Fundamental Analysis As A Method For Investing Finance Essay

Cardinal Analysis is the basic method for puting. It is utile for investors since it would assist to do the determination. This type of analysis is so different with Technical Analysis. While Technical focal point on market sentiment and guess, Cardinal Analysis started with analysing such house of organisation. Most of investors will utilize the basic regulation of Fundamental Analysis before make any investing, which they will get down analyze and gauge the public presentation of a company and continue with analysing the industry behaviour. The biggest portion of using Cardinal analysis is looking profoundly into house ‘s fiscal statement. Here, fiscal statement recognized as the ‘heart ‘ of such house and gives all the information needed to bespeak the true public presentation of that house. Analyzing fiscal statement means we will looking on gross, disbursals, assets and liabilities of the house. Firm ‘s balance sheet, income statement and hard currency flow will decently analyze to acquire all the figures. But, there is few critics on Fundamental Analysis, particularly from Technical analysts and followings of efficient market hypothesis, which both feel that Fundamental analysis is traditional method and cachexia clip. This survey will concentrate on utilizing Cardinal Analysis for stocks, and associating with such existent instance that occur in stocks market, precisely in Malaysia.


Cardinal analysis is a really basic manner in puting. This analysis involves examine concern ‘s fiscal statement, its direction, fight, challenger to the company and besides market as an overall. This sort of analysis can be use for investing determination, for cases when covering with foreign exchange market, hereafters market every bit good as stocks markets. In these three sorts of security market, cardinal analysis will look into assorted factors including economic system, involvement rate, production, net incomes and direction. By making cardinal analysis, investors will utilize past and current informations, but will be translated as future outlook. The benefit of utilizing this method, analysts is able to see whether the company is doing net income or non, is gross of the company is increasing, and besides, see if the company can pay all its debt and in the right place to against its challenger in the concern market in the hereafter. The other advantages, analysts can gauge the hazard associate with the house, the right stocks monetary value for the house, and measuring house ‘s top direction. For the intent of this survey, cardinal analysis will be referred in the context of stocks.


Cardinal analysis is non simply traveling to the BASIC of the house. We are non looking merely on house ‘s gross and net income, but beyond that. In finding the cardinal, investor demands to include all possible factors that contribute to the economic wellbeing of company. All the possible factors can be divided into two classs ; quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative is a numerical term, which it beginnings came from fiscal statement of company and all the characteristics of the company including assets, debt, or net income can be exactly determined. For qualitative, its more on the quality of something, it ‘s non a numerical figure, and intangible, such as the unity of house ‘s top direction, trade name acknowledgment by people or engineering.


Under quantitative factor, fiscal statement is the major beginnings. So, we will merely look in how income statement, balance sheet and flow statement can help investor to construe the figure into public presentation of the company. So, the first type of fiscal statement that we will analyse is income statement. Income statement is the first thing that analysts will see in the one-year study or one-fourth study. In this statement, the figured carried out connoting the gross, gaining and net incomes per portion for the company. It tells how much the sale earn by the company ( gross ) , how much the cost spent ( outgo ) and the net income achieved by the company. From here, the intrinsic value of the company can be derived. When company ‘s sale is increasing in figure, it shows a better cardinal and roses in its border connoting an addition of efficiency and profitableness of the company.

Second thing of fiscal statement is a balance sheet. Here, it show the status of the company fiscal, whether it in a good state of affairs or non. Balance sheet show the assets of the company owns, entire liabilities or debt it incur, and the difference between assets and liabilities known as equity. For assets, it consists of current assets and non-current assets. The former including hard currency, stock lists and history receivable. It normally use and converted into hard currency in less than one twelvemonth. For non-current assets, it ‘s including fixed assets like belongings, machine and equipment. While liabilities, it has current liabilities and non-current liabilities. Former demand to be pay by the house less than one twelvemonth, and the latter show the debt that house has to refund in one twelvemonth or more. So, in balance sheet, investor knows in how efficient the house use it assets to maximise its gross and net income. While the big figure of liabilities and debt show that the company will necessitate paying the debt chief plus interesting which can take to company fiscal jobs.

The 3rd thing of the fiscal statement is hard currency flow statement. Basically, hard currency flow statement show the existent hard currency comes in and goes out from the house yearly and it can be quarterly. In comparing with income statement, hard currency flow statement excludes non-cash gross or disbursals. By understanding the hard currency flow of house, investor can gauge the capableness of the house to finance its operations and future growing. As the company can bring forth immense sum of hard currency, it is a good investing while if the company able to bring forth net incomes, it ‘s non intend the company does non acquire into problem. The ground here is all about the liquidness of the house.


Qualitative factor can be defined as company concern facets which is hard to be interpret. In relates to concern theoretical account, direction and corporate administration. First, for concern theoretical account, it ‘s associate with what precisely the house making or the sort of concern the house operates. This is the basic inquiry for those investors who want to make any research to a peculiar company. The investors should cognize in how the house generate and do money. For case, McDonalds, good known as fast nutrient eating house that sells assortment of nutrient including beefburger, french friess, soft drinks, and salad. So, here, we know precisely how McDonalds generate it ‘s profits-by selling ain nutrients. It ‘s so simple, and so investor can take farther action by analysing its fiscal status. But there are few companies that make money non from selling its ain merchandise, but alternatively gaining net income by franchising or licensing. Therefore, this sort of companies should be avoided by investors.

Following factor of qualitative is the direction. Management quality is important in order to take to fiscal success for the company. But, measuring the company direction merely profit to professional investor like fund director but non for single investor. Still, there are few stairss in how single investor can measure the unity of the direction. First by utilizing Management Discussion and Analysis, where it can be seen at the early pages of one-year study. Here, it ought to be blunt associating the direction looks towards the house operations. The content is utile to look how the direction sentiment to take necessary action to be implemented on the house concern. Then, single investor can look whether the house ‘s stocks belongs to direction or non. If the direction besides became the stockholder, we can presume that the direction will make the great occupation, since they besides want their house ‘s stocks monetary value addition in figure. Subsequently, making the rating by looking on direction past public presentation. Individual investor can do a comparing on how executive execute his occupation in the past with current clip.

The following factor contribute to qualitative is corporate administration. Corporate administration is all about a policies in how a house secures its connexion and duty between stakeholders, managers and direction. The chief aim of this policies is to forestall any illegal activities and unethical behaviour to be occur in the organisation, and corporate administration enable the house to make the cheque and balance. Inside corporate administration, it consists of certain country including the fiscal and information transparence, stakeholder right and manager boards. Financial and information transparence is all about house ‘s fiscal state of affairs at latest day of the month. From all information sing the fiscal of the house, stakeholder knows what precisely the house is making and the patterned advance of houses operation. Then, for stakeholder right, it means how the houses provide benefit to its full stakeholder, which should hold the same advantages as the board of managers belongs. A good organisation will give some ownership of voting right to stockholder, in order for them to name meeting in showing the thing they are concern about the board. Last country in corporate administration is the construction of board of managers. Basically, the list of the board would be assorted, which means the individual in the list either local or alien. The purpose here is, to guarantee a honorable rating of house ‘s direction in preserve the stockholders involvement. In every circumstance, the board needs to protect the involvement of stockholders, and guarantee the direction will make the same. If fail to make so, the board have the authorization to plunder the direction, in the behalf of the stockholder. Therefore, it is of import to look to the corporate administration in analysing such organisation and house.


In Fundamental analysis, the basic attack used by so many analysts is bottom up analysis and exceed down analysis. Either of this attack will be use in order for the analysts to do a determination which stocks should be pick and invested. Investors who use the top down analysis will do a initial measure with analysing the planetary economic system, including both of international and domestic economic system. Economy index such as gross Domestic Product ( GDP ) , involvement rate, rising prices rate, exchange rate, monetary value of energy and productiveness of a peculiar state will be usage. Here, we can mention back to twelvemonth 2008, where economic system downswing was occurred. Analysts will be looking what the effect of planetary economic downswing to domestic economic system. As an illustration, Malayan economic system was at the underside of its public presentation with negative figure on its gross domestic merchandise, per centum addition on unemployment rate, low productiveness and diminution in foreign direct investing. By looking at the economic system status in 2008, investors will cognize that, it is non the good clip to do any investing in several sorts of stocks such as fabrication and building sector. Following, in industry analysis, investors will be focus more on entire gross revenues, monetary value degrees, foreign competition and entry or issue from the industry. Refer back to old state of affairs ; building and fabrication are the sector which affected much with economic system recession. As Malayan authorities demand to cut its outgo, there is no new undertaking will be done during this clip, and here means building houses will see worsening on its entire gross revenues and gross. Similar to building sector, fabricating sector besides will see lessening in its sale and production since there is no new demand from inside and outside the state as most people cut their disbursals on electronic material or vesture points. Hence, in this industry analysis, investor will get downing to seek the sector that have a changeless public presentation even planetary economic system is affected by recession. After analysing assorted informations on entire sale of several sectors, investor will conscious that consumer merchandise and plantation sector remains changeless in term of public presentation. Now, investor can make up one’s mind which of the sector most suited to do investing by either choose consumer merchandise or plantation sector. In the last phase of top down analysis is making concern analysis. Here, investor will seek the top concern within a peculiar country or sector. So, when investors decided to take plantation sector as industry which have good public presentation during recession, they will now seek the leader of this country. With a immense sum of sale and net income, investor may take Sime Darby as the company where they will do the investing. Change by reversal to exceed down attack is bottom up attack, which conversely started the analysis from concern analysis.


Previous debut in this survey discoursing in how cardinal analysis been used in analysing houses stock. This sort of analysis does the comprehensive stairss in analysing, since it does a proper rating on steadfast fiscal statement and besides the qualitative factors associate with the house. However, there is unfavorable judgment on cardinal analysis which presuming that making cardinal analysis is merely wasting clip. This unfavorable judgment emerges from the proficient analysts and the truster of efficient market hypothesis. Technical analysis fundamentally use by the analyst for the security analysis base on the current monetary value and volume. They tend to utilize either candlestick chart or line chart and several indexs, in order to foretell the impulse of the stock monetary value and disregard the cardinal. Technical analysts besides assume that stock monetary value implies all intelligence and latest information on the company. While the theory of efficient market hypothesis is different between both cardinal and proficient analysis. This theory province that it is impossible to bring forth market return in long term, since all stock monetary value is expeditiously been priced by the market. So, it is impossible to acquire any high return derived by cardinal or proficient analysis. Here, this survey non discoursing about the return, but alternatively will concentrate on how cardinal analysis can assist the investor to cognize what is precisely occur on such house, that lead to increase or diminish in house ‘s stock monetary value.


Kenmark Industrial Co. ( M ) Bhd, is listed company in Bursa Malaysia in Consumer Product sector. The line of operations for this company is fabricating of computing machine workstations, cabinets, furniture and printing of packaging stuffs. Others line of concern is fictile injection for furniture parts, and assembly and distribution of liquid crystal show ( LCD ) . Kenmark exports its merchandise to United States, Europe, Japan and Australia. The subordinate of Kenmark Industrial including Kenmark Paper Sdn. Bhd, Kenmark ( Labuan ) Limited, Phoenix international Group Limited and Billion Dynamic Sdn. Bhd.

The issues emerge on this company is when on 27 May 2010, Kenmark ‘s stock monetary value lessening about 58 per cent from 84 cent, and the monetary value farther drops about 68 per cent to the following forenoon, to be traded at 10.5 cent. The diminution in Kenmark stock monetary value as a response to the behaviour made by its Independent managers, Zainab bte Abu Bakar and Yeunh Wee Tiong These two individuals cancelled the audit commission meeting that should be held on 27 May and in that minute, cipher of the direction can be contacted. Kenmark, during that clip adverting that its pull offing manager James Hwang and Goh Kim Chon as the deputy general director, are the individual that normally attend the commission meeting. This organisation besides gives a ground that, the deputy general director, finance and disposal director had already resigned while the pull offing manager can non be range. The audit commission meeting should be held to unwrap and discourse the fourth-quarter net incomes of Kenmark. After the cancelled of the audit meeting, Kenmark premises located in Port Klang was closed.

After the shocked of tumble in Kenmark portions monetary value, Security Commission require that the managers and hearers must be responsible for any jobs occurred and need to follow to the codification and regulation of corporate administration. At this state of affairs, Kenmark had been requested by Bursa Malaysia to look into its fiscal jobs, with naming a particular hearer. The other state of affairs that brings this company to hard status is, when they unable to subject its audited fiscal statement to Bursa Malaysia, which the entry date line on July 31. Under the regulation of Bursa Malaysia, a listed company must subject its one-fourth study non exceed than 4 month.


Above chart is mentioning to the motion of the portion monetary value of Kenmark. On the terminal of May, the monetary value of Kenmark ‘s stock shows immense beads. So, this survey will uncover the differences between cardinal and proficient analysis, in how both can find what is precisely happen at the minute the bead monetary values. Here, this survey will non briefly explicate on proficient, but merely trusting on above chart to do the premises. First, the chart shows one twelvemonth motion, from September 2009 until August 2010. In the position of proficient analysis, from September 2009 until early of May 2010, the addition and the lessening of the monetary value will be non changing excessively much. But, the inquiry here is, how the proficient analysts will foretell the impulse of the monetary value when making terminal of May 2010? . Because the chart of from last twelvemonth exhibit changeless motion, proficient analysts will presume the monetary value will be increase when allow state, volume been traded is roses. So, with merely trusting on proficient analysis, investor can non foretell what will the motion of the monetary value for tomorrow. The reply here is, investor demand to utilize the cardinal analysis which consist of intelligence of the house, to do a anticipation on the motion of stock monetary values. In this instance, on 27 May, Kenmark should keep a audit commission meeting which it will unveil its fiscal statement, precisely March one-fourth study. Unfortunately, the independent manager of Kenmark, Zainab Abu Bakar and Yeunh Wee Tiong had scrapped the meeting, give a ground that the pull offing manager and deputy general director can be reach and uncontactable. After account made by the manager, Kenmark stocks monetary value diminution about about 73 cents and traded lower about 86.4 per cent in the following trading forenoon. Here, with utilizing cardinal analysis, the stock monetary value can be expected to be roses or lessening. Sing the instance of Kenmark, it show that any bad or negative action taken by anyone in such house that breach the corporate administration codification, will tie in with diminution in market monetary value. So, it is so simple to cognize the existent ground why a monetary value lessening or diminution by utilizing cardinal comparison to proficient that may utilize certain computation base on volume traded to cognize the existent narrative behind the monetary value.


There is some other intelligence despite the beads in monetary value of Kenmark stocks. After failed to subject its first one-fourth fiscal consequence, the company reported experience a net loss of RM146 million. This fiscal consequence reveal by four new managers of Kenmark, in order to liberate from stocks suspended. This net loss faces by the company raised from lower gross, larger cost of sale, dubious debt and weakening assets value by its subordinates. The gross for the company amounted to merely RM18.7 million compared to old twelvemonth with RM38.7million. It besides experiences a loss per portion of 0.82 cent, much more than 0.05 cent for last twelvemonth. While the cost of acquisition of works and machinery is RM166,000. The chief factor contributes to the lower gross and increase in loss is due to the lag in international economic system, and besides weaken demand from consumer demand all around the universe. Kenmark export is approximately 95 % for the sale of its merchandise. Thus, based on Kenmark current fiscal status, it can be concluded that, every loss of net income bear by the company will be associate with the beads in portion monetary value. As we discuss in early of this survey, exceed down attack is execute here. Assuming that we are a new investor, and desire to put in listed companies in Bursa, we want to take the most appropriate stocks to be invested. The stocks that included to be analyze here is Kenmark portions. First, looking at the twelvemonth 2009, we know that this is a twelvemonth where most of state in the universe is retrieving from old recession while few other states still sing downswing. So, here investor knows it is non the suited clip to do any investing. Then based on latest Kenmark fiscal statement which exhibit loses, investor know that Kenmark portion is non the worthy stock to be invest.


After a brief account on how cardinal analysis is work, we know that without this sort of analysis, such investor could non foretell the motion of the monetary value for such stock. An analysis should be done in proper mode, get downing with the utilizations of either top down attack or bottom up attack. This is the basic regulation of analysis in cardinal. Both qualitative and quantitative factor must be carefully evaluated, in order to acquire the most accurate information on peculiar house. When investors abandoned cardinal analysis before make any investing, they will see the different position of such company. They will trust on the market sentiment and guess in order to derive net income when puting in stocks. The used of guess in stock market normally works merely in a short term period, but in a longer clip, cardinal analysis have advantage. For an illustration, fiscal ratio like Price net incomes ratio will state the investor whether current stocks monetary value is overvalue or undervalue. With this ratio besides investor can foretell the house growing and how far the monetary value tins roses. But, when investors merely depend to a great extent on proficient analysis, all that they will acquire is sentiment. No brief information how far the stock ‘s monetary value can increase and the exact figure to measure the value of the stocks. As decision, cardinal analysis should be used as the chief beginnings or method in puting in stocks, because it can supply all the information needed about the house and besides it value of stocks.