Cuban revolution

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In the forenoon of the 7th of March 1952, the headline in every Cuban newspaper was “BATISTA SEIZES CUBA”.The U.S. signed a military assistance treaty with Cuba and 1000s of American military soldiers invaded Cuba doing it a immense American barracks. It took Batista three yearss to subvert the Socarras authorities. The Cuban people where filled with anger their state was stolen, until the twinkle of a revolution was led on July 26 of the twelvemonth 1953 when a set of unti-Batista ‘s revolted against president Fulgencio Batista with an unsuccessful onslaught on Moncada ground forces barracks in eastern Cuba, Fidel Castro was arrested in Cuba for being among the moncadistas. The Cubans showed Batista that they will ne’er give up. After Castro has left Cuba and went to Mexico, on November 26th of the twelvemonth 1956 Fidel came back to Cuba on a leaky boat with 81 Rebels, they landed on the seashore of Cuba with little armed force, it was a black set downing merely 12 Rebels survived including Castro, a physician, and the Argentine Ernesto Che Guevara. The revolution was leaded by Guevara, Fidel Castro, and Raol Castro who was the brother of Fidel that first attacked Havana doing it the head start of the revolution. Day after twenty-four hours the fire of the revolution Ate bigger piece of Cuba ten percents of onslaughts made Batista and the United States feel the danger of it and the most unsafe onslaught was on June 27th 1958 when Cuban Rebel forces kidnapped 29 U.S. soldiers. Although Guevara was non Cuban he was a soldier a physician and the encephalon of the revolution. The Cuban Rebels tried garnering cats and arm for the revolution and they succeeded they bought projectile arms and 100s of soldiers that Fidel took

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some of them to contend in the West go forthing Che Guevara the leader of the revolution in the capital. The revolution now is unstoppable, the Rebels are now in 1000s and ten percent of 1000s until Batista fled off from Fidel ‘s Rebels that marched into Havana. The dream now is greater so that Che Guevara commanded his Rebels to take over Santa Clara. The United States felt the triumph of the revolution so the American Mafia scrambled to procure their hard currency and close casinos in front of the crowds that took to the streets and trashed their concerns. On January 3rd Castro took over the Cuban ground forces, four yearss subsequently the United States recognized Fidel Castro ‘s new authorities in Cuba. But the revolution was non a war it was honor so Fidel although he won the war he tried to open a diplomatic door on the United States so in April 15th in the twelvemonth 1959 Castro arrived in Washington D.C. and put Ernesto Che Guevara in charge of the embassador of Cuba in the United Nations because he was the unagitated 1 that knew when to state the right word in the right clip, he was a physician but besides patient, he was the soldier that came from another state to fall in the revolution, and largely he was the friend of Fidel. He foremost met Ernesto in Argentina when Castro was at that place ; Fidel knew that Guevara will be some twenty-four hours a leader, and he is, the name of Guevara is now all over the universe, that adult male who started in a revolution that was n’t his, is now a symbol for the revolutionist. When they asked him: you are from Argentina why you came to Cuba that you have ne’er visited he said: “where of all time there is a revolution against imperialism is my responsibility to be a radical, I wanted to take portion in the release of even a little piece of enslaved Latin America. If

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my organic structure and yours did n’t fire, who will illume our road”.A It foremost started with 82 work forces on a leaking boat with no arms, merely 12 of the survived and reached the Cuban land, but they struggled, they planted the tree of glorification and the hope in the bosom of every Cuban, those 12 ended ten percent of 1000s and still for now the name of each one of them is heard all over the universe as the 1 who defeated the strongest ground forces in the universe, the ground forces of the United States.