Electrical Engineering

Electrical technology is considered as the top section of many universities in this universe. It is the technology that involves design, proving and development of electrical equipments. In this technology we study electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. With the advancement of the research work in this field in many parts of universe the Fieldss like telecommunication, package development ( embedded systems ) , power coevals, control systems, and signal processing besides come under the class of Electrical Engineering.

The rudimentss of Electrical Engineering prevarication in the basic class of natural philosophies ; hence it is made compulsory that any pupil who wants to prosecute the grade of Electrical Engineering should hold some basic cognition of natural philosophies and, mathematics as good.

“Electrical applied scientists typically possess an academic grade with a major in electrical technology. The length of survey for such a grade is normally four or five old ages and the completed grade may be designated as a Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Technology or Bachelor of Applied Science depending upon the university. The grade by and large includes units covering natural philosophies, mathematics, computing machine scientific discipline, undertaking direction and specific subjects in electrical technology. Initially such subjects cover most, if non all, of the sub-disciplines of electrical technology. Students so choose to specialise in one or more sub-disciplines towards the terminal of the degree.” [ 1 ]

An Electrical Engineer must work on the undertakings like planing of merchandises, the merchandises that produce electricity or work on the rules of electricity to make any specific undertaking. Some illustrations on which electrical applied scientist should work include cellular phones, cellular towers, cellular engineering, and air hose pilotage system. When some undertaking is assigned to an electrical applied scientist, the first and first undertaking for him is to happen out that why I need this merchandise, what would be its market value and how it will assist the state? After this the paradigm will be made and based on that the squad will work to construct that merchandise. An effectual applied scientist should hold the quality of trouble-shooting the job and should be confident about the program of the undertaking on which he is working.

Description of some Courses:

For the completion of Electrical Engineering grade there are some major classs that are must to analyze depending upon the specialisation, otherwise the grade should non be awarded to the pupil.

I have chosen to research on the following 3 classs that I will explicate every bit good:

  • Electronicss
  • Wave extension & A ; Antenna Theory
  • Digital Signal processing

These classs are discussed individually. Their importance in electrical technology and the research traveling on these classs in different universities is besides discussed.


The class of Electronics is really of import and is considered as the basic class for electrical technology. The electrical applied scientist has to cover with electric circuits, AC power supplies, DC power supplies and electric current, so he should hold strong cognition of electronic circuits.

The course of study of electronics in most of the universities in US is as given below:

  • Circuits Laws ( Kirchhoff ‘s Law )
  • Basic Semi Conductor Concepts
  • Diodes ( Analysis of Diode Circuits )
  • Rectifier Circuits ( Half Wave & A ; Full Wave )
  • Bipolar Junction Transistor ( BJT )
  • Pnp and npn Transistors
  • Transistor as an Amplifier and Switch
  • Field Effect Transistors ( FET )

These are some of the chief subjects that discussed under this class. Please note that semiconducting material natural philosophies is a requirement for this class. Other than the talks, there are labs that are conducted under this class. The lab involves different experiments in which pupils implement different circuits for different undertakings.

Research on Electronicss:

A batch of research is traveling on in this field of Electrical Engineering. A batch of support is done by the authorities to the universities and research institutes. President Obama has late visited rLe, the Research Laboratory of Electronics at MIT and delivered a major reference on energy policy. Some of the researches traveling on at rLe include [ 3 ] :

  • Fine-tuned optical maser
  • Selling bit shapers on optical computer science

CIRCUITS, SYSTEMS, SIGNALS AND COMMUNICATIONS is a major research traveling on at MIT

“This includes a complete scope of activities over all facets of electronics, including constructions, devices, and circuits, parallel and digital systems, MEMs and bioMEMs, nanotechnologies, numerical and computational simulation and prototyping, biologically-inspired systems, digital signal processing, advanced telecommunications, medical imagination, and the geographic expedition of cardinal issues in radio networking and devices.” [ 4 ]

Wave Propagation & A ; Antenna Theory:

This is a really major class if some wants to prosecute its grade in electrical Engineering big leagues in Telecommunication. A batch of research is traveling on in different degrees on Antenna planing and electromagnetic moving ridges. With the promotion in nomadic communicating in the whole universe, telecommunication is going a really ambitious field every bit good.

The major subjects for this class which I have found out from the class lineation of assorted universities are:

  • Free Space extension of Wave
  • Features of standard Transmission Lines
  • Transmission on a Lossless Transmission Line
  • Steady province conditions on a Transmission Line
  • Electric resistance Matching
  • Smith Chart Calculation
  • Antenna Polarization
  • Types of Antenna
  • Antenna Arrays
  • Design of an Antenna

This class besides involve practical lab in which pupils uses transmittal lines of different electric resistances and execute their practical. Antenna designing is besides performed in the lab and different types of aerial are used to chalk out their radiation spiels like Yagi aerial uda aerial, half wave dipole etc.

Research on Wave extension and Antenna theory:

The function of the aerial traditionally sits closely with the extension, but is besides going more incorporate with the signal processing. Since Marconi ‘s observations of the impact of an aerial on nexus quality, the aerial public presentation has been cardinal to the quality of a nexus, as formalized in the Friis equation. With the diminishing size of the wireless electronics and nexus distances, and with the signal processing now capable of nearing the Shannon capacity, the aerial is the staying capacity-enhancing wireless constituent, and it can rule the terminal size. In fact, the capacity and capacity efficiency are basically limited merely by the size of the aerial. The renewed involvement in multiple antenna systems is non merely through MIMO for capacity efficiency, but besides through its function as the lone engineering that can counter the ever-increasing intervention, without devouring excess spectrum. Antenna design, in the signifier of smart- ( i.e. , adaptive- , array- , multielement- , multiport- and signal processing- ) aerial, has claimed the head of wireless engineering invention, with concentration a precedence. [ 5 ]

A batch of research is traveling on in this field at a really major degree. Few of them are listed below. In Griffith university, article published on, “Investigation of Wave Propagation Using Smart Antenna for Indoor Wireless Communication ”

REsA. The Spanish Antenna Network for Research and Development is a major web to develop relationship between aerial development squads in Spain

Digital Signal Processing:

This is the epoch of digital communicating that is fast and dependable so digital signal processing class gives an applied scientist the bid over techniques that how to treat the digital information for better throughput. Its class contents involve:

  • Signal Analysis
  • Fourier and Fourier Transform
  • Whirl
  • Nyquist Theorem
  • Correlation
  • Filter design
  • Discrete Fourier Transform
  • Fast Fourier Transform
  • Digital Signal Processors

Note that concretion is the fringe benefit of this class in most of the universities.

Research on DSP:

Rice University in USA has a research group with the name known as DSP group. It has been actively learning classs, carry oning research, and printing consequences since 1968. [ 7 ]

Some of the undertakings that are carried out there are listed below:

  • Compressive detection and thin estimate
  • Image processing

Digital Signal processing Inc. is a fast turning institute. Since origin in 1998 DSP, Inc. has been supplying “Innovative Solutions for Complex system problems” to the FAA, US Navy and many other companies.

Some of its merchandise list involves:

  • Digital Voice Recorder
  • Voice Niping
  • Tone Notching
  • Noise Decrease
  • Voice Switch By-pass System

Salary of Electrical Engineer:

Median one-year net incomes for several subdivisions of technology ( U.S. , 2006 )


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