Malaysia A Multi Racial Cultural And Religion Country History Essay

Malaysia is a multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-religion state with a population of about 20 million people who pattern assorted faiths. The fact that Malaysia patterns assorted faith makes it hold a alone Malayan civilization. However, the strength of multi-racial can merely be harvested if the state fulfils racial equal rights. For illustration: racial favoritism. Discrimination develops hatred among different races and there will be no true integrity. Although Malaysia is a multi-racial state, there are a few issues related to racism and faith that had happened in the past, every bit good as in the present.

We believe that racial favoritism is the root of spiritual intolerance. What is spiritual intolerance? It is the intolerance against another ‘s spiritual beliefs or patterns. Therefore, there are many serious issues which caused by intolerance in faith. For illustration: the unfortunate calamity that had happened in 13th May 1969 which clearly portrayed the intolerance between the Chinese and Malays. The cow ‘s caput difference towards the province authorities due to the resettlement of the 150-year-old Sri Maha Mariamman Hindu Temple from Section 19 to Section 23. Then followed by the Boar ‘s caput protest which occurred in two different topographic points ; Masjid Jumhuriyah in Taman Dato Harun and Al- Imam Tirmizi mosque in Taman Sri Sentosa. This is a mark of disrespect towards the Muslims as they believe that Boars, besides known as hogs are considered a profanation in their faith. The most recent issue that has been doing a immense disturbance in our state is the church onslaughts. Many Moslems are unhappy towards the Christians due to the use of the word “ Allah ” as they dictate that the word “ Allah ” should merely be used by Muslims.

Through all this, we can state that people in different races and faith have become progressively haunted with junior-grade issues sing race and faith. By right, the ability to hold multi races and faith is to enable the people to understand other races and faith apart from their ain and avoids misconstruing among each other. Unlike the state of affairs we are in right now. How can we, the younger coevals aid to do the state stronger than of all time as a multi-cultural and multi-racial state?

13th May 1969 ‘s Calamity

Populating in a multiracial and multi faith state, faith intolerance is bound to go on between the people of Malaysia. Although there are many current issues related to faith intolerance, racial and faith intolerance had been here in this state every bit early as 1969. We will be taking a measure back to the black history that happened on the 13th of May 1969 before looking at the current issues that is go oning here in this state.

Before Singapore broke off from Malaysia on the 9th of August 1965, there was already a batch of tenseness between the Malays and the Chinese. Days before the general election on the 10th of May 1969, political parties such as the United Malays National Organization ( UMNO ) , Malaysian Chinese Association ( MCA ) , Democratic Action Party ( DAP ) , Pan Malaysian Islamic Party ( PAS ) and other parties were busy runing to win the people ‘s Black Marias. At the same clip, political party leaders were impeaching other parties on racial and spiritual issues to win support from the people. There were already two deceases before the polling twenty-four hours ; an UMNO election agent and a member of the Labour Party of Malaya.

Although there were already raising tenseness between the races, the election went by swimmingly without any incident on the 10th of May 1969. The black incident was ignited by the emanation done by the Chinese through Kuala Lumpur, where they insulted the Malayans by scoffing at the occupants in Kampung Baru. This calamity was besides caused by the action that some of the Malay leaders took. They used the imperativeness to reprobate their oppositions because they are non happy of the election ‘s consequence. The Malay and the Chinese communities were agitated by this. A immense racial public violence occurred foremost in Setapak and spread throughout Kuala Lumpur shortly plenty.

There were many deceases, a batch of people were injured, houses and vehicles were burned and cultural struggle in the rural countries occurred at that clip. Even after the 13th May incident, the act of force were still traveling on, this clip the marks besides involved the Indians. Two obvious wake of the incident are ; Kuala Lumpur was created as a Federal Territory in 1974, five old ages subsequently and the national political orientation besides known as the Rukun Negara was introduced by the National Legislative Council on the 31st of August 1970.

Although an exigency province was declared in Selangor at that clip, the impact of the calamity still live on in many people ‘s Black Marias. Young or old, they are ne’er allowed to bury this black incident. Peoples are now scared to even discussed about issues on faith, instruction, citizenship and civilization openly. While the calamity was a reminder to all Malaysians on the difference that can go on among different communities, current issues on faith intolerance show us a different side of Malaysians. Are we burying our yesteryear excessively shortly? Are the racial harmoniousness and the national integrity in this state in danger?

Church Attacks

A determination on Malaysia versus Herald was made on 31st December 2009. The authorities insists the word ‘ALLAH ‘ should merely be used by Muslims. The opinion in the newspaper ‘s favour was suspended pending an entreaty, after the authorities argued the determination could do racial struggle.

There were 10 churches have been attacked due to the determination made by the authorities. One church had been earnestly damaged. Fortunately no deceases or major hurts have been reported. Three churches in Kuala Lumpur were capable to an arson onslaught. One suffered considerable harm. Two persons were spotted throwing something looking like a gasoline bomb by informants. As a consequence, the constabulary stepped up security at all churches. On 8 January 2010, readyings for another onslaught were found at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Jalan Othman. The Church is located about 1.5km from the Assumption Church in Jalan Templer. The All Saints ‘ Church at Taiping and a Catholic Convent school were shocked with the find of Molotov cocktails near church evidences and a bottle of kerosine in the early forenoon of Sunday, 10th January 2010. Black pigment was thrown at the Malacca Baptist Church in Durian Daun. The Metro Tabernacle Church, held a services at the Wisma MCA ‘s Dewan San Choon after the onslaught on January 8.

Many Moslems are angry about December 31 High Court determinations turn overing a authorities prohibition on Roman Catholics ‘ utilizing ‘ALLAH ‘ to mention to their God in the Malay-language edition of their chief newspaper, the Herald. Prime Minister Najib condemned the church bombardments and instantly directed constabularies to increase security at all topographic points of worships and called for integrity amongst the Malayan people.

Minorities are under besieging and feel they do n’t hold a topographic point in Malaysia any longer. Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim blamed the church onslaughts on the UMNO-led authorities ‘s ceaseless racialist propaganda over the Allah issue and inflammatory rhetoric issued by collectivist mainstream media. Despite the onslaughts, 1000s of Christians countrywide attended Sunday services and prayed for national integrity and an terminal to the force. It showed that, after 52 old ages of life together, state edifice and national integrity is in rags.

The church onslaughts shattered states of Malaysia. It ‘s sad to see such a united multiracial state like ours be condemned internationally. Malaysians are now populating in fright of a racial clang following the church onslaughts and lifting Orthodox Islamic tones in the state.

Boar ‘s Head Protest

At the beginning of twelvemonth 2010, severed wild Sus scrofas caputs were found in the compounds of two mosques. Mosque functionaries found plastic bags that contained two wild Sus scrofas caputs and surrounded with Ringgit notes in the forenoon of January 27th. The incident happened in two topographic points, Masjid Jumhuriyah in Taman Dato Harun and Al- Imam Tirmizi mosque at Taman Sri Sentosa. The caputs of the wild Sus scrofa could be used as efforts to intensify between the Muslims and the non- Muslims as hogs are considered dirty in Islam. Leaving the Sus scrofa caputs at the mosque is decidedly an abuse, mirroring an incident last twelvemonth when the Muslims flung a cut off cow caput on the Hindu temple near Kuala Lumpur.

This incident was done after the “ cow caput ” protest that had happen last twelvemonth. It is considered the most violative instance of profanation against a Muslim topographic point of worship since a storm erupted over the usage of the Arabic term “ Allah ” . Furthermore, it was believed to be in revenge for a High Court determination on 31st December 2009 which allowed the Catholics to utilize the term “ Allah ” in the Herald Weekly. That determination triggered protests among Moslems who say “ Allah ” should be reserved merely for Islam. The authorities besides mentioned that they worry the Christian usage of the term could accidentally flim-flam the Muslims into change overing. The whole incident was really the radioactive dust of that “ cow caput incident ” . Certain groups of people with insurgent inclinations have the unsusceptibility to transport out their despicable Acts of the Apostless is because of the dreamy action by the authorities. They love to upset the peace and harmoniousness in this state. Following the onslaughts of churches nevertheless, there was small tenseness between the assorted communities as a chorus of voices on both sides condemned the onslaughts. A Sikh temple besides has been attacked, as have two Muslims supplication suites harmonizing to the intelligence study on “ Malaysiakini ” . This Sus scrofa heads incident was to believe that whether it is politically motivated or otherwise, the effects of these condemnable Acts of the Apostless can be really risky. Besides it is besides really damaging to our fragile cultural dealingss which has come under utmost trial following the “ Allah ” issue.

After the onslaught, it has certainly left some effects to non merely the Muslims community but the wholly society. It has rocked the weak racial and spiritual balance in this chiefly Muslims state of 28 million people, where dealingss between Muslim cultural which make up 60 % of the population, and Malaysia ‘s cultural Chinese and Indian minorities are by and large harmonious harmonizing to the research done by local analysis. As from the position in Economics, this has besides provoked Malaysia ‘s crisis of assurance to pull more foreign investors, tourer and pupils. Furthermore, it besides weakens Malaysia ‘s international fight in the economic system. Malaysia ‘s image as a safe and unafraid ideal location for tourer will be tarnished because of this incident. This will strongly impact our state ‘s image and therefore, our economic system will travel down if the onslaught support continues.

However, this incident had cause the constabulary to put up a particular undertaking force to look into the incidents of wild Sus scrofas caputs being thrown at the compounds of two mosques. This particular undertaking force was set up following a meeting right after the incident. Its chief aim is to happen relevant information to work out the instance. Besides, all the sections in the constabulary force including the Particular Branch and Commercial Crime division have been asked to make the same. On the other manus, Malaysian has the duty to stand united and stood up for each other to contend the unwanted elements of devastation and pandemonium no affair whomever or whatever they are. Therefore, we can non deny the fact that we are more cohesive than before to confront these challenges. The authorities excessively, has to put strong illustrations so that Malaysians do non overlook any break to their normal manner of life. We as the citizens in this state hold to be invariably on qui vive and united in order to weed out these jobs within and those coming from exterior. Our strength continues to lie in the integrity of our assortment.

Cow ‘s Head Dispute.

Malay occupants of Section 23, Shah Alam, Selangor protested in forepart of the Gatess of the Selangor Secretariat edifice with a cut off cow ‘s caput. They were protesting due to the fact that the province authorities was traveling to relocate the 150-year-old Sri Maha Mariamman Hindu Temple from Section 19 to Section 23. After a Friday afternoon supplication, the occupants of Section 23 who were in garbage of this program, marched up to the province secretariat constructing claiming that the cow ‘s caput was for the Selangor Executive councilor, Dr Xavier Jayakumar and Shah Alam member of Parliament, YB Khalid Samad.

The occupants of Section 23 are intolerant with the fact that the temple was to be relocated at that place. They protested with a cow ‘s caput in order to worsen the state of affairs. The authorities functionaries, Khalid Samad and Xavier Jayakumar did stay the regulations for the temple relocating procedure. Unfortunately, because the occupants in Section 23 are 80 % Malays, the occupants were against this program. The degree of disrespect shown towards another faith was awful. The facts made me cognizant that state of affairs was an of import job as it is about to impact the states harmoniousness and advancement. The tolerance degree of people is diminishing and this is merely harmful for the state. Latest intelligence say that the Hindu Sangam was to talk to the occupants but the intelligence was false as the Hindu Sangam adviser had mentioned that there was non traveling to be any talk between the two parties.

Besides that, even though this issue may hold happened in Shah Alam, still in other parts of the state hatred is being billed for each other. Injustice occurred as some of the protestors were allow to travel and action was non taken upon them. It may hold been a peaceable protest but still it was an abuse to Hindus of the state. In a cartridge holder in You Tube, the scenes were demoing the protestors stepping on the cow ‘s caput claiming it to be for YB Khalid Samad. There was besides a immature male child about the age of 12 to 13 fall ining the elder work forces to step the cow ‘s caput. It shows that this may be a job for the future coevals excessively as the spirit of hatred is already being instilled within the immature adolescent. Immediate solutions should be made to work out this siting racial job in Malaysia for as Malaysians good known for our civilization and cordial reception we must populate up to the 1 Malaysia construct and turn out that Malaysia truly is Asia non merely when it comes to tourism but on a day-to-day footing.

This event has brought about awful side effects to the state. First of all the harmoniousness of the state was disrupted. The spirit of tolerance is disturbed as it is shown through the attitude of the occupants of Section 23. This may take to other negative results such as non being able to work with a individual of another race. A concatenation of negative events may happen such as a awful economical stableness. When the people of one state make non work as a squad therefore, they will non work together for advancement for the better of the state. Besides that, the emotions of fellow people who reside in this multicultural state may hold been affected. In this instance, the Hindus may hold felt annoyed by the fact that the occupants severed a cow ‘s caput to cover with the protest. Use of rough words against the authorities functionaries causes disrespect and inharmoniousness.

On top of that, false intelligence spread through activities like this. Beginnings claim that the Hindu Sangam was willing to face the occupants when really they were non traveling to make so. Inconvenience was caused for the authorities and the citizens who worry of this inharmoniousness. The temple commission would now hold to confront problem relocating their temple. This roseola activity has shown the universe that we are non populating in peace in this state and that we do non follow with the spring and take policy and live up to the 1 Malaysia construct that the premier curate established. It portrays the act of unfairness and intolerance.

As the current and future coevals of this multiracial Malaysia, my critical function would be to avoid any signifier of inharmoniousness, which one of it is this. I would forestall inharmoniousness by understanding any state of affairs from the other individual ‘s point of position. After all, the authorities abides the regulations that a topographic point of worship must be 50 metres off from any residential country. All the regulations were being followed consequently to relocate the temple. Without taking sides, if I were a temple commission member I would believe twice about the resettlement of my temple. If 80 % of the occupants in Section 23 are Muslims, should I insist that my temple should be built at that place? As we can see really clearly, we have some sense of protection for our civilization and faith excessively and that is why most people get into dissensions. For the better of our state ‘s peace, the future coevals should take a minute to believe about the determination they are about to do for anything.

Besides that, as the future coevals of a state we must non merely digest each other but we must work together. Digesting each other is perfectly different from working together. Sometimes even working together is better than digesting one and another. A simple illustration would be the construct of a school. The school is the state, the instructors the decision makers or cabinet and the pupils as the citizen. We must hold symbiosis within each other be able to work as a squad and advancement for the better. By working together, we can construct a state that is ever able to happen solutions.

Last, I would see larning the civilization and the manner of life of people of another faith. In that manner, we would hold a deeper apprehension of what people of other faiths and civilizations do and why they do so. Looking at what the occupants of Section 23 did by break uping a cow ‘s caput and carrying for the protest against the relocating of a temple, it clearly shows the barbarian outlook of our citizens. If I understand another faith, I will hold the regard for that specific faith and I will be able to accept that faith as portion and package of my state ‘s citizens. There will be peace and joy all around.


Since the beginning of independency Malaysia has suffered from much spiritual intolerance due to our multiple faiths from every bit early as the May 13 incident to the more recent church combustion and cow caput incident. Religious intolerance normally happens due to misconstruing between the different faiths, and the outlook one has of other faiths. These extremist forces that are the cause of these incidents are normally the persons that portray such a infantile outlook. This can do difference within the state which can take to the racial harmoniousness and besides national integrity of this state to be in hazard. Besides that it can do both the political relations and economic sciences to endure. In order to forestall such behavior we need to come to an apprehension of other faiths, regard and besides accept them for the future peace and stableness of the state and besides for the state to thrive in the hereafter.