Constructing and analysing financial tools

Litergaining results

Be able to build and analyze fiscal statements utilizing a scope of techniques and appropriate e-tools in order to critically measure their value in determination devising

Critically appraise current developments in accounting and finance including measuring modern-day theories and empirical grounds within the context of contrasting planetary concern contexts e.g. the ethical and international issues confronting administrations when formulating, implementing and describing fiscal schemes.

Acknowledge the part of accounting and finance to a diverse scope of endeavors and society as a whole and be capable of lending to accounting and finance research utilizing appropriate informations and methodological analysiss.

Be able to prosecute in the workplace as an ethical professional with the indispensable alumnus properties of endeavor, digital literacy and planetary mentality.

Phosphorusart ( a )

Phosphorusart ( B )

Core fiscal coverage content and faculties

Secondemester and degree


Introduction to Accounting

Sem. 1 & A ; Level 4

a basic degree

Introduction to Financial Statement Preparation

Sem. 2 & A ; Level 4

pupils are expected to identify accounting statements such as the Income Statement

Covering with Accounting Adjustment

Sem. 1 & A ; Level 5

pupils will be expected to measure a scope of International Accounting Standards

Producing/Interpreting Group Financial Statements

Sem. 2 & A ; Level 5

pupils are expected to be able to bring forth and analyze more complex fiscal statements for a group of companies

Accounting Issues

Sem. 2 & A ; Level 6

pupils are expected to critically measure current fiscal coverage ordinances and professional moralss.

Core direction accounting content and faculties

Secondemester and degree


Introduction to Accounting

Sem. 1 & A ; Level 4

a basic degree

Management Accounting

Sem. 2 & A ; Level 4

pupils are expected to use direction accounting rules to simple planning and decision-making scenarios

Intermediate Management Accounting

Sem. 1 & A ; Level 5

work out more complex planning and decision-making jobs utilizing a wider scope of techniques. hey will besides be able to utilize a scope of techniques to mensurate and critically evaluate organizational public presentation

Accounting Issues.

Sem. 2 & A ; Level 6

pupils will place and critically measure recent alterations in direction accounting theory and pattern

Core fiscal direction content and faculties

Secondemester and degree


Fiscal Management

Sem. 2 & A ; Level 5

pupils are expected to develop an apprehension of the construction of concern finance and its application to the determination devising procedures within administrations.

Advanced Financial Management

Sem. 1 & A ; Level 6

pupils will look into corporate funding from both strategic and planetary positions and can measure corporate fiscal public presentation

Phosphorusart ( degree Celsius )

Independent survey accomplishmentscultivated in 3 academic old ages.

The first is self-study ability. In degree 4 and I will take debut to accounting and debut to fiscal statement readying. These two faculties explain the basic fiscal studies, wishing income statement and balance sheet. The cognition in category about this portion is non plenty, and I should happen more related account and practise to heighten my apprehension. Fortunately document and web links provided by Leeds will direct pupils to reading stuffs and extra activities in a scope of faculties such as Introduction to Accounting ( H4 ) , Covering with Accounting Adjustments ( H5 ) and Accounting Issues ( H6 ) . Students will be able to self-check their apprehension by finishing on-line quizzes. As a pupil, I should rectify my attitude towards survey and learn to analyze independently. Level 4 is the foundation of fiscal accounting, when I learn more about accounting accommodations and group fiscal statements in degree 5 and 6 with the self-study ability, it is non impossible for me to correctly concept fiscal statements for all diverse sorts of corporations in the hereafter, and this would be a great advantage for a employee.

The 2nd is about efficient communicating and squad working accomplishments. I should value the parts of my equals in squad working, for illustration in the readying of a group presentation in the Business Context faculty and Strategic planning and Control faculty. Working in groups to pull off and transport out a fake concern undertaking synthesising the expertness and accomplishments developed throughout the class. During the procedure our group members have to delegate sensible apportional proportion that is suited to their advantages to each members through efficient communicating. In workplace, efficient communicating makes you professional and team work makes you competitory.

The thirdly is usage of university e-services e.g. VLE, portal, library and email. We should utilize appropriate e-tools to turn up, entree and utilise information that facilitate acquisition e.g. library e-catalogue and hunt engines. In Level 4 pupils will utilize Excel spreadsheets to make, manipulate and analyse informations in the Data Analysis for Finance faculty. in Level 5. IT for Accountants will widen students’ Excel spreadsheet accomplishments every bit good as better their employability chances through usage of the SAGE accounting package. This will affect importation and exporting information from accounting systems into spreadsheets in order to pull strings informations. Students will hold to go on to show digital literacy at Level 6 e.g. In the Strategic Planning and Control faculty pupils are required to transport out cyberspace based research and fix a set of concluding histories utilizing Excel. The digital literacy is important in the calling life. It is necessary for a employee to be successful.

Phosphorusart ( vitamin D )

Competencies I already have

  • Communication accomplishments. I control good accomplishments of pass oning with people. I can clearly identity other people’s advantages and failing through speaking with them. In add-on to that, in the group assignment of Business Context, my duty is to organize every squad members, tell their aim and absorb their thoughts.
  • Computer literate. I am interested in computing machine, I am good at internet investigator. And utilizing right resource to accomplish the already set aims.
  • Time direction. Normally I use timetable to set up my day-to-day work, particularly for the squad work. I will inform my group members early and warrant they will be at that place on clip, and press them to complete their portion work on clip.

Competencies that need heightening

  • Mathematicss. my mathematics is hapless, ever do errors, so I need to concentrate on the inquiry and Numberss when I am making computation. This should be improved decidedly.
  • Problem work outing. I am non good at work outing jobs, so I should read more people’s experience, and larn their determination devising in the same state of affairs.

Future calling way

My personal end is to go a charted comptroller within industry or commercialism. This allows me to specialize my fiscal expertness. However, my long clip end is deriving all the cognition and accomplishments to open my ain accounting company.

Below I will do a agenda to do my dream achievable


It is my first twelvemonth in BAAF, I will larn the basic cognition about

  • fiscal accounting, wishing prepare income statement and balance sheet.
  • direction accounting, such as budgeting and hard currency flow readying.
  • Business context, cognizing the micro and macro environment and the International Accounting Standards every bit good as UK ordinances


The 2nd twelvemonth, I will take professional survey and increase my ability of job work outing in realistics.

  • Measure the impact of diverse planetary contexts upon concern hazard
  • See practical accounting issues associated with international concern operations.
  • In Intermediate Management Accounting will measure public presentation within divisional administrations including multi-national


In the last academic twelvemonth, it is of import for me to obtain these abilities

  • in Corporate Taxation, I will critically measure the international revenue enhancement environment
  • In Advanced Financial Management I will measure fiscal determination devising within a multi-national context
  • In Strategic planning and Control faculty I will run a concern simulation within a planetary market.


In before twelvemonth I have already finished my survey, so in the continue maestro degree, I will take the ACCA scrutiny. I give thee old ages to myself to derive working experience in accounting company and derive the related accounting cognition. Try my best to go through the scrutiny one clip. And to be qualified accountant.


Work in a large international accounting company.


Raise money and unfastened my accounting company.