Metacognition Essay Example

Metacognition Essay I feel I have come a long way my tenth grade year. My writing has gotten so much better and I can write essays of much better quality now. Things have gotten better like punctuation, thesis, and analysis. To begin with, my punctuation has gotten a lot better. I made a lot of errors during the beginning of the year and I am starting to make a lot less. Also, my thesis statements have gotten tremendously better. At the beginning of the year they were really boring. As the year began to progress, the statements got more interesting and creative.

My analysis throughout essays have gotten better. I am much better now at determining things like theme, tone, and finding many literary devices. I can also set up my essays better and create smoother transitions. When I find the theme now, I can point it out much easier after learning about it this year and having a better understanding of what it is. When it comes to tone, I understand it so much better now. When we began learning about it I didn’t understand but after we received a chart about different types of tones it helped me so much.

When I started English this year, I knew some of the basic literary devices like simile, metaphor, and personification; but with the knowledge I have gained this year, I can use and find things like hyperbole, onomonopea, assonance, and so on. Now as I write essays, there are more things I think about while doing so. When I am writing my essay, I now think about how well the information backs up the claim. At the beginning of the year I wasn’t very good at including all of the descriptive information that was required. Once I learned after a few essays I realized that I need to find more supporting details, and have gotten better at doing so.

While I have gotten better at these other things, I feel there is still a key factor that I need to work on. I need to work on the flow of quotes and their citations. Although I have improved and have a better understanding of it, there is still a lot of work to be done. Not all of my quotes flow smoothly and sometimes I mess up the citation after the quote. Another one of my major flaws is having the incorrect point of view. I need to make sure I go over an essay a couple times because I normally add incorrect point of view the first time. During the second semester, I had a favorite and least favorite project.

My favorite was the song presentation. It was something I really enjoyed because I love music and being able to do a project on something I love is so much fun. I enjoyed it because I got to find literary devices, establish tone and theme, and find parts in the song to back up my claims. I really enjoy finding literary devices, whether it’s in a song or poetry, and it is one of my favorite things to do in English. I also liked finding the tone and theme. The theme is always fun to find because there are normally so many possibilities and you get to try to find one that fits the best.

The project that I liked the least was the persuasive outline. I didn’t have a problem with it as I was doing the project, and I actually found it rather interesting, but I had to present it in front of the class. Presenting things in front of the class is my least favorite thing to do. I enjoy most of the projects up until the point where I step in front of the class. I think I have earned and A or a B this semester. I know most of the material and I that feel I can use it appropriately. After all of the essays and projects this year I feel that I have gained so much knowledge in English and I think I am more than ready for English 11.