History And Background Of Successful Leaders History Essay

This study adopts a deductive attack of research for dissecting the leading of Mr. Yasser Arafat ( 1929-2004 ) . The leading manner of Mr. Yasser Arafat will undergo a critical rating in consonant rhyme with the Transformational theory of leading.

Mohammed Abdel Rahman Abdel Raouf Arafat al-Qudwa al-Husseini, popularly known as Yasser Arafat, was a leader from Palestine who was bestowed with the baronial peace award for his ceaseless attempts of set uping peace in the controversial country of Palestine and Israel. Arafat formed organisations like PLO ( Palestine Liberation Organization ) , PNA ( Palestine National Authority ) and a political party named FATAH. Arafat started as a freedom combatant who became a symbol of fear for Palestinians and many Arabs. His initial old ages were full of mighty struggles with the Israel but in the ulterior portion he renounced force and engaged himself in a series of dialogues with the authorities of Israel with the aspiration of conveying an terminal to the ageless struggle between PLO and the Israeli authorities ( Hockstader, 2004 ) . He has been appreciated and criticized every bit by the different cabals in the universe for his heroics and leading manner. The pick of Yasser Arafat for this survey on leading manner has been made because of his abilities of set uping himself as an unchallenged leader of multitudes and pick among the full population of Palestine and even by the resistance ( Israel ) who ever engaged him in dialogues and negotiations. Another facet of his multi-faceted leading manner was that he started off as a military leader and moved on to go a political leader. His manner of leading ca n’t be scanned with the frame of one peculiar theory of leading as it was a combination of many but Transformational theory of leading would be coming closest to his existent manner of leading. Transformational leading fundamentally involves the ability to acquire people to desire to alter, to better beyond the regular and to be led ( John Hall, Shannon Johnson, Allen Wysocki, and Karl Kepner, 2008 ) . The transformational leaders are capable of traveling the followings beyond self-interest, enrapturing others with the built-in personal appeal and are ever rational stimulating ( Bass, 1998 ) . Arafat had been the leader who led a immense force across different states for the intent of emancipating Palestine through force and peace both.

Context and Background

Yasser Arafat was a born leader and a good educated and read one. He was a civil applied scientist by making from University of King Faud I ( Cairo University ) and served as the president of General Union of Palestinian Students ( GUPS ) ( Said K. Aburish, 1998 ) . During his surveies merely he took a interruption of a twosome of old ages and joined the Arab-Israel war during 1948-1949. With his magnetic character and taking abilities he formed a group called FATAH in 1959 ( Said K. Aburish, 1998 ) . FATAH drew its name from a rearward acronym of the Arabic name Harakat al-Tahrir al-Watani al-Filastini which translates into “ The Palestinian National Liberation Movement ” ( Said K. Aburish, 1998 ) . With formation of FATAH Arafat dedicated himself to the cause of release of Palestine the taking the path of armed battle. FATAH was based on the political orientations of Yasser Arafat merely and therefore differed in its attack from the remainder of the Palestinian political and guerilla organisations runing during that epoch. Yasser Arafat refused to accept the contributions for his organisation from other Arab authoritiess as he found it to be against his political orientations ( Said K. Aburish, 1998 ) . Although, he motivated many Palestinians populating in different Arab states like Kuwait, Qatar, Libya and Syria to donate liberally to the cause of release of Palestine and steer the attempts of his organisation. With the transition of clip the clout of Arafat and FATAH kept turning in the Palestinian circuits eventually taking to formal declaration of Yasser Arafat as the leader of Palestinians. In the December of 1967 Arafat was invited to fall in PLO along with his organisation FATAH, to which the joined the PLO and became an active member ( Dany Rubenstein, 1995 ) . During the conflict of Karameh during 1968 between FATAH and Israeli forces Arafat was on the field confronting the powerful onslaught of heavy arms, combatant jets and armoured vehicles. Although advised to fly the land he stood firm to convey a message to the universe that there are cabals amongst the Arabs contending for the release of Palestine who non retreat or fly against the might of the Israeli ground forces ( Dany Rubenstein, 1995 ) . He urged his work forces to keep their places and go on contending throughout the conflict. The triumph in this conflict catapulted Arafat and his political orientations to the planetary calcium hydroxide visible radiation and Time covered it all in item in the September 1968 issue ( Dany Rubenstein, 1995 ) . Inspired by the political orientations and personal appeal of Arafat many immature Arabs ( including 1000s of non-Palestinians ) joined the ranks of FATAH and made the rank crestless wave significantly. Arafat received mass hand clapping for the heroics and got projected as a national hero willing to set a battle against the Israeli. Arafat ‘s accession to the chairmanship of PLO in 1969 and to go the commander-in-chief of the Palestinian Revolutionary Forces was a testimony of his leading abilities ( Said K. Aburish, 1998 ) . With his turning clout Arafat was invited by King Hussein of Jordan to keep the premier curate ship of Jordan, but he refused saying that the demand was to make a Palestinian province with Palestinian leading ( Said K. Aburish, 1998 ) . Arafat kept switching to different states ( from Kuwait to Jordan to Lebanon to Tunisia ) with the central offices of his organisation seeking political safety. During the constitution of his central office in Lebanon Arafat intensified his armed battle against Israeli civilian and military marks taking to severe world-wide disapprobation. Arafat was branded as a terrorist by the Israeli and US governments taking to a loss of the repute earned as a freedom combatant.

1988 was a watershed twelvemonth for Yasser Arafat and Palestine, as Palestine was proclaimed as an independent province by PLO and the cardinal council of Palestine national council elected Arafat as the president of the announced province of Palestine. Arafat repudiated terrorist act and all associations with it by accepting the UN Security Council Resolution 242 which talked about Israel ‘s right to be in peace and security ( Said K. Aburish, 1998 ) . In his subsequent addresss Arafat made his purposes clear for acquiring on to the way of negotiations for peace with the US disposal for work outing the crisis. After abdicating the attack of panic, Arafat in the company of some FATAH functionaries had many secret negotiations and dialogues with Israeli authorities which culminated into the Oslo agreements of 1993 ( Dany Rubenstein, 1995 ) . This understanding was the first measure towards the set uping peace in the disputed district ; a proposal was made for execution of Palestinian ego regulation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip for a period of five old ages. This action was to be supplemented with implementing an immediate arrest to and gradual remotion of Israeli colony in the mentioned countries. The Oslo agreements besides talked about formation of a Palestinian constabulary force by enrolling the locals and holding Palestinian arabs on wide with the basic intent of policing the countries which would come under the horizon of self-government. The agreement besides talked about allowing authorization to the interim authorities sing many other facets of administration like formation of regulations including instruction and civilization, societal public assistance, direct revenue enhancement and touristry. These conjunct attempts of Yasser Arafat towards peace edifice in the country won him a baronial award in the twelvemonth 1994 for peace along with his Israeli opposite numbers ( Sapir Handelman and Joel Pollak, 2007 ) . went in front with the footings of Oslo understanding and tried to convey many alterations and development in the part. He arranged for fiscal aid for transporting out the developmental activities and worked difficult for guaranting betterment in the jurisprudence and order conditions in the West Bank and Gaza Strip ( Sapir Handelman and Joel Pollak, 2007 ) . Arafat toured the different towns of the part to personally inspect the conditions which were prevalent after they were evacuated by the Israeli forces.

Yasser Arafat was a really controversial figure in the history of universe political relations. Due to his confederations with the terrorist organisations and multiple onslaughts on the Israel taking to loss of money and work forces, Israel tried to acquire him assassinated multiple times. The political relations has ever been considered unsafe because of its nature and frequence of blackwash. In the positions of most of western observers the key for endurance of Arafat against multiple blackwash efforts has been his command over asymmetric warfare and tactical accomplishments ( Sapir Handelman and Joel Pollak, 2007 ) .

Key Capabilities and Analysis

Different subdivisions of history have portrayed Yasser Arafat otherwise, some painting him as a terrorist leader and others as a political leader who attempted the peace edifice enterprises across Palestine. But the perceivers have been in unison about the fact that whichever state of affairs Arafat was in, he led from the forepart and managed the show good. His personal appeal and appeal has been par excellence and has helped him in win many Black Marias and better 1000000s of lives. There are groundss galore to subtract that Arafat ‘s attack to leading was close to the transformational theory of leading where personal appeal and appeal are the sub-dimensions ( B.M. Bass, 1998 ) . The transformational leaders are ever boosters of alteration and name Forth public presentations which are beyond outlooks by doing others experience proud about their work and responsibilities, communicating of personal regard, assisting the individual travel frontward in the way of originative thought and above all animating to accomplish beyond obvious ( B.M. Bass, 1998 ) . The transformational leading has four factors ( John Hall, Shannon Johnson, Allen Wysocki, and Karl Kepner, 2002 )

( a ) Idealized influence, which talks about deriving the assurance of the sub-ordinates and associates sing devising of good determinations. Arafat ever has this trust from his associates and followings who were of believe that the determination taken by him would be for the improvement of the full population of Palestine and would take to prosperity.

( B ) Inspirational motive, describes those properties of the leader which motivates the followings and associates to perpetrate themselves better and more smartly towards attainment of the concluding end. Arafat ever motivated his followings and soldiers by being among them and with them within the most intense of the war conditions to contend and non give up till the last slug.

( degree Celsius ) Intellectual simulation makes a leader contribute to the development of invention and creativeness among the associates. The leader makes them dispute the normal patterns by advancing critical thought and job resolution. There are no strong groundss proposing that Arafat ever fostered the critical thought of his associates and squad members but the manner the organisation run autonomously goes a long manner in doing us recognize the accent he laid on believing creatively.

( vitamin D ) Individual consideration depicts directors as managers and advisers for the associates and helps them achieve the ends. Arafat for most of his life led an ground forces of 1000s of work forces remotely and made them make work which led to the accession of the organisation FATAH and PLO and besides of those persons by giving them a intent to populate and contend for.

Yasser Arafat rose at the clip when the battle for the release of Palestine was non holding strategic attacks to it. Since Arafat was associated with the cause of Palestine since his stripling yearss he adopted different despairing ways to assist the cause. The alteration of political orientation of Yasser Arafat from force to peace negotiations besides hints towards the followers of the eventuality theoretical account for him as it was all state of affairss based. Arafat was speedy and prudent to recognize that the declaration of devastation of Israel was ne’er traveling to be a executable undertaking and 1000000s of his fellow countrymen were non deriving anything out of this military conflict. The losingss suffered by the Palestinians civilians were banging due to the combat between the Israeli ground forces and the different groups of Palestine. Arafat could recognize that the struggle had many issues and involvements and so it could non hold a simple solution as it was an intractable job. The issues and involvements of different cabals were heavy intertwined and an attempt to work on one issue could trip a concatenation reaction for the other issues involved. Arafat during his representation of the cabals from Palestine was ever keen on constructing a solution which would construct a long term sustainable state for his people. Whether it was the pick of an armed battle against Israel or the peaceable dialogues Arafat could earn support for himself and his political orientations amongst the multitudes of Palestine and remainder of the Arab universe with assistance of his personal appeal and leading abilities. After the renunciation of force and separating off from the manner of armed battle Arafat pursued the way of peace firm, the Oslo agreement signed between Yasser Arafat and Yitzhak Rabin had many oppositions from the beginning and the replacement of Rabin even refused to accept the thought of Palestinian statehood ( James Carter, 2006 ) . This led to intensifying of the belligerencies between Israel and Palestine. Arafat pursued the peace procedure with the intercession of the so US president Bill Clinton which led to the sign language of Wye River Memorandum detailing the stairss which the Israeli authorities must take to guarantee completion of peace procedure ( James Carter, 2006 ) . Arafat in conformity of his vow to go on with the peace edifice procedure and ever kept the room for dialogues unfastened, during the Camp David Summit in 2000 Arafat did n’t hold to many conditions put by the leaders from Israel and the peace negotiations failed. This was followed by the Taba acme held in 2001, which besides failed to convey conclusive peace ( James Carter, 2006 ) . The onslaughts and suicide bombardments increased on Israel by the battalion of Palestinian groups and derailed the full peace edifice procedure. Arafat relinquished the premier curate ship of Palestine and was dismissed as the negotiating spouse by the Bush disposal.

What we have seen boulder clay now was the journey undertaken by Arafat by taking to be a leader of the organisation which wanted an armed battle to emancipate Palestine and subsequently as the leader of PLO and caput of authorities who firm believed in the peace procedure and wanted it to predominate. The leading manner of Arafat is good plenty to learn us the qualities which a leader should possess to be an effectual peace shaper, and the most outstanding of them being the committedness. As to be seen Arafat was ever on the side of peace once he repudiated force and armed battle, his ceaseless engagement in the several acmes held is merely an illustration of his committedness degrees towards attainment of peace. Arafat was ever popular among his followings, it takes passion to caput and carry frontward the operations of a guerrilla ground forces which he successfully managed till FATAH became a portion of PLO and Arafat decided to follow peace alternatively of force. His determination to release the way of force was welcomed and followed by all his work forces. Even during the yearss of administration of Palestine, Arafat ever enjoyed the support of his fellow work forces and countrymen. He won elections and worked for the improvement of the full base of population. Arafat ‘s cognition of different faiths particularly Zionism and Judaism held him in good position while covering with the cause of Palestine with Israel. He was a good read adult male with professional makings implementing his capablenesss as a leader of multitudes.

Harmonizing to Bass ( 1998 ) and Britt, Adler and Castro ( 2006 ) the transformational leader must exhibit four features viz. idealized influence, inspirational motive, rational stimulation, and individualized consideration as discussed earlier. If the leading manner of Yasser Arafat was to be critically examined it would be found that he was magnetic and enjoyed the regard and esteem of his followings. He was a leader who provided a significance and challenge while beging new and fresh attacks which is apparent from the strategic programs he devised for the war and onslaughts against the Israeli constitutions. He listened to his subsidiary and solicited their positions and delegated the operational freedom to his nucleus commanding officers largely can be seen in the operations of the paramilitary group Black September. Harmonizing to Sashkin ( 2003 ) there are five factors which are identifiable in a transformational leader viz. disputing the procedure, animating a shared vision, enabling others to move, patterning the manner and promoting the bosom. Yasser Arafat was the 1 who kept disputing the hegemony of Israel over Palestine, inspired a vision in amongst his work forces and followings for a free and liberated Palestine, enabling them to move towards the end and modelled and encouraged the different follower groups to a higher degree of public presentation.


This brief survey of the life and leading manner of Yasser Arafat makes us believe that his vision of Palestine was based on a concrete base of political orientations of a separate nationhood. He transformed the full battle for release of Palestine by giving it a new strategic way and ardor, by exposing leading features of a transformational leader and powerful head. His personal appeal and heroism helped him to set up organisations which carried out the battle and was able to convey the resistance to the negotiating tabular arraies. The timing of the rise of Arafat was really important for the release battle of Palestine as he shaped the aspiration of the Palestinians for attainment of nationhood. He was really capable of recognizing this aspiration and succeeded to a great extent with the announcement of independent province of Palestine. He was able to command regard and assurance of non merely his followings but besides his equals from other Arab states who believed in the leading of Arafat and supported him in his cause of independency of Palestine. He was every bit successful as a leader of armed combatants and as the politician managing the premier curate ship of a state. His leading manner seems near to the transformational theory of leading and the manner he leveraged his personal appeal and actuating accomplishments in transforming his followings is model.