History Of American Imperialism Throughout The 19th Century History Essay

In this paper, I will be discoursing at the America Imperialism in the 19 century. With a brief drumhead about what is American Imperialism and besides will include why the policy was adopted and how it was rationalized, speak about an event of the times.

“ Imperialism is defined as the acquisition of control over the authorities and the economic system of another state, normally by conquering. The United States became am imperialistic universe power in the late 19th century by deriving control over the Hawaiian Island and, after the Spanish war ( 1898 ) Guam, the Philippines, Cuba and Puerto Rico ” ( Davidson, Delay, Heyrman, Lytle, & A ; Stroff. 2008, pg. G-4 ) . The obstructor in foreign matter by the United States was non supported by everyone.In the twelvemonth of 1899 the effort to halt what some considered an invasion that was founded by the American Anti-Imperialist League.

A What was the America Imperialism motion? The start of American Imperialism started with the Spanish-American war, which lead to American Imperialism Movement. Get downing in the late 1800 ‘s with an terminal this clip America “ turn the vision of an imperium in more distance land in Asia, Latin American, they would come upon other nation-old imperial power, Great Britain, Belgium Spain, and new comer Germany and Japan ” . ( Davidson, Delay, Heyrman, Lytle, & A ; Stroff ( 2008 ) pg611 ) . To seek to understand we must recognize what this mean for any state seeking to construct more wealth and seek to derive more power, to take over and control of new districts. “ Jose Marti returns to Cuba to regenerate the settlement ‘s battle for independency for independency from Spain. ” ( Davidson, Delay, Heyrman, Lytle, & A ; Stroff ( 2008 ) pg616 ) . Marti, he had cut railway line, destroyed sugar Millss, and set fire to the cane Fieldss. Subsequently on Spanish had struck back at Marti and his fan with barbarous force. The conflict between United States and Spain had ended but before it was over Spanish-American War leave Spain overpowered and banished from the Western Hemisphere, now that Cuba in free of Spanish regulation, “ the United States with new colonial ownership in the Pacific and the Caribbean. ” “ For better or worse, American minute had arrived ( Davidson, Delay, Heyrman, Lytle, & A ; Stroff ( 2008 ) pg617 ) .

The United States adopted the policy of imperialism because United State saw the possible to hold power over foreign markets and earn tremendous sums of money. “ The velocity and efficiency with which Europeans expanded prompted many Americans to reason for this European-style imperialism of conquering and ownership ” . ( Davidson, Delay, Heyrman, Lytle, Stoff ( 2008 ) pg611 ) .

Why was imperialism adopted and how was it rationalized. There is some ground why the policy adopted. The United Stated became the most power industrial in the universe. Other states were enlargement their possibility by opening up new trade markets and commonly audaciousness of new settlements and bespeaking their strength. The United States engaged in several enlargements that will include but non restricted to Hawaii, Philippines, and finally through the Spanish-American war of1898, Cuba.

“ With Abraham Lincoln that “ no adult male is good plenty to regulate another adult male without the other ‘s consent. When the white chief governs himself, that is self authorities, but when he governs himself and besides governs another adult male, that is more that self-government-that is absolutism ” . ( Fordham )

“ The term imperialism has a negative sound to it, as it means a forceful or covert enlargement into unwilling districts. However, it has besides ushered many smaller states onto the way of development. Following are some pros and cons of imperialism. ” ( buzzle.com ) .


Most world powers brought with them modern engineerings and introduced industrialisation in smaller states, hiking the economic system.

Introduced the construct of a democratically elected popular authorities to guarantee political stableness.

Education and scientific thought was introduced and encouraged.

Better wellness attention installations were provided.

New transit systems such as rail, route sea and air were introduced.

New linguistic communications, faiths and a new manner of life were introduced.

The imperialists states gained cheap, efficient work force.

Food production increased due to better farming methods. ( buzzle.com ) .


States that resisted growing or enlargements in their district led to widespread race murder and cultural cleaning.

Obtaining valuable natural resources became a bone of contention between the developed states, ensuing in political foul drama.

New faiths were forced upon and native belief was discredited.

Most traditional civilization and linguistic communications were merely wiped off.

Natural resources were exploited, without giving existent due.

Labor was discriminated and forced into bondage, and had their basic rights taken off.

Many Asians and Africans were shipped to America and England, against their will as plantation slave labour. ( buzzle.com ) .

“ Imperialism has its ain positive facets, but in the longer run when greed takes over the ground for assisting another state, it leads to devastation of a state, and coevalss to come are badly impacted by the actions of few. ” ( buzzle.com ) .

“ The people supported this determination because they believed in the manifest fate of the United States, the demand to convey democracy to all. “ ( associatedcontent.com ) .

America had the possible to go one of the great powers of the universe, but they had to interrupt out of their isolated shell in order to derive power. ( associatedcontent.com ) .