Enhancing The Quality Of Lighting In Cg Animated Films Film Essay

Chapter- 1 – Introduction

Photography is one of greatest passions of the research worker. He ever wondered about how the image is formed in a camera and what the enigma behind that is. Subsequently when he studied natural philosophies, he figured it out that the factor behind the image formation is light. Light plays an of import function in image formation. For acquiring a good consequence in the scene, one should hold a basic cognition about Global Illumination. It is the term used for certain set of algorithms used in 3D package ‘s such as Maya, 3D soap etc. These types of lighting are used to acquire more realistic render. Main end is to implement a survey in illuming techniques with the aid of picture taking to acquire a exposure realistic render and a good quality render end product. Basic mention for a 3D scene is photograph. All 3D creative persons try hard to fit their render end product with the mention exposure. What we see in existent life, that need to be recreated digitally without losing any inside informations such as lighting, texture, shapeaˆ¦ .

While animating the scene we need to be really witting about the contemplations, refractions, shadows, resiling of light etc. They play a critical function in the formation of a photo-realistic render end product. Because in existent life, we see such phenomena and we are really much used into it. If we could n’t happen any such things in the render scene, we feel it really odd and it will be more cartoonish. The loss of world will go on at that place. So with proper mention and proper research 1 should travel for photo-realistic render.

This thesis is to happen out a better solution for heightening the quality of visible radiation in CG animated movies, with the aid of picture taking.

The purpose and motivation of the research worker is to analyze different photographic techniques and to use them in CG animated movies to better their image quality. And to acquire more realistic feel in the scene. There were so many inquiries in research worker ‘s head sing the subject. How to acquire solution for the job is the chief thing which he is concentrating on. On what footing he is traveling to work out the research on illuming with the aid of picture taking. The inquiries that came in his head are given below. The research questionsaˆ¦..

Chapter – 1.1 Research inquiries

What is picture taking

What is photo-realism

What are the techniques and options that are common in both Maya and picture taking?

Can illuming be enhanced through picture taking?

Can photo-realism be achieved through picture taking?

Chapter 1.2 Aim

To analyze different photographic techniques and to use those in CG animated movies to better their image quality.

Chapter 1.3 Statement of the job

To happen whether picture taking will assist to better the image quality in CG animated movies.

Chapter 1.4 Aims

A survey on picture taking

To better the render quality

To heighten the beauty of the scene utilizing the cognition of photographic techniques and using it in 3D package.

To use the basic photographic cognition in rendering a good end product.

To acquire a photorealistic end product with the aid of picture taking.

Chapter 1.5 Significance of survey

The significance of survey is rather indispensable as we can look into whether picture taking is helpful in heightening the illuming quality in CG animated movies. The survey will assist the 3D creative persons in such a manner that their observation power every bit good as the trade accomplishment can be improved. Photographs are the basic mention for every computing machine generated image. Assorted techniques such as illuming accommodations, camera arrangement, composing the object etc. will assist the research worker to avoid mistakes and helps to heighten the beauty of the scene. The survey is to do certain that picture taking can be helpful to a 3D creative person to heighten the beauty of the scene. And by making some experiments in picture taking the research worker is traveling to turn out the above factors are true.

Chapter 1.6 Hypothesiss

The hypothesis of this undertaking is, whether picture taking can assist to better the lighting quality in CG animated movies.

Chapter 2. Research methodological analysis

2.1 Types of research: Analytic

This thesis is of qualitative and quantitative analysis of the subject “ Enhancing the quality of illuming in CG animated movies with the aid of picture taking “ . This research papers explains the content from the Internet web pages, books and articles. This research is chiefly done to measure whether picture taking is helpful in increasing the illuming quality of the CG animated movies.

The chief resources of research are from assorted media such as



Web pages


Research documents


2.2 Population:

The group of people for whom this population are Animators, 3D lighting creative persons and lensmans.

A set of questions sing illuming techniques, picture taking and exposure pragmatism were asked.

Chapter 3. Reappraisal of Literature

This chapter discusses about the articles on books, Internet websites, and publications which are related to the research and has been helpful in this thesis. All research done is all related to the subjects sing the thesis which is about heightening the light quality, Photographic techniques, Photographic lighting, Basic constituents which is similar in Digital picture taking and 3D package called MAYA.


1. Arnold Gallardo, 2010. , 3d Lighting, History and constructs & A ; Techniques

In this book it takes to an in depth expression at the art and engineering of illuming techniques used in picture taking. Photography & A ; filming shows how lighting was done in films and still picture taking. When CG was being developed the creative persons tried to retroflex what lensmans do with movie.

“ The primary mention for computing machine generated Imagery ( CGI ) is photography. ”

Artists in the CG industry purpose to excite or synthesise in a system natural scenes as captured by a lensman ‘s camera.

“ No affair what sort of algorithm is used the end of CGI is to hold photorealistic feeling. Photorealism means resembling picture taking ”

Understanding picture taking, movie and light interaction is necessary to understand 3d CGI lighting, since Ag gelatin based picture taking is the point of mention for all CGI.

2. Lee Lanier, 2006, Advanced Maya Texturing and Lighting

This book deals with the assorted techniques and types of visible radiation used in the 3D package Maya.In this book it is clearly described how visible radiations can be applied decently to obtain a good end product. Besides it talks about assorted shaders which can be utile in doing a character or scene colourful and more realistic. It describes about the chief six light types in Maya such as Spot visible radiation, Ambient visible radiation, Volume Light, Directional Light, Point visible radiation and Area Light.And options of each visible radiations and assorted fast ones & A ; tips to obtain a good imagination. It correlates the existent universe illuming techniques with the Maya visible radiations.This book is a great beginning to the undertaking.

“ Maya offers six types of visible radiations that emulate a broad scope of existent universe illuming state of affairss. Acquaintance with the manner light interacts with assorted environments will profit your 3D lighting. Light fog and light freshness effects are besides available through Maya visible radiations, giving you even more flexibleness when re- making specific illuming state of affairss. The relationship editor can associate visible radiations to objects, leting you to make multiple illuming apparatuss in a individual scene. ”

Not merely are the light apparatuss described in this book, but the shadow apparatuss excessively. Assorted techniques used to obtain quality shadows are explained in this book.

“ Shadows are an ineluctable portion of the physical universe. Depth map and beam hint shadows can be all right tuned to many lighting scenarios. “ Depth map shadows and ray hint shadows are two types of shadows used in Maya. A proper cognize how about both depth map and beam hint shadows can be achieved by reading this book.

3. Brian Fitt. , Joe Thornley,2002. , Lighting Technology, A usher for telecasting, movie and theater, Second edition

The of import facet in this book is about the assorted illuming techniques in existent universe. Chiefly focused for illuming techniques used in picture taking, gesture movies and play.

Assorted types of existent universe visible radiations are mentioned here. The basic theory sing the light arrangement to make several tempers is described here really accurately. One should acquire a proper cognition about the light commixture. Assorted types of leading lights are given decently in this book.

“ Why is it called the key visible radiation? The luminary used provides the chief visible radiation on the scene and tends to be the key to the whole image. ”

Each and every light definition is explained decently here in this book.

4. Bill Fleming, 1999, Advanced Photorealism Techniques

This book deals with the techniques that are widely being used to acquire a high category photorealistic imagination in 3D package ‘s with the aid of good lighting and texturing. It is chiefly focused on to the exposure realistic lighting techniques and its application to assorted media. This aid to acquire an political orientation about doing an image photorealistic through 10 basic rules of photorealism.It besides deals with the image function techniques that is being used widely. Fluid trials are besides coming under this book.

How to give a realistic expression to the CG fluids can besides be learned from this book.

“ Basic 10 rules of exposure pragmatism are ;

Clutter and pandemonium

Personality and Expectations


Surface texture


Dirt, dust and rust

Flaws, abrasions and dings

Beveled borders

Object stuff deepness


These are the chief factors which we used to look after for acquiring a good exposure realistic image. “ Through simple theories and practical Sessionss the writer had tried his degree best to edify the reader ‘s originative ideas in the subject called photo pragmatism.

5. Tom Ang, 2008. Digital Photography Master Class

An first-class book written by celebrated lensman semen author Tom Ang. It is considered as one of the best publication on picture taking. This book chiefly deals with the latest digital photographic techniques. He describes about each and every bantam factors sing picture taking. The light computation methods, assorted camera belongingss such as Exposure, ISO, and Shutter velocity ; Specular Highlighting etc are described in this book.

This book talks about how to take a better exposure. It besides deals with assorted types of camera and its fortes.


hypertext transfer protocol: //www.cadmonkey.com/tip1.htm

Accessed on 27 September 2010. The above site was truly really helpful to the research worker It deals with the Various techniques used to acquire a better photo- realistic image in assorted 3D package ‘s.And it explains about the exposure realistic rules which should be looked after while doing a photo_ realistic image.

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.photography.com/articles/types-of-photography

Accessed on 27 September 2010. This site describes everything that comes under the huge subject called picture taking. Each and every atomic warhead and corner of picture taking is explained here really intricately. Got so many thoughts from here. To better my photographic accomplishments every bit good as illuming accomplishments this web site was truly really utile. This nexus is about assorted types of picture taking and its fortes. From some stations from this web site I got so many utile information sing lighting besides.

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.computerarts.co.uk/tutorials/3d__and__animation/get_started_in_cg_lighting__part_one

Accessed on 28 September 2010. From this web site, more thought about CG lighting was gained. Assorted thoughts of several illuming creative persons around the Earth are shared here in this web site. It deals with the tips and fast ones which are helpful while making a exposure realistic image. Assorted treatments on CG lighting, its proficient execution are described here. Besides it features coachs. Free online learning installation on CG lighting is besides the web site ‘s high spot.

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.artlex.com/ArtLex/p/photorealism.html

Accessed on 29 September 2010. This web site is about the photorealistic ventures that have done by assorted creative persons. It is wholly based on art, picture and sculpting. And the history behind the exposure realistic motions that came in to existence before centuries. Assorted plants of celebrated creative persons are displayed here. How of import is the light sense to acquire a exposure realistic picture is explained in this page.

hypertext transfer protocol: //forums.cgsociety.org/archive/index.php/t-493650.html

Accessed on 30 September 2010. This page explains about assorted positions of several users around the Earth, Discoursing about the photorealistic render in 3D package ‘s. It besides gives a Q & A ; A session sing the same. This web site is for the digital creative persons whose creativeness lies digitally. Assorted package accomplishments can be earned from this web site.

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.warpedspace.org/lightingT/part1.htm

Accessed on 1 October 2010. This page explains about assorted techniques that can be applied in CG every bit good as existent life illuming. Lot of information sing assorted digital light direction is described here. It besides features assorted trade works done by assorted creative persons around the Earth in different medias.

hypertext transfer protocol: //design.osu.edu/carlson/history/ID797.html

Accessed on 1 October 2010. The web page is giving more educational degree of information. Features the on-line digital coachs. A assortment of experient individuals portion their positions sing digital media techniques such as 3D mold, Texturing, Rigging, Lighting, Rendering. It besides tells about the history of CG.