Current Environmental Laws Of The Philippines Environmental Sciences Essay

There are different Torahs which are provided for the environment. These are created for the saving, preservation and protection of the natural resources of the Philippines. Some are intended to continue, protect and unafraid human wellness and our natural environment merely like the pollution control Torahs. Some of these Torahs will be discussed in the succeeding paragraphs.

Filipino Environmental Policy ( P.D. 1151 ) defines the general policies on the chase of a better quality of life for the present and future coevalss and mandates the set abouting the environmental impact appraisals for all undertakings, which may significantly impact the environment.

Filipino Environmental Policy ( P.D. 1152 ) defines the policy aims and the schemes for the assorted facets of environmental direction, such as air and H2O quality direction, natural beginning development, land direction, and waste direction. It launches a comprehensive national plan of environmental protection and direction, with mention to policies and criterions of noise, air quality, H2O quality, categorization of H2O and waste direction.

Pollution Control Law ( P.D. 984 ) “ Stating that it is imperative to beef up the National Pollution Control Commission ( since subsumed by the DENR ) to outdo protect the people from the turning threat of environmental pollution, President Marcos issued Presidential Decree No. 984, otherwise known as the National Pollution Control Decree of 1976. The Decree was effectual up until its abrogation under the Clean Water Act of 2004 ” .

This jurisprudence prevents possible pollution that different commercial and industrial concerns may give to the environment. It provides guidelines for the proper discharge of sewerage or industrial waste.

The Solid Waste Management Act of 2001 ( R.A. 9003 ) “ an act supplying for an ecological solid waste direction plan, making the necessary institutional mechanisms and inducements, declaring certain Acts of the Apostless prohibited and supplying punishments, allowing financess hence, and for other intents. ”

This jurisprudence ensures that there is proper disposal and direction of wastes in different countries of our state. There are punishments for those who will interrupt the regulations provided by this jurisprudence. It ensures the protection of the public wellness. When we conducted a research in Bakakeng Norte last semester, about their solid waste direction, we learned that there is a plan MRF or the material recovery installation that they are making. Each barangay of Baguio metropolis are making this. This jurisprudence is really helpful non merely for the environment but besides to the people.

Water Code of the Philippines ( P.D. 1067 ) “ adopts equal steps to conserve and modulate the usage of H2O in commercial, industrial and residential countries. It besides provides other policy guidelines in H2O quality and direction of H2O resources. ”

This jurisprudence is really of import. It is a tool in guaranting proper direction and usage of H2O.

Filipino Clean Water Act of 2004 ( R.A. 9275 ) “ is an act supplying a comprehensive H2O quality direction and for other intents. ”

This jurisprudence ensures and secures the wellness of every citizen of our state. It ensures proper direction of H2O resources and H2O quality direction in all organic structures of H2O of the Philippines.

Water Pollution Control P.D. 600 ( amended by P.D. 979 ) “ prohibits the discharge of oil, noxious liquid substances, and other harmful substances into the state ‘s inland and territorial Waterss ” .

Climate Change Act of 2009 ( R.A. 9729 ) “ an act mainstreaming climate alteration into authorities policy preparations, set uping the model scheme and plan on clime alteration, making for this intent the clime alteration committee, and for other intents ” .

Presidential Decree No. 953 “ is a jurisprudence necessitating the planting of trees in certain topographic points and punishing unauthorised film editing, devastation, damaging and wounding of certain trees, workss and flora ” .

The Forestry Reform Code P.D. 389 ( P.D. 705 ) “ codifies updates and raises forestry Torahs in the state. It emphasizes the sustainable use of forest resources ” .

Its map is to conserve the public woods of the state, protect and continue national Parkss and supply agricultural land for the people.

Presidential Decree No. 953 “ is a jurisprudence necessitating the planting of trees in certain topographic points and punishing unauthorised film editing, devastation, damaging and wounding of certain trees, workss and flora ” .

Sanitation Code ( P.D. 856 ) “ places the duty in the local authorities units for the solid waste direction in his country of production ” . It prohibits the improper disposal of refuse

2 ) How Hospitality Tourism Management is affected by the current environmental Torahs?

Environmental Torahs are really of import in cordial reception and touristry industry. They serve as guidelines in seting up concerns. These Torahs provide punishments for every misdemeanor that they may perpetrate. Without these Torahs, there will be overuse and debasement of natural resources. These Torahs should be considered by touristry industries before seting up their concerns. These Torahs set wall or restriction for touristry but conformity with these leads to preservation of our environment and we are non merely assisting the environment but really the whole humanity since we are the figure one who benefits the gifts of our natural resources.

The environmental Torahs give thoughts to the cordial reception and touristry employees on how to hold a successful operation of their concerns. They help in making good way to success. These Torahs remind touristry industries that success is non merely holding a good relationship with the clients they have but besides holding a good relationship with the environment and cooperation with the authorities.

3 ) How Hospitality and Tourism Management concerns can assist better the current environmental state of affairs of the Philippines?

Tourism activities have positive and negative effects on the life of people and in the environment. Tourism can give positive impact on the economic system and provides employment for the people but its unsustainable development can take to devastation of our environment. In developing touristry installations such as diversion installations, H2O supplies, eating houses and adjustment can affect sand excavation, beach and sandbank eroding, dirt eroding and extended pavement. Tourism activity can take to set down debasement and loss of wildlife home grounds and impairment of scenery. Swimming pools and hotels by and large overuse H2O for care, particularly golf classs. This can take to H2O deficit and bring forth waste H2O. Tourism activities besides contribute in unwieldy volume of solid wastes, for illustration here in Baguio City, volume of solid waste additions during Panagbenga.

Cordial reception and Tourism Management concerns can assist better the current environmental state of affairs of the Philippines by being socially and environmentally responsible. By making what is right and non harmful for the environment. By following with the Torahs provided for the environment. Tourism graduates must cognize how to use in the industry what he learned in his school. Nowadays, sustainable touristry and green touristry are going popular. We should non halt in advancing sustainable and green touristry. Tourism concerns can assist by conserving H2O and energy. Practice proper waste direction, cut down, recycle and reuse. In developing their constitutions use environment friendly merchandises such as eco-friendly pigments, offer merchandises which are besides eco-friendly. Tourism industry must non merely after net income, we must besides see all the things it can impact, specially the environment. Our environment is really delicate. Some resources one time depleted they can non be replaced. Some one time damaged, can ne’er be back into their original province once more. Some could be but it will take clip. The following coevals will be the one agony from the loss of our natural resources today.

Tourism concerns should be able to pull clients non by holding epicurean finishs. Start advancing the natural beauty of our environment and halt damaging the natural resources we have. They should be a function theoretical account and promote people in conserving the environment.

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