Materials Used In Todays Cars Engineering Essay

Cars have been portion of human life for rather some clip because of their convenience in conveyance. Similarly autos have evolved in footings of stuffs used for their building thanks to technological promotion. There are different sorts of natural stuffs used for building of autos. For case, there is steel, plastic, gum elastic, glass, aluminium and so on. This paper gives and analysis of how different stuffs used in building of today ‘s autos make them safe.

Historical background

Statistic has it that on norm, two lives are lost every minute and over 20 % of the entire figure of deceases in the universe arises from traffic hurts. The universe Health Organization states that 1.2 million deceases originate each twelvemonth due to route accident. This goes to state that the safety of vehicles in general is a really critical constituent to see to guarantee that the figure of deceases are reduced. Other than being rigorous with traffic regulations, vehicles could besides be made to be less vulnerable to crumbling and thereof cut down the figure of casualties merely in instance of an accident. Harmonizing to Smith ( 2010 ) , these statistics clearly revel that auto safety has been an issue in the automotive industry since the contraction of the first auto. However, it was heightened in 1771 by Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot who crashed against a wall with his steam powered automotive known as ‘Fardier ” . For this ground, the automotive industry has been under intense force per unit area to alter the mode in which it designs and physiques vehicle because of factors such as safety demands by walkers and low cost economic system.

Much is known about how fast a auto could be or the bound of off route world of the auto. However, really few people truly understand what their autos are made of. On the same note, so much is said about different parts of the auto such as seats, engines, transmittals HVAC system among others but non many people truly see the little spots and pieces of natural stuffs that are used to do autos and how safe they make autos to be. The first on the job vehicle was designed at around 1672 in China. From so, autos have been germinating in their theoretical account, efficiency and safety ( Smith, 2010 ) .

In the past the automotive industry used so many different sorts of stuff to come up with a complete vehicle including Fe, Cu, gum elastic, crude oil merchandises, steel and so many others. All of these are used to make different parts of the autos that we might non truly believe about as auto users. These stuffs have evolved a great trade over decennaries going better built, more sophisticated and safer. Smith ( 2010 ) argues that the automotive fabrication engineering has changed over old ages so have the advanced ways. Different types of stuffs are used for different parts of the auto to do it safer for usage by human existences. Sing that the causes of accidents are so many, the auto industry has taken safeguard to guarantee the safety of its clients.

Intense competition in auto fabrication market has driven down the clip rhythm with which new autos are being developed. At the minute, a rhythm takes less than four old ages. It besides consists of stuff and procedure choice among others. There is besides really small clip available to develop new stuffs every now and so since any pursuits could hold major impacts that might do negative effects. However, there are accurate material-models which help to foretell how strong stuffs used in auto fabrication are so that when they are used in industry of autos, they are able to bring forth strong and dependable vehicles. Although the behaviour of these stuffs is non sufficiently understood as per the different conditions which vehicles experience, it could be confirmed that they help do autos more efficient and safe. Different stuffs are selected in the industry of autos for different grounds. About three quarters of the weight of a vehicle is carried in its human body, power train and the organic structure and most of this is made up of ferric metals. As Vaidya ( 2010 ) puts it, approximately 19 % of the mass of a vehicle is made up of particular map stuffs that could non be replaced. The lone parts that could be replaced are those made of ferric stuffs.

Harmonizing to McAuley ( 2003 ) the comparative denseness of mild steel is 7.86g/cm3. Even though most of the advanced stuffs are considered because of their light weight and high strength, strength I merely but one factor in the rating of the efficiency of a stuff. Specific strength which refers to the ultimate tensile strength of a stuff in relation to its denseness is the better step. In add-on, most of the constituents in vehicles have different structural stiffness specification considered as the major design demand. This therefore means that the specific stiffness of the stuff becomes the proper parametric quantity to see. This refers to the elastic modulus of the stuff normalized by its denseness.


Today ‘s autos are largely built of steel. It is estimated that approximately 60 % of the weight of modern autos is steel. Steel is chiefly used for constructing the underlying frame that supports the full auto. In today ‘s autos, most of the weight is achieved from the heavy steel stuff used for is skeleton. For case by 2007, the mean auto was made up of 2,400 lbs of steel. This an equivalent of 1,090 kgs. Pickups on the other manus were made of about 3,000 lbs of steel. Smith ( 2010 ) states that presently, the mean auto weighs about 3000 lbs. This is decidedly a batch of steel. The implicit in human body of autos is made of steel to guarantee that in the event of an accident, riders are good protected. The weight of steel makes it more hard for the full organic structure of the auto to oppress and therefore reduces the impact of the hurts to the riders. If the human body was made of light stuff, a little crush would turn a auto into a wreckage that could do it about impossible for anyone to last.

The roofs, door beams, roofs and even the organic structure panels on most of the modern autos are besides made of steel. This is aimed at strengthen the organic structure of the auto and doing it difficult for it to crumble in instance of a crush. There is nevertheless a great different between the steel used in current autos and that used in older autos. The steel presently used is high-strength and more advanced compared to that in older autos like the Ford Model T. The Torahs of natural philosophies province that when an object is in gesture, it will remain in gesture for while with the same way and steep unless an outside force acts upon it. This is to state that when one is driving at 80 MPH and subsequently the auto runs into a solid wall, the organic structures of the riders in the auto will go on traveling the same velocity of 80MPH until it is stopped by say an airbag ( Cole & A ; Sherman, 1995 ) . If the auto is made of weak stuff, its rapid slowing would its organic structure to swerve in and crumple so easy and this could take to terrible hurts and human deaths.

There are besides other different sorts of steel that offer a assortment of features such as chemical, thermic and mechanical opposition which help to do the organic structure stronger. Developments in the steel fabrication continue to do new stuffs which offer improved characteristic wickedness the auto fabrication industry. High strength classs of steel are largely used in production of parts such as profiles and sheets in high volume production. European premium category makes usage of the largest per centum of steel which takes about 80 % of the vehicle. A good illustration is BMW 7er-series which was introduced in the twelvemonth 2001. Over the old ages, the output emphasis of steel has been improved recognizing 220 megapascal ( McAuley, 2003 ) .

The international Iron and Steel Institute ( 2006 ) has it that steel could be classified in different ways. Some of the commonly used appellations are low-strength, conventional HSS and advanced high strength steel which includes transformation-induced malleability, double stage, martensitic steels and complex stage. The 2nd categorization of steel which is really of import in the designing of different parts of the auto focuses on the strength of different metals because most metals of steel have the same elastic faculty in their strength ranges. A good illustration is the High Strength Steels. Harmonizing to Sujit ( 2003 ) there is besides the 3rd categorization method that focuses on the assorted organizing parametric quantities or mechanical belongingss of different steels like work indurating advocate, entire elongation or hole enlargement.

The chief difference between HSS, conventional steel and AHSS lies in their microstructure. Mild steel are usually low strength steels that besides have some beef uping techniques and ferritic microstructure. An illustration is Pulling Quality steel which frequently considered the mention base because of its production volume and widespread application. Conventional HSS on the other manus are made up of a individual stage of ferritic steels while AHSS are chiefly made up of multi-phase steel that contain martensite, ferrite, bainite and retained austenite in sufficient qualities capable of bring forthing coveted mechanical belongingss. Lower strength double stage steel would be suited for the soaking up of energy during a clang. This is the ground why it is largely used in the forepart parts of the human body ( Sujit, 2003 ) . On the other manus, high strength martensitic like AHSS would be more suited for invasion protection application. By and large all different metals of steel are really utile in the industry of autos because of the strength which guarantee the safety of riders.

Some makers of cars are puting their clip and money in the probe of farther constructs in industry of infinite frame organic structures which could besides assist in doing autos lighter but every bit strong. There are two specific steel infinite frame constructs that could be applied ( Vaidya, 2010 ) . The first designed is known as the weight optimized design where the organic structure facing is made from steel and signifiers portion of back uping construction. This construct helps in doing the organic structure of the auto really stiff and hence doing it stronger and safer. It besides helps in the decrease of weight. There is besides another construct referred to as cost optimized design where more accent is made on cost economy. This design uses steel in the devising of exterior constituents and light metals together with different sorts of plastics connected utilizing back uping constructions. The mixture of different sorts of stuffs with different belongingss besides contributes to a stronger and safer auto because each sort of stuffs offers some positive part to do the attention more efficient and stronger. Profile turn overing and hydroforming are two of the methods used in the industry of hollow subdivisions of autos which are so connected to the back uping organic structure of the vehicle ( Vaidya, 2010 ) .


Manufacturers of today ‘s autos ever find ways to do them lighter. For this ground, they use aluminium. The motor authorization has it that BMW and Honda lead the manner in the usage of aluminium. On mean each auto is made of about 340 lbs of this metal largely in engine blocks and wheels, goons, and wheels. It is nevertheless projected that by 2020, approximately 9.4 % of the weight of weight will be made of aluminium. Equally much as aluminium is light, it is besides tough plenty to guarantee the safety of the riders. In 90s, aluminium used to be used on autos for ornament intents. However, the tabular arraies have changed and it ‘s become a really of import metal in the building of autos ( Smith, 2010 ) . By utilizing aluminium, the overall weight of autos is reduced a great trade. For case, in the air power industry, some companies used non to paint their planes so as to cut down its overall weight. When they discovered aluminium, they realized that it could assist cut down the weight even when painted. The same method has been employed in the auto industry and it has managed to cut down the weight by about 1900 kgs.

Harmonizing to Davies ( 2003 ) aluminium has the ability to absorb kinetic energy by a great magnitude. This means that in instance of an accident, aluminium structured elements in the autos will be able to cut down the impact. This makes today ‘s safer than the older autos. This high soaking up public presentation of aluminium is in fact its best belongings. However, aluminium can non to the full utility steel on a one-on-one footing because of its lower modulus snap. This means that there are some parts that have to keep the usage of steel. In instance aluminium is used, they are engineered in some manner to accomplish similar mechanical strength like that provided by steel.

Pure aluminium organic structures are used for specific luxury autos such as Audi A8, BMW A8 because it is a relatively high stuff. There are besides so many other advantages offered by aluminium and it will go on playing an of import function in the auto industry for rather some clip to come. In fact most automotive building companies are exchanging off from the usage of Fe blocks in the building of engines and turning to aluminum ( McAuley, 2003 ) . Although it might non be every bit lasting as Fe, it is lighter and hence really efficient in footings of public presentation. When a really is good in footings of public presentation, drivers are more likely to be in full control of the vehicle and able to avoid accidents in clip before crashing. This therefore besides helps a great trade in the safety of autos.

Merely like steel, aluminium metals besides have different belongingss that have made it really attractive in the car industry. All its metals have first-class formability and first-class strength. Harmonizing to Thomas & A ; Jund ( 2009 ) aluminium makes it easy for a machine to run because it is reasonably corrosion-resistant which ensures that all the parts of the vehicle made of aluminium are kept in good form to keep the efficiency of the vehicle. An efficient vehicle is more likely to be safer to drive in than an inefficient one. Most of the aluminium used in autos is used in the signifier of casting and this is ideal non merely because of the its lower thaw point but besides because of its possible for integrating of assorted parts and mass decrease all of which contribute to the safety of the vehicle.


This is another light metal progressively being used in the automotive industry. Magnesium is more lighter than aluminium and its presently used in the industry of parts of the bonnets and door in the devising of lightweight constructed autos. Magnesium is 30 % less heavy compared to aluminum. In add-on it is besides 75 % lighter than steel. Since it has a lower latent heat, it is easier to fabricate and is easier to machine. World makers of cars largely use Mg in parts which require high ; flat integrating. Some of these parts include panel beams, valve screens, place frames and intake manifolds. Even though the metal might be light, its strength has made it capable of replacing aluminium in the industry of well lighter parts frequently vehicle ( Thomas & A ; Jund, 2009 ) . Some stuffs are hard to stomp and organize Mg parts and this is the ground why most of them are produced through force per unit area die-casting which makes it possible for the maker to utilize complex geometries to make different parts.

Davies ( 2003 ) argues that the market for Mg in the car industry has grown by 15 % every twelvemonth from the late 1990s and its even expected to turn further in future. By 2002, the mean auto theoretical account had about 4 % of Mg. This was chiefly found in maneuvering wheels, pedal brackets and among other parts in athletics public-service corporation vehicles such as GMC Envoy, Ford Explorer and Chevrolet. General Motors is the largest user of Mg in North American.


Equally much as most people would believe that vehicles are chiefly made from metals, this is non normally the instance. Most of the modern vehicles are made from high strength plastics because of its low weight which helps cut down the overall weight of the auto. On norm a modern auto contains about 260 lbs of plastic which helps in the decrease of fuel ingestion by autos. Some of the common parts of a auto that are made of fictile include gages, splashboards, door grips, air conditioner blowholes, airbags, place belts among other. Plastic are non merely easy to manage because of their low weight but reduces the impact of the weight exerted by a auto on the riders in instance of accident. For case, in instance a vehicle overturns, the overall weight that will press riders trapped in the auto is less compared to a vehicle that is strictly made of metals such as steel. This means that one is likely to last a turnover in a vehicle made from plastics ( Smith, 2010 ) .

The low denseness of plastic besides makes its able to be fatted in different parts of the auto that would besides lend to doing the auto more case, a fictile guidance wheel is easy to manage and run with compared to a metallic guidance wheel which could go cold or hot with alterations in temperature and hence prima to devastation of the driver that could take to accidents. Thomas & A ; Jund ( 2009 ) explain that this is the ground why most people prefer to cover their guidance wheels with some plastic screen to insulate their custodies from fluctuation in temperature.

Plastics could besides de classified into two: reinforced and unreinforced plastic. Reinforced plastics are strong plenty to defy some immense sum of force that makes it about do similar work to metals. It is besides non easy to state the difference between reinforced plastic and some light metals because it looks similar to metal. Unreinforced plastic is used in parts such as bumper coverings non merely to add some aesthetic value to the vehicle but it is besides able to cut down the impact caused to the auto in instance of mineworker caput on hits ( Davies, 2003 ) . Equally much as this might non be really unafraid as most people might experience, it could assist a life.

It hence stands that plastics are used in specific countries in the organic structure of the auto so that it does non compromise on the safety of the auto. For case, the floors of the vehicles are ne’er made from plastics because the makers understand that plastics have weak mechanical features. It is for this ground that there has been the development of strengthened plastics that have a stronger mechanical support. Some of these types of plastics include epoxide, unsaturated polyester and polymeric amide. Normally there are some short or long fibres which are used to reenforce plastics and do them stronger about to the degree of metals. Sometimes strengthened plastics are even considered to be stronger than some metals like Mg. As Davies ( 2003 ) puts it the specific belongingss of plastics that are reinforced with fibres have made it possible to do organic structure constructions that can absorb energy doing these stuffs really lasting. However, the current monetary value of FRPs is really high that it can merely be used in niche vehicles like Aston Martin Vanquish.

Helps ( 2001 ) explains that there is an on-going research to fabricate autos with complete plastic organic structures as opposed to autos with steel organic structures because it would supply autos with the basic advantage of weight decrease. However, such application of plastics in volume production of autos has non been to the full initialized. Reinforced plastic are nevertheless considered to safe because of the high strength that could assist cut down the impact on riders in instance of a clang.

Harmonizing to Ferguson & A ; Strelecky ( 2009 ) plastics are besides used in the devising of wipers that are meant to guarantee that the windshield is clear for the desiccant to hold a clear position of the route. Different terrains and conditions conditions could do the windscreen ill-defined for the driver. For case, when it is cold or rainy, the windshield could be covered with some mist or fog and forestall the driver from holding a clear visibleness of the route. The wipers which are mounted with some gum elastic at the forepart aid in cleaning the windshield. Although it ‘s the gum elastic at the tip of the wipers which does the occupation, it is usually supported by some fictile rods. This therefore means that plastic is besides responsible for guaranting that the windshield is clean.

There are besides some parts like the visible radiations which are either covered in glass or strong clear plastics to protect the Earth from external forces that could interrupt them. If you consider a state of affairs where the headlights or the brake visible radiations are non covered, any one could easy acquire clasp of the bulb and interrupt it or steel it. On the same note 1 could besides hit the bulb and interruption. When the clip comes when the driver has to utilize the visible radiations and he did non cognize of their absence, it would be really hard for him to steer about. It is impossible to drive at dark without exchanging on the caput visible radiations. Plastic hence besides helps to guarantee that the visible radiations are good secured for usage when needed. This keeps the riders safer from being hit by other autos because it gives clear locality for the driver to travel about ( Davies, 2003 ) .

In most instances, the side mirrors are besides usually held by plastic that are good curved to maintain the mirror in place for the riders and the drivers to hold a rear position and front position of the route. This besides ensures that the vehicle is safe from doing accidents which could easy be avoided. Equally much as it might be the mirror which helps the driver to see whatever might be traveling on buttocks and in forepart, it ‘s the plastic that supports the mirror that holds it in place and makes it possible for the driver to set it in different places to as he might wish to hold a clear position when drive ( Thomas & A ; Jund, 2009 ) .


Glass is a really of import stuff that is used chiefly in the devising of windscreen and Windowss of vehicles. Just like the organic structure of the vehicle, glass protects riders and the driver from outside whether and other forces. For case, when it rains, if it were non for spectacless, the rain could easy fall on those carried in the auto. It would be really uncomfortable to go in such conditions. Smith ( 2010 ) argues that glass besides prevents upwind conditions such as air current from blowing into the auto and destructing the driver from concentration on the route. If more air current enters the auto when drive at high velocity, you can experience like the auto becomes lighter and could easy sheer off the route. This is the ground why most people close their Windowss when driving to avoid any air current from come ining the auto and maintaining its stalls on the route.

Glass besides acts as a projectile shield. For case, when something falls from nowhere like say when driving near a building site and something falls from the roof, it will merely hit the glass and fall off instead than hitting the riders. The same would use in clip of public violences. The tear gases and other organic structures will non be able to make the riders but still the driver will hold a clear position of where he might be driving to thanks to the glass or windshield. Glass is hence considered one of the obscure heroes of the car industries since most people merely talk about the organic structure and different sorts of metals such as steel and aluminium and bury about the importance of glass ( Ferguson & A ; Strelecky, 2009 ) .

Glass is much connected to the car industry that when the building of vehicles go down, companies involved in the industry of glass are besides affected. While metals like steel, Mg and the similar have replacements, glass has no replacement. You either utilize it or the vehicle will non be complete. Apart from the windscreen, glass is besides used in the industry of side mirrors to hike the visibleness of the driver. As mentioned above, the mirrors help to guarantee that the driver can see vehicles or people and animate beings coming from behind, sideways and the forepart. Ferguson & A ; Strelecky ( 2009 ) argue that without the spectacless, a driver could easy be knocked from behind or run into a ditch and hence cause and do an accident that could take to deceases. Glass hence besides helps in doing the vehicle for safer for human usage.

A cousin of glass known as fibre glass is besides used in the industry of insularity stuffs on autos. For case the grip for altering cogwheels in automatic vehicles in some vehicles is besides made of fiber glass. In general the glass used for building of windscreens is particularly in the forepart of the auto besides contains some fibre which makes it really strong and immune to breakages ( Davies, 2003 ) . Unlike the glass used on house Windowss which could easy be broken by a isolated ball from the drama land, wind screens are so strong that an object could fall on it and resile off. It requires rather some force to interrupt them. Sometimes even when the windshield interruptions, it does non crumple to pieces, it could merely demo clefts but still keep together the pieces which makes it possible for the driver to stay protected from the air current and other external stray objects.

As engineering additions, glass is easy acquiring another really of import map in the auto fabrication industry. For case, some autos such as the racing autos are being installed with advanced parts such as pilotage lenses and screens which are connected to backup cameras that allow drivers to hold a better position of anything that might be go oning behind him. This enables the driver to be in control of his auto on route or path and hence avoid accidents therefore maintaining him safer ( Ferguson & A ; Strelecky, 2009 ) .


One common thing among all cars is that they have wheels that keep them in gesture. In fact it is from the wheels that the vehicles get the name car because they keep them mobile. Equally much as most people tend to take tyres for granted they are a really critical constituent of any vehicle. Smith ( 2010 ) explains that gum elastic besides protects other parts of the wheel from have oning down which helps to maintain maintain route safety. This is the ground why a vehicle with good tyres is easy to command on the route that than with wheels that have worn out tyres.

Apart from the tyres which are evidently known to be made from gum elastic, there are other parts of the vehicle which are besides made from gum elastic. For case, wiper blades, belts and seals used in autos are all made of gum elastic. Just like plastic, gum elastic is a lasting stuff which is last for long. When repairing windscreen, there is a gum elastic liner that is normally fixed foremost to keep the glass in place. It could hence be concluded that gum elastic besides in enabling the driver to hold a good position of the route by keeping the glass ( Helps, 2001 ) .

Use of composite stuff in rushing autos

For race autos, the usage of composite stuffs was a immense and of import milepost of accomplishment. Earlier rushing autos were largely made with merely one aluminium human body. This was prone to so many breaks. Harmonizing to Cox & A ; Gigliotti ( 2001 ) advanced composite stuff began to be used on rushing autos at around 1980 and this caused a great revolution in the universe of car technology. Composite stuffs offered the best solution for building of rushing auto human body since they were non merely lightweight but were besides robust and hardy. This meant that the driver was more unafraid in pursuit of a clang.

With clip, the usage of composite stuffs grew easy and steadily in the production of athleticss autos non merely because of security grounds but because they were besides cost effectual. In today ‘s autos, the usage of composite stuffs has become the norm of the twenty-four hours. Fiberglass was among the composite stuffs developed in the fortiess. nevertheless, restrictions in the car industry made it impossible for it to do its manner through. Currently, fibreglass is extensively used for about everything including auto human body ( Cox & A ; Gigliotti, 2001 ) . The greatest advantage with composite stuff is that is so many times stronger than the normal igniter stuffs. As a consequence the overall weight of is reduced and becomes more immune to interrupting.

The ground why composite stuffs are tougher is that they are developed by uniting two or more stuffs. Sing that each stuff has its ain belongingss, these belongingss are coalesced together to come up with a alone stuffs that contains all the belongingss of the different stuffs ( Sujit, 2003 ) . When the complex is made of two stuffs, one which is the matrix environments and holds together a bunch of the fragments of the stronger stuff which is referred to as the support. Both the matrix and the support are taken through a casting procedure to do them combined and compacted. The different methods of modeling such as vacuity bag casting, autoclave modeling among others. Materials used for the industry of composite stuffs include aluminium, steel, C fibre N reinforced silicon fibre. Sing the different belongingss of all these stuffs, composite stuffs make the best stuff to build a safe and efficient race auto. In the early 90s, formula 1 autos had sashaies made from plastics that were reinforced with C fibres but they were non every bit safe as they were required to be. The debut of composite stuffs was hence a great promotion in the building of safe racing autos.

Reducing the weight of autos is one manner of acquiring a better milage. However, you would non wish to scarify the safety and strength of autos with their weight. This has made most auto makers to travel for C fibre so as to acquire rid of a small the heavy steel in the autos. The greatest advantage of C fibre is that it ‘s five times lighter than steel but merely as stiff and strong ( Cox & A ; Gigliotti, 2001 ) . Sing that steel was chiefly used because of its strength and stiffness, so C fibre is the bet replacing because it provides the same belongingss that were being looked for in steel and yet much igniter.


The application of different stuffs on assorted parts of the vehicle varies depending of different factors. For case, it could be because economic effectivity, dependability or safety. With clip the car industry is traveling to the usage of stuffs which can do the vehicle igniter and hence able to utilize less fuel doing it more efficient. However, this is done in such a manner that the safety of the stuff is non compromised.

Metallic elements such as aluminium, steel and Mg and largely used to do elements in the organic structure construction of the vehicle. On the other manus, stuff such as plastics, gum elastic and glass are used to do exterior fond regards that support the chief organic structure. Cars used for rushing which requires high security criterions largely use composite stuffs which are more expensive but more secure. By and large each type of stuff used in the industry of autos is contributes to its safety in one manner or the other.