Microprocessor based water level controller


The processor is the part of a computing machine system that carries out the instructions of a computing machine plan and is the primary component transporting out the computing machine ‘s map. The signifier, design and execution of CPU ‘s have changed but their cardinal operation remains the same. The microprocessor contains all the cardinal processing unit ( CPU ) maps and is the ‘engine ‘ that goes into gesture when you turn your computing machine on. The microprocessor is designed to execute arithmetic and logic operations that make usage of little figure keeping countries called registers.The diagram of microprocessor is given as under:

Besides microprocessor is a multipurpose, programmable, clock-driven, registry based electronic device that reads binary instructions from a storage device called memory, accepts binary informations as input and processes informations harmonizing to those instructions and provides as end product. A microprocessor incorporates most or all of the maps of a cardinal processing unit ( CPU ) on a individual integrated circuit ( IC ) . The first microprocessors emerged in the early 1970s and were used for electronic reckoners, utilizing binary-coded denary arithmetic on 4-bit words. Other embedded utilizations of 4- and 8-bit microprocessors, such as terminuss, pressmans, assorted sorts of mechanization etc, followed instead rapidly. Low-cost 8-bit microprocessors with 16-bit addressing besides led to the first general intent personal computers in the mid-1970s.The most dependable circuit is H2O degree Controller circuit which takes the undertaking of bespeaking and Controling the H2O degree in the overhead H2O armored combat vehicles. The LED Bar graph is used for exposing the H2O level.The H2O degree is sensed with the aid of Cu investigations. The investigations which have to be monitored are inserted into the H2O tank.This water-level Controller circuit is configured around the well-known 8 spot Microprocessor 8085. It continuously monitors the overhead H2O degree and expose it and besides exchange ‘off” the motor when the armored combat vehicle fills and it will automatically exchange On the Motor when the H2O degree is low.
The Microprocessor will besides bespeak the H2O degree over the LED show.

All the input and end product maps are done through the Programmable Peripheral Interface IC 8255.

Merchandise Classs for H2O degree accountant:

  • Liquid Level Switches
  • Liquid Level Detectors
  • Degree Detectors
  • Degree accountants
  • Water Quality proving instruments
  • Degree Guages
  • Ph controlllers

Introduction to Water Level Controller: In most houses, H2O is foremost stored in an belowground armored combat vehicle ( UGT ) and from there it is pumped up to the overhead armored combat vehicle ( OHT ) located on the roof. Peoples by and large switch on the pump when their lights-outs travel dry and exchange off the pump when the operating expense armored combat vehicle starts overruning. This consequences in the unneeded wastage and sometimes non-availability of H2O in the instance of exigency. The simple circuit presented here makes this system automatic, i.e. it switches on the pump when the H2O degree in the overhead armored combat vehicle goes low and switches it off every bit shortly as the H2O degree reaches a pre-determined degree. It besides prevents ‘dry tally ‘ of the pump in instance the degree in the belowground armored combat vehicle goes below the suction degree. In the figure, the common investigations linking the belowground armored combat vehicle and the overhead armored combat vehicle to +9V supply are marked ‘C ‘ . The other investigation in belowground armored combat vehicle, which is somewhat above the ‘dry tally ‘ degree, is marked ‘S ‘ . The low-level and high-ranking investigations in the overhead armored combat vehicle are marked ‘L ‘ and ‘H ‘ , severally. When there is adequate H2O in the belowground armored combat vehicle, investigations C and S are connected through H2O. As a consequence, transistor T1 gets frontward biased and starts carry oning.

This, in bend, switches transistor T2 on. Initially, when the operating expense armored combat vehicle is empty, transistors T3 and T5 are in cut-off province and hence pnp transistors T4 and T6 acquire frontward biased via resistances R5 and R6, severally. As all series-connected transistors T2, T4, and T6 are frontward biased, they conduct to excite relay RL1 ( which is besides connected in series with transistors T2, T4, and T6 ) . Thus the supply to the pump motor gets completed via the lower set of relay contacts ( presuming that switch S2 is on ) and the pump starts make fulling the overhead armored combat vehicle. Once the relay has energised, transistor T6 is bypassed via the upper set of contacts of the relay. Equally shortly as the H2O degree touches probe L in the overhead armored combat vehicle, transistor T5 gets frontward biased and starts carry oning. This, in bend, contrary prejudices transistor T6, which so cuts off. But since transistor T6 is bypassed through the relay contacts, the pump continues to run. The degree of H2O continues to lift. When the H2O degree touches probe H, transistor T3 gets frontward biased and starts carry oning. This causes rearward biasing of transistor T4 and it gets cut off. As a consequence, the relay de-energises and the pump Michigan. Transistors T4 and T6 will be turned on once more merely when the H2O degree beads below the place of L investigation. Presets VR1, VR2, and VR3 are to be adjusted in such a manner that transistors T1, T3, and T5 are turned on when the H2O degree touches probe pairs C-S, C-H, and C-L, severally. Resistor R4 ensures that transistor T2 is ‘off ‘ in the absence of any basal electromotive force. Similarly, resistances R5 and R6 guarantee that transistors T4 and T6 are ‘on ‘ in the absence of any basal electromotive force. Switches S1 and S2 can be used to exchange on and exchange off, severally, the pump manually.You can do and put in investigations on your ain as per the demand and installations available. However, we are depicting here how the investigations were made for this paradigm. The writer used a piece of non-metallic conduit pipe ( by and large used for domestic wiring ) somewhat longer than the deepness of the overhead armored combat vehicle. The common wire C goes up to the terminal of the pipe through the conduit. The wire for investigations L and H goes along with the conduit from the outside and enters the conduit through two little holes bored into it as shown in Fig. 2.Care has to be taken to guarantee that probes H and L do non touch wire C straight. Insulation of wires is to be removed from the points shown. The same agreement can be followed for the belowground armored combat vehicle besides. To avoid any false triggering due to interference, a shielded wire may be used.

The Water Level Controller System is an Electronic Equipment which when electrically connected to the starting motor of any given Pump-set motor will command the operation of the pumpset depending upon the H2O degree in the Source and Destination Storage Tanks.

Advanced Automatic “WATER LEVEL CONTROLLER” unit Manufactured by M.V.Instruments is a Microprocessor based Electronic Device. This system when electrically connected to an Pumpset starting motor, performs the undermentioned maps automatically:

  • Switchs ON the Pump set when Water degree beads below pre-set degree ( i.e. T2 degree ) in Overhead Tank.
  • Switches OFF the Pump set when Water degree in Overhead Tank becomes full ( i.e. T1 degree ) .
  • Switches OFF the Pump set when Water degree is low in Sump/Well/Borewell ( i.e. S2 degree ) .
  • Switchs ON the Pump set when there is sufficient H2O in the Sump/ Well / Borewell ( i.e. S1 degree ) .
  • Switches OFF the Pump set when there is a Dry tally ( i.e. when Water is non being pumped into Overhead Tank due to any ground ) .
  • Low Voltage and High Voltage Protection for the Pump set is incorporated.
  • The system has Surge Voltage/Current Protection for the Pump set.
  • All these maps are automatically performed. Manual intervention is perfectly non required.
  • Manual operation is besides possible if and when required by runing the switch in Manual Position.

Paragon Water Filters use a alone 5-Stage filtration system that combines the cleansing capablenesss of Activated Carbon with the new engineering of KDF-55:

  • The first phase consists of a micrometer filter locked into topographic point, forestalling H2O from organizing waies or “ channels ” along the sides of the unit. Once the first micrometer filter has removed any big atoms, the H2O goes through a series of Chamberss – FIVE STAGES IN ALL.
  • The media filtration procedure begins with KDF-55, which uses an electrochemical procedure to cut down Chlorine and better gustatory sensation and olfactory property.
  • Water base on ballss through increasingly finer micrometer filters as it travels through the unit, to guarantee remotion of atoms and to divide the media so that they operate at maximal effectivity.
  • The concluding chamber contains the highest quality Granular Activated Carbon. Water tastes best when aerated with C, so this concluding phase assures that you H2O is every bit bracing as it is clear.

Principle: The Autonics Water Level Modulating controlsystem is a individual component Electro-pneumaticcontrol with a pneumatic Positioner and PID/Fuzzysystem. The system comprises a Transmitter, convertor faculty, float chamber, a feedline-modulating control valve and an electronic microprocessor based PID/FUZZY accountant.

Pid & A ; Fuzzy Level Controller:


The Autonic Water Level Modulating control system is a individual component Electro-pneumatic control with apositioner and PID car tuning system.

I ) A Level Transmitter with double-float chamber is mounted on the boiler shell, fitted with a spiral which can be do harmonizing to the demand.

two ) A flanged saddle horse to the full unstained steel Control valve, fitted with a rotary actuator and pneumatic actuator, which is mounted in the boiler feedline.

three ) A microprocessor-based PID/FUZZY Level accountant is mounted on the control panel.

four ) An electronic Converter faculty is besides mounted on the control panel.


A positive alteration of H2O degree in the boiler alters the degree sender induction value of spiral doing an instability in the system. This signal is transmitted through the electronic control box and connected to PID accountant. Then the microprocessor-based PID degree accountant transmitted anelectrical signal to the pneumatic rotary actuator to place and adjusts the place of control valve. A extra low/high H2O degree dismay or burner cut out contact are besides provided in the microprocessor-based degree accountant with the adjustable scene place.

Installation note:

The H2O connexion from the boiler to the float chamber should be, every bit short as possible and the degree sender float chamber should be mounted near to gage spectacless. If required our proficient staff will advice on single installings.

Important notice:

Electronic degree faculty and degree accountant must non be subjected to either quiver or inordinate temperature. It is hence recommended that they be non mounted straight on to the boiler shell.


Control valve:

The V control valve has many different inserts for preciseness restricting control. The inserts are pinnedto the END CAPS, and are used in concurrence with any of our standard seats. They are designed tochange the flow features of the valve and are offered in different forms to run into a assortment ofmodulating application. For really low Cv applications, a specially designed “Soft” V infix incorporateboth the flow component and the ball seal into one constituent, and maintains uninterrupted contact with theball. This agreement provides first-class low terminal truth ( EQ % ) and repeatability.

Automatic Water Level Modulating Control System:

Operating Principle:

Sender: Detect the H2O degrees in the membranophone and send signal to the digital accountant.

Digital accountant – With the signal given by the Transmitter and the accountant will demo the degree on the metre ( Process value ) and it requite a Set Value to command the degree. The signal converted and it sends to command valve to give an indicant.

Control Valve – The control valve work depend on the signal given by accountant and after done the occupation it send a provender back signal to controller for verification. The valve unfastened is depending on supply air with the signal given by accountant and the Positioner so adjustment gap of valve will be do.


The MC9200 Series Cooling Tower Controller is a microprocessor based

accountant of recirculating cooling H2O systems. The MC9200 accurately controls the degree of dissolved solids based on µS/cm, and depending on theoretical account choice, control conduction and pH.

The chilling tower accountants characteristic:

  • One user selectable chemical provender timer and up to two 28-day event timers
  • Lockable screening window
  • Two point standardization
  • Dry contact H2O metre input capableness
  • Alarm powered & A ; dry contact relays
  • Optional 4-20mA end product capableness
  • Alarm LED, relay or optional recall position
  • 2×16 alphameric show
  • Convenient computer keyboard bill of fare entree, show contrast accommodation and HOA entree control
  • Self bear downing capacitance to keep clip and history for up to two hebdomads in the event of a power loss to controller
  • Relay, general dismay, flow dismay and power position LED ‘s
  • DIN connexions for conduction detector and I/O
  • Prewired incoming power and relay end product connexions on specified theoretical accounts ( receptacle cords )
  • Modular flow assembly with flow switch, speedy release detectors and sample port mounted on the polythene panel
  • Optional remote communications capableness via direct consecutive line or modem connexion


1 Chemical Feed Timer

Two Point Calibration

DIN connexions for I/O

Full 24 months guarantee

Ph Control Made Easy:

The CHEMTROL 240 is a microprocessor-based digital accountant designed to keep the pH degree in H2O intervention applications.

Standard Features: –

  • All Functions on Front Panel
  • Adjustable Setpoint
  • Adjustable Alarms
  • Proportional Feed
  • Overfeed Safety Timer
  • Rainproof Cabinet
  • Easy to put in
  • Simple to utilize
  • 5-year Electronicss Warranty

Toll-free Technical Support

The bright LCD show shows pH readings, standardization accommodations and dismay bounds. The five LED visible radiations indicate the operating manner ( OFF, Manual or Auto ) , feed position, out-of-range dismaies and overfeed dismaies. The front panel controls include setpoint, standardization, low and high dismay bounds, safety timer bound and relative provender accommodation. Feed control is either ON/OFF or Proportional. The Proportional Feed characteristic is peculiarly utile to avoid overfeeding in little organic structures of H2O. It reduces the provender rhythm clip increasingly as the detector reading gets closer to the setpoint.


The accountant shall supply microprocessor based control of recirculating cooling H2O systems. Accurately control the degree of dissolved solids based on ?S/cm, and depending on theoretical account choice, control conduction and pH.

Controller shall besides supply:

One user selectable chemical provender timer and up to two 28-day event timers.

a. Lockable screening window.

B. Two point standardization.

c. Dry contact H2O metre input capableness.

d. Alarm powered and dry contact relays.

e. Optional 4-20mA end product capableness.

f. Alarm LED, relay and optional remote recall position.

g. 2 ten 16 alphameric show.

h. Convenient computer keyboard bill of fare entree, show contrast

2. Adjustment and HOA relay control.

a. Self bear downing capacitance to keep clip and history for

3. Up to two hebdomads in the event of a power loss to controller.

a. Relay, general dismay, flow dismay and power position LED ‘s.

b. DIN connexions for conduction detector and I/O.

c. Prewired incoming power and relay end product connexions

4. On specified theoretical accounts ( receptacle cords ) .

a. Modular flow assembly with flow switch, speedy release

5. Detectors and sample port mounted on a polyethylene panel.

a. Optional remote communications capableness via direct

6. Consecutive line or modem connexion.

a. A full 24 months guarantee.

Control Functions

All continuously monitored detector input maps ( conduction, pH ) will supply user definable set points for keeping a specific value within the system. Each set point will hold a user definable derived function as the control set, programmable high and low dismay points and user defined limit timer for pH.

Chemical Feed Timer

The chemical provender timer shall be user selectable as any one of the followers:

  • Percent – User will be able to choose a per centum “ ON ” clip of a user defined “ rhythm ” clip.
  • Limit – Timer will run as accountant bleeds until a user programmed “ bound ” clip is met or the bleed is satisfied.
  • Percentage of Post-Bleed – Timer will run for a user defined per centum of the bleed clip after bleed is satisfied.
  • Pulse Timer – Timer initiated from dry reaching caput H2O metre. User can specify timer tally clip, H2O metre input and contact accretion before timer induction.

Distant Communicationss:

The accountant shall hold the optional capableness of consecutive communications utilizing PULSAworks package. The consecutive communications can happen either by direct RS232 port, or remotely via an optional internal modem. PULSAworks allows the user to entree real-time system values and remotely alteration runing parametric quantities. The user may download informations history files and salvage files to harrow. History files may be viewed and printed in tabular array or graph signifier, the graph signifier can be user customized. The optional internal modem allows the accountant to execute dismay call back for dismay status presentment to a beeper or computing machine running. There are other assorted types of H2O degree accountants in which some of them are as under:

Ninety-nine 8255.

Digital Water Level Recorder

The standard practical brand H2O degree recording equipment consists of a weatherproof enclosure which contains the information lumberman, degree detector and power supply, and comes complete with a solar panel and informations bird. The system is powered by rechargeable certain care free batteries with built-in 12V/10W solar panel, which will easy maintain the batteries charged throughout the twelvemonth. Unattended recording of Water degree with maximal and minimal degree, Standard plan and user-friendly package. Data retrieval by Data bird to your Computer, Suitable for mounting in a assortment of locations, Memory scope more than 8250 informations sets extendable up to more than 16500.

Digital Water Level Recorder ( Pressure Type )

This is a Micro accountant based Automatic Water Level Recorder reflect province of the art in micro accountant based instrumentality design. The Water Level detector can be attached with this informations lumberman for the aggregation of existent clip informations automatically. The micro accountant has its internal memory along with an extra 128K EEprom, a existent clip clock with an LCD ( 16 X 2 ) to expose the instrument position. Piezo-resistive Si strain gage, bounded to 316 SS stop, and built-in overseas telegram contain a blowhole tubing for Barometric force per unit area compensation. Semens with three scopes 10 metre, 35 metre & A ; 100 metre

Land Water Monitoring System:

The new SEBA Data Logger type MDS Dipper-3 ( T3 ) is the eventful farther development of the well proven MDS Dipper for uninterrupted enrollment in land and surface H2O, with particular focal point to the operation informations security. A watch-dog-function, integrated in the MDS-DipperT3 supervises continuously the microprocessor activities and so it provides a high operation security. Undefined system conditions are recognized instantly and eliminated by the Watch-dog map. High accurate, robust ceramic force per unit area mensurating cell for different measurement scopes ( i.e. 1 saloon, 2 saloon, etc. ) and Temperature detector for 0… 25°C or 0… 50°C. The MDS Dipper-3 ( T3 ) is equipped with a Flash-memory ( Flash-RAM ) . The acquired measurement informations are stored in a ring memory organisation. Due to the described dual informations storage, you have entree to the complete measured informations in the archive informations backup, even in instance of dislocation of the power supply

  • Measuring system for the observation of groundwater
  • mensurating sites, pumping trials, building countries,
  • Surface H2O degrees
  • Made of chromium steel steel
  • High informations security due to extra flash-memory
  • Watch-dog-function for high operation security
  • Maintenance-free, battery life clip & gt ; 10 old ages, exchangeable battery
  • Installation in tubings from 1” diameter
  • Optional connexion via Bluetooth at Extra Cost