Interesting Facts About Virginia History Essay

The province of my study is “ Virginia ” , in here you will happen absorbing information and facts about Virginia that you might desire to cognize. Besides this study will assist you to larn more about Virginia in a merriment and interesting manner.

Virginia, province of the south-central United States. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean ( E ) , North Carolina and Tennessee ( S ) , Kentucky and West Virginia ( W ) , and Maryland and the District of Columbia ( N and NE ) . Virginia became a province on June 25, 1788, the 10th to fall in the new state. Virginia was the first to be colonized by Europeans. Virginia has two monikers “ Old Domination ” and “ The Mother of Presidents ” ( Virginia is place to more U.S. presidents than any other province: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, Zachary Tyler and Woodrow Wilson ) this province known for the National Station Base of the United State Navy.

The capital of Virginia is Richmond ; this has been the capital since the Revolutionary War. The governor of Virginia is Bob McDonnell. The bird that represents this province is the Cardinal and the province flower is the American Dogwood. The five biggest metropoliss in Virginia are Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Richmond and Newport News.


Virginia at foremost included in its lands the whole huge country of North America non held by Spanish or Gallic. The settlement on Roanoke Island, organized by Sir Walter Raleigh, failed, but English shortly made another effort somewhat further north. In 1606 James I granted a character to the London Company, a group of merchandisers lured by the idea of easy net incomes in excavation and trade. The company sent three ships and 144 work forces under captains Christopher Newport, Bartholomew Gosnold, and John Ratcliffe to set up a base, and the bantam force entered Chesapeake Bay in April, 1607. On a peninsula in the James River they founded ( May 13, 1607 ) the first lasting English colony in America, which they called Jamestown. It shortly became clear that the company ‘s original programs were unrealistic, and the Jamestown colonists began a long and unexpected battle to populate off the land.

By 1608, despite the house and resourceful leading of John Smith, hungriness and disease had reduced their Numberss to 38. The company responded by directing supplies and work forces every bit good as new leading in the individual of Sir Thomas Gates, who was to take charge as deputy governor under the authorization of a new charter ( 1609 ) . Gates arrived in 1610 to happen that merely a smattering of colonists had survived the awful winter ( the “ starved clip ” ) of 1609-10. He decided to take them back to England, but as they were approximately to abandon the settlement in June, 1610, his superior, Governor Thomas West, Baron De la Warr, ordered them to reoccupy Jamestown. Although illness and famishment continued to take a heavy toll, the colony at last began to do headroom under the rough governments of Sir Thomas Dale. De la Warr ‘s replacement in 1611, and subsequently under that of Sir Samuel Argall.

Tobacco, foremost cultivated by John Rolfe in 1612, gave the company new hope of a profitable return on its investing. To promote colony and better agricultural productiveness it granted settlers ( still technically employees and stockholders ) the right to have private gardens, so at the goad of Sir Edwin Sandys, promised to give 100 estates ( 40 hectares ) of its land to buyers of stock and 50 estates ( 20 hectares ) to colonists who brought over other colonists at his ain disbursal ( the “ head-right ” system ) . The company besides set up smaller joint-stock companies to settle huge piece of lands known as “ settlements ” or “ hundred. ” In 1619, at ; the direction of the company, Governor George Yeardley provided extra inducements to colonists by organizing a house of burgesses-the first representative assembly in the New World-and in 1620 by get downing to direct adult females t the settlement.


The most northwards of the Southern provinces, Virginia is approximately triangular in form. The little subdivision of the province that, along with Maryland and Delaware, occupies the Delmarva Peninsula between Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean is separated from the chief portion of Virginia and is called the Eastern Shore. The coastal field or tidewater part of E Virginia, by and large level and partially boggy, is cut by four great tidal rivers-the Potomac ( organizing most of the boundary line with Maryland and the James-all of which empty into Chesapeake Bay. In the tidewater part stretch huge wood of pine and hardwood, highlighted in early spring by blooming Cercis canadensis and cornel.

In the West the tidewater part rises to c. 300ft. ( 90m ) at the autumn line ( go throughing through Richmond ) and gives manner to the Piedmont-rolling, by and large fertile state that broadens bit by bit as it extends south to the North Carolina Line. Rising suddenly in the western Piedmont is the Blue Ridge scope, carpeted with blue grass and ablaze in spring with rhododendron and mountain laurel ; the Blue Ridge rises to the province ‘s highest extremum, Mt. Rogers ( 5,720ft/1,743 m ) . Between the Blue Ridge and the Allegheny Plateau, both portion of the Appalachian scope, lies the vale and ridge state. One of the most outstanding of these vales is the Valley of Virginia ; another is the rich and historic Shenandoah Valley.


Today the service sector provides one-third of all occupations in Virginia, bring forthing as much income as the fabrication and retail industries combined in 1999 and accounting for 23 % of gross province merchandises. Tens of 1000s of Virginians work in authorities, particularly in the District of Columbia or in nearby “ Beltway ” suburbs like Reston and Langley.

Virginia has a big figure of fabricating industries, including transit equipment, nutrient processing, electronic and other electrical equipment chemicals, fabrics and dress, timber and woo merchandises, and furniture.

Agribusiness remains an of import sector, and the province ranks among the top 10 in a assortment of agricultural merchandises, including tomatoes, baccy, peanuts, apples, summer murphies, Sweet murphies, snap beans and Meleagris gallopavos and broilers. Virginia besides has a big dairy industry.

Coal is Virginia ‘s main mineral ; rock, cement, sand, and crushed rock are besides of import. Roanoke is a centre for the rail conveyance equipment industry, and a high proportion of the state ‘s shipyards are concentrated at Hampton Roads particularly in Newport News. Norfolk is a major U.S. naval base, and Portsmouth is a U.S. naval shipyard ; Hampton is a centre for aeronautical research. Virginia has become the place of one largest concentration of computing machine communications houses in the U.S.

Cities and towns

Virginia is divided into 95 counties and 39 mugwumps metropoliss, which both operate the same manner since independent metropoliss are considered to be county-equivalent. This method of handling metropoliss and counties every bit is alone to Virginia, with merely four other independent metropoliss in the united States outside Virginia. Incorporated towns exist and operate under their ain town authoritiess, but are besides portion of a county. There are besides 100s of other unincorporated communities within the counties. Virginia does non hold any farther political subdivisions, such as small towns of townships.

Virginia has 11 Metropolitan Statistical Areas ; Northern Virginia, Hampton Roads, and Richmond-Petersburg are the three most populated. Richmond is the capital of Virginia, and its metropolitan countries has a population of over 1.2 million people. As of 2008, Virginia Beach is the most thickly settled metropolis in the Commonwealth, with Norfolk and Chesapeake 2nd and 3rd, severally. Norfolk forms the urban nucleus of the Hampton Roads metropolitan country, which is place to over 1.6 million people and the universe ‘s largest naval base, Naval Station Norfolk. Suffolk, which includes a part of the Great Dismal, is the largest metropolis by country at 429.1 square stat mis ( 1,111km2 ) .

Although it is non incorporated as a metropolis, Fairfax County is the most thickly settled vicinity in Virginia, with over one million occupants. Fairfax has a major urban concern and shopping centre in Tyson Corner, Virginia ‘s largest officer market. Neighboring Loudoun County, with the county place at Leesburg, is both the fastest-growing county in the United States and has the highest average family income ( $ 107,207 ) as of 2007. Arlington County, the smallest autonomous county in the United States by land country, is an urban community organized as a county. the Roanoke country, with a population of 292,983 is the largest Metropolitan Statistical Area in western Virginia.


Virginia is the most thickly settled U.S. province without a major professional athleticss conference franchise. The ground for this include the deficiency of any dominant metropolis or market within the province and the propinquity of squads in Washington, D.C. Virginia is home to many minor conference nines, particularly in baseball and association football. Additionally, the Washington Redskins have Redskins Park, their central offices and developing installation, in Ashburn and the Washington Capitals train at Kettle Capitals Iceplex in Ballston. Virginia has many professional quality golf classs including the Greg Norman class at Lansdowne Resort and Kingsmill Resort, place of the Michelob ULTRA Open. NASCAR presently schedules Sprint Cup races on two paths in Virginia: Martinsville Speedway and Richmond International Raceway. Current Virginia drivers in the series include Jeff Burton, Denny Hamlin, and Elliot Sadler.

The Washington Nationals and Baltimore Orioles besides have followerss due to their propinquity, and both are broadcast in the province on MASN. When the New York Mets ended their long association with the Norfolk Tides in 2007, the Orioles adopted the minor conference nine as their top degree ( AAA ) minor league affiliate. The San Francisco Giants ‘ AA squad, the Richmond Flying Squirrels, began play at The Diamond in 2010, replacing the AAA Richmond Braves, who relocated after 2008. Additionally, the Nationals, Orioles, Pittsburg Pirates, Boston Red Sox, Seattle Mariners, Chicago White Sox, and Atlanta Braves besides have Single-A and Rookie-level farm squads in Virginia.

Virginia does non let province appropriate financess to be used for either operational or capital disbursals for intercollegiate sports. Despite this, both the Virginia Cavaliers and Virginia Tech Hokies have been able to field competitory squads in the Atlantic Coast Conference and keep modern installations. Their competition is followed statewide. Several other universities compete in NCAA Division I, peculiarly in the Colonial Athletic Association. Three historically black schools compete in the Division II Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association, and two others compete in the Division I Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference.

Fine and acting humanistic disciplines

Virginia ranks near the underside of U.S. provinces in footings of public disbursement on the humanistic disciplines, at about half of the national norm. The province does fund establishments including the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and the Science Museum of Virginia. Other museums include the popular Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center of the National Air and Space Museum and the Chrysler Museum of Art. Besides these sites, many alfresco museums are located in the province, such as Colonial Williamsburg, the Frontier Culture Museum, and assorted historic battlegrounds. The Virginia Foundation for the Humanities works to better the Commonwealth ‘s civic, cultural, and rational life.

Theaters and locales in the province are found both in the metropoliss and suburbs. Wolf National park for the Performing Arts is located in Vienna and is the lone national park intended for usage as a acting humanistic disciplines centre. The Harrison Opera House in Norfolk is home to the official Virginia Opera, while the Virginia Symphony Orchestra operates around Hampton Roads. The American Shakespeare Center in Staunton is home to resident and touring theatre companies. Signature Theater in Arlington won the 2009 Regional Theatre Tony Award. Virginia has launched many awards-winning traditional musical creative persons and internationally successful popular music humanistic disciplines, every bit good as Hollywood histrions. Noteworthy public presentation locales include the Birchmere, Nissan Pavilion, the Barter Theater, and the Landmark Theater.

Flora and Fauna

Forest cover 65 % of the province, primary with deciduous, wide foliage braid. Lower heights are more likely to hold little but heavy bases of moisture-loving hemlocks and mosses in copiousness, with hickory and oak in the Blue Ridge. However since the early 1990s, Gypsy moth infestations have eroded the laterality of oak wood. Other common trees and workss include chestnut, maple, tulip poplar, mountain laurel, silkweed, daisies, and many species of ferns. The largest countries of wilderness are along the Atlantic seashore and in the western mountains, which are likely place to the largest populations of wood lily wild flowers in North America.

Mammals include White-tailed cervid, black bear, beaver, bay lynx, prairie wolf, raccoon, rotter, woodchuck, Virginia Opossum, grey fox, and eastern wood rabbit coney. Birds include cardinals, barred bird of Minerva, Carolina chickadees, Red-tailed Hawks, and Wild Meleagris gallopavos. The mobile Falcon was reintroduced into Shenandoah National Park in mid-1990s. Walleye creek trout, Roanoke bass, and bluish mudcats are among the 210 known species of fresh water fish. Runing Brookss with bouldery undersides are frequently inhabited by plentiful sums of spiny lobster and salamanders. The Chesapeake Bay is home to many species, including bluish pediculosis pubis, boodles, oysters, and rockfish.

There are tonss of serpents in Virginia-twenty species in all. Two types are toxicant, the timbers rattler and the Agkistrodon contortrix. Hikers are most likely to see Agkistrodon contortrixs in the southern Virginia province Parkss of Little Beaver, Grandview-Beckley, and Babcock. It is besides non usual to see rattlers in the northern Parkss of Canaan Valley and Blackwater Falls.

Virginia has 30 National Park Service units, such as Great Falls Park and the Appalachian Trail, and one national park, the Shenandoah National Park. Shenandoah National Park. Shenandoah was established in 1935 and encompasses the scenic Skyline Drive. About 40 % of the Park ‘s country has been designated as wilderness under the national Wilderness Preservation System. Additionally, there are 34 Virginia province Parkss and 17 province woods, run by the Department of Conservation and Recreation and the Department of Forestry. The Chesapeake Bay, while non a national park, is protected by both province and federal statute law, and the jointly run Chesapeake Bay Program which conducts Restoration on the bay and its water parting. The Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge extends into North Carolina.


As of 2000, the five largest reported lineage groups in Virginia are: African ( 19.6 % ) , German ( 11.7 % ) , unspecified American ( 11.4 % ) , English ( 11.1 % ) , and Irish ( 9.8 % ) . Because of more recent in-migration in the late twentieth century, there are quickly turning populations of Hispanics, peculiarly Cardinal Americans, and Asians. As of 2007, 6.6 % of Virginians are Hispanic, 5.4 % are Asiatic, and 0.9 % are American Indian/Alaska Native/Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander. The Latino population of the province tripled from 1990 to 2006, with two-thirds of Hispanics life in Northern Virginia. Hispanics in Virginia have higher average family and educational attainment than the general United States or Virginia population.

Most African Americans Virginians are posterities of enslaved Africans who worked on baccy, cotton, and hemp plantations. These work forces, adult females and kids were brought from west-central Africa, chiefly from Angola and the Bight of Biafra. The Igbo cultural group of what is now southern Nigeria were the individual largest African groups among slaves in Virginia. The 20th-century Great Migration of inkinesss from the rural South to North reduced Virginia ‘s black population ; nevertheless, in the past 40 old ages at that place has been a rearward migration of inkinesss returning to Virginia and the remainder of the South. The western mountains have many colonies founded by Scotch-Irish immigrants before the revolution. There are besides ample Numberss of people of German descent in the northwesterly mountains and Shenandoah Valley. Peoples of English heritage settled throughout the province during the colonial period, and others of British and Irish heritage have since immigrated to the province for work.

Northern Virginia has some of the largest populations nationwide of Vietnamese Americans, whose major moving ridge of in-migration followed the Vietnam War, and Korean Americans, whose migration has been more recent and was induced in portion by the quality school system. the Philippine American community has approximately 45,000 in the Hampton Roads country, many of whom have ties to the U.S. Navy and armed forces. Virginia besides continues to be place to eight Native American folks recognized by the province, though all lack federal acknowledgment position. Most Native American groups are located in the Tidewater part.

Ethnicity ( 2008 )


Largest Lineages by County

Ancestry ( 2000 )


72.4 %

U.S. Census Bureau, Census 2000 particular tabular matter. American Fact finder provides nose count informations and maps.


African AmericanA

19.9 %

Black or African American

20.5 %



11.7 %

Latino or Latin american

6.6 %



11.4 %


5.4 %



11.1 %

American Indian and Alaska NativeA

0.8 %



9.8 %


Virginia ‘s historic civilization was popularized and spread across America and the South by Figures such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Robert E. Lee. Their places in Virginia represent the place of birth of America and the South. Modern Virginia civilization has many beginnings, and is portion of the civilization of the Southern United States. The Smithsonian Institution divides Virginia into nine cultural parts. The Piedmont part is one of the most celebrated for its idiom ‘s strong influence on Southern American English. While a more homogenised American English is found in urban countries, assorted speech patterns are besides used, including the Tidewater speech pattern, the Old Virginia speech pattern, and the anachronic Elizabethan of Tangier Island.

Literature in Virginia frequently deals with the province ‘s extended, and sometimes problem, yesteryear. The plants of Pulitzer Prize victor Ellen Glasgow frequently dealt with societal inequalities and the function of adult females in her civilization. Glasgow ‘s equal and close friend James Branch Cabell wrote extensively about the altering place of aristocracy in the Reconstruction epoch, and challenged its moral codification with Jurgen, A comedy of Justice. William Styron approached history in plants such as The Confessions of Nat Turner and Sophie ‘s Choice. Tom Wolfe H as on occasion dealt with his southern heritage in best sellers like I am Charlotte Simmons. Virginia besides names a province Poet Laureate, presently Claudia Emerson of Fredericksburg who will function until 2010.


Virginia is preponderantly Christian and Protestant ; Baptist churchs are the largest individual group with 27 % of the population as of 2008. Baptist denominational groups in Virginia include the Baptist General Association of Virginia, with about 1,400 member churches, which supports both the Southern Baptist Convention and the moderate Cooperative Baptist Fellowship ; and the Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia with more than 500 attached churches, which supports the Southern Baptist Convention. Roman Catholics are the second-largest spiritual group, and the group which grew the most in the 1990s. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Arlington includes most of Northern Virginia ‘s Catholic churches, while the Diocese of Richmond covers the remainder.

The Virginia Conference is the regional organic structure of the United Methodist Church and the Virginia Synod is responsible for the folds of the Lutheran Church. Presbyterians, Pentecostals, Congregationalists, and Episcopalians each composed 1-3 % of the population as of 2001. The Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, Southern Virginia, and Southwestern Virginia back up the assorted Episcopal churches. In November 2006, 15 conservative Episcopal churches voted to divide from the Diocese of Virginia over its ordination of openly cheery bishops and clergy ; these churches continue to claim association with the larger Anglican Communion through other organic structures outside the United States. Though Virginia jurisprudence allows parishioners to find their church ‘s association, the diocese claims the secessionist churches ‘ belongingss. The ensuing decently jurisprudence instance is a trial for Episcopal churches nationally.