Financial Modelling Used To Evaluate Strengths And Weaknesses Finance Essay

In this coursework, University of Bulgari will be used as an illustration to be applied in the fiscal modeling to look into and measure the fiscal strength and failings. As a in private held independent company, fiscal informations and public presentation informations are non publically available and purely restricted ( Jogaratnam et al. , 1999 ) . Hence, all the figures used in this coursework are simply premise.

Background of University of Bulgari

University of Bulgari ( UOB ) is one of the first private acquisition establishments in MalaysiaA to be awarded the esteemed MSC-status enfranchisement. It was established since 1988 by the laminitis, Joseph Keong. It was named after his favorite luxury trade name, Bvlgari. With more than 8,000 pupils analyzing in 30 academic programmes, their academic programmes are approved by the Malaysian Higher Education Ministry ( MOHE ) and are developed to run into the high criterions required by the Malayan Qualification Agency ( MQA ) . It has Centre for Foundation Studies, Faculty of Business and Accountancy, Faculty of Nursing and Faculty of Engineering. The vision of UOB is to be a leader university draw a bead oning to accomplish excellence in the promotion and airing of cognition and expertness.

Strength and failing

Competition is turning non merely from other universities, but from legion other beginnings. Seeking to take advantage of the public perceptual experience of increasing consciousness on the importance of instruction, colleges are offering more assortment classs excessively which include grade, Masterss and PhD programmes. Rivals are concentrating their attending on ways to hike sum of pupils registered every consumption. They held instruction carnival in the schools and shopping composite to expose instruction life to the possible pupils.

A turning figure of private instruction companies had UOB diversified its classs offered available in local and abroad by co-operating with foreign universities. Basically it means pupils can analyze based on United Kingdom ( UK ) standard even though they are analyzing in Malaysia as all the instruction stuffs will be provided from the UK spouse including the certification excessively. A pupil has the option to take to analyze the whole class locally or go on it at the foreign university during the 2nd or 3rd twelvemonth. This scheme is good to those who wish to analyze based on foreign criterions and yet at an low-cost monetary value. Parents do non necessitate to fork out a immense sum of money to back up their kids disbursals locally comparing to analyzing abroad.

UOB is offering the classs at a lower monetary value comparison to the rivals such as Kolej Damansara Utama ( KDU ) and Sunway College. For illustration, a concern administrative grade in UOB costs RM40000 but for KDU it costs RM60000. Students need to hold a lower monetary value instruction as monetary values for goods and necessity are increasing. Some pupils do use authorities loans but it is limited and must carry through the demand for it. Besides that, UOB had collaborated with a nongovernmental organisation to supply a 30 % decrease for those who do non measure up to acquire into local universities. UOB supply discounts excessively for pupil who enrolled during unfastened yearss. The discount might run between RM1000 till RM2000.

At university degree, all public schools pupil including those from Chinese and Indian schools need to contend for the limited infinite in the university. As a consequence, many pupils who failed to acquire a topographic point in the public university opt for private university who provides economical class.

Fiscal modelling- Cost volume net income

A company ‘s funding hereafter can be predicted by utilizing finance theoretical account ( Benninga & A ; Czaczkes, 2000 ) to analyse net income and loss stableness of a company. Cost volume net income analysis theoretical account will be used for account on the university ‘s fiscal position. It is by and large used to analyze dealingss between gross, costs and net incomes ( Hirschey, 2009 ) . It assists the director in apprehension and commanding operations ( Baker & A ; Baker, 2011 ) to happen the most profitable combination ofA variable costs, A fixed costs, selling monetary value, and gross revenues volume. Net incomes can sometimes be improved by increasing the totalA part marginA figure. Appraisal on net incomes can be analyse when the combination of theA fixed costsA or variable costs at vary degrees of gross revenues volume can be calculated ( Harper, 2003 ) . This is to demo which combination is the best for the company.

The size of theA unit part marginA ( and the size of the part border ratio -A CM ratio ) is really of import. For illustration, the greater the unitA part border, the greater is the sum that a company will be willing to pass to increase unit gross revenues. This explains in portion why companies with high unitA part marginA ( such as car makers ) advertise so to a great extent, while companies with low unitA part marginA ( such as crockery makers ) tend to pass much less for advertisement. In short, the consequence on theA part marginA holds the key in net income planning and short term determination devising ( Siegel & A ; Shim, 2006 ) .

There are a figure of restrictions of the cost volume net income analysis prepared. It assumes that all of the pupils are indistinguishable or that they are sold in a changeless mix. Unless all types of pupils achieve the same part to gross revenues ratio, the breakeven point and forecast net income or loss would alter if the merchandise mix changed. The analysis besides assumes that fixed costs remain the same in entire for all degrees of end product, but this may non be the instance. The Bangsar University is likely to see different pupil ‘s degrees and different extremums and troughs in demand, compared with the Subang Jaya University.

In the variable costs are to stay changeless per pupils. This may non be realistic. For illustration, cost nest eggs may be possible as a consequence of price reductions from the increased degree of offered expected for the Bangsar University. It is assumed that gross revenues monetary value will be changeless at all degrees of activity. It may besides be necessary to cut down the merchandising monetary values in the Bangsar University in order to accomplish the higher degrees of gross revenues. Furthermore, different degrees of competition in the other location may necessitate different pricing scheme.

Break even analysis

Break even point is where the organisation has zero net income. There are two most frequently used attack to happen break even point in units which are runing income attack and part border attack ( Hansen et al, 2009 ) . Based on the UOB interrupt even chart, the interruption even point is 205,455 pupils or RM 550,566. A expression will be used to verify whether the interruption even is right ; [ Break even = Fixed cost/ ( Selling price- Variable cost ) =226,000 / 1.1 = 205, 455 pupils ] . The graph states that UOB needs to hold 205,455 pupils to accomplish the breakeven point. Therefore, the university will be at lost if the UOB do non hold at least 205,455 pupils enrolled. In that instance, if the university successfully acquire at least 205,455 pupils, it will be doing net incomes. The variable cost of UOB depends on the figure.

The part border is [ Break even indicate = Fixed cost /Unit part border ] . Based on part computation, the part per class is RM1.30. To accomplish the expected classs, the university demand or necessitate extra 67,692 pupils to derive the net income or addition of 26 % . As for the border of safety, the university had forecast it to hold 21 % net income. In order to accomplish 21 % more than the interruption even point, it need to hold 260,000 classs applied.

Net income volume chart

Harmonizing to the net income volume chart, we can see that the breakeven point is at 205,455 pupils. If the university wants to accomplish the net income, it should market more classs to the pupils for the future registration to accomplish the mark of more than 205,455 pupils. For illustration, when the entire registration of pupils reached 220,000, the university will gain RM300, 000.


University of Bulgari staffs can be proud of the local and international repute it had been build together. The university ‘s repute for quality instruction and excellence in research is a hard-won plus we must continue. UOB needs to react to the altering demands of the part including the altering demands of the staff and pupils. This is to guarantee the university as a reputable organisation and a service supplier. The university needs to better the quality of instruction and acquisition every bit good as the research strengths to go one of the wider parts Top 20 universities by 2020. Below are a few strategic programs ;

Develop a civilization of excellence and invention

Enrolling and retain choice staff and the demand to better the quality of the university environment in which larning takes topographic point more satisfying for both pupils and staff.

Focus on high-quality classs in countries of strength.

Continuous betterment of the instruction quality and work of comprehensive class reappraisal will see a consolidation and an improved fiscal viability of learning units offered. By farther developing activity in its established countries of research focal point, it will speed up and spread out the university ‘s research accomplishments.

Drive international excellence

To go a prima university, it needs to construct partnerships that enhance international repute. Evaluation and execution programs will be review to increase the university ‘s activity in targeted markets and better activities in countries of low return.

Enhance capacity and fiscal sustainability

It needs to better efficiency and productiveness of current fiscal place and leverage the resources and capableness of the university. Optimization the usage of university edifices and land will see the uninterrupted developments that improve use of bing edifices and land.

Premise Lists

The University of Bulgari does non stand for any existing university ; it was invented for this coursework.

All the figures used in this coursework are simply premise.

The money currency used is in Ringgit Malaysia ( RM ) .

The figures were round up to the nearest 1000.