Credit Cards Leading To Bankruptcy Finance Essay


This chapter provides a reappraisal of factors that contribute to the recognition cards bankruptcy among the immature executives whether there is a relationship between the factors which are fiscal direction, wage capableness and lifestyles towards the recognition card bankruptcy. This chapter besides covers the conceptual model of the survey along with the hypothesis propose.

2.1 Credit card bankruptcy

Jacquelyn Warwick and Phylis Mansfield ( 2000 ) stated that the attitude toward recognition can decline recognition card debt and personal bankruptcy. The unmanageable use of recognition card will take the user to a bad status as the increasing debts will do them declare as insolvent. Besides that, the increasing of recognition card users besides makes the figure of bankruptcy addition twelvemonth by twelvemonth ( Zafar U. Ahmed and et al. , 2007 ) .

In Singapore, overspending on recognition, which attracts up to 24 per centum of the one-year involvement rate, is the taking cause of bankruptcies. In add-on, the bank can use the database provided by the recognition agency to have recognition histories of clients to measure their credit-worthiness, therefore better pull off their hazards. This is likely to take down recognition default and error degrees, finally cut downing family poorness ( Lydia L. Gan, Ramin C. Maysami and Hian Chye Koh, 2005 ) . It means that, Singapore had taken several ways in order to cut down the recognition card bankruptcies.

Report to the Congress on Practices of the Consumer Credit Industry in Soliciting and Extending Credit and their Effectss on Consumer Debt and Insolvency, presents a brief history of go arounding recognition, and discusses the factors that explain the growing of go arounding recognition clients from clip to clip, focused on the relationship of growing of family debt and bankruptcy. As both revolving recognition usage and consumer bankruptcies have grown in recent old ages, concerns have emerged about whether there is a causal relationship between the two tendencies and, in peculiar, whether the patterns of recognition card issuers have contributed to household insolvencies.

Sharon A. DeVaney and Ruth H. Lytton ( 1995 ) stated that the term insolvency is frequently associated with concern entities from family. The construct of solvency and his opposition, bankruptcy, could easy be defined as has a net worth of either positive or negative. In a manner equiry, mentioning to the bankruptcy failure to subject timely payment of debts as they mature. This state of affairs can do increased responsibilities and a decrease in the portion of assets owned. To set it in bankruptcy, insolvency means that the net assets at just market value is less than the responsibility, which can necessitate settlement of assets through the bankruptcy tribunal order ( Becker, 1992 )

Historically, the footings bankruptcy and corporate bankruptcy jurisprudence represents a different English linguistic communication and a different attitude against creditors. Bankruptcy is a voluntary process which is designed to protect creditors through the ictus and the equivalent of the hotel among the creditors of the debitor. Debtors are frequently faced imprisonment, at the disbursal of creditors. The 2nd organic structure of jurisprudence is to protect borrowers, which will convey to household province bankruptcy, give them all hotel to the tribunal, and was released from debitor ‘s prison. The debitor remains responsible for their debt.

Rafael Efra ( 2006 ) stated that in traditional, American society has seen the request of bankruptcy negative. In the sixtiess, a figure of critics began to voice concerns about dramatic addition in the filing of the bankruptcy clients in the United States. The critics, particularly due to the addition in registering the alleged diminution in morality and shame associated with bankruptcy.

2.2 Factor that contribute to recognition card bankruptcy

2.2.1 Knowledge on recognition card

Harmonizing to Hye-Jung Park & A ; Leslie Davis Burns ( 2005 ) , a dramatic addition in recognition card use in recent old ages Korea has been accelerated by the client to alter the Korean society of mass ingestion. Because the figure of aggressive market enlargement, Korean recognition card companies ‘ came with many run schemes with comfy in utilizing recognition cards, that will increased clients be probably to utilize recognition cards exceeds their ability for re-pay. This state of affairs non merely occurs in Korea merely, but can be seen in Malaysia excessively. We can see that many people attracted to utilize recognition card presents.

Alex Wang ( 2009 ) stated that Federal jurisprudence necessitating recognition card issuers to supply revelations in print ads to convey relevant information to purchase merchandises or services. However, the recognition card issuer may take to put a revelation near the underside of print ads, off from the convincing message, so that it will non pulling a negative response from the client. These restrictions warrant the survey ‘s probes on college pupils ‘ attitudes toward revelations in recognition card issuers ‘ print advertizements and the consequence of their attitudes on recognition card issuers. Fiscal establishments should stress long-run recognition and trueness ensuing from reaping short-run additions on the aggressive selling of recognition cards ( Joyce K.H. Nga, Lisa H.L. Yong and Rathakrishnan D. Sellappan, 2009 ) .

Thomas A. Durkin ( 2000 ) explained about the revelation demands have in big portion been intended to assist forestall or decrease over extension and other troubles ensuing from a deficiency of apprehension of recognition footings and the effects of utilizing recognition. Measuring consumers ‘ cognition of recognition footings and their usage of that cognition is non a straightforward affair. One inquiry is which term or footings to concentrate on. A 2nd inquiry is how, in an interview study, to find the truth of the consumer ‘s cognition. In add-on, some perceivers have proposed that the Truth in Lending Act be amended to necessitate card issuers to unwrap to cardholders the period of clip necessary to pay off a recognition card balance if merely the minimal sum is paid each month.

Researching about degree of people knowledge about fiscal information about recognition cards is indispensable as we know people ‘s cognition about their recognition card, recognition card bounds and recognition card balance will assist them to be better in utilizing the cards ( Jacquelyn Warwick, Phylis Mansfield, 2000 ) .

Compton and Pfau, 2004 stated that many pupils who have recognition cards with high one-year per centum degree, pupils are waiting longer to pay off the card, the worse it gets. These jobs may develop as a bank or recognition card issuer does non expose the revelation included in the application of their recognition cards responsibly. This job will take them to bear high debts and lead to bankruptcy if they can non re pay the debts ( as cited in Alex Wang, 2009 )

2.2.2 Financial direction

Fiscal direction is one of the most knowledge that people must hold. Through the fiscal cognition, people will cognize how to manage their fiscal in a right manner. Fiscal instruction is progressively of import, and non merely for investors. It is going indispensable for the mean household seeking to make up one’s mind how to equilibrate its budget, purchase a place, fund the kids ‘s instruction and ensures an income when the parent ‘s retire. Lacking of fiscal direction accomplishment will take them to fall under many jobs. Furthermore, recognition card users must hold this cognition as they play with debts. Financial knowledge consist of many facets for illustration, the day-to-day spend, payment, merchandise monetary value and others. One of the badgering jobs is the deficiency of fiscal consciousness about the fiscal planning constructs and merchandises amongst today ‘s young persons ( Joyce K.H. Nga, Lisa H.L. Yong and Rathakrishnan D. Sellappan, 2010 ) . This state of affairs will take the people can non command their ingestion and over spend. This will take to a debts job.

The consequences of several latest surveies indicate that the recognition card industry is covering with consumers that consist of many types of consumers who are by and large non really educated about fiscal issues and footings associating to recognition cards ( Karin Braunsberger, Laurie A. Lucas and Dave Roach, 2004 ) . In this state of affairs, many recognition card companies take advantage to supply more recognition cards to clients as they can derive net income from them.

Because of the wider credence towards the recognition cards among the people, most of recognition card companies did non cognizant towards the recognition card user ‘s payment capablenesss. This state of affairs will take to a higher degree of job such debts load and bankruptcy. Halil Tunah and Ferda Yerdelen Tatoglu ( 2010 ) stated that many consumers use their recognition card to pass and fulfill their demand as they think that they can pay back with their future income. Astrid A. Dick and Andreas Lehnert ( 2009 ) found that bank deregulating increased competition among Bankss for borrowers, taking them to follow more sophisticated engineering for gauging borrower recognition hazard. In bend, this allowed antecedently excluded families to come in the recognition market. Sharon A. DeVaney and Ruth H. Lytton ( 1995 ) stated that tenants were about twice every bit likely to describe holding had debt payment troubles as were householders.

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills ( BIS ) in United Kingdom wrote in TNS-BMRB Report, the complexness in understand about the fiscal facets of recognition had caused led many card user to simple manner to steer their purchase and refund behaviour. Besides that, recognition card supplier can increase the client ‘s recognition bound without their direct blessing. Concerns were made about the deficiency of information of possible clients towards the increasing the bound, which clients that have low fiscal capableness and the possible troubles that want to reject the addition bound. When this occurs, the client will overspend as their bound was increased without their cognition. So this certainly will take to high debts and worse, declaring bankruptcy.

Persons will non be able to take the right nest eggs or investings for themselves, and may be at hazard of fraud, if they are non financially literate. But if persons do go financially educated, they will be more likely to salvage and to dispute fiscal service suppliers to develop merchandises that genuinely respond to their demands, and that should hold positive effects on both investing degrees and economic growing.

National Foundation for Credit Counseling ( 2006 ) stated that Journal of Economic Perspectives 2006 study of debitors who sought recognition reding anterior to i¬?ling for bankruptcy found that debt was even more of import, two-thirds were in i¬?nancial difi¬?culty because of hapless money direction or inordinate disbursement ( as cited in Michelle J. White, 2007 ) . But inauspicious events and debt degrees interact with each other in explicating the addition in bankruptcy i¬?lings because, as debt degrees increase, any peculiar inauspicious event is more likely to trip i¬?nancial hurt and bankruptcy.

2.2.3 Life styles

Edward Elki ( 2010 ) states that, nevertheless of import the handiness of recognition is in society, we must be modest and restrained in our usage of it. Populating within our agencies and being circumspect in our risk-taking are worthy ends both persons and concerns should endeavor for. Financing a i¬‚ashy life style through easy available recognition can take to catastrophe.

Caroline Toupin, and Helene Gagnon ( 2010 ) explained that in such a state of affairs, recognition cards become a solution to do ends meet. In their day-to-day undertakings, the consumer associations have observed that families lack liquidness and utilize recognition to run into their basic demands while increasing their personal liability. However, one of the most important features of the offers that were studied is the easy entree to recognition merchandises. Consumers have a inclination to derive themselves to the quickest and easiest ways of acquiring what they desire. As a effect, promotional schemes tend to utilize techniques that render buying goods and services every bit easy as possible.

Zafar U. Ahmed & A ; et Al. ( 2007 ) stated that client define their life style in different ways harmonizing to their degree of income. As we know, different degree of income will devour different things by utilizing different ways. For high flat income or the rich people, they will pass their money for non merely necessity things but for their pleasance. Difference with low degree of income people as their disbursement focused more on necessity things.

The increasing figure of the recognition card holder has brought inordinate disbursement by consumers with a batch of side effects. Many Malaysia clients seem to demo inordinate purchasing behaviour, normally known as compulsive purchasing. Easy handiness of recognition and compulsive purchasing has resulted in many inauspicious effects such as dependence to excessive disbursement and debt. Increasing concern the figure of recognition card holders seeking bankruptcy proceedings for many old ages was besides reported.

The relationship between recognition card usage and unmanageable purchasing behaviour seems to be one ground in sing about the rapid addition both by recognition card and obsessional purchasing in the last few old ages ( Hye-Jung Park, Leslie Davis Burns, 2005 ) . This strengthened that life style is one of the factor that lending to the recognition card bankruptcy.

2.3 Conceptual model

Independent Variables Dependent Variable

Knowledge about recognition card and bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Due to Credit Card Debts among Young Executives

Fiscal direction

Life styles

Table 1.3 Relationship between independent variables and dependant variable

Based on the conceptual model above, independent variable ( IV ) refers to the factors that contribute to recognition card bankruptcy while the dependant variable ( DV ) mentioning to recognition card bankruptcy.

2.4 Hypothesis

A hypothesis can be define as a logically speculation relationship between two or more variables expressed in the signifier of a testable statement. Relationships are conjectured on the footing of the web of association established in the theoretical model. In this research, there were several hypotheses that can be made such as:

H1. There is important relationship between cognition about recognition card and bankruptcy and bankruptcy due to recognition card debts among immature executives.

H2. There is important relationship between fiscal direction and bankruptcy due to recognition card debts among immature executives.

H3. There is important relationship between life styles and bankruptcy due to recognition card debts among immature executives.