Compare And Contrast Cosette And Eponine English Literature Essay

In the book Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, it is easy for one to see the antonyms shown in the characters. Some characters are more similar, while others are polar antonyms. Within the narrative, what happens to the characters strongly influences their personality. This happens for the instance of Eponine and Cosette. Eponine is the girl of the Thenardiers. They are barbarous, money obsessed, and are willing to make anything for an excess vaulting horse. Thenardier takes money from whoever he can by making strategies. These strategies range from robbery to every bit large as slaying. His married woman, Mme. Thenardier is merely as evil and takes pleasance in torturing Cosette. Eponine helps in her parents ‘ strategies to steal, but she redeems herself by salvaging Marius ‘ life. Cosette on the other manus does n’t turn out rather the same. Cosette spends most of her childhood as a retainer for the Thenardiers. Cosette ‘s female parent, Fantine, pays for her girl to populate with the Thenardiers in order to obtain a occupation. The Thenardiers treat Cosette like trash. They dress her in worn out shreds, force her to be the amah of the hostel, and beat her frequently. Her life is like this until Jean Valjean rescues her and takes her into his attention. Although Cosette and Eponine grew up really different, the have their similarities and differences.

Throughout the book, if one truly looks at the character of Cosette closely, the reader would see she is more of an empty figure instead than an independent one. Most people take notice that she is guiltless throughout the book, inactive to the work forces in her life, and she is obedient to a mistake even when it makes her unhappy. The few times where she is self-conscious occur when she foremost realizes that she is reasonably and when she meets Marius in the garden. She is unable to make anything other than what Valjean wants her to make. Her passiveness is so passed on to Marius one time they are married. She is the “ doll ” of the narrative. The narrative presents her, leting the other characters to haunt over her. He offers less editorial remark about her than any of the other major characters.

Eponine is the antonym of Cosette in many ways, but the contrast is more dry. Eponine is the existent girl of the Thenardiers while Cosette was born out of marriage. Eponine is submerged in the life style of a condemnable thanks to her male parent and merely escapes it through her ain high liquors and bravery. Cosette has about anything she could desire while Eponine has nil. Marius is the one thing Eponine does desire, but he would ne’er be hers. Eponine is the girl of a known felon, while Cosette is being fathered by a secret 1. Cosette ‘s artlessness and pureness is from holding a really sheltered life and the deficiency of exposure to anything that might be negative to her. Eponine is non afraid to contend for what she wants. She knows how to pull strings people and state of affairss to her advantage. She is the same age as Cosette, but she acts much older.

Through all these differences, Cosette and Eponine have one large thing in common, their love for Marius. They are both willing to make anything for him. In the instance of Cosette, she fell in love with Marius the 2nd he saw him and Marius fell in love with her. When they eventually meet, they merely fall deeper in love. They finally end up acquiring married and unrecorded merrily together. Eponine ‘s narrative is a small different though. She is profoundly in love with Marius, but Marius merely thinks of her as a friend. She is willing to make anything to acquire Marius to detect her from stating him where Cosette lives to forestalling her parents from robbing Cosette ‘s house. At the terminal of the narrative, she makes the biggest forfeit for Marius. She gives up her life to salvage his by leaping in forepart of a slug. Though their love for Marius is expressed in different ways, they both love him more than anyone.

Overall, Les Miserables is a antic book dwelling of many characters with many differences and similarities. Two characters with multiple differences and similarities are Cosette and Eponine. Cosette is more of a “ doll ” so anything in this narrative. She is obedient to a mistake even when it makes her unhappy. She does whatever the work forces in her life state her to make. Eponine starts out as a dork. She torments Cosette until Jean Valjean takes her off. As she ages she matures some although she helps in her parents strategies. She does stop up delivering herself by salvaging Marius ‘ life. Through these differences, they both love Marius with all their Black Marias. Although they are two really different characters, if the reader looks near adequate, they will see they are non so different at bosom.