Importance of Written Communication

Importance of Written Communication : Written communication is one of the oldest known forms of communications. But in today’s age go Information and technology writing has become a lost art. Written communication always creates a permanent record and store information for future reference. Writing is used not only to improve students’ communication skills but it is also to promote learning and to provoke critical thinking. It expresses who you are as a person. Good writing means good communication and nurses who are successful professionals, are constantly involved in written communication.

In the field of nursing writing and language deals with analytical, organizational, and mechanical skills. So therefore, the nursing student must be able to express thoughts of an observation through writing. Nurses are called upon to not only care for the physical needs of patients, but also to further responsible to create legal, medical, and academic knowledge in the form of workplace documents such as charts, lab reports, and nursing research. . They collaborate in public health organisations to write proposals for funding, reports on the services provided and memos to health care providers.

On the job, the health of a patient may depend on the nurse’s ability to speak and write. There are differences in writing within different educational backgrounds in nursing. The LPN and RN or the practicing nurse writes for documentation, primarily writing to describe the patient. The MSN may write like the practicing nurse or for administrative styles of writing. The Ph. D. writes for publication, sharing research results or their review of literature on a particular topic.