Independence Day Celebration

Independence Day Celebration ‘I am a patriot, not because I love my country, But because, my country loves me. ’ Modern School was born in the year 1920, in the era when the country was in the midst of its struggle for freedom. During these turbulent times, Modern School established itself as a school deeply rooted in Indian traditions and values. And even today, Modern School celebrates the Independence Day with full gusto because it has the struggle, been a part of it and also basked in the sunshine of victory when India finally became independent on the 15th of August 1947.

This year, the Independence day was celebrated on the 12th of August. The chief guest for the occasion were Mr. Salman Khurshid , Honourable Minister of State for Corporate Affairs and Minority Affairs . The Guest of Honour for the occasion was Mrs. D Purandeshwari, Honourable Mininster of State for human resource development. The celebrations began with the bhajan ‘O Palan Hare’ sung by Shivani Singh of S6A. And a group song ‘Purane Din Purane Pal’ sung by the S7 students of the School Choir. After this, it was time to officially begin the proceeding for the day.

Mr. Salman Khurshid, along with Mrs. D Purandeshwari, Dr. Bimal Jalan and Mr. Ketaki Sood hoisted the National Flag. Immediately after the flag hoisting, the National Anthem was sung by everyone present in the hall. Those 52 seconds were the most powerful 52 seconds of the day. The voices of the students filled with pride, patriotism and nationalism created magic in the atmosphere. After this, Mrs. Vaidyanathan welcomed our guests with a warm speech and invited Mrs. D Purandeshwari onto the stage to deliver the Independence Day address. Mrs.

Purandeshwari spoke mainly about the true meaning of education and what we as students and future citizens can do for the nation if we are educated in the true sense. She said-‘ Education comes from joyful learning. And learning does not come from just textbooks, it is process of growth that a child experiences in every moment of his life. ’ She also said that it is not just the school or the teachers who are responsible for giving good values to the children, the parents play an equally important role in this, since they are a child’s first teachers. Education begins at home.

Every word of what she said was full of wisdom and relevance. The students listened to her with rapt attention and for the teachers, her speech was a motivation. The main program began with the ‘Medha Suktam’ from the Rig Veda which was sung by the school choir, comprising of more than 150 children. After this, Disha Verma of S7 delivered a speech about what freedom means to the youth of the country. And then, Neha Mittal introduced the theme of the Roopak-‘Neev Nai, Imarat Wahi’ The Roopak focused on issues that are relevant to country in today’s date.

Some of the main skits in the Roopak were about the lack of sensitivity of today’s generation towards the legacy of our freedom, the lines of caste, creed, region and religion, which are dividing our country, issues such as poverty, disease and corruption and a hope that we can bring a change if we dedicate our hearts, souls and minds for the cause of safeguarding our freedom which we attained a high price of heavy losses in all the spheres.

The dancers danced to melodious and powerful voices of the choir group, complementing the Roopak in a beautiful way. Some of the songs sung were- ‘Lehrao tum aaj tirange, chhod aaye hum, man ho nirbhaye jahaan (hindi adaptation of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore’s ‘Where the mind is without fear’, Noor-e-Khuda, Khwabon ki titli and last but not the least Vande Mataram’. With the last verse of Vande Mataram, all the participating students gathered on the stage for the Curtain Call.

The function left everyone breathless, the performers because of the exertion and the audience because of the emotions. The program met its crescendo with Shreya Ghei of S7 Marching onto the stage with the National flag held proudly in her hands and the house captains marching behind her with the flags of their respective houses. Finally, the teachers involved in the making of the show were felicitated by the students on the stage in an informal yet warm way.

Everyone was filled with pride and gladness. Each one of the S7 students, whether or not a part of the show, wanted a flag to take home as a memory of their last Independence Day in school. And so, with these emotions and some informal celebrations too, this beautiful event came to a close. ‘Patriotism is not a small occasional outburst of emotions, it is the silent dedication of an entire lifetime’