History and Heritage

History and Heritage

The “Marks & A ; Spencer Group plc” has been selected as a company of this assignment in position of the subject considered. M & A ; S Group Plc is the 43rdlargest retail merchant in the universe holding 840 shops in more than 30 states. M & A ; S is a fast growth company which was established over two decennaries in the twelvemonth 1984. The company has two geographic sections: – 1 for the United Kingdom and the latter for the International market. The International sphere encompasses Marks and Spencer owned sections Europe and Asia and the Republic of Ireland. The Company is besides a immense provider of womanswear and intimate apparel in the United Kingdom. ( Profile of Marks and Spencer Group as on FT.com last accessed on the Web version of the iphone on the 28Thursdayof July,2009 at 9:35 PM ) .The current portion monetary value for the Marks and Spencer Group as listed on the London Stock Exchange ( MKS: LSE ) for the 29Thursdayof July,2009 is which is ( www.ft.com/

Word picture of Information systems


Among the establishments that contribute to the makeup of an economic system sphere in a society, Information Technology or IT, as it is popularly called plays the most important function. It is neither an impassionate chronicler nor a soundless witness. Alternatively it is the legitimizer of theposition quoand an pioneer of the bing economic and societal equilibrium.

Data intensifier applications are employed to accomplish optimal consequences for both the hardware and package systems, which are typically two spheres within the information engineering industry. In order to accomplish the concern aims and generate net income in the long-run every bit good as short-run, Information Technology plays a critical function and therefore is a watershed in the visible radiation of today ‘s economic state of affairs.

Information systems can be used to capture, record, collate and analyse informations thereby assisting the company or the corporation generate net income and go a market leader by utilizing the latest film editing border engineerings. It is said that during the Industrial Revolution of the 18ThursdayCentury, poorness and hopelessness was eliminated in rural England. Likewise, we should unleash and prosecute the full advantage of IT and its merchandises and service in taking the glaring wants that debilitate our society.

Execution of Information System Application Products and services in Marks and Spencer Plc.

The main aim for the execution of information systems and its applications can be attributed chiefly to the direction of all its records and gradual remotion of paper work in its of all time altering concern environment, allow entirely cost nest eggs. It could besides be considered as one of the major strategic and concern determinations of all time undertaken by the Group in its history to cut down the costs and to maintain abreast with the latest retail selling or net income maximization techniques which could impact the concern adversely otherwise.

Marks and Spencer Group Plc has entered in a long-run understanding or alleged contract with Computer Centre Service thereby allowing entree and bringing of around 7000 concern waiters, desktops, and computing machine and networking peripherals to its shops across the UK. Computer Centre Service as per contractual duties is entirely responsible for terminal to stop answerability and decrease of costs which has to reported annually. The Group ‘s similar 3 twelvemonth contract with the globally celebrated International Business Machines ( IBM ) based in Armonk, New York is to inspire and refill the in-store engineering and services and besides facilitate early and effectual client service.

Description and analysis of functional usage of Information system

Here today I am speaking about Mark and Spencer how this company is utilizing Information system from a functional position. There are certain countries which are said below in table 2-1


Both said maps are well really of import and both of them are really near to each other. Mark & A ; Spencer Marketing system is fundamentally utilizing track down to clients and identifies their demands. . Gross saless system work is manus over the merchandise to the client and that is why Information system is combined in Mark and Spencer. In simple words Mark and Spencer utilizing Information system to maintain inform about new merchandises and so it is easy for M & A ; S to place the demands of clients and gross revenues systems follow demands and manus over the merchandise to clients. Information system helps in many other ways every bit good like on-line publicizing its merchandises and happening out new markets. Information system keeps the records of clients so clip by clip Mark and Spencer make their clients aware about new merchandises and publicities and for remaining in market for long clip Information systems helps you collect the information from other companies merchandises or what sort of traveling on in markets. In same manner Information system helps about doing determination in different things. Both gross revenues and marketing systems and the organisational degrees they serve are said below in table 2-2

One thing I would to add that some of maps systems are awfully affect other functional countries. It is been critical now that in Mark and Spencer Information system in map prospective is playing large function whether you taking order or whether you are functioning the order.

( two ) Fabrication AND PRODUCTION SYSTEMS

Fabrication and Production systems are besides really Important and paying large function in Mark and Spencer. When any company is traveling fabricating anything so how system works like Mark and Spencer In March 1999, in response to client concerns, they began to do alterations to some of merchandises and packaging, and take GM ingredients and derived functions from nutrients. Helped by the fact that all the nutrient is ain label by July 1999 M & A ; S achieved it, and so they were the first retail merchant able to offer Non-GM merchandises across all our scope.

Since spring 2002, they have been bring forthing all our fresh meat and domestic fowl, salmon, shell eggs and fresh milk from animate beings fed on a diet based on non-GM cereals and Soya. Changes made in any company because of acquiring more concern by acquiring more attending of clients. When Mark and Spencer come to cognize that people are attractive about non GM merchandises and so Mark and Spencer decided to open production line and in production Information systems helps that what sort of alterations should be made sing stuff intent and how much stuff is needed and how is traveling to be used fabricating the new merchandises, quality checking, and merchandises should be ready on clip. All these determinations were traveling to be made at different degrees and degrees are said below but with aid of Information system or package. Table 2-3


This is one Import functional system in Mark and Spencer. This system pull offing the money of company and make the statements to do certain that how much available to future enlargement whether these it is affair of employees and payments to the creditors. If we go back it was really difficult to understand what traveling on even it is affair of pull offing money, enlargements on productions or purchasing new stocks. Most of employees were ever busy in making paper work particularly at higher degree but Information systems or Software helps them to understand the repletions of money and even anything. After presenting this system now Finance and accounting section in Mark and Spencer are able to foretell the handiness of financess for future. Table 2-4


This is one of the top section and in Mark and Spencer it is playing large function and Information systems help this section for maintaining the records of employees, tracking down their public presentation, accomplishment like what did they larn during the work period, working for benefit of employees like wages and rewards distributions and it deals that how many employees are required and when they are required.

Merely as with all the other functional countries, human resources can non last as an island of information. They must garner informations from the other maps, procedure it into utile information, and so go through that information back out to the other functional countries. Table 2-5

As I have explained all four most Important section of Mark and Spencer in which Information is being used and how this Information systems helps to hike up this company and how this Information systems gain excess credits.

Description and analysis of Constituency usage of Information system

Constituency Use of Information System in Mark and Spencer

There are three different ways or types of systems utilizing in Mark and Spencer or possibly in many other companies. All systems are holding really of import function to play. There are three Systems which are said below:

  1. Operational Level or TPS

  2. Management Level or DSS

  3. Strategic Level or ESS

There is one more system which is really of import in company which is known as MIS. All above said systems leads Company towards Success. All the systems are elaborate blow:

Operational Level or TPS IN MARK & A ; SPENCER


The dealing processing system records the information from mundane operations throughout every division or section in the organisation. Each section is tied together through the TPS to supply utile information to direction degrees throughout the company


In this degree which is known as Operational Level holding different Unit of measurements as Order processing, paysheet, material motion control, histories collectible and employees ‘ record maintaining and this sort of degree is sort of responsible for day-to-day operations. So, this sort of degree which is utilizing inMark & A ; Spencer is called Transaction Processing System ( TPS ) .This information is given in really elaborate which helps to do the everyday replies. As it is been said above that Systems collected the information from hundred of different ways which Mark & A ; Spencer needs to acquire success. All corporate Information is given in item, which is said below:

  • If M & A ; S doing Chocolate Bar how much Chocolate stuff and how much sugar will be used in one Chocolate Bar.

  • How much clip spends in one Chocolate Bar.

  • How much labour will be used to do this Chocolate Bar.

  • How much stuff available for more Chocolate Bar.

  • This system tells how much same Chocolate Bars are available in different Company Stores.

  • How much clip required to Transport this Chocolate Bar.

  • How many drivers required for this Job.

As I have been mentioned above that TPS helps to roll up all the information from relevant sections of Mark & A ; Spencer to do the anticipations about every individual system will be used within company.



This is another class of systems which helps the directors to make different things in Organization like pass oning, organizing, planning, and doing different determinations. This system helps to do replies of inquiries being raised sing to structured on the bases of different clip period.


In large Organizations like Mark & A ; Spencer Management Information System is truly playing good function. This system makes directors understand different things like how to pass on, planning, and most of import how to do right determinations. In this system directors check the informations much clip which depend on different clip periods or we may state that Managers check the information on the base of different clip period and this thing make their Job really easier.

Let me give you really simple illustration ages before directors in Mark & A ; Spencer were making different sort of plants. If they were willing to cognize that how many shirts are produced in last 4 months so he has to wait until study get ready and some times report takes a batch of clip to acquire ready. Manager who is commanding cargo is holding same job.

If we talk about Manager of Human Resource in Mark & A ; Spencer they were failure to denote any occupation until they come to cognize and how they come to cognize by study given from different shop Directors in piece of paper and that is why in many shops they faced deficit of employees. New Information system helps to cognize everything in progress because whenever any employee leaves the Company he gives beforehand Notice and they put the information in system and so publicize rubric and Information system helps to advertisement and happening right people for that Job, so we may state that Information system make life easier of all directors who are working in Mark & A ; Spencer.


Definition & A ; Explanation

Decision Support Systems are besides being used by director but this clip it is different because of in MIS information is collected by internal informations but in this systems directors get Information from Internal and external resource. When combined Information from both sides helps director to start up with right determinations. Primary end of Mark & A ; Spencer is to cover with complex and hard determinations with the aid of DSS.

In short Directors of Gross saless and Selling in Mark & A ; Spencer are utilizing DSS to do the reply of the semi structured inquiries like what would be the monetary value of Chocolate Bar that Company can acquire excess net income and pass less money and every bit good this company in competitions. Gross saless and Selling directors use DSS to do the reply of the inquiry. I am hence holding different other illustrations every bit good that how DSS assisting different directors in doing the hard determinations.


As I can judge that what precisely Executive Support Systems sounds like something superior or bigger and it is because of in Executive Support Systems they face many vague state of affairss. There are no easy, definable replies. These executives require summarized, historical information gleaned from all other degrees of the organisation, coupled with big sums of external informations gathered from many beginnings.

How Executive of Mark & A ; Spencer takes the determination. For illustration Mark & A ; Spencer bring forthing Chocolate Bars which are best and holding good gross revenues. But no other company could make to that degree or able to bring forth to such quality so in that instance company will reach to Mark & A ; Spence to certain sum of Chocolate Bars. Then in that instance Mark & A ; Spencer Executive will utilize their Executive Support System to find and if offer is good for all. They gathered all Information from all current Information systems and so M & A ; S Executive will do determination which based on Information provided by systems non based on emotions.

Appraisal of Current usage of Information systems

I have mentioned different maps of Information Systems are being used in Mark & A ; Spencer. Those system were Installed by Computer Centre Service and so subsequently on those system were up graded clip by clip. Different section of Mark & A ; Spencer are turning really good because of Information systems. Every individual section of Mark & A ; Spencer whether it is in functional Information systems or constituency usage of Information systems, are assisting this company to start up with right Ideas and with right determinations. Information systems Introduced whole new path to follow. This is Information system which globalized different Companies, including Mark & A ; Spencer by utilizing functional of Information systems. It is Information systems which directed Managers, Directors, Operational Managers and remainder of employees to start up with right determinations and doing them right determination Information systems played large function.


Yes, I do like to give some recommendations about the future developments of Information systems in Mark & A ; Spencer. Mark & A ; Spencer decided to Implementation of Advance Systems and so Mark & A ; Spencer had signed of ?19m for IT to Computer Centre Services for the better entree to nucleus of engineering, tools, and procedures. The five-year understanding with Computacenter Services expands on a old understanding between the two organisations and comprises 10 new service watercourses, including release direction, construct direction, package plus direction and security disposal.

This will be duty of computing machine Centre service to present these service 7000 waiters, desktops, laptops and the cabling substructure. Harmonizing to contract it is the duty of Computer Centre Service to give Mark and Spencer end to stop answerability for more than 4000 users of caput office across six UK sites which allows to present twelvemonth on twelvemonth base cost economy. One more trade which was latest one signed by Mark and Spencer of 500 Million Pounds to review engineering plan in three old ages on its supply concatenation and back uping IT systems and subsequently on the retail merchant signed a four twelvemonth managed service contract with Logical is covering webs and substructure development plus IT invention, across M & A ; S 591 UK shops and regional offices.

In same manner Mark and Spencer signed 3 old ages contract with IBM to review its in-store engineering and systems, including the execution of the Bean shop point of sale application from package provider PCMS

In May 2007 Chief Executive of Mark and Spencer said that the retail merchant would be passing ?150m this twelvemonth revamping its IT systems and said similar degrees of disbursement were besides slated for 2008 and 2009.

Mark & A ; Spencer signed different contract for Information systems Improvement in different clip period which I mentioned supra. This Company Spend Millions of Pounds for acquiring beforehand Information engineering for this company. I do like to urge Mark & A ; Spencer to be in the contact of those companies which are presently presenting best Information engineerings to universe like IBM. This Company helps to better the Information systems for the hereafter usage.


The Information Technology and its merchandises and services as stated earlier can be used to take the glaring wants that debilitate our society and economic system at big. It is besides a safe and benign alternate to other manners of cost-saving steps, lest which would impact the concern and long-run involvements of the company. At the same clip, the restrictions and downsides of the glitzy IT merchandises and services should besides be considered. Protecting client information as per the Data Protection Act, 1998 can be questioned as a consequence of higher transparence and engagement of 3rd party operators.

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