Equipment Management And Maintenance Of The Majestic Malacca Engineering Essay

The writers are required to take a Hotel among the YTL Hotel and to carry on a study on Maintenance section which includes all the Tools and Equipment. The writers have decided to choose The Majestic Malacca for this assignment. Throughout the assignment, the writers will be giving analysis of the equipments on the advantages and disadvantages. Whether is it dependable or should at that place be any other betterment could be made. Besides that, the writers will discourse and give some recommendation on Inventory Management, Preventive Maintenance, Remedial Maintenance and Metric Report which The Majestic Malacca is been utilizing since gap.

Asset & A ; Property Management is about the operation of a belongings or a edifice. In this topic it is about how to run a concern operation with proper care and attention on the equipment and machine.A To hold the operation run good there are few factors that must be consider, which will be the maintaining procedure, fiscal issues, insurance, licensing and contract.

Hotel Overview

The Majestic Malacca was originally commissioned to suit a turning Chinese baron household, Mr Leong Long Man. He constructed the sign of the zodiac at the beginning of the 20s and it was completed two old ages subsequently in 1929. After 26 old ages, in 1955 the sign of the zodiac was transformed into a hotel and it was called Majestic by Mr. Lim Heng Fang. Since so, the hotel has going a major cavity halt at Jalan Bunga Raya. The Hotel attracts planetary travellers, merchandisers and very important persons and is called a meeting topographic point for the British occupants of Malacca. In 2006, YTL Hotels & A ; Resorts took over the belongings and restored it back as the First Classic Hotel of YTL Hotel & A ; Resorts. The Majestic Malacca was reborn in January 2008. The Majestic Malacca is located at an ideal country confronting the Malacca River whereby is a walking distant to any of the appealing topographic points like the Stadthuys and Jonker Street. It is besides located about 2 hours driving from Kuala Lumpur, 3 hours from Singapore and 6 hours from Penang. The trade name new Majestic Malacca runs 2 Suites, 9 Twin Deluxe and 43 King Deluxe suites, sum of 54 suites. There are 3 Dining Outlet in The Majestic Malacca, which are The Mansion, The Lobby and The Bar. ( )

The Survey

On 13th Oct 2010, the writers step into the journey of The Majestic Malacca for farther apprehension on Maintenance operation. The writers met 2 care responsibility adult males En Amirrudin and En Ariffin to demo the writers around at the back-of-house of The Majestic Malacca and explicate to the writers on how the equipments map and besides some further inside informations. However, chiefly all the equipment and tools are in contract based and there will be people from outsource making serving from clip to clip. On the other manus for the licence, Fire Alarm System is done by licence based from the Jabatan Bomba Malaysia. Finally, it took the writers about 3 hours to complete the circuit around the hotel. Therefore, the writers will explicate in inside informations on the differences of care equipment and system in The Majestic Malacca. .

Generator Set

In Majestic Malacca about 99 % of the equipment and system are manage by outsource contractors. One of it is the generator, which it ‘s the chief machine that is a must hold in every hotel. The generator will take into action merely within 3 2nd after an electrical failure occur in the hotel, the generator will merely take over as the chief power supply throughout the hotel. This generator running period will give the staff enough of clip to make some necessary actions such as back up the system, safely shut down a computing machine system and the list go on.

Water Plumbing

In The Majestic Malacca their H2O supply is supplied by SAM ( Syarikat Air Malacca ) . In The Majestic Malacca, the Piping System is separated into a few countries which will be the chief supplied, the storage armored combat vehicle and hot H2O system. On the other manus, The Majestic Malacca they besides have a separate H2O filtration system for the pool. This is to stay the H2O circulation cleanliness of the pool by insert Cl into the system.

Sewage System

In The Majestic Malacca there are 2 different sewerage systems. The first system is the chief sewerage system from the invitee room which will straight pump out from the hotel, and the 2nd sewerage system is from the back-of-house of the hotel which will be store and pump out by utilizing bench procedure.


Elevator plays an of import portion in a hotel. This will give the convenient, to let the invitee to travel around easy in each floor. In The Majestic Malacca there are 10 floors, that is why lift is a mandatory machine for the hotel. There are 2 lifts in The Majestic Malacca, that are managed by outsource provider.

Television Room

Television room is one of the of import systems in The Majestic Malacca, because it provides more than 15 channels to every invitee room. In the contain of this assignment, the writers will explicate more in item about this system.

Fire Alarm System

The Fire Control Panel in The Majestic Malacca is located at the back-of-house. From the control panel, the responsibility adult male in charge is able to supervise the state of affairs in the hotel if there are any fires happen. As a consequence, the responsibility adult male is able to turn up which are the country is on fire and so on. The writers will besides portion how does the H2O plumbing system works for the H2O hosiery and the H2O sprinkler in the hotel.

Air Conditional

In Majestic Malacca the Air Conditional system is utilizing a computerize semi-centralize air status system. In the Majestic Malacca the semi-centralized air status is alone and somewhat different from other hotels, as there are 4 different compressors which supply to different floors.

Private Automatic Branch exchange ( PABX )

PABX system is used in The Majestic Malacca, it is to distribute out the telephone communicating throughout the hotel such as suites and besides the public countries.

2.0 Inventory Management

Presents, Inventory Management is really of import to all concern. It helps to pull off the goods, natural stuffs and stocks in the premiss. In add-on, it besides provide information to the upper direction to do a more accurate and timely determination to run the operation. There are two ( 2 ) types of stock list system, which will be the Physical Inventory and Electronic Inventory. ( )

2.1 Electronic Inventory

Electronic Inventory is a package similar to CMMS ( Computerize Maintenance Management System ) . CMMS is usage to assist the care section to enter the operation information, such as work order, security, plus direction and in conclusion the stock list direction ( ) and usually this system is connected to the LAN ( Local Area Network ) , where all the belongingss are connected. Example of Electronic Inventory uses in YTL Hotel is EMS ( Engineering Management System ) . On the other manus, The Majestic Malacca is non utilizing this EMS. The chief grounds are, most of the machines and equipments are base on out sourcing so, in consequence they do n’t necessitate to maintain any records. Second, The Majestic Malacca is a smaller belongings comparison to other belongingss and they do n’t necessitate to engage merely an employee to identify in all the informations. Therefore, the care section is utilizing Physical Inventory.

2.2 Physical Inventory

Physical Inventory is the traditional manner of making stock list. This method of stock list may necessitate more adult male power to behavior, nevertheless it depend on the size of the belongings and types of concern. There are five ( 5 ) types of Physical Inventory, which will be the Bulkhead-to-Bulkhead Inventory, Special Materiel Inventory, Spot Inventory, Velocity Inventory and Specific Commodity Inventory. Basically all these types of stock lists were conducted in a physical numeration manner. ( )

Among all these stock list methods, The Majestic Malacca is utilizing Specific Commodity Inventory method, this stock list method is count by categorising the stuff and stock. For illustration, Equipment and Tools – cocks, screw drivers, prison guards, nails, C-clamp and so on. In The Majestic Malacca, the Maintenance section does n’t maintain much of stuffs and stocks in the shop because most of the stuffs are out sourcing and they merely purchase the stuffs when they needed, plus the section has a limited storage room. As a consequence, visible radiation bulbs are the most points they stored.

Why they used this method to carry on their stock list? For case, chili bulb, wall visible radiation bulb, incandescent bulb, halogen visible radiation bulb, topographic point visible radiation, fluorescent visible radiation bulb are been categorized as light bulb. So, how do they pull off the visible radiation bulbs stock list? The care will maintain extra one ( 1 ) par of visible radiation bulbs in the shop.

The Majestic Malacca care manner of responsibility is On-Call Method so, when of all time there ‘s a call from the Front Office or Housekeeping coverage defects on light bulb the responsibility adult male will instantly repair the job. Based on the care experience, there will be about 5 to 10 visible radiation bulbs defect in a twenty-four hours hence the stock list for visible radiation bulbs will be done it on monthly footing and this go same with the section ordination of visible radiation bulbs. The outgo for visible radiation bulbs per month is about RM770.00 so ; in one ( 1 ) twelvemonth period the entire outgo for visible radiation bulbs will be RM9, 240.00 where it was the 2nd highest after POMEC contract fees in twelvemonth July 2009 boulder clay August 2010. This shows that the light bulb in The Majestic Malacca was non decently managed. ( )

To avoid high outgo on visible radiation bulbs, the writers suggest that the care in The Majestic Malacca conduct a monitoring procedure on visible radiation bulbs and seek to happen out what is the chief job that causes the light bulb fuse so seek to happen the best manner to work out this job. For illustration, is the bulb fuse cause by different electromotive force from the supply and the bulb W? Or possibly is merely because of the life disbursement of the bulb or possibly the quality of the bulb. These are the things the care needs to supervise for betterment and it may cut down the cost for buying visible radiation bulbs.

3.0 Preventive Care

Preventive Maintenance is a procedure of monitoring, review and supplying attention to the machine and equipment before the machine or equipment occur job and develop into major defects. ( ) Preventive care can be divided into two ( 2 ) types which will be Planned Maintenance and Condition-Base Maintenance ( CBM ) . The difference between these two ( 2 ) care is the finding of clip, when is the minute to execute it. ( ) The aim for both these types of Preventive Maintenance is to cut down energy cost, cut down care cost with less labor, to last long the life spend of the machines or and equipments, addition invitees comfort and cut down invitee complains and in conclusion to hold the abilities turn it off when its non been use or on when there are any exigency. ( )

Planned Maintenance is similar to Schedule Maintenance, the map of it is to be after out the agenda on a peculiar machine or equipment for service. For illustration, this quotation mark “ Be Prepare ” by Bandon Power, is like serving the auto before break down of the engine event there is no job occur. In The Majestic Malacca, most of the machines and equipments are using this care method. For CBM method, it helps to alarm an dismay to the people demoing that the job is traveling to go on shortly and there must be action been taken. For illustration, when a auto forepart light life spend is traveling off, the visible radiation will be dimmer than it should be and that shows the light bulb need to be fix. ( ) In the study, the writers will farther explicate much item about the methods of care for each machine and equipment in The Majestic Malacca is been utilizing.

In The Majestic Malacca, most of the machines and equipments are out sourcing and this Preventive Maintenance will be conducted by the contractor. The lists below are few of the parts that are managed via Preventive Care:

3.1 Generator Set

3.2 Water Plumbing

3.3 Pool System

3.4 Elevator & A ; Fire Alarm System

3.5 Television Room

3.1 Generator Set

In The Majestic Malacca there is merely one ( 1 ) generator set located at the new edifice, first floor, on the left side of the edifice. The generator set is manufacture by Volvo and is running at 415kw ( industrial supply ) for 6 to 7 hours, if there is a power supply break down from TNB ( Tenaga Nasional Berhad ) and it needs about 800 Litter of gasoline to run. So, how does the care apply preventative care on this generator? First and first, this generator is out sourcing the contractor will look into the generator in monthly footing with our qualified charge adult male from the YTL Hotel, En Shamsudin. On the other manus, the care will look into the generator room three ( 3 ) times in a twenty-four hours to do certain that there is no any defects. ( ) For illustration, the degree of wet and the cleanliness in the generator room.

The advantages of out sourcing of this generator set are, the contractor know better on how to keep the machine because the generator company have people from the adept field to assist on the checking and the other advantage is The Majestic Malacca does n’t necessitate to engage a individual merely to keep the generator because it occur another wage and rewards expenditure. From the POMEC statement, the writers are able to warrant that there are no cost pass on the generator.

For the disadvantages, one ( 1 ) of it is the down clip of the generator. So far in the history, since The Majestic Malacca open up in twelvemonth 2007 the generator was non been used up till today. There were no power failure in the base on balls before, therefore the care section non certain about the down clip period. ( )

3.2 Water Plumbing

The Majestic Malacca H2O supply comes from the SAM ( Syarikat Air Melaka ) and the H2O will be filter before hive awaying in the H2O armored combat vehicle. The care conducts preventative care by look intoing the H2O supply and the high force per unit area motor pump everyday, three ( 3 ) times in a twenty-four hours. In everyday, the responsibility adult male will get down to run the filtration manually to clean the H2O that supply straight from SAM, three ( 3 ) yearss one time. This procedure will take around 30 proceedingss merely to clean up the H2O, so it will hive away in the primary H2O armored combat vehicle before directing up to the storage armored combat vehicle.

In every H2O plumbing system, there are two ( 2 ) high force per unit area motor pumps, this is one ( 1 ) of the preventative care method. From the writers understanding, Preventive Care is to inspect and supervise before the job occur. As a consequence, that is why there are two ( 2 ) motors in every H2O plumbing system. For illustration, if the H2O plumbing system merely locates one ( 1 ) motor and when there is a dislocation of the motor take topographic point the H2O supply will halt and it will do tonss of complain from the invitees. Hence, to forestall this type of malfunction that is why there are two ( 2 ) motors in every H2O plumbing system and it will assist before the invitee starts to kick. In long tally, the out beginning contractor will make a service every month on the motor pump. This rule besides applies to hot and cold H2O supply, kitchen H2O supply and pool system every bit good.

After the H2O has been filtered and store in the primary armored combat vehicle, the motor pump will pump the H2O up to the storage armored combat vehicle where the armored combat vehicle is located on the roof top. Before, directing the H2O down to the invitee room the H2O will be separated to two ( 2 ) different countries which will be the H2O warmer and H2O ice chest. The Preventive Maintenance applies to this country every bit good, by puting up two ( 2 ) motors pump at the H2O warmer and H2O ice chest subdivision. However, for the kitchen, the H2O supply will straight come from the primary armored combat vehicle where there is another particular filter merely merely to clean H2O for the kitchen usage.

3.3 Pool System

The map of the pool system in The Majestic Malacca runs from the storage armored combat vehicle to another armored combat vehicle called, pool storage armored combat vehicle where it located at the cellar of the hotel. This pool system in The Majestic Malacca is by out sourcing. Even is it by out sourcing the care responsibility adult male besides does review every twenty-four hours on the motor pump and besides the pool filter, with a footing of three ( 3 ) times in a twenty-four hours. By making review everyday on the pool system, it may keep the cleanliness of the pool. For the out beginning contractor, the contractor will clean and infix Cl into the pool system. This cleansing service will be done one ( 1 ) clip in three ( 3 ) yearss and this cost around RM160.00 per month ( RM1,920.00 per twelvemonth ) . From the writers sentiment, this cost can be eliminate because to carry on a pool cleansing is non a major undertaking even a responsibility adult male can make it and the pool in The Majestic Malacca is non an olympic size pool.

3.4 Elevator and Fire Alarm System

How does the fire dismay system works in The Majestic Malacca? After from the circuit at The Majestic Malacca, the writers have a better image on how does the fire dismay system works. The writers was been showed from the fire H2O armored combat vehicle till all the manner to the control panel, where it is located at the back-of-house. The H2O armored combat vehicle for the fire dismay system is different from the H2O supply for invitee suites and other topographic point in the hotel, the H2O is supply direct from SAM ( Syarikat Air Melaka ) and the H2O will non travel through any filtration. From the H2O tank the H2O is separated into three ( 3 ) countries, which are the fire hosiery, H2O scattering and the hose rail. And all the countries have two ( 2 ) motor pumps to run, same rule from H2O plumbing system for the ground of preventative care.

The manner of preventative care apply on lift and fire dismay system, is conducted by the JBM together with the out beginning contractor because they have the cognition on all the parts. This preventative care is conducted in monthly footing by the contractor and is given licence by the JBM in annual footing.

For the out sourcing contractor, the contractor will see The Majestic Malacca every month to inspect all the fire dismay system and equipments. The contractor will get down off by look intoing all the fire asphyxiators so continue with the dismay Siren, this is merely a half review. For a full review, the JBM will look into the full fire dismay system in The Majestic Malacca. The JBM will get down review from the fire H2O armored combat vehicle to all the hosiery and to all the fume sensor in the edifice and in conclusion the lift.

Then the writers were allowed to the room floor, to hold a expression on the flow switch, H2O scattering and the fume sensor. How does the care prevent the fume sensor to acquire malfunction? For illustration, from the writer experience the out beginning contractor and the JBM ( Jabatan Bomba Malaka ) will carry on the review in monthly footing, by inculcating some fume at the fume sensor and see whether is at that place any watchful mark at the control panel.

Therefore, if The Majestic Malacca fire system is qualifies so merely the JBM will O.K. the licence to The Majestic Malacca or the other manner around.

3.5 Television Room

The Television Room in The Majestic Malacca is located at the roof top of the edifice, it received channels from two ( 2 ) media companies which is Astro ( out beginning ) and an internal supply ( which the care responsibility adult male ca n’t supply the information, due to P & A ; C ) . ( ) The care responsibility adult male will supervise the temperature of the Television Room, three ( 3 ) times in a twenty-four hours due to its location because the there are more than 40 decipherers in that bantam room. If the Television Room is non been proctor, there might hold a opportunity of get downing off the fire in the room. So, this is a preventative care method to forestall any job occur before it go on.

4.0 Remedial / Corrective Maintenance

Remedial Maintenance is besides known as Corrective Maintenance. This type of care happens when there are some failures or dislocations of machines and equipments. It is non schedule care, when there are any jobs occur the care responsibility adult male must go to to the job instantly. For illustration, when room attendant study bulb fuse in the invitee room the care responsibility adult male must alter a new visible radiation bulb instantly, this is to avoid any guest complain. Harmonizing to the care responsibility adult male that the writers interviewed, there are few remedial care are been behavior in the yesteryear at The Majestic Malacca. Below are list of subdivisions that the care responsibility adult male use the remedial care.

4.1 PABX ( Private Automatic Branch exchange )

4.2 Sewage System

4.3 Air Condition

4.1 PABX ( Private Automatic Branch exchange )

PABX is a telephone system used in a concern environment, it connect multiple telephone line and distribute to multiple telephone line in a private company. This PABX System non merely connected to telephone but besides fax machines, recognition card machines and cyberspace modems. For this PABX System, it automatically connects to where the company wants. On the other manus, it is different from a Key System where the company needs to identify in manually to link to another telephone. ( )

So what happened in The Majestic Malacca was, there was a PABX interruption down five ( 5 ) months ago around terminal of June. When this break down happened, the full hotel experience a communicating interruptions down including the cyberspace and The Majestic Malacca loss tonss of concern on that twenty-four hours. So, the care responsibility adult male name the contractor instantly and around evening clip the PABX was fixed. Therefore, this was an unforeseeable state of affairs that the care responsibility adult male must move on that topographic point to settle the job.

4.2 Sewage System

There are two ( 2 ) Sewage Systems in The Majestic Malacca, one ( 1 ) is the chief sewerage and the other one ( 1 ) is indoor sewerage. The chief sewerage tallies from the invitee suites out to the chief sewerage where it located out side of the edifice. This sewerage will be collected every month by Indah Water. However, the indoor sewerage tallies from the employee cabinet room to indoor sewerage where it located at the cellar of the hotel. The indoor sewerage system operates by utilizing a drifting motor pump, when the sewerage arise and touches the float it will automatically get down pump out the sewerage to the chief sewerage.

Basically, the care responsibility adult male will look into the sewerage everyday, three ( 3 ) times in a twenty-four hours. The writers could state that, the care section did n’t pattern preventative care on this system because there was merely one ( 1 ) motor pump located at the indoor sewerage system. And what happened last three ( 3 ) months during the dark was, the motor pump interrupt down and do an over flow of sewerage at the cellar of the hotel. Without any vacillation, the care responsibility adult male and the squad went and pump the sewerage out. This is a remedial care that happened to the sewerage system in The Majestic Malacca.

Finally, the hotel bought two ( 2 ) new motor pumps to replace the old 1. One ( 1 ) is for the replacing and the other one ( 1 ) is for standby as preventative care.

4.3 Air Condition System

For A/C System in The Majestic Malacca, is run by utilizing computerise semi-centralize system. For illustration, the out door compressors are divided into few groups. It is separated into 4 subdivisions, Basement and Ground floor ( Compressor A ) , 1st and 2nd floor ( Compressor B ) , 3rd, 4th and 5th ( Compressor C ) floor, 6th, 7th and 8th ( Compressor D ) and in conclusion 9th and tenth floor ( Compressor E ) . For the out sourcing portion, the contractor will make the service one time a month ( Preventive Care ) .

So what was the remedial care that happened on the air status in The Majestic Malacca? When every clip there are any calls from either the room attenders or the front office section, the care responsibility adult male will instantly repair the job. Normally, the responsibility adult male will look into the power current foremost, to see whether it ‘s a power interrupt down or possibly is merely a obstruction at the air filter. Then the responsibility adult male will take action on it, by exchanging back the power supply or take the air filter.

On the other manus, there was another issue where the corner room is non cold. So what happened was, The Majestic Malacca guest suites that located at the left and right side of the new edifice ever have complains about the air status is non cold either non working. The ground of why the corner suites were ever warm is there ‘s an extra window in all the corner room. Therefore, there will be extra Sun light coming from outside which causes the room heater.

As a consequence, the care responsibility adult male starts making measuring on the room temperature ( see appendix p. ten ) and the care section came out an thought, which is by pulling in cool air from the corridor air status system ( see appendix p. eleven ) . The contractor and the care, work hand-to-hand to repair the job by constructing an extra air manner from the corridor to the corner room. At the beginning, the care cut down the ceiling and the contractor start seting up the new air manner from the corridor air status system to the corner room. Hence, there will be extra air coming from the corridor to the room that makes it much cooler than before this is portion of Schedule Maintenance.

Finally, the out beginning contractor took about one ( 1 ) month to complete up the alteration, which cost a large bomb to the hotel, RM160,000.00. However, by making the alteration even it ‘s dearly-won but still is deserving it in long tally and now there were lesser invitees complain about the room temperature. ( )

5.0 Report & A ; Metric

5.1 POMEC Report

The Majestic Malacca


Entire Room in Hotel


Room Available


Room Sold


Room Occupancy

28.9 %

Average Rate


Rm Rev Per Available Room ( Rev )


Payroll & A ; Related Expenses


Salaries & A ; Wagess

Contract Labor

Employee Meals

Human Resources

Employee Benefit

Total Payroll & A ; Related Expenses

Other Expenses

0.0 %

Uniform, Laundry & A ; Dry Cleaning


2.5 %

Supplies, Printing & A ; Stationery

0.0 %

Travel Expenses


0.2 %

Engineering Tools & A ; Supplies


6.1 %

Telephone Equipment


0.4 %

Furniture & A ; Supplying

0.0 %

Floor & A ; wall

0.0 %

Curtains Draperies & A ; sunshades

0.0 %

Painting & A ; Decorating


5.7 %

Electrical & A ; Mech. Equipment


1.5 %

Plumbing & A ; Heating

0.0 %

Repair & A ; Maintenance


0.5 %

Guest room accoutrements


8.1 %

Air Cond & A ; Refrigeration


2.8 %

Office & A ; Other Equipment


3.8 %

Lifts & A ; Elevators


10.9 %


0.0 %



3.1 %

Fire Extinguisher & A ; Blanket


5.1 %

Vehicle Equipment

0.0 %

Swiming Pool


3.5 %

POMEC Contract


20.8 %

Kitchen Equipment


4.6 %

Sports & A ; Leisure Equipment

0.0 %

Television & A ; Audio visual

0.0 %

Contract Servicess

0.0 %



3.3 %

Electric Bulbs


16.8 %


0.0 %

Entire Other Expenses


100.0 %

Entire Prop Oper. Expenses


100.0 %

Replacement Reserve

0.0 %

Energy Cost

0.0 %

Electricity -TMM


90.5 %

Fuel Oil

0.0 %

Fuel Gas


4.9 %



1.9 %



2.7 %

Electrical Inspection

0.0 %

Entire Energy Cost


100.0 %

As per the POMEC Report given by The Majestic Malacca, the entire cost for the twelvemonth 2009 – 2010 was RM 505, 452. 00. The entire cost is divided into two ( 2 ) parts which will be the entire outgo cost, RM 54,852.00 and the entire energy cost, RM 450, 600. 00. In the study, the writers can see that POMEC contract was the highest outgo among all the outgo cost, at RM 11, 400. 00 and the electric visible radiation bulb come on 2nd, at RM 9, 240.00. For the energy cost, electricity was the highest, at RM 408, 000. 00 and fuel gas come in 2nd, at RM 21, 960. 00.

At the outgo cost, the POMEC stand the highest is because most of the machines and equipments are out sourcing. Due to the size of the hotel, why does n’t the hotel engage a adept and knowing employee to command the machines and equipments so that the POMEC contract cost can be cut down by altering it to salary to an employee. For the visible radiation bulbs, the cost is the 2nd highest among all the outgo. Every month, averagely the hotel spends around RM 770. 00 for visible radiation bulbs but there were no records or metric to find that there were tonss of bulb fuse in the yesteryear. So, the writers were non certain on how the care budget their cost for visible radiation bulbs. There is another cost in the study is non relevant to what the care has told us, is the generator serving portion. The care responsibility adult male said that the contractor for generator set will make the service every month but in the POMEC study there were no cost incurred at the generator set column. Even in the contract service column there were no cost incurred excessively.

6.0 Recommendation & A ; Discussion

6.1 Advantages of out sourcing

In general, the writers feel that most of the machines and equipments needed a adept individual or specialise company to manage all the machines and equipments. For illustration, generator set, motor pump, fire dismay system and air status system which The Majestic Malacca needed helper from the out beginning contractor. Through out sourcing, it besides will cut down the duties of the internal care and to the full put the contractor in charge of everything. On the other manus, the writers suggest that there are some parts in the hotel can be done internally and non by out sourcing. For illustration, the pool system which the hotel could salvage the money on this portion of the system, same goes to the air status service portion. For the human resources portion, the hotel can salvage up on the employee cost for the ground that no demand to engage specialize or measure up people merely to standby on the site. ( )

6.2 Disadvantages of out sourcing

After the writers ‘ treatment, the writers feel that the most disadvantages is about the cost because the hotel demand to pass a large sum of money for out sourcing. Possibly the monetary value can be reduced or the review agenda can cut down, illustration the generator because it does n’t work most of the clip. Second, is about exigency clip which it is really clip devouring for the contractor to make the site instantly. Last, by the aid from out sourcing sometimes there will be some misconstruing between two ( 2 ) parties such as, regenerating contract, deficiency of communicating, hapless quality and hold of service. ( )

7.0 Decision

After the writers have gone through the interview and the circuit in The Majestic Malacca, which guided by En Amirrudin and En Arrifin. This circuit has given the writers a clearer image of how the belongings is being maintained, from the generator set, H2O plumbing system, pool system, lift and fire dismay system, Television room, PABX, sewerage system and air learned system in the belongings. Hence, the writers would wish to portion what have been learned in the study.

The Majestic Malacca did non pattern CMMS or EMS for stock list, but on the other manus The Majestic Malacca is utilizing Physical Inventory as the belongings is smaller than other YTL Hotels. To be specific, the care section is utilizing Specific Commodity Inventory, where the stock list is divided into categorising the stuffs and stocks.

The writers besides being exposed to the types of care used in The Majestic Malacca which is the Preventive Maintenance. This is due to its cost economy method, which repairing it before it need to be fixed. Remedial Maintenance besides plays an of import portion in The Majestic Malacca, as to move instantly when there is any job occurred.

Based on the POMEC study given by The Majestic Malacca, it clearly shows that most of the disbursals are spend on the POMAC contracts, technology tools & A ; supplies, swimming pool service and lifts service, in the sum of RM 22, 680 per twelvemonth. Apparently, most of the machines and equipments are being outsourced. As a consequence to cut down the cost, the writers suggested that there are some parts in the hotel that can be done internally and non by out sourcing. Why spend more if the responsibility adult male can make it? This issue can be avoided and all the unneeded cost can be abolished. For illustration things such as pool care, can be done by The Majestic Malacca responsibility adult male merely by supplying the responsibility mans some preparation. In return, The Majestic Malacca can pass or developed in other countries of the hotel.

This same goes to other machines and equipments like air status system, Television system and so on around the hotel, whereby all the machines and equipments have been out beginning to the contractor since gap. Again, to direct the care responsibility adult male for equipment preparation can assist out in long term period and the hotel will non trust on out sourcing any longer. By making this, it will demo a large betterment on the bing portion.

Through out the studies, the writers have learned the stock list method in The Majestic Malacca, types of care and suggested few thoughts to better. Furthermore, if The Majestic Malacca followed what have been suggested, it wholly will assist in increasing the hotel gross.