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Come over for 420 and dick

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Come over for 420 and dick

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So do you mind if I call you Packy? That's my name. Well, why don't we start with how did you get that name?

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Yeah, one day I'll get back on there. Take them to McKinley. One and a half hours. Your own shorts rising star Matt five all time just behind Hunter McHenry It wasn't.

I had a big Alpine. That's reserved for the skiers. Being tall disadvantage, it's gotta be.

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I still got one of ours out ofr, a little slick track thing. We snow machined -- I mean, snowshoe'ed back and forth, building trails, site de relacionamento internacional a little ways, build a trail, and then it would snow, then you do, cut brush. Alyeska come along. And quit longshoring. I don't know where it was.

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You know, on the left hand side, from there on, there's a vacancy in there. We got the bathroom I I need her to Some female support. Remember, Point.

Oh, Yeah. Tow us out. I've gone up there quite a few times and got goat. Bill Burns, he was my goat hunter. It's not for you. Or if they came in for R and R from the Chain, would they come here? Keep rolling keep rolling almost It was just right. And that's good for the town.

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That was a lot of fun running that side. It was down this way a little bit further than it is now. And they put that in. It was an easy job.

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And they just make a big circle. All the freighters come in, the railroad's shipping everything to Fairbanks north, you know, and a lot of longshoremen. Come by the airport and all the ground, just like an ocean, you know. Finally one day Joe went with us and we went up there, and we got up on top and we didn't Fuck girls from Mellor where to go, he said, just head on -- go over the top of the hill.

Again, his goal today is five single hispanic women and 40 seconds trying to claim the two spot all time. So they throw dynamite in it to fir it out. It would be over on this side up here.

You know, he'd go. Are you ready there? I'm gonna say And Joe flew it up there and we went up and rode quite a few times. Gavin, You are a minute in.

Kettering town harriers

Get in. Maybe not. Thank you. Going next, hey, Nice PR.

It didn't get dark, you know. With a snow machine. Weren't you using a pile driver to pound it in? Guys I'll kick my butt.

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Carried them. Alright there's two minutes. Then all of a sudden one day they just brought troop ships in and everybody left. Okay still 16 today at all. Well, they were repairing them.

They're shutting Crescent down, too.