Designing a production plant to manufacture ammonium nitrate for the purpose of a fertiliser

Overview of undertaking

The aim of this undertaking is to transport out a feasibleness survey for the industry of a specified merchandise. This undertaking provides an chance to expose ability in the critical analysis of procedure paths for the production of the allocated merchandise and the rating of these procedure paths. The works will be located in the UK, the capacities of the natural stuffs and the terminal merchandise are known. Namely 100,000t/y of ammonium nitrate will be manufactured from 80,000t/y of azotic acid and 50,000t/y of ammonium hydroxide.

Gantt chart explained

This undertaking will incorporate the subdivisions as detailed in the “ CE3003 Advanced Process Design ” press release. The key undertaking aims have been listed in the Gantt chart as “ Task ” and “ Sub-task ” , the expected continuance of each undertaking and the start and terminal of each is recorded. This chart will be updated on a regular basis so that it truly represents the place of each undertaking. Keeping a good path of the undertakings will heighten organizational accomplishments, high spot precedence in undertakings, and significantly guarantee deadlines are met. This is a utile planning tool, and is often used in industry to set up major group undertaking undertakings such as commissioning and installing work.

The Gantt chart describes the order in which undertakings will be completed ; this order was decided within group meetings. The cardinal mileposts have been decided by the deadline day of the months for the entry of the Project Plan and the concluding Report. These day of the months have been recorded by the Gantt chart and all other undertakings have been added around these day of the months. The chief undertaking is coloured in a bluish saloon, and the sub-tasks are coloured in ruddy.

Aims of Undertaking

* First, we should derive an apprehension of Ammonium nitrate, Nitric acid and Ammonium – the merchandise and natural stuffs themselves. Having cognition on the merchandise uses, belongingss, safety, environmental, wellness and market facets of these constituents will enable the production of a safe and efficient works.

* This works will fabricate ammonium nitrate for the intents of fertilizer usage merely, as specified by the press release, nevertheless, all other markets with ammonium nitrate demands will be researched besides as it affects the net incomes of this works to be designed.

* The wellness and safety subdivision will be a major subdivision, it will include the Material Safety Data Sheets ( MSDS ) of all the chemicals on works ; this is of import as it will give unity to the procedure and works.

Research and Calculations

The alternate procedure paths will necessitate to be investigated ; these are the different ways of fabricating the same merchandise by bing companies.

* These assorted procedure paths will be researched utilizing resources such as text editions and the cyberspace. The information that will be researched will be of a step-wise manner the method of fabricating ammonium nitrate.

* The chief procedure phases will be recognised such as: add-on, reaction, condensation, separation, and filtration and drying. Several procedure paths will be found and compared with each other utilizing a standard standard such as costs, output of merchandise and environmental impact.

* A preferable procedure path will be selected from the scope of paths. However, if there are certain phases that are more preferred utilizing the other paths, different procedure stairss will be incorporated to organize the concluding procedure path, instead than following one.

* When the concluding procedure path is determined the chief pieces of equipment that will be used on works will necessitate to be identified. Major pieces of equipment include a reactor, capacitor, evaporator, columns, storage vass etc. In add-on all smaller pieces of equipment such as procedure pumps, valves and instrumentality such as force per unit area, degree, and temperature indexs will besides necessitate to be considered and positioned on works. The right design and type of equipment is important in every procedure measure, so providers of the equipment will be researched besides. The cost of the equipment will be weighed against the expected consequence from that peculiar procedure measure. So, the equipment will necessitate to heat, pressurise, or agitate to the specific demands.

* A mass balance and an energy balance will be produced for the concluding selected procedure with all the premises and specifications listed, this will clearly associate to the flowsheet.

* Finally, after make up one’s minding on the concluding procedure stairss, runing conditions, and equipment needed to be installed on works a concluding Procedure Flow Diagram ( PFD ) and a Process & A ; Instrument Diagram ( P & A ; ID ) will necessitate be drawn. These drawings will stand for all of the instrumentality and the equipment as will be on works, nevertheless non to scale.

* The layout diagram drawn in ulterior phases of the undertaking will demo the major pieces of equipment on works and this will be about to scale. The works layout will stand for the chief equipment merely, and demo the item of the location of works, include a warehouse for the storage of natural stuffs for illustration, and roadways for the conveyance of the stuffs.

* After the works has been designed a full jeopardy and operability survey ( HAZOP ) will be done utilizing the PFD, the intent of this is to analyze the procedure and place any possible jeopardies. Once the causes and effects of any possible jeopardies have been established, the system being studied can so be modified to better its safety. Control parametric quantities will be put in topographic point. The works design will stay compliant with processs and any UK Torahs and ordinances.

As this undertaking program is prepared prior to get downing any of the undertakings as detailed above, this will be revised subsequently and both editions will be stored in the Appendixs.

Personal development

By analyzing this faculty, as a squad we would wish to mime the manner of teamwork as found in industry and heighten our independent proficient accomplishments, every bit good as soft accomplishments like organizational, unwritten and written communicating.