Is Anglo Saxon Capitalism A Dead System Finance Essay

This assignment will turn to the topic of the prostration of the Global Economy and the Banking System, by specifying the Capitalism, Anglo-Saxon capitalist economy, discoursing the fiscal crises grounds, the impact of the crisis on the economic system, discoursing if the Anglo-Saxon Capitalism dead or non. And depicting the current Global economic system state of affairs and how to react to the crisis.

1.1. The Capitalism:


“ Anglo-saxons is the term normally used to depict the Germanic-speaking folk in the South and E of Great Britain from their reaching in the 5th to 6th centuries and throughout the Dark Ages ” . ( wikipedia )

Anglo-saxon Capitalism

“ A signifier of capitalist economy that is normally associated with the United Kingdom and the United States, but besides characterises the economic systems of such states as Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. It traditionally has heightened free-market inclinations, characterised by less regulated fiscal and labour markets.A It differs from its opposite number, Continental capitalist economy, which is more collectivist and focused on wealth redistribution. Most of the states in Continental Europe including France, Italy and Germany possessA a signifier of theA Continental economic theoretical account ” . ( Investopedia )

2. The Fiscal Market Crisis of 2008:

2.1. The Global Financial Crisis

“ The Global Financial Crisis has been called by taking economic experts the worst fiscal crisis since the one related to the Great Depression of the 1930s. It contributed to the failure of cardinal concerns, diminutions in consumer wealth estimated in the millions of U.S. dollars, significant fiscal committednesss incurred by authoritiess, and a important diminution in economic activity. Many causes have been proposed, with changing weight assigned by experts. Both market-based and regulative solutions have been implemented or are under consideration, while important hazards remain for the universe economic system. ” ( Wikipedia )


It is a state of affairs in which the economic system of a state experiences a sudden downswing brought on by fiscal convulsion. It is characterized by unemployment and low monetary values and low degrees of trade and investing.

“ The principle of the 2007-8 universe fiscal crisis was the US subprime crisis ” ( American fiscal crisis, 2009 ) . “ The subprime crisis is similar to the S & A ; Ls happened in the 1990s, they both born in the existent estate loaning industry and they grew accompanied by the increasing existent estate bubble and mortgage loan growing ” ( The Comparison of S & A ; L crisis and subprime crisis 2009 ) . However, the subprime crisis is somewhat different from S & A ; Ls crisis and indexs behind it could be changing. The chief warning indexs of 2007-8 banking crisis which have been ignored by authorities are illustrated below severally:

Inappropriate Real Estate Industry Policy

The U.S. authorities improper existent estate and fiscal policies was the beginning of the crisis. The constitution of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac was aim to supply a national lodging finance and to excite domestic demand. However, since the start of loose pecuniary policy, plus securitisation and fiscal derived functions, the two companies had great expansion-the mortgage loans and mortgage-backed securities they hold and guaranteed had an explosive addition. “ During the rapid growing the two companies ignored the quality of assets and increased the possibility of the happening of the subprime crisis ” ( American fiscal crisis, 2009 ) . “ As it indicated by Xueyu Han in 1998, the failed existent estate policy is the most common cause and taking index of existent estate industry and other related industries crises ” ( Xueyu Han 1998 ) .

Dangerous Asset Securitisation

“ From the Basel Committee documents that published on 2002, suggested that the fiscal liberalization was a common characteristic and warning index of major banking crises frequently combined with supervisory that were inadequately for the alteration ” ( Basel Committee 2002 )

Over Loose Monetary Policy

“ The over loose pecuniary policy led a stable worsening of the involvement rate, which abetted the populace to pass more nest eggs on investing, which causes a recognition growing quickly in the banking industry and other subprime fiscal establishments before crisis. ” ( American fiscal crisis, 2009 )


2.2. The Crisis background

First phase:

It is believed the fiscal crisis started in 2008, but it began in since 2001.

Second phase:

Between 2003 – 2006 the lodging sectors monetary values increased and more people lent to put in this sector.

Third phase:

Between 2007 – 2008 the lodging monetary values decreased ensuing in the investors losing value and company bankruptcies and such as Leman Brother.

The worsening of productiveness was the most of import mark of recession ; that included a worsening of the gross domestic merchandise ( GDP ) , increasing the monetary values of the assets and tie ining roar in economic demand.

2.3. The banking rudimentss

In Business the Banks policy is focused on short-run adoption and long-run loaning ; by recognition creative activity services that allowed the economic system to turn and spread out. This needs the customer`s trust and confident in bank system, but in existent this can be easy changed and the confident will vanish when the bank fails in the face of inability to fulfill its client if they decide to retreat their sedimentations all at one time, therefore the backdowns as their assets are illiquid, and in effect that will detonate a liquidness crisis.

2.4. The chief causes of the fiscal crisis

The planetary fiscal crises manifestations and marks are the prostration of a big fiscal establishments and the autumn in the universe stock markets, and the effects on the supports, and the chief causes for this crisis are:

Government intercession:

“ As George W Bush has said that US authorities intercession in fiscal markets is ‘essential ‘ to assist hold the worst fiscal crisis in decennaries.

Mr Bush said a fiscal contagious disease that began with subprime mortgages has spread throughout our fiscal system and led to an eroding of assurance that has frozen many fiscal minutess. President Bush ‘s Rose Garden statement was the 3rd clip this hebdomad that he had spoken on the fiscal crisis in an attempt to quiet disquieted investors and markets ” . ( Telegraph Media Group Limited 2009 )


“ He pledged to work with the Democratic-controlled Congress to better the wellness of America ‘s ailing fiscal establishments which have already seen the prostration of Lehman Brothers and the effectual nationalization of mortgage loaners Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac ” . ( Telegraph Media Group Limited 2009 )

“ Earlier, his disposal said it would safeguard assets in common financess and temporarily banned the much criticised short-selling of fiscal company stocks.

Mr Bush has besides authorised the Treasury section to seek up to $ 50bn from a fund set aside in the event of a depression to see the retentions on eligible money market common financess. ” ( Telegraph Media Group Limited 2009 )

Poor Bank direction:

The heat of the fiscal crisis was the deficiency of answerability within fiscal establishments and between direction and stockholders, and that included the deficiency of understanding for the direction about hazards, by over dependance on debt.

“ UK Bankss have worked over the last twelvemonth to reconstitute their capital base to turn to hazard and run into present challenges. Banks are capable to strict accounting processs and, while the study raises some of import points, the intelligence release is irresponsible grandstanding from an administration itself profoundly involved in scrutinizing the histories it deems so flawed. Richard Aitken-Davies, president of ACCA, added: “ Wage and inducement bundles have encouraged short-run thought. If Bankss ‘ bing inducement and calling constructions meant tremendous wagess for failure, so this needs to alter. First, we have to oppugn whether the comparative portion of Bankss ‘ income paid as wage compared with dividends has been in the best involvement of long-run stockholders. Second, hazard direction and remuneration/incentive systems must be linked. Executive fillip payments should be deferred until there is irrefutable grounds that net incomes have been realised, hard currency received and accounting minutess can non be reversed. ” ( ACCA cursing study, Telegraph Media Group Limited 2009 )

Investors and Borrowers.

The Crises in Credit is a world-wide fiscal Fiasco affecting footings you likely heard like:

1. Sub-prime mortgages

2. Collateralized debit


3. Frozen recognition markets

4. Credit default barters

The recognition crises affected everyone ; it brings two groups of people together ; place proprietors and investors.

Homeowners represent their mortgage and investors represent their money. These mortgages represent houses and this money represents largest establishments like pension financess, insurance companies, autonomous fund, common fund… etc. These groups brought together to the fiscal system, the Bankss and agents comely known as Wall Street.

These Bankss in wall St. are closely connected to these houses and Main Street. The beginning was old ages ago ; the investors are sitting on their money, looking for a good investing to turn into more money, traditionally they go to the US Federal modesty for they buy exchequer Bills believed to be the safest investing, but in the walk on September 11, when the involvement rate lower for 1 % to maintain the economic system strong. 1 % is a really lower bend on investing, so, the investors say no thanks, in the impudent side this means Bankss in wall St. can borrow from the slice for merely 1 % , and debit general excesss from Japan, China and the in-between E and there is a bund of inexpensive recognition, this makes borrowing money easy for Bankss and 1000 of them were brainsick with Leverage.

Leverage is borrowing money to magnify the result of a trade.

With ?10,000 buys a book for ?10,000, so sells to person else with ?11,000 for ?1,000 net income, a good trade, but utilizing Leverage, person with ?10,000 would travel borrow ?990,000, giving person else 1 military policeman in manus, so will travel and purchase 100 boxes with the whole 1mp and sell for person else in ?1,100,000, so will pay back the ?990,000, plus ?10,000 involvement, in this instance it he/she left with ?90,000 net income, and in first instance ?1,000. Leverage turns good trade integrates trades, and this is a major manner Bankss make their money.

2.5. The impact of the fiscal crisis

The fiscal crisis has on all things in the universe. This consequence has had positive and most negative consequence on the Unemployment and the Deflation ;


It is the province of an single looking for a paying occupation but non holding one.

( Figures 1 and 2 )


Figure 1: the Unemployment rate for 16 to 24 old ages old at UK

Figure 2: the Unemployment rate ( Aged 16+ ) at UK



It is a general diminution in monetary values, frequently caused by a decrease in the supply of money or credit.A Deflation canA be caused besides by a lessening in authorities, personalA or investing disbursement.

The fiscal crisis resulted in a diminution of all goods and service monetary values in the universe, such as the Oil monetary value ( Figure 3 )

Oil Monetary value

Figure 3: The Oil Price at UK ( Nov. 2008 to Sep. 2009 )

The fiscal crisis has come as a consequence of the United States authorities ‘s errors and their bad direction and ordinance of the banking sector. It impacts on all people and states in the universe particularly on employers who have to cut back on the figure of occupations held. Basically, this crisis has reduced the monetary value all goods and service in the universe. It is believed that this crisis has come as portion of an economic rhythm. But it is of import because affects all people over the universe, particularly in states development.

3. Is the Anglo-saxon Capitalism dead?

There is many economic experts sentiments believed that the Capitalism is dead ;

As the U.S. Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner during interview with Charlie Rose said the “ Capitalism will be deeply different traveling forward ” . ( FPB ) And many of the taking planetary economic expert assured that “ the Anglo-Saxon theoretical account of capitalist economy has failed ” ( FPB ) , most of Americans thought that the signifier of ‘domestic Capitalism ‘ was the lone game in the playing field globally, nevertheless it was non the instance but it was seen by the Free-market capitalists as “ the most powerful driver of prosperity and development since the industrial revolution of


the nineteenth century. Long ago the Anglo-American free market system has been the theoretical account of pick for many, but due to the flow instability in the system, that increased the market goaded economic system regulated. ” ( FPB )

“ Nouriel Roubini, a professor of Global Economics at NYU ‘s Stern School of Business argued in a ForbesA magazine article based on 2Q 2008 informations that [ the planetary economic system is now literally in free autumn as the contraction of ingestion, capital disbursement, residential investing, production, employment, exports and imports is speed uping instead than slowing ] . Professor Roubini concluded that the current fiscal crisis lays bare the failings and failures of western-style capitalist economy, and he attributed the failures to the unbridled hazards and inefficiencies associated with the ‘Laisse-Faire ‘ theoretical account, or ‘cowboyA capitalist economy ” . ( FPB )

“ Besides Felix Rohatyn, a extremely regarded Public Finance investing banker who helped New York City recover from the threshold of bankruptcy in the 1970 ‘s, A in his new book, Bold Endeavors ( Simon & A ; Schuster, 2009 ) , A speaks about America ‘s current competitory disadvantage in the planetary economic system. AndA noted, among other things, that China was constructing 100 new airdromes and that Spanish trains going between Madrid and Barcelona reach velocities of 300 kilometres per hr, therefore fueling and easing the growing of commercialism in that nation.A The cardinal point, he argues, A is how efficaciously and expeditiously we pull off our economic system today, has existent and permanent impacts on our ability to vie in an progressively competitory Global Economy tomorrow, every bit good as how we manage dealingss with those international rivals ” . ( FPB )

4. How to react to the current crisis?

In order to react to the fiscal current crisis the authoritiess must forestall the prostration of the banking system and doing it map once more are dashing undertakings in the short tally.

The authorities is responded to the crises by:

Perform monolithic liquidness by the Central Banks in order to forestall a liquidness crisis from conveying down the banking system.

Introduce a province warrants by the authorities in order to forestall the interbank market prostration.

The authorities reaction of the Bankss management`s failures by monolithic recapitalisations of Bankss.


5. The suited option for the state economic systems of the EU:

The Islamic Banking System

“ The prostration of taking Wall Street establishments, notably Lehman Brothers, and the subsequent planetary fiscal crisis and economic recession, are encouraging economic experts world-wide to see alternate fiscal solutions. Therefore, the attending has been focused on Islamic banking and finance as an alternate theoretical account. ” ( Muslim Banks Are Unscathed Despite of Financial Crisis )

The Islamic finance is guaranting non to work any of the parties, which is refering with the justness in fiscal contracts.

The Islamic Bank might to progress a free-interest loan to assist their clients in enabling of paying their needed payments through the recession.

“ The Islamic Bankss are more cautious about who they should finance than conventional Bankss. The Bankss in the United States charged high agreement fees for sub-prime borrowers which were used to pay fillips for those subscribing up new clients. As the mortgages were sold on to Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae, the organizers were unconcerned that the sub-prime borrowers might be unable to run into their fiscal duties. Indeed, gifts were provided to lure the feckless to subscribe up, and the mortgages frequently exceeded the value of the belongings. The Bankss in other words became mere booking agents, with no long term committedness to their clients. The soundness of Islamic Bankss is accounted for by the fact that they use a classical banking theoretical account, with funding derived from sedimentations, instead than being funded by adoptions from sweeping markets. ” ( Muslim Banks Are Unscathed Despite of Financial Crisis )


6. Decision:

The current economic crisis has exposed an tremendous failing in the planetary capitalist system. The prostration of the fiscal markets is merely the beginning of a monolithic paradigm displacement that will transform the societal and ecological relationships built-in to capitalist economy. The whole universe is working together towards sustainability and the capitalist economy is unsustainable, It can non last everlastingly because it requires growing, now is a the chance to visualize a new manner of life in the universe that can run into human demands while besides esteeming the demands of the planet. It is clip to construct this new universe.

Adopting the Islamic banking system is the suited system for the EU to follow ; “ it provides a feasible option to conventional banking and is less rhythm prone. The spread of Islamic finance into western markets demonstrates that it now being treated earnestly by regulators and finance ministries. There are already five entirely Muslim Bankss in London, and the first Islamic bank will open in France in 2009. Harmonizing to the conservative estimations of the Banker in October 2008, Islamic fiscal assets globally exceed $ 500 billion, a figure that could easy duplicate over the coming decennary. The experience of Islamic banking in the United Kingdom has been highly positive. Islamic Bank of Britain has been runing as a retail bank for over four old ages, and has attracted over 40,000 clients. HSBC Amanah, the Islamic finance subordinate of HSBC, has been runing for 10 old ages in London, concentrating chiefly on institutional clients and concern finance. ” ( Muslim Banks Are Unscathed Despite of Financial Crisis )