Control And Power Bram Stokers Dracula English Literature Essay

Human existences do non hold the ability to posses almighty control over one another. In Bram Stoker ‘s fresh Dracula, nevertheless, Humanity, Dracula, God, and Nature influence each other, both straight and as an instrument, through which they must set forth their ain several power. I will size up the many ways that control and power exist in Bram Stoker ‘s Dracula in the entireness of this essay.A

The chief challenge to God ‘s domination in this novel is Dracula. God is unable to assist the character of Lucy. Therefore, she falls victim to Dracula. Two possible accounts for this are: God does non hold the power to deliver Lucy from Dracula. Dracula is about outside of God ‘s control. Since Dracula has renounced God, God no longer has domination over Dracula. Besides, God feels that she is being rightly punished for her unacknowledged wickednesss.

It seems that the most likely of the two picks is that God is unable to salvage the inexperienced person. However, this is non to state that God is incapable of control. God maintains power over Dracula in legion ways: Holy points ( rood ) and holy H2O. The first clip we see Dracula ‘s response is when Harker is shaving. Dracula approaches Harker and sees his rood. He is forced to halt looking at the rood and Dracula says, “ our ways are different than that of your England ” and “ you should non set your religion in such objects of fraudulence. ” Harker sees that Dracula has a hatred for God. Another clip that we see the rood is at the grave of Lucy. She returns to her casket merely to happen Van Helsing waiting for her. Van Helsing, with religion in the cross, uses it to oblige Lucy back into her casket. Lucy is powerless against the cross. God does non hold complete control over Dracula, he does possess acute power over the vampire.A

Throughout Dracula, the reader continually sees presentations of Dracula ‘s abilities. It seems that the lamia ‘s powers are significantly more extended than God ‘s. Some of his powers are: he is practically immortal, he can go younger by imbibing blood, he has no shadow or contemplation, he has power over the conditions and he has the power to transform into a chiropteran.

Dracula is close to immortality. Dracula has lived for centuries. Driving a wooden interest through his bosom and cutting off his caput is the lone manner Dracula can be killed. Dracula has the ability to turn younger by imbibing blood. ThisA keeps him alive. “ In the blood is life! ” Dracula casts no shadow. He is non populating. The light seems to go through right through him. Dracula has no contemplation. The first clip that we have an thought that he despises mirrors is when Harker says, “ there is non a individual mirror in the full palace ” . Dracula can command the conditions. He caused a great storm when his ship the Demeter comes to England. During this storm Dracula enters England.

Although Dracula has influence over nature, it excessively has some control over Dracula. He may at times seem to be stronger than Nature. However, he is non outside of nature ‘s boundaries. Nature controls him several ways: Dracula sleeps in unholy Earth, he is powerless during the twenty-four hours, and by puting a natural state rose over him, he can go stopped. Dracula must kip in unholy Earth. As a consequence where of all time he goes he must take some of the unholy Earth from his place in Transylvania. When he comes to England he brings instances of unholy Earth so he can kip.

Dracula has many powers, but he is unable to command the Sun. His powers weaken as the Sun rises. Although he can still go, he is weak and easy susceptible. As forenoon arrives, he can non alter into whatever signifier he pleases: he has to stay as he is until nightfall.

Another failing and exposure of Dracula is a wild rose. With a natural state rose, Dracula is stunned and powerless, much like his reaction to garlic and a rood. Nature, in Dracula, can in fact find what Dracula is able to make and, hence, is dominant over him.

We can non bury about humanity. Humanity is the balance of power. Besides, humanity is in the center of this novel. Humanity overpowers nature, Dracula, and God. Humanity is responsible for the creative activity of holy artefacts. These things allow God to set forth His control. Without belief in God, humanity would non hold the desire to do such things. These “ animals of the dark ” would so be able to govern with fright over humanity. Merely humanity can pull strings these artefacts to utilize against Dracula. No 1 else can utilize these, no 1 has the ability to possess a direct domain of influence over Dracula ; God merely has the power to demo his glorification through humanity.

Without an invitation, Dracula can non physically come in a individual ‘s place. Therefore, Dracula must be cunning and sly. He has to entice his quarry outside of their houses or carry them to let him to come in. An illustration of this is when He did this with Lucy. She was drawn outside of her house as she slept, in her dream. When Lucy was drawn to Dracula, he was able to pull blood from her, therefore doing her like him, a lamia.

Evils can non kill evil ; humanity ‘s good is the lone reply for Dracula ‘s freak. The lone manner a wild rose can be placed over Dracula ‘s casket is by the custodies of a human. To transport out such an act, the wholesomeness of humanity is need to finish this undertaking. It does n’t take a projectile scientist for person to be able to deduce that humanity has a batch of power in this novel. Without a human being, God and nature are useless against Dracula ‘s immorality.

In Bram Stoker ‘s Dracula, there is an apparent battle for control. In all of the existence, it is impossible for people to hold full sphere over one another. This is made seeable in Dracula.