Culture Clash Between Native Americans And Euro Americans History Essay

Many people immigrated to the United States in the 1800s which caused the civilization clang between the Native Americans and the Euro Americans. The Europeans came to the United States with a wholly different civilization, than the one of the Natives. However, it was n’t until the Europeans began settling in the West where the Natives lived, that the jobs began.

In 1492, Christopher Columbus discovered America. In the 1500s the Spanish adventurer Alvar Nunez Cabezca de Vaca followed Columbus ‘ lead, and explored North America. He was portion of a royal expedition to suppress North America. The expedition did n’t travel every bit planned, and Cabezca de Vaca and about eighty other people from the expedition that had survived a hurricane, diseases, thirst and famishment, ended up populating with the Natives, in what is now Texas. After four old ages, merely four people of the original expedition, including Cabezca district attorney Vaca, had survived. During these four old ages, Cabeza de Vaca discovered that the Natives where really nice people, every bit long as they were treated with regard. He became a bargainer and a therapist, and lived in harmoniousness with the Natives. Subsequently when he returned to Spain and saw how Spaniards treated the Natives, he wrote an history of his experiences with the Natives, to seek and carry people to handle the Natives with more regard.

What Cabezca de Vaca saw in the 1500s, was something non many immigrants saw in the centuries that followed. The 1800s was a clip of quickly increasing in-migration to the United States, but the immigrants who came had n’t learned from Cabezca de Vaca ‘s histories, and about all of them were convinced that they were better than the Natives. When the immigrants moved West to go husbandmans, they invaded the land of the Natives, which led to many confrontations, some more violent than others. All of these confrontation happened, because the Europeans believed that their civilization, faith and manner of life, was better that those of the Natives. The Natives were seen as wild barbarians, they were really frequently called Wild Savages. The Europeans did n’t merely seek to acquire rid of the Natives, nevertheless. Many Europeans tried to absorb the Natives into the American life style. There are several illustrations of this, but two that stand out are the missionaries that tried to convert Natives Christianity was the right faith, and the schools that were established to absorb the Natives ‘ kids.

The Whitmans were an illustration of missionaries who lived with the Natives. They were true European Americans, i.e. had no thought how the Indians really lived, and what sort of people they were. They believed the Indians were really susceptible to the American civilization and faith. The Whitman twosome was really devoted to Christianity, and they were both raised by Presbyterian parents. They decided to go missionaries, and in 1836 they travelled West to the Walla Walla river, which is located where Oregon and Washington is today. Narcissa Whitman was, along with another adult female in their group, the first white adult females to of all time traverse the Rocky Mountains. The Whitmans decided to remain with the Cayuse Indians, who lived by the Walla Walla River. The Whitmans were really optimistic in the beginning, and believed their mission would win. They had n’t bothered seeking to calculate out how the Natives were. They merely ignorantly believed that every bit shortly as they came along, and told the Natives that the Native manner of life was incorrect, and the American manner of life was right, the indigens would believe them. As clip passed, the twosome realized that their mission had n’t been every bit easy as they ‘d do it look. This was partially due to the fact that the Whitmans had so small cognition of the Natives, and were n’t willing to run into them midway. They were n’t willing to compromise in any manner, which led to the failure of the mission.

The Whitmans so ended up helping at the first “ Great Migration ” , which merely made the Cayuse even more leery. They saw the migration, where more and more white people moved into their district, and blamed the Whitmans for it. This migration besides brought diseases along, that the Natives were n’t immune to – another ground why the Natives did n’t like the Whitmans. In 1847 a peculiarly bad rubeolas epidemic came to the Walla Walla River, and because the Natives were n’t immune to the European diseases, many of them died. This resulted in a public violence, where the Whitmans were killed. Subsequently the public violence was retaliated, and the Natives who did n’t decease either surrendered or joined another folk of Natives.

The mission of the Whitmans failed disastrously. It resulted in the decease of the twosome, and besides the extinction of the Cayuse. The Whitmans ne’er succeeded in change overing a individual Native in the 11 old ages they lived with the Natives, and moreover they helped along migration to the West. The migration was n’t bad in itself, but it brought more nescient and inconsiderate euro Americans to the land of the Natives. Sacred topographic points were taken, misinterpretations led to unjust conflicts where the European Americans were superior due to their technological advantage. The Natives were put in reserves where they could larn to absorb.