Marketing Operations Of Faysal Bank Finance Essay

Owing to the rapid alterations and detonation of cognition we have to battle with the modern epoch. Research is the basic demand of this and for the extroverted challenges of the commercial and mercenary universe. So understanding phenomena and doing my head practically explore. I joined FBL Arifwala and collected some informations of the bank and compiled this study in such away that a outstanding characteristic to be highlighted for the research worker and refering people of the bank. The division of this study consists of assorted chapters as in Introduction of Banking system, History of FBL, Marketing & A ; Operations. I discussed about the process of acquiring different type of loans and progresss, so I discussed different sections and its map. I discussed the SWOT analysis of FBL. I gave different type of decision and

“ Faysal Bank started operations in Pakistan in 1987, foremost as a subdivision set-up of Faysal Islamic Bank of Bahrain and so in 1995 as a locally incorporated Pakistani bank under the present name of Faysal Bank. On January 1, 2002, Al Faysal Investment Bank Limited, another group entity in Pakistan, merged into Faysal Bank Limited which resulted in a larger, stronger and much more various establishment.

Faysal Bank Limited is a full service banking establishment offering banking installations to its single and corporate clients. Our widespread and turning web of subdivisions in the four states of the state and Azad Kashmir, together with corporate offices in major metropoliss, provides efficient services in an effectual mode. Faysal Bank besides operates standalone Islamic banking subdivisions under “ Barkat Islamic Banking ” trade name.

Faysal Bank is a progressive fiscal establishment, everlastingly endeavoring to offer advanced merchandises and quality services in easy accessible ways for greater client convenience. We offer value added sedimentation merchandises and customized consumer funding solutions. We besides offer a host of corporate, commercial and investing banking services which include support and trade finance installations and corporate advisory services, along with a broad array of tools to assist clients accomplish their concern ends. The strength and stableness of Faysal Bank Limited is apparent through the Credit Rating of “ AA ” ( Double A ) for long to medium term and “ A-1+ ” ( A One Plus ) for short term assigned to it by both JCR-VIS Credit Rating Company Limited and Pakistan Credit Rating Agency Limited ( PACRA ) .

The bulk portion keeping of Faysal Bank is held by Ithmaar Bank B.S.C, an investing bank listed in Bahrain with the balance portions in the custodies of general populace, NIT and other Pakistani establishments ” .

debut of fbl arifwala

FBL inaugurated is new subdivision at Thana Bazar Arifwala in December, 2008. On the really first twenty-four hours Bank gained sedimentation from different clients about four deficiencies. The major rivals of FBL are Habib Bank, Bank Alfalah, The Bank of Punjab and The National Bank earned the immense net incomes. Therefore, to derive the concern FBL launched its Arifwala Branch with bright and clear vision of client service. In short period of clip subdivision achieved enormous sedimentations. Volumes and turn out his reorganisation in banking industry of Arifwala.

Introduction of FBL

Vision Statement

“ Excellence in all that we do ” .

Mission Statement

“ Achieve leading in supplying fiscal services in chosen markets through invention. ”

Core Valuess

“ Our day-to-day codification of behavior. ”

construction of fbl

Organizational Structure ( Organizational Chart )

Executive Committee





Executive Incharge

Area Manager

3. concern operation

3.1 subdivision construction



FBL developing & A ; presenting the most advanced merchandises.

The clients are satisfied with the bank services.

Branch Manager and Area Manager holding good coordination with staff and do environment friendly.

Customer gives suggestion for the betterment of bank.

Bank is holding the security system like /CCC.

Employees should be provided sufficient wage so that he may work whole heartedly and devotedly

Bank provides amusement installations to every client.

Backed by strong Ithmarr Bank B.S.C an Investment Bank.

FBL is prosecuting the way of excellence maintaining in position the satisfaction lf its Customers. His precedence is the best service to his clients.

FBL provides the fiances aid to every person for auto, place fiance , and agribusiness which facilitate bank to acquire market excellence and travel towards prosperity and development.


The bank is non educating about his merchandises and services.

The bank by and large gives importance to rich and educated people while disregarding the uneducated people.

The bank should assist his client how to make full signifiers faux pass and check.

The rural client feel hesitant to come in in executive environment and have job with linguistic communication, ( Language barrier / Urdu, English conversation.

Less volume as comparison to large metropoliss.

Mismanagement of clip is another large error FBL subdivisions.

The bank is non speedy in a Service to the Customers in lodging and retreating.


The new authorities strives to elate the economic system and do reforms in fiscal sector it will give positive consequence in the banking industry of the state.

Stairss are taken by the Government sing the improvement of the economic system, little borrowers are attracted to acquire the funding and get down little businesses.A

FBL faces difficult Competition so he should take aggressive stairss to increase its concern.

Introduces recognition card installation.

Establishing foreign subdivisions

FBL introduced figure of fiscal strategies including Faysal Moavin, Faysal Izafa, Faysal Izafa plus, Term deposits etc. During few old ages FBL sedimentations have been increasing.this is really healthy mark.

ThreatsA A A A A A A A

The Competition has become terrible by the entrants of so many Bankss in the town. Excellent agreements and good services are to be provided to fulfill its stockholders otherwise they will lose their assurance.

The current economic state of affairs of the state impacting the concern activity.

The economic conditions of the state are deteorating twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours and it does n’t do healthy consequence on the banking system.


3.3 Selling Scheme

Selling policies are besides one of the most of import policies because they are related to the growing of the organisation. Selling for a bank would intend:

Creation of new merchandise and services.

The bank selling must be consumer oriented.

To supply the maximal consciousness of IT ( ATM usage ) to client.

Provide better services to client satisfaction.

Avoid racism among clients.

Customize merchandises harmonizing to client demand.

Provide good environment to clients so that they can easy experience

FBL Arifwala subdivision offers a particular rate to client

Advertisement policies of this subdivision are really attractiveness for client

These policies can be implemented by supplying the installations and services to the client at the right topographic point, at the right clip, at the right monetary value.

It is necessary for the directors to maintain in touch with consumers, observe their demands and develop merchandises, which meets their demands.

Promotional Policy:

Public relation and advertisement has assumed a great significance in the modern banking concern. The chief aims of the bank are to inform and actuate the bing clients every bit good as new 1s. FBL establishes its intent through

The bing history holder.

Trip its ain employees.

Integration with concern organisations.

Community dealingss.


Lapp is the instance with the services offered by Bank. Servicess are the chief tool through which the bank acquires new clients and retain them. These services are non simply to gain net income, but to maintain gait with the altering demands of the clients and modern twenty-four hours ‘s banking tendencies. These services include Home Remittances, Hajj Services, Utility Bills, Lockers and Commodity Operations. Along with these nucleus services provided by the bank, on-line banking and Internet banking service as auxiliary services.

Call Center:

Centralized ( 24x 7 ) call centre facilitate the client all around the state. 24/7 call centre 0800-111-325

Free service

No charge for clients keeping monthly mean balance of Rs 500,000/- for Faysal Sahulat current histories on the undermentioned services:

Issue of Pay Orders 120 per twelvemonth.

1 little cabinet per client ( capable to the handiness )

Duplicate statement of history.

Annual fee of pocket mate visa debit card.

Issue of cheque check book 100 foliages per twelvemonth.

On-line Facility:

Now the bank gives you the absolute convenience of instant entree to a host of banking installations and personalized services 24 hours a twenty-four hours, 7 yearss a hebdomad, 365 yearss a twelvemonth.

Online Features:

In on-line banking Faysal Sahulat is the supreme. The history is specially designed to turn to the demands of those single ( joint, salaried, retired ) and concern clients who seek instant entree to their financess at any FBL Branch across Pakistan.

Balances can be checked from any Branch.

Facility is available for the transportation of financess.

Know the history of your history.

Take the statement of your history through facsimile.

Get information about currency exchange rates.

Find out position of your card or loan application

Instruction manuals to halt payment are besides available.

Incase check book is lost, it can be reported.

Facility to alter reference and telephone figure is available.

Internet Banking:

Internet Banking offers the clients convenience to pull off and command his banking and fundss when she/he wants, where she/he wants! It ‘s Simple, Convenient, Secure and Faster. So, merely by snaping one can bask this installation. ATM card installation is besides available.


Why visit the bank when you can break utilize your cherished clip to run into other committednesss? With ONLINE, our particular discounted charges besides offer you significant nest eggs.

3.5 Business procedure analysis


FBL is a progressive bank endeavoring to offer advanced merchandises, easy handiness, quality service & A ; convenience to our clients. We offer customized funding solutions with flexible standards and convenient loan term of offices. You can avail auto, place and personal loans through our assorted subdivisions. We besides offer a host of Corporate & A ; Investment Banking Services to our clients, which include fiscal and corporate advisory services, along with a broad array of tools to assist them accomplish their ends.

Deposit Accounts Consumer Loans

Faysal Savings Account Car Finance

Rozana Munafa plus Account House Finance

Basic Banking History

Faysal Moavin

Faysal Premium

Faysal Izafa

Mahfooz Sarmaya

FCY Saving Plus

Corporate & A ; Investment Banking Services

Corporate Financing Pocket Mate Visa Debit Card

SME Finance

Trade Financing Transfer of Fundss

Treasury & A ; Capital Markets Safe Deposit Lockers

Investing Banking Non-stop Banking

Agricultural Financing

Cash Management

Account Opening Activity:

Required docoument:

NIC transcript of client

Introducer ID Copy.

Business Card/ Salary faux pas.


The individual who really open the history or acquiring services.


Introducer is a individual holding the history in same subdivision and gives warrant about the client. If the introducer is non proper than province bank charges RS 5000/- per caput from that employee of the bank who has opened the history of the client on the petition of the introducer.

Procedure of Account Opening:

First of wholly, the client is required to make full an application signifier. Then he attaches the photocopy of his individuality card and fills the signer cards. Now he fills the pay-in faux pas and deposits money on the counter. Bank allotted an history figure within one twenty-four hours after corroborating from the caput office which is at Mall route Lahore. Now he fills the pay-in faux pas and deposits money on the counter.

Account holder Documents:

Applicant Form.

Signature card

Following of family

Account Opening Form:

Account opening form consist of

Class of history


Title of history

Account figure

Customer information

Initial sedimentation

Authorized individual in instance of client decease

Specimens Signature Card:

Specimens signature card is kept to look into the rightness of signature. ( Harmonizing to NIC )

Following of Kin:

In the following of kin the client authorized the bank to pay the proceedings of her/his PLS/Current foreign currency history to the related individual by depicting the relationship of the individual with the client after the decease of the client.

Letter of Thankss:

After opening an history the bank will publish the missive of thanks to the client.

Issue of Cheque Book:

Cheque book is issued to the client after directing the missive of thanks when the client comes with the latter of thanks and petitions for the issue of the check book. A cheque book ( normally holding 25 foliages ) is issued to the client.

Shutting of History:

The client can shut the history. The client is required to subject an application for shuting the history. The history is closed out and his balance is paid to him after subtracting the shutting charges.

There are many grounds for shutting of history

Account holder Owen petition

Death of history holder

Shutting of history due to the bad manners of history holder

Required Procedure for Opening an History:

First of wholly, the client gets an application from the bank, which requires all information necessary for opening history and besides the paperss required. An history can be opened as:

An single history

Joint history

Proprietorship history

Limited company history


Information Required by the Bank:



Telephone No.

Currency of Account

Nature of Business

State of Residency

Particular instructions sing the history


Documentation In instance of limited company histories:

Photocopy of National Identity Card of each manager

Application signifier

Transcript of company ‘s memoranda and articles of association

List of managers

Transcript of board declaration

Certificate of incorporation

Their signature cards

Certificate to commence concern

Documentation In instance of Partnership Account:

Application signifier

A transcript of partnership title

Signature cards of spouses

Registration certification transcript

A transcript of National Identity Card of each spouse


The demand of remittal is normally felt in today ‘s concern. A major map of any bank is to “ reassign of financess from one topographic point to another ” . FBL uses the undermentioned manners of transportation of financess.

a ) A A A A A A A A Demand bill of exchange ( DD )

B ) A A A A A A A A Pay order ( PO )

degree Celsius ) A A A A A A A Call sedimentation

vitamin D ) A A A A A A A A Pay faux pas

Demand Draft

It is instrument, which is used to reassign sum from one metropolis to another metropolis it can be made on hard currency every bit good as on check. If it is made through check that it is necessary that individual must be A/c history holder while in instance of hard currency any individual can do. The demand bill of exchange is secured manner of payment. It consists of three transcripts.

1 ) A A A A A A A Original transcript, which is given to account holder.

2 ) A A A A A A A DD advice is sent to the cardinal subdivision.

3 ) A A A A A A A Third transcript is for rapprochement. Its photocopy is kept with us ( bank )

While original is sent to head office for rapprochement.


The client who wants to reassign his fund from one topographic point to another he is required to make full the bank ‘s faux pas ( DD ) .

Beneficiary name

Applicant ‘s name


Sum to be sent etc.

Bank deducts some charges against DD.


Cash section of FBL plants under the operation section. This section is given the complete duty of hard currency, as consequence of dealing in touch local and foreign currencies. It is besides responsible for the book maintaining of these minutess and the safe detention of hard currency.

This section performs the chief map.

a ) A A A A A A A A Cash grosss

B ) A A A A A A A Cash payments

Cash Receipts

The client sedimentation the sum with sedimentation faux pas to hard currency counter. The officer look into the sum harmonizing to faux pas and confirm with computerized reception to the client.


Mr. Tariq deals with hard currency payments the procedure for payment of check local and foreign currency is same. First the check is presented by the client or holder to hard currency payment officer. He confirms that it is drawn on the same subdivision and the specifics of check are decently filled in. Two signature of the holder is taken on the dorsum of the check. Cheque is handed over to the officer hard currency section for examination where officer checks the day of the month, sum in words and sum in figures, payee ‘s name, traversing if any, history figure, cheque consecutive figure, any material changes / indorsements and signature of the client. Account is debited and so the officer naturals check. It is posted in the system and poster cast and figure is affixed on it. Cheque is handed over to the hard currency payment officer for payment. One more signature on that dorsum of the check is taken from the holder to fit with the first one, and so hard currency is paid to the hard currency item is written on the Back of the check. Cash paid cast is affixed on the face of the check. Entry is passed in the hard currency payment registry and system.

Consumer Loans ACTIVITY

Faysal Car Finance:

Plan your fundss in a manner that is straightforward, low-cost and easy to achieve, now it ‘s easy to be in the driver place!

Faysal Car Finance is available for

Locally manufactured vehicles

Tenure up to 5 old ages

Variable rate rental ( 12 month KIBOR + 5 % yearly )

Minimal client equity 20 %

Eligibility Criteria

Applicant should be between 21 old ages to 60 old ages of age.

With 3 old ages of employment or established concern.

Documents Required

For Salaried Individual/Professional Persons

Attested transcript of CNIC ( delight convey original CNIC for confirmation )

2 recent passport sized exposure.

Proof of income ( Salary Slip/ Salary Certificate )

Proof of profession/business.

Bank statement for past 12 months.

Transcript of latest Utility Bill / Bills of Cell phone / Credit Card Bills.

NTN Certificate.

Transcript of valid drive License.

Duly filled application signifier.

Faysal Home Finance

Populate a happy and unworried life, off from fiscal concerns, in a manner that is straightforward, low-cost and easy to achieve.

Faysal Home Finance is available for

Buying a new place

Constructing a new place

Renovation of bing place

For Buying a Home

Maximum funding sum available is 70 % of the market value of belongings

Repayment period is between 3 old ages to 20 old ages.

For Constructing a Home

Maximum funding sum available is 70 % of value of land plus building.

Repayment period is between 1 twelvemonth to 20 old ages.

Refund is monthly installments.

For Renovating Home

Maximum funding sum available is 50 % of the market value of belongings or Rs. 20 million, whichever is lower.

Repayment period is between 3 old ages to 20 old ages.

Refund In monthly installments.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicant to be between 21 old ages to 60 old ages of age,

Resident of Pakistan or a non occupant Pakistani.

With 2 old ages of employment of which at least 1 twelvemonth at present topographic point of employment or 3 old ages established concern.

Applicant is revenue enhancement remunerator and holds a valid NTN.

Document Required

Attested transcript of CNIC ( delight convey original CNIC for confirmation )

2 recent passport sized exposure.

Tex returns for past 3 old ages.

Bank statement for past 12 months.

Transcript of latest Utility Bill / Bills of Cell phone / Credit Card Bills.

NTN Certificate.

Faysal Personal Finance

Get rid of your fiscal anxiousnesss. Live comfortably in a consecutive forward, low-cost and easy to achieve manner.

Faysal personal finance for is available for

Up to an sum of Rs. 5,00000/-

Equal monthly installment.

Repayable over three months.

Eligibility standards

Applicant to be between 21 old ages to 60 old ages of age.

Minimal net income 30,000/- per month.

Applicant is revenue enhancement remunerator and holds a valid NTN.

Corporate and Investment ACTIVITY

Corporate Financing:

FBL Limited is to the full geared to run into the altering economic challenges present in Pakistan. We are of all time endeavoring to construct meaningful relationships with our clients and become spouses in their growing and advancement by moving as fiscal advisers and advisers every bit good as moneymans. Our Corporate Finance Group extends both short and long term funding installations designed to carry through the single demand of each corporate client.

Small and Medium Enterprise Financing:

Small and Medium Enterprise ( SME ) unit of the Bank is geared towards providing to the banking demands of little to medium concerns in a timely and hence cost effectual mode. All the subdivisions of FBL are equipped to speedily go to incoming financing petitions from SMEs. We help our clients grow from strength to strength by moving as their bankers and fiscal advisers.

Trade Financing:

FBL has established a strong presence globally in Trade Financing through its web, affiliates and letter writers. The Bank has handily maintained relationships with major Bankss in the international fiscal market and continues to develop new 1s wheresoever needed. Our Trade Finance services include a full scope of import, export and warrant merchandises, therefore offering bespoke solution to suit the single demand of each client.

Treasury and Capital Markets:

FBL Treasury is one of the taking market shapers in citing competitory monetary values in all major currencies and provides dynamic corporate and institutional Marketing squads with up-to-date market information. Our cutting border is the in-time advice and executing of trades for our clients.

FBL exchequer squad strives to fulfill the client ‘s fiscal demands in a timely and a unflawed mode. FBL has earned speckless repute in the field of Capital Markets, which is rather apparent from our path record and market portion in this country.

Investing Banking:

With the ever-changing concern environment in Pakistan, companies need adept spouses with a acute apprehension of concern to assist accomplish net income aims. At FBL, we offer the leaders of concerns and establishments, corporate advisory services and a broad array of tools to assist them carry through their ends. We advise and facilitate the agreement of commercial paper, syndications, amalgamations, acquisitions and subventioning agreements amongst many others. Whether the clients require funding of a undertaking or managing of investings, we can steer them through the markets and orient a solution to run into their specific demands.

Agricultural Financing:

FBL offers specialised merchandises for the agricultural sector. The subdivisions located in agricultural countries of Pakistan are all equipped to assist the local husbandmans improve their output and methods of agriculture by offering seasonably and low-cost manners of funding to accommodate their demands. To increase its outreach into agricultural parts of Pakistan, FBL has entered into strategic confederations with other specialised Bankss through which it will be financing the demands of husbandmans.

3.6 Analysis:

After working in that environment of FAYSAL Bank of Arifwala I found following point in analysing Business Process of the Organization.

Chiseled Tasks and Duties:

The undertakings and responsibilities are defined in such a manner that it becomes really easier for the employees to execute their assigned undertakings. Due to the execution of modern techniques the efficiency and truth of the work force has been greatly increased.

Proper Supervision:

There is a proper supervising system to look into and measure the public presentation of each employee. It is the responsibility of Operations Manager to do certain that every employee is giving the coveted public presentation.

Caring Environment for the client:

The environment of the bank is caring for the clients and every client is dealt with proper attention and attending. All the employees have really professional attitude and cognize the worth of the client for the concern.

Concerted and Supportive Staff:

The behaviour of the staff with the clients is really concerted and every employee is ready to ease the client on his best in order to increase the client ‘s satisfaction degree.

Lack of client relationship desk:

It was observed that there was no client relationship officer is the subdivision to steer the client to work out their jobs and to state them that what should they make and where should they travel for the solution of their jobs. As a consequence the clients maintain on upseting all the employees in order to acquire their job solved.

Trouble in Handling of Illiterate Customers:

As the subdivision is located in such an country where chief concern is of trim parts and steel fabrication, the bulk of the clients is illiterate. Thus it is non really easy for the Employees to manage these clients.

Increashed Workload:

Due to the new ordinances of the province bank to subtract 0.3 % revenue enhancement on every cheque amounting to more than 25000, the clients started publishing excessively many check to avoid this revenue enhancement. As a consequence the overall work burden on employees has been significantly increased.

Employee ‘s Motivation:

It was observed that at present motive degree of the employees is non really much high because of the presently announced salary increases, which is non up to the employees ‘ outlook degree and because of some other grounds such as, increased work load etc.

4. Learning as a Student Intern

4.1 Duties

Among different sections are the undermentioned.

Fund Mobilization Department & A ; Remittance Department.

Histories Department

Screening of checks and verifiers.

Cuting of twenty-four hours terminal studies arranged and besides set these into files.

Punching of paperss to set these into files.

Transcripts at photocopy machine.

Making of different disbursal verifiers for Branch.

Making missive for directing to client in instance of hibernating history.

Casts on completed verifiers for maintaining of record.

Making entry of completed verifiers into voucher registry every bit good as into computing machine.


Procedure of client ‘s Account Opening.

Letter of thanks for directing to the client against gap of Account.

Entry of these letters into registry before posting to clients.

Gluing of Account opening paperss into separate registry after completion of Account opening process.


Casts at the dorsum of checks for Token no. and item of notes.

Entries of these checks into payment registry of teller every bit good as into nominal registry.

Filling up of checks and faux pass in instance of payments and grosss of hard currency.

4.2 Accomplishments

By executing above activities every one is able to execute all the activities of history section every bit good as fund mobilisation section.

4.3 New cognition Acquired

The thing are learnt,

Manage clip for range to the office every bit good as to complete my official work.

Deal with client harmonizing to their personality.

Open an history with different process in instance of different state of affairs.

Punch paperss for seting these into files

Transcript at photocopy machine.

Analyze different twenty-four hours terminal studies.

Fill a different verifier which is usage as day-to-day modus operandi

I learn how analyze statement of matter

I get a cognition about process of issue of loan

Know about agri finance section and about of activity

Learn how mange finance and budget

I learn the techniques, client ‘s relation and dialogue accomplishments.

Problems Encountered

During the internship, I had a small spot jobs. Because the subdivision was freshly established. I have job to analyse the income statement but the senior officer helps me.

Geting client positions sing FBL _ Problematic, because clients are dissatisfied.

Branch located is faraway from the concern market ( Grain, Fruit, Vegetable ) so the clients are loath to lodge immense sum of money.

Bank has shown singular growing during the last old ages and earned net incomes. But in banking environment where other commercial Bankss are developing their system and supplying more attractive bundles to the clients.

Agri finance dept offers loans to husbandmans more so 10 estates of land. FBL apparatus is new, working is to the full computerized but there is no appropriate support i.e. deficit of IT equipment. Furthermore ATM installation is non available for accountholders.

4.5 How Internship will Impact My Carrieer

This internship at Faysal Bank will turn out really of import for me during my professional calling. Because it was my first learning experience of working in a organisation. It will be really helpful for me to demo subject, difficult working and how work is done in any organisation. No uncertainty it will turn out a bright mark in my hereafter.

The undermentioned experience has gain during working with operational direction.

Control of Outgo

The studied that there should be a control on outgo, which will assist in increasing profitableness of organisation. In practical the things observed that subdivisions cut down their outgos and cost of services.

Finalization of histories

The studied that organisations prepare their net incomes and loss histories, balance sheet, hard currency flow statement and besides monthly and one-year studies. Practically analyzed that these statements along with client histories ( minutess ) are compiled on the day-to-day footing due to efficient computing machine package “ Bank Smart ” .

Information Management

The studied that finance section is a determination tools to direction, in pattern it is analyzed that histories section, prepared day-to-day rapprochement sing sedimentations, studies for direction. Decision devising


After passing six hebdomads at different sections of the bank, interacting with the employees, acquiring their positions, detecting the organisational construction and design, the undermentioned suggestions that can better a few failings observed in the bank.

Flexible Policies

The bank should be following flexible policies, particularly in the countries of the enlisting, publicities, rating of the employees otherwise the high turnover observed in the bank will go on to make jobs for the bank now and in the hereafter.

Job security

Present, employees are non satisfied with the occupation. Lake of preparation and seniors Pressure provide dissatisfaction to the employees.

Permanent Hiring

The fresh hiring should be made lasting so that they are secured of their hereafter. Further the allowances and fringe benefits attached with the lasting occupations will besides increase the motive degree of the employees.

Job Training Programs

The bank should put accent on the organisation of effectual preparation and development plans for its new every bit good as bing employees so that these are bit by bit updated sing the recent developments in the field of banking.

Fringe benefits and Allowances

The figure of allowances and fringe benefits for the employees should be increased to guarantee that they put their organic structure and psyche in the occupations assigned to them.

Revival of the Charges

The rates for the assorted charges provided by the bank should be brought down a spot, as it would ensue in addition in the figure of clients of the bank.

Adoption of Effective engineering

The current unibank system used by the bank is really slow in treating so my position is that the bank should seek to follow some other but more effectual signifier of engineering in order to supply comfort to the clients every bit good as the staff.


The higher governments should organize team-based direction instead than centralized direction. It would ensue in betterment in elating the morale of the employees. They will be more motivated and involved in all their operations ensuing in overall effectivity of the organisation.


BM Branch Manager

OM Operation Manager

CSO Customer Service Officer

CRM Customer Relationship Manager

CRO Customer Relationship Officer

AOF Account Opening Form

PKR Pakistani Currency

A/C Account

ATM Automatic Teller Machine

PIN Personal Identification Number

CNIC Computerized National Identity Card Number

NTN National Tax Number

OBC Outward Billing Collection

CBR Cheque Book Request

DD Demand Draft

KYC Know Your Customer