Enternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind Review Film Studies Essay

Argument about the drawn connexions by both mentioning to peculiar scenes from the film and transitions of Meditations 1-5.

UNRELIABILITY OF SENSES and SOURCE OF ERRORS ( Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind )

Descartes Meditation describes philosophical ideas and rules of Rene Descartes. Descartes chiefly discusses the truth of senses, nature of human head, the being of I and God, truth and falseness, cognition about truth at the speculations. While one is watching the movie “eternal sunlight of the spotless mind” which is about a twosome who undergo a process to wipe out each other from their memories when their relationship turns bad, he/she can happen Descartes ‘ statements about perceptual experiences, senses and freewill because the film straight and clearly reflects certain affairs presented in the Meditations.

This love movie is about the relationship of one adult male and adult female. Emotionally recluse Joel ( Jim Carrey ) and brainsick Clementine ( Kate Winslet ) start a relationship. They fall in the love despite their different personalities. Although they do non recognize their differences they separate after holding spent two old ages together. After that, Clementine hired theNew York Cityfirm Lacuna to wipe out all her memories of their relationship. (The term “ blank ” means a spread or losing portion ; for case,lacunarmemory lossis a spread in one ‘s memory about a specific event.) . After Joel discovered this, he gets frustrated and decides to transport out this process himself, a procedure that takes topographic point while he sleeps.

Much of the movie scenes and events take topographic point in Joel ‘s head. As his memories are erased, Joel finds himself revisiting themin contrary chronology. While seeing happy times of his relationship with Clementine from earlier phases their relationship, he struggles to continue at least some memory of her and his love for her. Despite his attempts, the memories are easy erased, with the last memory of Clementine stating him to “ Meet me in Montauk ” .

The important common point in the film and Descartes ‘ Meditations is dreams and undependability of perceptual experiences. Descartes argues the dreams and undependability of perceptual experiences in the dream statement and the chief character Joel is woolgathering while his memories has been wipe outing in the film and separating existent times and dream times is truly difficult.Descartes claims that all our cognition of things through the senses is unfastened to doubt. In other words, he does n’t believe in that the thought that sense perceptual experience conveys us accurate information. He thinks that senses on occasion deceive us to make truth and concreteness although we reach some truth and concreteness with our senses and perceptual experiences. Hence he propounds some several statements to demo the point that everything that could be doubted until he was left with something beyond doubt. One of the of import statements to demo this is the dream statement. Descartes claims that while we are kiping, dreams of things frequently seem existent us. Besides, there are no marks to how the person can separate existent experience from the dreams. Harmonizing to Descartes, as a consequence of this, we can non trust on our animal perceptual experience. In the movie, Joel is seeing both happy and sad times at relationship with Clementine while he is woolgathering because of being hypnotized during the most portion of movie. It is truly really difficult to separate whether it is he is in his dreams or perceives different world by utilizing senses because Joel is shown as comprehending all things by senses. Even he is sometimes forced to comprehend that this dream because his dreams are existent things that he lives with Clementine. In add-on to this, while he is woolgathering, Clementine interferes in Joel ‘s ideas about wipe outing her from his head. This refers that perceptual experiences are existent in dreams.

When go oning in with the dream statement in the Meditations we will see that Descartes claims that although there is waking experience, we can ne’er cognize which minutes are dreams and which are waking because we see existent things like eyes, caputs, and custodies in our dreams which are non fanciful. Therefore, this movie supports this peculiar construct evidently. Like this, Joel is seeing the existent things like sea, house or the part of existent things and their lifes while his memories are been erased. Because of the fact that there are no definite marks to distinguish dream experience from awake experience, Joel is confused by his while detecting true, existent things. Descartes argues that because of this, it is possible that he is woolgathering right now and that all of his perceptual experiences are false. That means he may be woolgathering without being cognizant of it. At this point, I agree with Descartes ‘ thought. Since the dreams and world may look to be the same, we can non separate them. As a effect, the linking the between Mediations and film scenes is the undependability of animal perceptual experiences so that we can doubt our cognition that reaches through by senses.

Another of import common point in the film and Descartes ‘ speculations is that head can be separated from organic structure and organic structure and head seem to be without the other. Besides, in the film, one can see that memories in the head can be separated from organic structure. As known, one of the most of import facets of the movie is that many events take topographic point in Joel’smind. After he erased all things about his relationship with Clementine, he does n’t retrieve any things about her and the times populating with her Descartes researches the one of import inquiry “What is the I that is making the thought? ” After that, he concludes that head is better than organic structure. It must with certainty confirm our being and set up the nature of our ain head. In other words, he can cognize at least that he exists that he is a believing thing that his head better than his organic structure. All clear and distinguishable perceptual experiences come through mind entirely non the senses. That means, when he ask the inquiry how the nature human head is better known than organic structure, he conceded that he has no senses and cipher but does that intend he can non be. In this movie, it is represented that head is better than organic structure one time more because of the fact that he erased all things from his head ; he started to populate like as if all things with Clementine ne’er happened before. Descartes says that I am a thing that can believe and since I think hence I am an bing one. Joel ca n’t believe about his yesteryear so the yesteryear does n’t be. As if he did n’t be in the yesteryear. Due to the fact that he could n’t believe about an experient yesteryear, he could n’t be in the yesteryear either, intending that he has no being of himself related to past. We know that although he could n’t cognize anything or believe in respect to past, he existed. However, it is non of import that we see the being of his organic structure ; the important thing is the being of head, which seems to be linking the Mediations and film scenes straight around the kernel of head in connexion to the organic structure. So, because of the fact that he could n’t retrieve anything about this portion of his yesteryear that means no being of head, he could n’t be bing. All in all, this movie does back up Descartes ‘ head and organic structure statement.

At the terminal of the movie, Joel and Clementine come upon their Lacuna records after re-encountering, they react with daze and they have no clear memory of holding known each other so they learn that they had a relationship and that their memories have been erased. Joel tries to convert Clementine that they can get down a relationship but Clementine states that it could stop in the same manner. Joel accepts this and so they decide to try a relationship anyhow by get downing their life together once more. At the beginning and stoping of this movie pointed out the of import affair for person ‘s determination is free will. Descartes trades with free will while researching the beginning of mistakes. Human mistakes either depend on the module of cognition that is intellect or on the module of pick or freedom which is the will. However, Descartes claims that the mind that is limited merely allows us to comprehend thoughts truth. Hence, intellect harmonizing to Descartes is non the beginning of mistake. On the other manus, the freedom of pick or the free will is limitless and is responsible for confirming and denying. So, the will do judgements on them and it is apt to do a false judgement and do mistakes. At the beginning of the movie, foremost of all Clementine makes judgements through her limitless free will, and so Joel uses his freewill to do judgements about wipe outing his head. However, while his head is being erased, he regrets this judgement by doing by agencies of free will. I agree with Descartes about that the freewill that it is unlimited so it can convey us to do incorrect judgements. The mind or understanding merely perceives thoughts and Joel perceives the thought that Clementine erased him from her head and so he used his free pick to do it himself. Briefly, the mind does n’t deny or claim the thought about wipe outing the head but the freewill conveys him to do mistakes. In add-on to this, after Joel and Clementine make judgement that is get downing a new relationship through their freewill but we do n’t cognize whether this determination is true or false, since the movie ends at this point. Harmonizing to stoping of movie, it is possible range the decision that love can non be effaceable.

All the things considered about this movie and Descartes ‘ thoughts ; person can easy state that the senses and perceptual experiences are n’t dependable to the full. There are ne’er certain marks to separate between the province of being awake and asleep. Although, we have wake uping experience, we can ne’er cognize which minutes are dreams and which are world like the chief character Joel in the film. That means we can doubt things that is reached through our perceptual experiences. Besides, head is better than organic structure since if we have n’t mind, our organic structure can be useless. Finally, freewill is extremely of import in our life to do judgements or make up one’s mind on certain affairs. Due to fact that free will has really high range or limitless, it carries us mistakes.