Listen to Your Parents Speech

“You are pacing down the dark silent street, it is so quiet you can only hear your pounding heartbeat, a car pulls up in front of your feet, as the car door opens, one of your friends tell you to get in, everyone is drinking alcohol and you slowly start to lose control. Your window is half open, your bed is untouched and your parents are unaware that you are moving further and further away from safety. How are your parents supposed to keep you alive when the car has crashed on the side of the road? How do your parents know that you are gasping to breath when they are fast asleep?

You slowly start losing blood; your whole life is at stake just because you simply did not listen to your parents’ guidance. Is this suddenly their fault because they went to sleep not knowing that a crash was going to happen? ” This is a possibility of what could happen to ones child, or what could be possibly running through a teenagers mind. Should parents truly be responsible for their daughter’s actions when they have given them all the guidance to know their rights and wrongs? Parents should NOT be held responsible for their children’s actions

Is it possible to control the actions of their children? They cannot think for the body, they obviously can’t be the brain when your child has been offered drugs! Are the parents the ones that opened the window? NO. From the minute the child made the decision to step out of that window, it was their own responsibility to go against their parents. One-thing parents are responsible for, is to teach their kids what is right and what is wrong, and educate them on why it is not good for teenagers to be putting themselves into situations that can easily lead into horrible situations like these.

Children today who commit crimes are mentally getting a pat on the back. Too many court systems have put the blame on the parent, but I still do not understand? Wasn’t the parent the good one in the situation saying DO NOT do this! All eyes are suddenly on the parents, who have done the best for their children, and they are getting punished for “bad parenting” while the child is still in the public. Some parents may not give the best of guidance, but what about the parents that have done everything for their child? The child knows their rights and wrongs, they know their boundaries, they should get punished.

The parents role in life is to take care of their children, to teach them their right and wrongs, to tell them how to get on the right path in life and to provide a warm sheltered home to bring their child up successfully, their role is not to control their actions, because that is almost impossible. Your parents can help, but the only person that can decide what they want to do, is the person them self. Your child may be under your control when you are with them, but when your daughter says she is going to a friends house, when she is really at a club with a fake i. d, she is not under the parents control anymore.

Whether she gets herself into trouble or not, the consequences should be faced by the daughter, she needs to learn from her mistakes. If the parents keep on getting blamed, when is she truly going to know that it is completely her fault? Instead of shifting the blame to the two innocent people that have done their best. If the parent committed a crime, would you expect the child to have handcuffs on their wrists? Should they really get punished for someone else’s mistakes? We all know that the child would never get blamed but just because a parent is older than the child, how does that change what crime they committed?

Because they are older right? Well they must have been old enough to make such a stupid decision! When you reach to a certain age, numerous influences come into your life and it is not just one influence. Your friends influence you, your parents influence you, your teachers can influence you, but it is your decision on what the priorities of these influences. For example: Stealing a dress could be more Important to you than getting an excellence mark in your exam. No one else can change the order or these priorities.

A good parent can give their child attention, encourage them to study, they can out limits on who their child is friends with, they can set curfews, but they will always struggle to stop rebelling! Even with a good role model, their child can easily go down the wrong path. Do you not think their child rebelling is enough of a punishment? Or do you think they deserve the blame aswell? The parents are fast asleep while their child is sculling vodka; their parents are having dreams while their child is slowly losing their state of mind. Should the parents really get punished for just dreaming?