Financial Analysis of ADP

Fiscal Analysis of ADP

Introduction-ADP History

ADP, ( Automatic Data Processing ) , has net incomes of about $ 9 billion, using more than 42,000 associates globally. Internationally ADP has merely approximately 570,000 clients, and is considered one of the universe ‘s largest suppliers of concern outsourcing solutions. ADP ‘s industry sector is computing machine processing and information readyings and processing services. With about 60 old ages of experience ADP offers a broad scope of outsourcing solutions. Its primary service offerings include human resources, paysheet, revenue enhancement, and benefits disposal to a broad scope of concern sizes. ADP besides has outsourcing solutions for transnational companies to assist them pull off planetary paysheet and HR. We selected ADP as our chief company, and Paychex as the equal company to compare against.

In 1949 Henry Taub founded Automatic Payrolls, Inc in Paterson, New Jersey. The original office was located above an ice pick store. The company started with one client ( New Era Dye and Finishing ) and ended its first twelvemonth with grosss of $ 2,000. Automatic Payrolls became known as Automatic Data Processing ( ADP ) in 1958 with the debut of punched card machines, mainframe computing machines and look into printing machines.

In 1961 ADP became a publically traded company with an initial stock offering of 100,000 portions priced at $ 3. Since so it has enjoyed 152 back-to-back quarters of growing. In 1972 ADP began offering computerized stock list and accounting services to car traders. In 1974 ADP purchased a little paysheet service agency in the Netherlands, establishing its international presence

In 2006 ADP was ranked figure two on Information Week 500 ‘s top 250 pioneers. In 2008 and 2009, ADP was named to the Training Top 125 by Training Magazine. ADP ranked 20th in 2008 and it ranked 12th in 2009, and these rankings reflect ADP ‘s strong preparation and development plans. Ten per centum of ADP ‘s gross is spent on Research and Development ( R & A ; D ) .

ADP ‘s rivals include Paychex Inc. ( PAYX ) and Administaff Inc. ( ASF ) . These companies are included in the same SIC codification ( 7374 ) . The ground behind our pick is that Paychex is ADP ‘s closest rival in footings of its accomplishments, success and provided services.

Stock monetary value motions

Graph of ADP and S & A ; P 500 Index ‘s Stock Price Motions

( September 1, 2009 to October 31, 2009 )

The chart above shows that Automatic Data Processing and S & A ; P follow the similar tendencies upward and downward. ADP experienced minor dips in the first hebdomad of September. The stock monetary value increased bit by bit from $ 37.78 on September 1st to $ 39.87 on September 28th. It declined steadily until October 9th to recover upward monetary value motion on October 13th and increased increasingly. While ADP was bit by bit going more valuable in this phase, it ‘s reached its peak monetary value on October 22nd at $ 41 followed by a little diminution, yet boosted up by a monthly pickup in company services.

The first article dated October 28, 2009, related to the stock motion is: “ADP Talent Management Helps Organizations Gain a Quantifiable Competitive Advantage.” This article summarizes the success in the proclamation of the new plan endowment direction solution. ADP ‘s endowment direction solution has become really of import to concern and organisations, which are looking to maximise the productiveness and success of their work force. ADP ‘s endowment direction enables companies to farther refine endowment procedures and drive positive consequences through powerful coverage and analytics, member coaction, development and public presentation. The success of this new plan was mirrored on the addition of ADP stock monetary value for establishing a new plan to better service clients.

The 2nd article was released on September 27, 2009: ” ADP scoops two awards at paysheet ceremony.” This article proves that ADP is the 1 of the universe ‘s largest suppliers of the concern outsourcing solutions. ADP received 2 awards on September 16th at the 6th Annual IPP Payroll and Pensions Excellence Award, taking place the rubric of “Payroll Employer of the Year” and “Payroll Provider of the Year” . The stock motion increased on September 16th due to the client satisfaction and the assortment of services provided by ADP.

The 3rd article is “Automatic Data Processing ( ADP ) Dividend Stock Analysis, ” was released on September 11, 2009. This article explains ADP ‘s dividend growing stock in the last one-fourth. The Return on Equity has remained in a tight scope between 17 % and 23 % . Annual dividend has increased by an norm of 15.50 % yearly since 1999, which is higher than the growing in EPS. The company has managed to diminish the figure of diluted portions outstanding from 636 million in 1999 to 527 million in 2008 through portion redemptions. The dividend payout ratio has doubled to 50 % . ADP ‘s current informations increased client ‘s trust to purchase more stocks from ADP, which resulted on the upward shifting in the 2nd hebdomad of September.

Fiscal Statement Analysis

Over the past five old ages, Net Gross saless ( Gross Gross saless less returns, price reductions and allowances ) have been systematically turning for ADP, Paychex and the other suppliers in the same section. Both ADP and Paychex have been surpassing the industry, with ADP averaging $ 7.6 billion, with Paychex at $ 1.8 billion and the industry averaging $ 1.5 billion. ADP ‘s client base is in diverse markets, runing from automotive to fiscal services. Therefore, a downswing in a specific market will non make a retarding force on company public presentation. ADP provides paysheet and human-resources services to about one in every six U.S. workers, functioning more than 500,000 companies. One critical ground for this is the high degree of success is client satisfaction. In November 2009, the Dealer Services Group of ADP announced the consequences of a commissioned independent study completed by Forrester Consulting. The study shows that over the past 12-months, client satisfaction with ADP ‘s merchandises and services have risen 15 % since 2003. Cardinal figures from the assessment include:

* 87 % reported being satisfied with ADP ‘s Products & A ; Servicess

* 88 % reported being satisfied with Customer Service

* 83 % said they would probably urge ADP to other Dealerships

Customer satisfaction is merely one factor in the ongoing success of ADP. Recently, Gartner Inc, announced it has positioned ADP in the Leaders quarter-circle of the “Magic Quadrant for Comprehensive HR BPO” study. ADP ‘s dedication to market leading and to stockholders value is spelled out in the corporate doctrine:

ADP ‘s cardinal aim is sustained growing in stockholder value, achieved by ever-increasing gross and profitableness. This aim will be achieved through our entire committedness to: ( I ) the highest ethical criterions ; ( two ) “world category service” degrees that exceed our clients ‘ demands and outlooks ; ( three ) “product leadership” within our markets ; and ( four ) associate “employer of choice” plans that attract and retain exceptionally talented, knowing, dedicated, and engaged associates.

ADP stands out in this industry due to a good apprehension of market demands, particularly successful within the midmarket ( 1,000 to 20,000 employees ) . For the 1st one-fourth of financial twelvemonth 2010 ( ended September 30, 2009 ) , ADP posted $ 2.1 billion in grosss, a 4 % diminution from a twelvemonth ago. This diminution echoes the down province of the national economic conditions. Rising unemployment has reduced the figure of employees on client paysheets. For financial twelvemonth 2010, ADP is calculating an overall diminution of 1-2 % . The record low new auto gross revenues resulted in record high car franchise shuttings and bankruptcies. This decrease in franchise “traffic” has resulted in lower transaction-based grosss for Dealer Services. The company reported a alteration in quarter-over-quarter gross revenues of -3.61 % and posted an EPS ( TTM ) of 2.65. In the first two quarters of 2008, ADP re-purchased 18 million portions of stock at a cost of $ 842 million. Over the past four old ages ADP has spent $ 5 billion buy backing more than 20 % of its outstanding portions. We view this as a stockholder friendly pattern that drives growing in net incomes per portion. Due to lifting joblessness, ADP stock monetary value diminished, despite the fact that ADP has low debt, an huge hard currency place, strong hard currency flows, and a low opportunity of of traveling insolvent. ADP has legion attractive qualities, low capital spending required to run the concern, dominates market portion and is one of the few Triple-A balance sheets in the universe.

Overall, the worldwide HR BPO ( Human Resources Business Process Outsourcing ) market will turn from $ 28.1 billion in 2007 to $ 42.9 billion in 2012, an 8.9 % compound one-year growing. Comprehensive HR BPO has been deriving prominence since the beginning of the decennary. Comprehensive trades, which involve the “end-to-end” outsourcing of the bulk of mostly administrative maps within HR, are typically five to seven old ages in length. Normally, the purchasers of comprehensive HR BPO trades are looking for a supplier than can non merely cut down costs, but besides respond to the dynamic displacements in the their concern demands over clip. Initial trades may get down little, with a trade for payroll-only services, but as the relationship successfully builds, clients will add incremental services over a period of old ages. We would anticipate that historical forms of bing clients spread outing their relationship with ADP to go on and turn. Client contracts with ADP have an mean lifetime of 9+ old ages.

The P/E ( price-earnings ) ratio looks at the relationship between the stock monetary value and the company ‘s net incomes. The P/E ratio is equal to a stock ‘s market capitalisation divided by its after-tax net incomes over a 12-month period, normally the draging 12 months ( TTM ) . The P/E ratio for ADP is an mean 18.48 over the past 5 old ages, with a delta of 7.2 between the high-low Markss. The industry norm is at 16.3 with a delta of 17.2 between the high-low. In more constituted industries, the P/E ratio will be more changeless. Newer companies with high P/E ratios imply that investors are anticipating higher net incomes growing in the hereafter. ADP ‘s consistent growing and dividend returns have earned it a place in the S & A ; P High Yield Dividend Aristocrat Index. This index created in 2005, measures the public presentation of the 50 highest giving stocks in the S & A ; P composite 1500, which have followed a dividend policy of consistent one-year additions for at least 25 back-to-back old ages.

DuPont Analysis

The DuPont Identity stayed comparatively within the same scope. In 2008, the DuPont Identity was the highest due to a higher entire plus turnover. Therefore, ADP was better in their plus usage efficiency. In 2005, the DuPont Identity was lowest because of a low entire plus turnover combined with a low net income border.

Stock Price Analysis

Harmonizing to Zack ‘s Investment Research, ADP ‘s beta is 0.58. A beta less than one, indicates a lower systematic hazard in the market. This is a benefit since companies that offer the types of services similar to that of ADP are a necessity to every company.

ADP ‘s needed rate of return ( CAPM ) is about 10 % . Their expected return ( ROE ) is 25 % . The difference set between these two factors indicates that the stock is presently under priced. This shows that we are in bend acquiring a greater return than what is truly required. In clip, the monetary value will finally increase and the return will diminish. Finally, this indicates that this affect will do the stock to travel back to the equilibrium monetary value. ADP ‘s market monetary value is at $ 43.69 ( shuting December 04, 2009 ) .


ADP is a high quality company that has been negatively impacted in the close term by inauspicious markets conditions. ADP is three separate entities offering Payroll Processing, Dealer Services, and outsourced Human Resource services. It commands a dominant market portion and its market incursion in diverse industries shelters it from specific industry downswings. Historical fiscal public presentation is a positive forecaster for future net incomes. Therefore, we recommend ADP as a strong bargain, non merely in the current market, but in any market status.


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