Financial Ratios Of Bellway And Berkeley Group Finance Essay

The ratios are calculated and smartly predicted by utilizing the tools of the fiscal analysis. Ratios are fundamentally arithmetic footings the ‘relationship between figures drawn from fiscal statements ‘ ( Needham. D & A ; Dransfield. R, 1994, p.481 )

Fiscal ratios offer a good and rather simple agencies of look intoing the fiscal wellness of a company. ‘Ratios can be really helpful when comparing the fiscal wellness of different concerns ‘ ( Tyran. M, 1992, p.67 )

Ratios can be made into definite classs, each of them shows a several facet of fiscal place of the company. That includes ‘Profitability Ratios, Liquidity, Efficiency, Long term solvency.

This study compares and contrast of the two companies, one company which already assigned is Bellway plc, comparing with the Berkely group retentions plc.

Company profile

Bellway plc ( 2009 ) :

They are the ‘leading in constructing the houses supplying first category quality places and services to their valuable clients in a consistent manner in good environmental conditions for the aid of their stockholders, members of the company

The company holding 46 old ages of foundation, and the cardinal activities are land acquisition, planning, finance, architecture, design, edifice direction and client services. It is one of the Britain ‘s most successful lodging edifice group. It is really aggressive in every piece of the state and physiques across the lodging spectrum from the little houses to the luxury houses, offering good quality and deserving full value for money.

Berkeley Group retentions plc ( 2009 ) :

The company holding 34 old ages of foundation in supplying the beautiful places from the little flats to the luxury houses and belongings development focussed on the urban Restoration. This group is one the fastest growth in the field of lodging. They produce a broad scope of merchandises for fulfilling all sectors in the market.



The ratios that are used to measure the fiscal concert of the company, which can be calculated by utilizing the net income, loss and balance sheet of the companies. It shows the effects on the liquidness, plus direction and liability on operating consequences.

Gross Profit Margin:

This ratio measures the gross net income in relation to net gross revenues. It says that how much of the net income remains out each lb of gross revenues. Take an illustration a Gross net income border of 0.03 ( 3 % ) means that for each and every lb of sale, 3 % of the lb gross net income to the administration.

Gross Net income borders:

Name of Company



Bellway plc

3.04 %

9.82 %

Berkeley group plc

28.45 %

30.70 %


Berkeley group plc has the highest gross net income addition than the Bellway plc in both of the old ages with higher volume of the gross revenues. Factors such as competition among the companies, types of the clients, the hapless economic factors will besides effects the gross net income of the concern. The high gross net income border means that better the administration is capable of commanding of the costs by the decrease of the production costs. The high gross net income border is a mark of the good way of the company. A gross net income border can be increased by cost of goods sold remains unchanged but higher of gross revenues monetary values ( or ) gross revenues monetary value remains unchanged but lower the cost of goods sold. There is a batch of fluctuation in gross net income between the two companies, Berkeley group maintains the good net income border than the bellway group plc.

Net net income border:

This ratio shows ‘what is left of the gross revenues gross after all the disbursals of running the company ( or ) administration. ( Wood, F & A ; Sangster, A, 1999, p.76 ) . It shows the overall efficiency of the company is to turn the each lb of gross revenues in to net net income. If the gross net income falls down it may be construe that either the monetary value of gross revenues has declined ( or ) production cost has increased.

Name of company



Bellway plc

3.08 %

4.70 %

Berkeley Group plc

17.77 %

20.77 %


The chief ground for gross net income is declined because of the decline in the high cost. High cost in bend occurs due to the inefficient operations i.e. the long term debt.There is a unjust comparing between Berkeley Group plc and bellway plc, the berkely group is holding higher net net income than Bell manner plc with less figure of gross revenues. The Berkeley group is holding net net income border reduced from 20.7 % to 17.7 % because of decrease of cost of gross revenues. The net net income border should ‘as high as possible. Both these companies are increasing the monetary value of gross revenues and subtracting the cost that can pick up the net net income border.

Tax return on Capital Employed ( ROCE ) :

This ratio is used to contrast the net incomes earned to the financess used to bring forth the gross revenues by and large before the revenue enhancement and involvement. It is the ‘best manner to measure profitableness ‘ ( Dyson, T, R, 1997, p.178 ) . By ciphering the R.O.C.E for acquiring the better thought in profitableness of the company is achieved. It is the ‘fundamental step of the company public presentation ‘ . ( Atrill, P and Mclaney, E, 2001, p.147 ) .

Name of the company



Bell manner plc

13.53 %

27.0 %

Berkeley group plc

15.45 %

29.70 %


The above ratios clearly demoing that Berkeley group is holding the highest ROCE than Bellway plc hence Berkeley group plc is in the good place but the figures are similar for both of these companies. When the ROCE is high means the company public presentation is good.


Current ratio:

This Current ratio is used to mensurate the ability of the company to run into the current duties ( or ) short-run liabilities ( Mitson, A, 2002, p.11 ) . Current assets include hard currency, stock lists and market securities. Current liabilities consist of payables, accured revenue enhancements & A ; disbursals, long term debts. The current ratios of both of the companies are as follows:

Name of the company



Bellway plc

5.30 times

4.95 times

Berkeley group plc

2.15 times

2.13 times


From the above tabular array we can state that in 2009 the current assets were 5.30 times than the current liabilities of the bellway plc, and that has non much fluctuated throughout the old ages. Harmonizing to the Berkeley group plc in 2009 the current assets are 2.15 times of the current liabilities, the ratio is non much fluctuated throughout the old ages. The ground for such stableness is non puting highly on the assets and non holding any large sum of loans. If have a expression at the balance sheet so the premise acquire more reasonable, but the assets are higher than liabilities which represents the partial increase in the ratio.

Quick ratio ( or ) Acid trial ratio: It is the indicant of liquidness place of the company, refers to the liabilities, assets of the company except stock lists.

It is non easy to form the stock in the short term as they can non ever be immediately turned into money, but the house would be striping itself of assets to do net income. Therefore if stocks were non included what will go on to the working capital ratio ( Grey R et Al, 1996, p.164 ) from the definition of current assets. So this must be the better to happen out liquidity place of the house because it excludes the stocks ( i.e. it ‘s already sold )

From the following tabular array shows the quick ( or ) acid test ratios of both of the companies

Name of company



Bellway plc

0.385 times

0.486 times

Berkeley group plc

0.498 times

0.035 times


From the above values we can analyse that there is a little addition in the ratios merely like current ratios. So the liquidness place of the company is good, but at the same clip they ca n’t in a place to retrieve the same. The net income addition border was non high so they can do some of the investings paying off the liabilities as a consequence there is an increase in the assets and decrease in the liabilities to do the liquidness place good.


Gearing ratio:

It can be explained as the proportion of the debt and equity in the house. A company is high geared when it is holding the high proportion of debt in relation to its equity and frailty versa.

The tabular array shows the pitching ratios of the both companies

Name of company



Bellway plc

9.05 %

2.68 %

Berkeley group plc

6.70 %

6.60 %


The ratios are clearly stating that bellway is holding higher pitching than berkely group plc. The difference is that the bellway is acquiring better returns on equity, Berkeley group does n’t hold the penchant portions. The higher the pitching a company has ‘ ( Dyson, J, R,1997, p.325 ) the bigger the hazard for portion holders because of the less economic state of affairss, but the returns are higher the good the concern is. The berkely group plc has less pitching so hence less proportion of debt in relation to equity. Finally both companies are non in fiscal hazard because they are in less geartrain.

Interest screen:

It is used to ‘measure how procure the payment of involvement is ‘ ( Mclaney, E, J,1997, p.365 ) , clearly say that it is to find the sufficiency of house net incomes that is associated to involvement payments on its debt. Greater the hazard if the involvement screen is less, the net income is non adequate to cover involvement payments.

The below tabular array shows the involvement screen values for both of the companies

Name of the company



Bellway plc



Berkely group plc




The Berkely group plc is holding the high involvement screen than bellway plc. So the fiscal hazard is low for Berkely group plc, the fiscal hazard is high for bellway plc because the house have to pay more involvement, it creates the higher load on the house. The higher involvement screen means more the loaners are holding.


There are assorted ways to cipher the efficiency of the administration. There are as follows

a. Inventory yearss:

Another name for stock list yearss is stock turnover means ‘it steps the period for which stocks being held ‘ ( Tyran, M, 1992, p.143 ) .

The below tabular array shows the stock list yearss of both companies

Name of the company



Bellway plc

666 yearss

529 yearss

Berkeley group plc

809 yearss

654 yearss


The lower the stock bend over period is better than higher stock bend over period, as financess tied up in the stocks it can non be used for different intents. Bellway has higher degree of stocks agencies that lower turnover. Bell manner has better place for selling their houses in the less span of clip than Berkeley group. Berkeley group has to transport the concern have to see the hereafter demand, mortgage installations.

Receivable ( Debtor ) yearss:

Fixed assets are the best investing for existent estate groups, but there is non much in bring forthing gross revenues if the people do non pay for them. Customers should promote purchasing more by a ‘combination of lower monetary values and to generous recognition footings ‘ ( Bendry, M et Al, 2002, p.167 ) .

The below tabular array shows the debitors yearss are

Name of the company



Bellway plc

5 yearss

4 yearss

Berkeley group plc

24 yearss

6 yearss


Bell manner receivable ( debitors ) yearss is better than the Berkeley ‘s because it produces an mean figure for the figure of yearss that amount delinquent are outstanding. The consequence on the hard currency flow concern by the velocity of the payment. So less span of colony period is good for the lower 1.

Creditors ( payables ) yearss:

This will explicate that ‘how long, on norm, after buying on the footing of recognition the steadfast meets its duty ‘ ( Fleming, Mckinstry, S, 1998, p.34 ) to pay for the goods. A good and good creditor ‘s policy is that the house continuing the good will of the providers and at the same clip the house will taking free recognition as possible.

The below tabular array shows the creditors yearss of both the companies

Name of the company



Bellway plc

28 yearss

242 yearss

Berkely group plc

142 yearss

155 yearss


The ratio is higher for Berkeley group plc than Bell manner plc. Higher the ratio of Berkeley group plc suggests that there is a hard in happening the money to pay for its creditors. Higher the ratio means that it is holding a longer colony period, so there is a consequence in the loss of the good will by creditors.

Corporate Administration

Corporate Administration

Corporate administration will discourse about the duties and functions of a company and to what extent the company can utilize the rights. Without corporate administration company can non lawfully run. Corporate administration describes all the influences impacting the institutional procedures, including those for naming the accountants and/or regulators, involved in forming the production and sale of goods and services. Described in this manner, corporate administration includes all types of houses whether or non they are incorporated under civil jurisprudence. Corporate administration is the relationship between corporate directors, managers and the suppliers of equity, people and establishments who save and invest their capital to gain a return. It ensures that the board of managers is accountable for the chase of corporate aims and that the corporation itself conforms to the jurisprudence and ordinances. Where the political scene is capital versus labor, “ the investor alliance defined corporate administration in footings of ‘meeting the challenge of fiscal globalisation, carry throughing ‘international criterions of administration in the planetary competition for capital. ‘ ”

Corporate administration with the company.

Harmonizing to the study the corporate administration is bad in 2009 it can be with the public presentation of the company.The public presentation effects the entire direction of the company and shows company is non responsible to pull off the portion holders financess. In the corporate administration company has intimated to tonss of things for increasing the concern but when compared to the report2009 it is wholly different and the company is non at all ready in taking any sort of hazard from its degree of attack


The gross net income border and net net income border of the Berkely group plc is better than that of the Bellway plc, so it says that Berkely group plc is good at change overing of gross revenues in to net incomes. The net net income border says that both of companies achieve good monetary value of gross revenues.

The higher return on capital employed for the Berkely group plc says that good disposal of the house, portion holders can swear on the house, but the Bellway public presentation is hapless so it ‘s non suggestible for portion holders.

The Liquidity is good for the Berkely group plc than Bellway plc, but the Bellway is in bad place in this country.

Berkely group plc public presentation is good than the Bellway plc in the construct of net incomes from ratios, there is a unjust comparing between these two houses and the construct of efficiency. Finally the better public presentation goes to the Berkely group plc, portion holders can swear this company for purchasing the portions.


Types of ratio Formulae Table figure


Gross net income border = *100 1

Net Net income Margin = *100 2

Tax return on capital employed= 3

( Or )



Current ratio = 4

Quick ratio = 5

Long term Solvency:

Gearing = *100 6

Interest screen = 7

Working Capital Ratios:

Inventory yearss =*365 8

Receivable yearss = *365 9

Payabless yearss =*365 10