glass-Steagall Banking Reform Act ” , which helped make the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to guarantee everyone ‘s banking sedimentations. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation rebuilt the religion in Bankss, because when the stock market crashed the Bankss closed and everyone lost their money. That act besides made it so if a bank collapsed that individual would non lose their money. The New Deal formed the Agriculture Adjustment Administration to supply federal subsidies to husbandmans and created many occupations for husbandmans and created many occupation chances through the formation of “ Civil Conservation Corps, the Civil Works Administration, the Public Works Administration, and the Tennessee Valley Authority ” ( one of Keatons ) . In 1937 Roosevelt cut back excess disbursement, believing that the worst portion of the depression was over and trusting the economic system will pick back up once more. The depression was non over merely yet. The economic system was non ready to pick up on its ain yet, the economic system crashed once more, go forthing 1000000s idle and stateless one time once more. After this 2nd recession the American populace voted many congresswomans, who supported the New Deal, out of the senate. With merely a little sum of support for the New Deal, it rapidly collapsed and it was non until World War Two that the economic system came out of “ The Great Depression.

The Depression started when the stock market began to crash on October 21st, 1929. Eight yearss subsequently on October 29th, 1929 the stock market crashed and “ dropped 43 points ” ( the history book 660 ) . There were some things that led up to the ultimate clang of the stock market that caused the depression. There was a deficiency of variegation. During the 1920s the prosperity of the state was trusting on building and cars. Another factor was misdistribution of wealth. This is when the husbandmans and mill plants made more than what was needed to maintain up with the demand of the flourishing economic system. They were non paid proportionately and were paid less than what they needed. Another factor was after World War One when most of Europe was in dept to the United States. The United States alternatively of allowing the European states wage of what they already owed, they loaned more money to them. It made it harder for those states to pay back the United States and it collapsed the international recognition construction doing a planetary depression. Unemployed workers demanded the authorities to make something and help them. President Hoover declined the federal alleviation was indispensable. In 1932 the “ Bonus Army ” , it was a group of World War One veterans and households, went down to The United States Capital demanding the aid of the authorities in this economic clip. President Hoover rejected their calls for aid and permitted the usage of force to take the dissenters. Prohibition was repealed with the 21st Amendment of 1933. The 21st Amendment was repealed allow the industry, sale, and transit of intoxicant legal once more. The ground why the 21st Amendment was passed is because it would give people occupation chances and it besides let the authorities revenue enhancement something that was already go oning, the illegal distribution of intoxicant. The chief aid of the 2nd New Deale was the “ Works Progress Administration ” . They work alternatively of merely giving people free money otherwise known as public assistance. They would give people occupations to construct roads, edifices, airdromes, and schools. Those who would hold artistic endowments, such as histrions, painters, and authors, were hired under the Federal Theater Project. Another bureau was the “ National Youth Administration ” . It gave a parttime occupation to the pupils, and supplied finicky assistance to pupils who did non hold a occupation. This “ Works Progress Administration ” was able to assist nine million people who were idle. This depression gave birth to the “ Social Security Act of 1935 ” . It was for the aged. This agreement was funded by the revenue enhancements on the wage of current workers, with a fixed rate of income, no affair how high or low they are paid. World War Two help the United States out of this depression. It created occupations for the unemployed and it besides let people acquire out of the United States, function in the ground forces and battle over seas.

The Grapes of Wrath was hard on the populace. When President Hoover was in office during 1929, the stock market crashed, the Bankss failed, and many concerns struggled to last during this fiscal crisis. When the Bankss failed, they closed their doors to everyone go forthing 1000000s of Americans penniless. The authorities tried to state everyone that prosperity is right around the corner, but while they were seeking to make this the economic system was still falling. It left over 1000000s out of occupations and on the pavements. Families could merely eat at soup kitchens. Families lived in shantytowns called “ Hoovervilles ” . They were called that because the American populace believed he was the cause of the depression. The worst drouth happened during the great depression. The great fields, from Northern Texas up to North Dakota, were full of farming and the drouth turned this farming area into a dust bowl. The drouth made it impossible to turn harvests. Their would be dust storms and they would smother the harvests and animate beings. The husbandmans left their farming area and went to the seashores in hunt of occupations and new chances, these people were called “ Okies ” . As World War Two came, many people signed up for the bill of exchange and fought for the ground forces. This helped with a batch with acquiring people of the streets and it gave people money.

“ Steinbeck ‘s novels can all be classified as societal novels covering with the economic jobs of rural labour ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) . He wrote The Grapes of Wrath in 1939. In 1939, The Great Depression was still traveling on. Since was Steinbeck life in California, he was able to see the dust bowlers traveling from “ The Great Plains ” to California in hunt of chance. This influenced him to compose about The Joads household in The Grapes of Wrath.

The novel The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald seems to compose about a isolated love narrative between a adult male and a adult female, but the chief subject of novel is a sarcasm on chase of the American Dream. The original American Dream is “ is the freedom to take precisely how we will set about anything we wish to make in this life, provided that in making so we respect the rights of all others to make the same thing ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) otherwise known as the chase of felicity. Jay Gatsby, the chief character of The Great Gatsby, chase of felicity was to acquire the love of his life, Daisy. Daisy and Gatsby had a love prior to World War One. Gatsby went of to war and Daisy found a new lover named Tom Buchanan. Tom was a affluent adult male affluent adult male. He cheats on Daisy but she stays with him through the novel because he is a affluent individual and can back up Daisy ‘s mercenary demands. The colour viridity is ever mentioned with her. We see this repute of a “ green visible radiation at the terminal of Daisy ‘s dock ” ( Fitzgerald 180 ) . The colour viridity has a intension “ of nature. It symbolizes growing, harmoniousness, freshness, and birthrate. Green has strong emotional correspondence with safety. Dark green is besides normally associated with money. ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) . When Gatsby saw this visible radiation he felt harmoniousness and was peaceable with his life because he was in love with Daisy. This green visible radiation besides describes Daisy because she was hungry for money. She began to fall for Gatsby because of his wealth. She represents a flapper during the 1920s. Flappers were a sarcasm to the American Dream because they would interrupt the regulations to profit themselves. Daisy benefited herself by utilizing Gatsby cordial reception and allow him take the incrimination for the decease of Myrtle. Another Fictional character in The Great Gatsby that represents a major portion of “ The Roaring Twenties ” is Meyer Wolfshiem. He represented organized offense. Wolfshiem has cufflinks that are the “ finest specimens of human grinders ” ( Fitzgerald 72 ) . Cufflinks represent edification and wealth. Bing that they are human grinders it becomes a barbarian type of edification. Crimes have a inclination to be barbarian. Gatsby claims that “ He ‘s a gambler [ and ] aˆ¦fixed the World ‘s Series back in 1919 ” ( Fitzgerald 73 ) which makes Wolfshiem a likely campaigner to stand for organized offense. Wolfshiem was an associate with Gatsby. Wolfshiem was deep in the offenses scene. His character is a enigma to the reader because he is merely in two scenes of the novel. We know that he has to make with offense ; he might provide Gatsby with moonlight. It is a shame to the American dream because they are interrupting the jurisprudence to acquire what they want. These characters give the reader an feeling that the 1920s was a offense invested clip. It can even do the storyteller seem prejudice.

Nick is the storyteller of The Great Gatsby. He is a first individual all-knowing storyteller. He is one of the chief characters and is portion of the narrative. He is the 1 that introduces the “ great ” Gatsby. He remains a enigma until chapter three. When Gatsby foremost shows up in the novel, he is in his library, rummy. Nick introduces Gatsby in an indirect manner because he gives the reader a people that give their sentiment on who Gatsby is. Before the first meeting with Gatsby, Nick was speaking to some ladies at Gatsby ‘s party. They said “ I ‘ll wager he killed a adult male ” ( Gatsby pg44 ) . Nick ‘s tone throughout the novel is two sided. He is fascinated and interested in Gatsby ‘s life style as a moonshiner but he besides disapproves of his actions.

All of the wickednesss of the 1920s can be related to the bible narrative of “ Sodom and Gomorrah ” ( generation ch 19 ) . The narrative was about two citations that had a batch of evildoers in them. They lived immoral lives and broke the Ten Commandments that God had given them. God sent two angels to warn the people to alter their ways or else God will destruct them. Merely a few people listened this warning. When they were go forthing the small town before it was destroyed they were warned once more non to look back or they will decease. One of them looked back and turned into a pillar of sand. This narrative relates to “ The Roaring Twenties ” and “ The Great depression ” because the people of the United States of America are paying for their wickednesss of the 1920s by holding to populate through the greatest depression that has of all time happened in American history. The 1920s was full of corruptness and wickedness. No set ethical motives. Most people would interrupt the jurisprudence in order to acquire what they wanted. They lived epicurean lives and so it went to nil. Peoples began to populate on the streets and would line up at soup kitchens to be hardly fed.

John Steinbeck portrays the subject of brotherhood in his novel The Grapes of Wrath. During the Great Depression people would hold to assist each other to last. Jim Casy helped the Joads throughout the full book ; he even gave his life so the Joads could acquire off from the constabulary. The Joad household symbolizes 1930 okies. The narrative of the Joad household is dry because the individual the kept the household strong and together through all of the adversities. It was dry because adult females at the clip were non leader functions, which were normally the work forces ‘s occupation. The storyteller is an anon. , omniscient, third- individual omniscient. This storyteller knows is really sympathetic and knows what goes on with the Joads, other migrators, and works. He has a plaintive tone. His tone gets the reader to experience sympathetic for the people who had to last the Great depression. Tom Joad is the chief character of The Grapes of Wrath. We foremost see him when he is released from an Oklahoma province prison. He was in prison for manslaughter. He was able to acquire out for his good behaviour.

In John Steinbeck ‘s The Grapes of Wrath, the Joads household represent the journey of the Dust Bowlers who needed to relocate in order to last “ The Great Depression ” . They display many virtuousnesss throughout their journey to California. The one virtuousness that sticks out the most with the Joads is fortitude. Fortitude is to hold “ Strength of head that enables one to digest hardship with bravery ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) . The household had to confront many challenges that tested their bravery. They needed bravery to go forth their farm where. They bit the slug when they were traversing the lodger of Oklahoma ; Tom Joad was on word and non allowed to go forth the province. They faced many of the same challenges that the Okies faced. They faced decease, illness, and poorness. They took many hazards when remaining at federal cantonments. Jim Casy lost his life because he was caught in one.

Another virtuousness that the Joads household showed is selflessness. Selflessness is “ The quality of unselfish concern for the public assistance of others ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) . Grandpa Joad refused to travel to California with his household. The Joads show an “ unselfish concern for the public assistance of ” him because they drug him and take him along when he is kiping. They took him with them because during “ The Great Depression ” the farming area was no longer fertile. The dust would cover the land and smother the harvests and farm animate beings. Grandpa Joad still wanted to remain because he started the Joad farm. He loved that land and when he was taken off from it he ends up deceasing because the household took him from his most natural component. The Joads did non believe he was traveling to decease when he was with them. They were merely looking out for his well being. The Joads knew that he would non be able to supply for himself. They showed this altruism for one another, and even aliens throughout the novel.

Jim Casy showed the virtuousness of selflessness. Self-sacrifice is “ The giving up of one ‘s owns benefit, particularly giving up one ‘s life, for the good of others ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) . Casy gave up his life in order to salvage Tom Joad ‘s life, by stumbling a police officer who was interrupting aimless cantonments of husbandmans. Casy did the ultimate forfeit, giving his life. Jim Casy is a symbol of Jesus Christ. If the initials do non give it off, so Jim Casy ‘s forfeit does. He even says something similar to Christ state on the cross “ forgive them, Father, they know non what they do ” . Casy says “ you fellas do n’t cognize what you ‘re a-doin ” ( Steinbeck pg 386 ) . Jim Casy represents Jesus Christ non merely through his selflessness but the manner he lived his life as a religious leader. Where as

Rose of Sharon shows the virtuousnesss of service. Service is “ Work done by one individual or group that benefits another ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) . She gives her service at the terminal of the novel when they are in an abandoned barn and see an old adult male who has non ate in six yearss. He besides displays service because with him was a little male child and the adult male gave him all the nutrient he had. Rose of Sharon gives her service to him by giving him her chest milk. Rose of Sharon throughout the novel is self centered but this stoping scene shows that she has some sort of bosom for others. She is like Christ ‘s female parent Mary. She gave her kid like Mary did and this helped her to be a mothering figure to everyone. She gave birth to a abortive kid, and had to direct it downriver. The babe symbolizes the prophesier Moses. It symbolizes him because a babe Moses was sent down a river for the greater good of the Israelites. The babe ‘s cadaver symbolizes the battles of the travellers. Rose of Sharon accepts the babe ‘s decease and feels like it is her responsibility to assist others and give her service to those who need it. She finds a batch of morality with the decease of her kid.

The 1920s was a clip of sloppiness and low ethical motives. They did non show that many virtuous actions. They had greed, one of the seven lifelessly wickednesss. They were obsessed with money and what it was able to make for them. The constabulary were corrupt and easy paid off. They did non unrecorded by any virtuousnesss or any moral criterions. Gangs started during this clip. They broke the prohibition jurisprudence daily by selling illegal moonlight, and transporting it to speakeasies. “ Al Capone is America ‘s best known mobster and the individual greatest symbol of the prostration of jurisprudence and order in the United States during the 1920s Prohibition epoch ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) . He was careless and merciless. He killed seven of his enemys, which got the constabulary more intreseted in Al Capone. Al Capone did non travel to prison because of his illegal activities as moonshiner and being a mobster. He was arrested for revenue enhancement equivocations. He was non a virtuous adult male. He lived with low moral criterions. He broke the jurisprudence non because he needed to in order to last but because he was greedy and wanted money and no competition with the supplying the public illegal intoxicant.

In both the novels The Great Gatsby and The Grapes of Wrath the pursuit for money is the common bond. When money was easy to acquire during the 1920s, people wanted more than what they needed which lead to offenses. When money was no where to be found people would assist one another to last. The Roaring Twenties was a unworried clip but, when the people came wholly careless that is when The Great Depression happened. Ethical motives are what make a adult male a adult male. With out them you would ne’er experience guilty for making illegal actions? Ethical motives give people a respectable name. The actions you perform consequence what people think of you. If you go around assailing people, you disgrace your name. Virtues help specify a individuals ethical motives. Ethical motives are what maintain world from being a barbarian race and with them we are able to populate peacefully. The Great Depression shows that even gazing the worst possible economic system crisis in the face ; the Americans were able to work together for a common good.

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