Economic Development Achievement Of Millennium Development Goal Economics Essay

Timor-Leste is a immature state which merely got independency from Indonesia in 2002, through referendum of option two options given by the Indonesian authorities in 30 August 1999, as the consequence the bulk of Timorese voted for independency. Timor-Leste is one of the states which located between Indonesian and Pacific island which under Portugal colonialism regulation for hundred old ages in 16 century. In June 1975, Indonesia come illicitly occupied Timor-Leste during 27 old ages ; in 1999 it was the terminal of the history of colonialism in Timor-Leste.[ 1 ]Timor-Leste is a new state in the millenary epoch, as a new state it ‘s non so easy to be a autonomous state among the other states in the universe. Timor-Leste is one of the states which adopted the MDG ( Millennium Development Goal ) in 2000, even at the clip Timor-Leste still under the UN transitional disposal, but it ‘s automatically represented TL as a new state which enables take part MDGs acme with the other states. As a new state which under the UN mission, it ‘s more of import that international society will give actively support by concentrating in advancing the national development in this new state. As the world showed that it ‘s one of the newest state which in the environment of the force, or merely state a post-conflict state, based on this state of affairs, it ‘s need an pressing plan for betterment of life conditions for people after the new Restoration of Independence declaration in 2002. Since 1999 the UN mission have been take every attempt in advancing the national involvement as a autonomous state which become the member of UN in 2002. Although many international bureaus has playing more schemes for the national edifice in term of economic, societal, political, and cultural development, it ‘s seems that seven old ages is as the first procedure of Reconstruction and rapprochement within Timorese and the neighbor state Indonesia. As a new state which merely came from a colonial environment, in world it faces many challenges related to the economic status, and one of the most precedence is poverty, this a natural manner faced by this immature state in the 21 century. In comparing with many developed states in this universe, they really have similar history of their economic, political and societal status which becomes the chief obstruction as a autonomous state among the other states. Timor-Leste faced many societal job particularly one of the chief job is poverty, hapless nutrition, no clean H2O in several rural countries, and deficiency of human capital which become the footing of the development, most Timorese life in poorness line, since 1999 to 2007 that the mean personal income per twenty-four hours is excessively low comparing to the other states. This is the world of the poorness which faced by the people of Timor-Leste. This status was responded by the international bureaus and INGO to do every attempt in eliminating the poorness, societal job and instruction due to the economic development of the state. A

MDG become the chief mark for Timor-Leste which in the world faced those job related to MDG end, the Government of Timor-Leste have been adopted the MDGs mark in the national planning since 2002 and this end was more focusing, in partnership with the UN mission, in 200 to 2009, beside that UNDP in coaction with the other international organisation with the authorities making the MDG monitoring and rating of its advancement as the concluding mark which should be achieve in 2015.A[ 2 ]In this paper, the author will merely concentrate on the poorness decrease in MDGs of Goal 1 by the Timor-Leste authorities in partnership with the UN bureaus and many other international organisation and besides with INGO bulk from the developed states.

Poverty is referee to the populating status of human being in a state which has non sufficient of basic demands. Harmonizing to the definition of poorness from Encarta that poorness is the “ province of non holding adequate money to take attention of basic demands such as nutrient, vesture, and lodging, a lack or deficiency of something ” .[ 3 ]Based on the of World Bank perceptual experience on poorness that utmost poorness line is the status of the income of the people which less so US $ 1.25 in a twenty-four hours, this is a new criterion used by World Bank since 2005, comparing to the old criterion which US $ 1 a twenty-four hours in 24 old ages ago.[ 4 ]In Timor-Leste, since 1999 to 2007 that the mean personal income per twenty-four hours is about $ 0.88[ 5 ], Poverty is one of the chief issues faced by Timorese and particularly the authorities faced this job related to eliminate the figure of people which live in poorness line. There are about half of the population of Timorese who lives in utmost poorness, so many job faced by them, particularly related to the basic demands for life.[ 6 ]

This status mean that most of the populations of Timor-Leste are unrecorded in under poorness line, they are in the utmost status of support, specially accessing the basic demands such as nutrient, clean H2O, instruction, and the other basic demands. All the conditions largely related to the basic demands which by and large because of low income, unemployment, deficiency of natural resources, or even faced the environmental impact on their agribusiness merchandise, in peculiarly nutrient production. This world has empowered the attempt of international bureaus of UN in implementing the Millennium development end in Timor-Leste to carry through the basic demands of the people who live in the utmost status of poorness and hungriness.

Millennium Development Goal

Millennium Development is the planetary plan which organized by the UN member states from all the universe in order to give aid and support to poorest peoples which in utmost state of affairs of poorness, hungriness, and suffer from the BASIC of human demands, wellness, promote the environmental sustainability, gender, instruction, etc. The chief purpose of the MDGs is how the developed states with UN and the authorities from the developing states which faced this state of affairs enable to undertaking down the poorness, specially related to the chief of point in MDGs end which faced by many people in this universe, through this support they can last and better their life for better hereafter and unrecorded in harmoniousness.

In September 2000, all the leader of the UN member from all the states they made a committedness to cut down a poorness through UN Millennium declaration which agreed by all the leaders in the planetary partnership particularly to cut down the figure of utmost poorness which faced by the bulk of the universe population in this century, they decided to accomplish this end by 2015. At that clip, assisted by many international organisation, International non Governmental organisation ( INGO ) , United Nations, with the leaders from the members of the UN made their promised to the universe, through MDGs ( Millennium Development ends ) they will cut down the figure of utmost poorness, hungriness, disease, deficiency of equal shelter, and exclusion-while promoting gender equality, instruction, and environmental sustainability, in peculiarly related to the basic human rights, the rights of each individual on the planet to wellness, instruction, and security.[ 7 ]The committedness and promises made by the universe leader at the clip give a new hope for the universe which in this century, there are 1000s of people populating in under poorness line, without adequate nutrient to eat, without a house, without clean H2O, no entree of wellness, populating in pollution of environmental, in bulk they are confronting the basic thing for survive. The new scheme which have been initiated by the universe leaders at the Millennium declaration is more brilliantly for the hereafter of poorest people which increase twelvemonth after twelvemonth without any good solution for several old ages ago in past up to this present clip. This world becomes the BASIC of the enterprise by the UN with all leaders and all international organisation to give proficient aid and foreign assistance for those states which live in utmost poorness.

At the Millennium declaration there are eight precedences ends which decided by the all leaders of the states through UN acme in September 2000.

Goal 1 Eradicate extreme poorness & A ; hungriness

Goal 2 Achieve cosmopolitan primary instruction

Goal 3 Promote gender equality and empower adult females

Goal 4 Reduce kid mortality

Goal 5 Improve maternal wellness

Goal 6 Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria & A ; other diseases

Goal 7 Ensure environmental sustainability

Goal 8 Develop a planetary partnership for development[ 8 ]

3.1. Fourth Core of the Millennium development ends

There are four nucleuss of MDGs which consist eight ends from each subject.

Graph 1. Fourth Core of MDGs

Beginning: S.Rengasamy – Millennium Development Goals

3.2. MDGs plan in Timor-Leste

In 1999-2002[ 9 ]Timor-Leste was still under the UN Transition ( United transitional in East Timor ) , the state declared their independency in 2002, in late 2003 Timor-Leste has its ain authorities as a autonomous state, nevertheless the political system still necessitate the UN proviso and intercessions. Since 2000-2008 Timor-Leste authorities still prioritized the really basic demand related to the national involvement as a state, the most of import thing was puting up the political system, rehabilitation in substructure which destroyed in 1999 by pro Indonesian Militias. Most of UN bureaus they were seeking given their aid in term of the governmental system, and developmental plan implemented by the authorities, particularly about the basic demands of the authorities and people who populating in rural and urban countries, all the plan were merely for the exigencies support, fundamentally the national frame work of state edifice[ 10 ]

That ‘s mean that at the beginning of the execution of MDGs UN bureaus and Timor-Leste authorities faced dilemmatic status, while concentrating on the MDGs authorities has besides attempt to implement the basic precedence system as a autonomous state. The authorities at the clip, concentrating on the colony of the political system, judicial, societal and economic system in the populace sector, and largely related to the public disposal.

However, all the attempt of the authorities should collaborate with the UN bureaus aid in proficient and fund. That was the first phase of the state which merely puting their ain authorities in term of public disposal, and in international relationship with the other authorities, international societies and International Non Governmental Organization.

By 2002, it was the new procedure of Timor-Leste collaborated with the UN bureaus, International giver, made a scheme of the execution of Millennium Development Goals, at the same clip the authorities of Timor-Leste made the long-run planning called National Development Plan ( NDP ) as the vision of Timor-Leste which achieved in 2020.[ 11 ]

One of the most precedences which has been concentrating by the authorities based on the principal of NDP is to decide the major obstructions faced by all the Timorese people. Those major job are related to the basic demands such as nutrient, H2O, populating status which fundamentally in the utmost state of affairs. Through NDP which besides automatically go the basic of MDG plan, the authorities working together with UN bureaus which have been actively attempt to accomplish the Millennium end by implemented those ends since Timor-Leste be an independency state.

The authorities with the partnership of UN Millennium ends undertaking, together with many other international givers, non-governmental organisation which exist in Timor-Leste has been implementing many plan of the 7th mark of MDGs Goals straight in to the society, all the execution plan in by and large are related to the exigency aid and Reconstruction undertaking which after the Independence pro Indonesian reserves destroy in the urban countries and rural countries.

This paper will merely concentrate on the Goal 1 Eradicate extreme poorness & A ; hungriness which the most of import plan for Timorese people which bulk they are unrecorded in utmost state of affairs of hungriness, and the other basic demands which they really need for survive.

4. Goal 1. Eliminate utmost poorness and hungriness

A Poverty and Hunger really related to many thing of the activities in human life, it ‘s largely give the negative impact of life such as disease which caused mortality specially for the kids who need nutrition for turning up, low productiveness, no income, and fundamentally when the people live in the environment of unemployment, deficiency of natural resources, no nutrient production, and the extreme of natural status which could n’t back up the basic demand of life.

The first end of Millennium Development ends which summit in 2000 by United Nations and all the member states among the universe is to eliminate utmost poorness and hungriness, this is the most basic of end agued by UN and all the authorities in this universe, because as the world showed that many people are now populating in the status of utmost poorness and hungriness.

Graph 2: Eradicate extreme poorness and hungriness

Beginning: S.Rengasamy – Millennium Development Goals

Since 1990, utmost poorness in the development universe has been measured by a standard stand foring the poorness lines found among the poorest states of the universe. In 1985 the criterion of poorness line was $ 1 a twenty-four hours, the international poorness line was later revised to a $ 1.08 a twenty-four hours, measured in footings of 1993 buying power para ( PPP )[ 12 ].The end one of MDGs is how the authorities and UN bureaus with international givers enable cut down by half the proportion of people in the underdeveloped states who populating on less than $ 1 a twenty-four hours.

Many people live in the status of hungriness, these state of affairs is fundamentally related to the deficiency of natural resources, as the world showed that in many hapless states such in Africa, Sub Sahara, Asia, including Timor-Leste and the other parts they are unrecorded in this state of affairs, deficiency of natural resources without holding adequate nutrient, no clean H2O, and fundamentally their life are largely depend on their agricultural sector. In another instance, most of them will confront more problem when the nutrient in status of higher monetary values this will automatically caused many more people into absolute poorness, with estimations proposing that the addition will be every bit many as[ 13 ]100 million.

In term of employment this end is aim to accomplish full productive employment specially empower the adult female and immature people who in bulk faced this job in their activities of life. To cut down poorness, this is one of the of import manner by making a occupation for adult females, immature people who fruitfully with more energetic, the authorities should make occupation chance for the hapless people so through this manner they can supply and sustained the basic demand of life, the proportion of working-age population that is employed is become one of the chief index that the utmost poorness can be reduced.

4.1 MDGs end 1 eradicate ( Extreme poorness and hungriness ) in Timor-Leste.

After independency in 2002, the Government of Timor-Leste, together with the UN Mission focuses on national development activities which starts from activities such as rehabilitation of the building destroyed by the pro-Indonesian reserves, at that clip the authorities of Timor-Leste faced a really critical state of affairs, the most of import policy is how they can supply services to the people largely live in rural countries, due to the basic demands such as nutrient, wellness, schools and things that are most cardinal.

The Government has been working difficult to advance economic growing and in kernel become portion of the obliteration of poorness. The attempt to eliminate the poorness through the authorities plan is the chief end of precedence activities which will give the positive consequence on society, specially for the population which live in rural countries that their income are based on agribusiness production, fishing, and besides the other activities. The Government of Timor-Leste became the footing of development and besides go a facilitator for economic growing due to the economic development.

In reacting this status, in 2002, the authorities issued a national program for the old ages 2002-2007 ; this program besides became the long-run planning to the authorities vision of East Timor in 2020. This planning go the portion of the MDGs specifically how the authorities can take in the procedure of policy-related to the poorness decrease in MDG end 1 ( eradicate extreme poorness and hungriness ) .

There are four chief purpose of the authorities policy in eliminating the poorness in the National planning of Timor-Leste for 2002-2007.

Create an enabling environment to bring forth chances for the economic

engagement of the hapless, bettering their productiveness and heightening their incomes ;

Provide and/or encourage and aid others to supply basic societal services to the hapless on low-cost footings.

Provide or assist to supply security of individual and belongings, and protection from

unanticipated dazes and catastrophes ( exposure ) , including nutrient security at both the

family and national degrees.

Empower the hapless and other vulnerable groups through popular engagement in

make up one’s minding upon and managing development in their small towns, sub-district, territories, and the state.[ 14 ]

Timor-Leste authorities in partnership with UN Mission and UN bureaus with all International organisation and Non Governmental organisation they have been exist in Timor-Leste by supplying giving their aid for the development of Timor-Leste particularly related the accomplishment of Millennium Development Goals.

Foreign assistance has been fluxing to Timor-Leste through direct aid or through agents of developing states which exist in Timor-Leste. The purpose of those foreign assistance and proficient aid are allocated to assist the authorities in several countries of plan which bulk for the development, but as the world showed that Timor-Leste still need those aid for bettering the populating status of life which by and large specified in Millennium Development Goals. This is related to the end eight that the developed states will affect in a planetary partnership for the development of developing states and least developing states which still face the figure of utmost poorness.

Graph 3: Percentage of population bellow the national poorness line ( US $ 0.55- $ 0.88 ) , Timor-Leste, 1996-2007

Beginning from: 2009 The Millennium Development Goals, Timor-Leste ( borrowed from TLSLS2001/Timor-Leste MDGs 2004 Report ) .

Since 1996-1999 it was the status of Timor-Leste was under Indonesian government, the poorness at the clip as shown in the graph that it was about 40 % but in late 2001 it ‘s was reduced to 35 % . However traveling to higher around 45 % -50 % in 2003 and 2005.

While the national poorness line was set at $ 0.55 per capita a twenty-four hours prior to 2007, the Timor-Leste authorities set a new poorness line for 2007 at $ 0.88 per capita per twenty-four hours reflecting the rising prices rate of 7.44 % during 2006-2007 which had an impact on the figure of people populating below national poorness line ) . This marks a important addition of 13.6 % and can be explained by the diminution in existent average private ingestion per capita by 26 % . With half of the Timorese population populating below the basic needs poverty line of $ 0.88 per capita per twenty-four hours, it is clear that the authorities will necessitate to take excess stairss in order to accomplish the mark of 14 % by 2015, set in the 2004 MDG Report.[ 15 ]

Extreme poorness faced most of Timor-Leste people which bulk belong to national poorness line at $ 0.55 per twenty-four hours besides give the impacts the life criterions of the people of Timor-Leste, including the quality of their wellness. For pregnant adult females, they need the quality of nutrient for their growing of their babe before and after childbearing, many kids are faced this job, they are in malnutrition status which reflected by under-five kids that are scraggy, and this besides provides a step for poorness and hungriness.[ 16 ]

Graph 4: Poverty spread ratio Timor-Leste, 2001-2005

Beginning from: 2009 The Millennium Development Goals, Timor-Leste ( borrowed from TLSLS2001/Timor-Leste MDGs 2004 Report, DHS 2003 ) .

For this instance there will be betterment of advancement in cut downing the figure of hunger people in Timor-Leste, from 2007-2015 there will be cut down from 50 % to 20 % of the utmost hungriness, particularly for the kids under 5 twelvemonth.

The chief job of Timor-Leste in poorness status is because hapless people largely in a really terrible economic conditions and household income does non vouch them because no occupation chance for them, they are fundamentally depend on the imported nutrient, even though the bulk of Timor-Leste are unrecorded in rural countries and besides because of deficiency of entree to local markets, deficiency of entree to fiscal services, trouble in merchandising, and the low monetary value of agricultural merchandises, by and large the nutrient they produce merely for their stock for ingestion. In many instances the authorities face more job for occupation creative activity, this instances many unemployment, and besides hard to command the rising prices rate and macroeconomic which twosome with the political and societal instability.[ 17 ]For the hungriness in Timor-Leste its bulk related to the mal nutrition for the kids under age five because when they are in turning up they need good quality of nutrient or good nutrition of nutrient, this will besides related to the quality of human resources of Timor-Leste in the hereafter. In another manner, because of low income and unemployment, this status will impact the hapless people to purchase choice nutrition information and service for those who are populating in urban country which engaged in agricultural sector. In term of hapless cognition it ‘s will effected nutrition wonts of ingestion, wellbeing linked to overall wellness and development in peculiar the generative wellness linked to maternal nutrition, birth spacing, and child wellness, cognition on good beginnings and importance of nutrition.

The authorities of Timor-Leste aware that there are so many things become the chief obstructions, to cut down the figure of poorness and hungriness as shown in the graphs was taken a long clip and every attempt to accomplish it, because as the world of most people live in those status, the national precedence will be concentrating for following few twelvemonth in the poorness decrease plan with has been puting up in the national planning for 2020.


Timor-Leste is a new State in the millenary epoch, go a new state it ‘s face many challenges that would be a hinderance for the authorities to construct this state towards the economic growing and economic development.

In world, Timor-Leste is in utmost poorness conditions, and this became the chief ground for the UN and the authorities of Timor-Leste to turn to the poorness job. Millennium development ends present a model for the universe ‘s hapless states, and this is really appropriate for Timor-Leste to take appropriate national policies with the MDG ends. Timor-Leste has been implementing the MDGs since 2001, although in that twelvemonth Timor-Leste was still under the UN transitional mission but it ‘s really relevant for the MDG plans Timor-Leste conditions which in the poorness line.

In conformity to the execution of MDGs in Timor-Leste that the procedure of the execution is so hard to accomplish, the desired marks by the UN and the member states based on the MDG acme in 2000. Timor-Leste in partnership with UN and assorted international givers and international NGOs have been working hard to supply services for Timorese people in eliminating the poorness and hungriness

The execution of the plans to accomplish the MDGs, particularly Goal 1 marks obliteration of Poverty and hunger are demoing a small measure to alter, because in fact many of the challenges that still have non resolved by the authorities of Timor-Leste and besides assorted donor international bureaus, International NGOs and UN bureaus.

Many international giver which has been given their aid to Timor-Leste since its independency, nevertheless all the foreign assistance and proficient aid merely made really small advancement during 10 old ages their presence in Timor-Leste.

To accomplish the end of MDG in 2015, it ‘s seem rather hard for Timor-Leste, as the world showed that, in this state there are many obstructions faced by the authorities, and besides the UN bureaus and the other International organisation. The existent state of affairs in Timor-Leste rather different, because as a new state which surrounded by the struggle environment, its need the consciousness and attempt to advance the peace between Timorese people and the neighbour Indonesian.

In another manner, many people are unrecorded in rural countries which located in distant countries this is so hard to entree them, particularly no available route, no communicating web, and for the authorities they need immense money in substructure, construct the route, and prepare H2O supply for imbibing and in agricultural sector, the other things is because the bulk of those people who live in rural countries are illiterate, hapless cognition, and they are bulk still live in traditional manner.

One of the most of import thing is the international community and UN bureaus they should aware about the existent status in Timor-Leste, particularly given the aid, they should pull off based on the existent status to the appropriates plan, and it ‘s non merely for impermanent because these sort of aid has been implementing since the transitional epoch in 1999-2002, now the demand to work with the authorities in the substructure countries, related to the route, wellness, instruction, environmental, and particularly assist the authorities for occupation creative activity for this minute, because most of Timorese they will depend on the human-centered aid for survive.