Choosing methods for research in Finance

One of the major predicaments of research workers is to choose the best suited method for the research as the consequence and quality of any research depends fundamentally on the type of methodological analysis used in the research. The best suited methodological analysis depends on many factors like research aims, purpose, resources available for research and many other factors.

The old chapter of this study represented the literature reappraisal on new merchandises, its market and the factors impacting acceptance of new merchandise, whereas this chapter will stand for the relevant research attack used in the undertaking followed by research design and so method used for informations aggregation, trying and analysis.

3.2 Research Approach:

Research attack suggests that methodological analysis is based on the two premier attacks which include deductive theory testing and inductive theory edifice:

3.2.1 Inductive Approach

Inductive application is bottom-up procedures where observation considered ab initio and so form is decided for the research, following the pattern probationary hypothesis is created which formulate the theory. This application more focal points on observation and there is some grade of uncertainness in decision.

Harmonizing to George ( 1997 ) , inductive procedure signifier a span between the research worker and the research aim, farther more he stated inductive application largely used for qualitative analysis.

Researcher used inductive application as the primary research based on the focal point group interviews and research worker considered this attack as critical for transporting out the research.

3.2.2 Deductive Approach

Deductive attack can be defined as when measuring the research objective the literature is considered as precedence to organize a basic construct of theory and so explicating this theory, hypothesis is created in order to aim the audience farther more observation can put to accomplish the consequences from the hypothesis.

Harmonizing to Balbin, ( 2005 ) , deductive application more focal points on the logical thinking and facts where as Sauder ( 2008 ) stated that deductive attack can be termed as top down attack, where decision follows the logical facts.

Harmonizing to Oppenheim ( 1992 ) , Deductive attack is critical for the research while projecting the decision but it frequently depends on the research worker in make up one’s minding the attack. Sauder ( 2008 ) stated that the advantaging factor in deductive attack is, it consider the logical facts and observation for the analysis instead than theory and mercenary statements.

Researcher has used this method while carry oning the questionnaire, research worker construct up the theory by devouring the literature reappraisal and hypothesis is created on which all inquiries are based farther more observation will be done in analysis chapter to reason the research.

3.3 Research Design:

Harmonizing to Burns ( 2006 ) a research design is a set of progress determinations that makes up the maestro program stipulating the methods and processs for roll uping and analysing the needed information. Harmonizing to Malhotra ( 2006 ) research design is a model or design for carry oning a market research. It explains the necessary procedure for obtaining the relevant information.

There are three types of research design Exploratory Research, Descriptive Research, Causal Research. ( Burns et al, 2006 )

Descriptive Research:

As stated by Malhotra ( 2006 ) and Burns ( 2006 ) . Descriptive research is formulated by peculiar research inquiry or hypotheses, in it the information required is clearly defined. Descriptive research by and large used to reply Questions like who, what, when, where or how. By and large descriptive research is based on big samples ; it states the methods to place beginnings of information and to roll up information from it.

Some illustrations of Descriptive Research are:

Market surveies depicting the size and purchasing power of the market

Gross saless analysis

Product use surveies

Market portion surveies

Causal Research:

The causal research is used for finding cause and consequence relationship ( Gilbert 1996 ) . This research requires a planned and structured design and experimentation is the best method of insouciant research. Casual research is by and large suited for ( Malhotra 2006 ) :

Understanding variables, i.e. which variables are causes ( independent variable ) and which 1s are effects ( dependent variable ) of market phenomena.

To find the association between causal variable and effects.

Testing hypotheses.

Exploratory Research:

The explorative research is by and large used to acquire interior information and apprehension of the market ( Malhotra 2006 ) . It is the most familiar, unstructured and informal research which is used to acquire the background information about the research job. This research method is used when the research worker does n’t hold much information about the research jobs so researcher formulate hypothesis for the research and collect required background information. ( Burns 2006 )

Harmonizing to Burns ( 2006 ) there are several Methods for roll uping explorative research such as Secondary Data analysis ( i.e. analyzing literature, direction diaries and market studies ) , Case analysis, Focus groups and Experience studies.

After the elaborate analysis on the literature research worker found that explorative research is the best suited method for this research because explorative research seems suited for happening factors impacting acceptance of new merchandises as explorative research is used to acquire interior information and apprehension of the market.

3.4 Data Collection Methods:

There are two types of Data aggregation methods primary and secondary informations

Primary Data

Primary informations is information/data created by research worker thru assorted methods to reply specific research inquiries ; it ‘s a more customised and focused informations which is used merely for the jobs in manus. This information aggregation method is clip devouring and expensive as comparison to secondary informations. ( Malhotra 2006 )

For this research research worker obtained primary informations by carry oning focal point groups and study between adoptive parents and non adoptive parents of new merchandises, to roll up both perceptual experiences that why consumer choose to follow or decline the merchandise. This information will assist in understanding the factors impacting acceptance of new merchandises and compare them to literature.

Focus Group:

Burn ( 2006 ) province that Focus group is a qualitative research method in which little group of people are brought together for unstructured and self-generated treatment moderated by a impersonal moderator who makes sure that the treatment is focused on the country of involvement.

Harmonizing to Malhotra ( 2004 ) , the indispensable component in focal point group is to detect the respondents from suited mark market by listening to them and accomplish the appropriate consequences.

Focus group is type of an application to measure the research inquiry. The cardinal benefits which are attached to concentrate groups are answering can easy be observed and analysis can be done efficaciously. Writer explained that the lower limit to maximal figure of people for the focal point group can be 6 to 12 and the respondents which are selected for focal point group can be pre screened to understand the mental capacity. ( Malhotra et al, 2006 )

Focus group can be recorded for analysis intent, which can give a border in organizing a research sentiment, for this research two focal point groups were conducted with seven members in each group who were both adoptive parents and non-adopters of new merchandises with open-ended inquiries and were conducted in free antiphonal environment.

Survey Research:

Survey is the most common method of roll uping primary informations, it involves interview with a big group of peoples from appropriate mark market utilizing a structured questionnaire. In which respondents are asked inquiries sing their attitude, behavior, connotation, demographic and lifestyle features. ( Malhotra et al, 2006 ) .

Harmonizing to Peter Chisnall 2005, questionnaire ever behave as the anchor of any study and therefore requires a careful planning and executing farther more writer stated that assorted tool and applications are being considered to plan questionnaire which follows the research aims.

Questionnaire can be extremely structured or unstructured. In extremely structured questionnaire the inquiries asked to respondents, responses are wholly predetermined on permitted constructs. The unstructured questionnaires are those which responses are slackly preset because of responses are by their ain words and the manner they feel to suit. ( Gilbert A. Churchill, JR. 1996 )

Harmonizing to Malhotra ( 2006 ) , structured questionnaire posses three qualities, foremost, it must show the apprehension of the respondents and respondent can easy depict their positions on the inquiry, secondly questionnaire must possess the quality to promote the respondent in reacting the questionnaire and eventually questionnaire must be designed in manner that assures the mistake freeness.

Researcher has used study method as primary research for informations aggregation, most of the inquiry which research worker used was open-ended inquiry in order to acquire admirable response from the audience farther more researcher specifically considered the outstanding market where these inquiries was gathered.

Secondary Datas

Secondary informations is information/ informations which were collected antecedently for specific intent instead than the current research job. The for more advantage of roll uping this information is rather easy, authors frequently include this type of informations in cheap class due to nature of aggregation methods used.

Secondary informations can be distinguished into Internal and External secondary informations. Internal secondary informations is generated within the administration on which research is being conducted whereas External secondary informations is generated by other beginnings like publication houses and on-line database.

Harmonizing to Malhotra ( 2006 ) , before roll uping primary informations research worker should seek and analyze for relevant secondary informations as secondary informations can assist in sample design and it can supply base for the primary research.

For this research secondary information has been collected from assorted beginnings such as from library, Metalib, and assorted other research websites. Much of the information has been collected from library and due to nature of research ; broad literature is available on subject.


Harmonizing to Peter Chisnall ( 2005 ) , trying is one of the major constituents of any market research, in which a little group of respondents are selected to stand for a big group. Sampling enables the research worker to obtain informations of high quality and salvage clip, money and labor.

3.5.1 Sampling technique

Sampling technique can be classified as Probability trying and Non-Probability sampling. In chance sampling every component of the population has equal opportunity of being selected into samples whereas Non-Probability sampling technique is non depend on opportunities, in it researcher decides which element to include in sample. ( Naresh K. Malhotra & A ; David F. Birks 2006 )

For this research Non-Probability sampling technique is used. Non-Probability technique can be classified into Convenience Sampling, Judgemental Sampling, Quota Sampling, and Snowball Sampling. After the item survey of these full sampling techniques researcher adopt Convenience Sampling technique in which the samples are obtain at the convenience of the research worker. Malhotra ( 2006 ) States that convenience sampling technique is the most cost effectual and clip salvaging trying technique and is recommended for explorative research for bring forthing thoughts, penetrations and hypotheses and can be used for pre-testing questionnaires.

3.5.2 Sample size

Harmonizing to the Sauder ( 2007 ) , Sample size is the size of consequence which is traveling to be selected from the population in order to measure the consequences farther more writer defined that trying size depends upon nature of the population and the research inquiries. Researcher used trying technique for the effectual research analysis below is the tabular array which best describe the how sampling method used by the research worker.

For this research sample size of aˆ¦aˆ¦ . respondents was achieved in a questionnaire study whereas in focal point group there were two Sessionss, in session one sample size of aˆ¦aˆ¦ . was attained in which there were aˆ¦aˆ¦ . males and aˆ¦aˆ¦ females and in session two the sample size of aˆ¦aˆ¦.. was achieved with aˆ¦aˆ¦ . females and aˆ¦aˆ¦ . males. All these respondents were adoptive parents of new merchandise which in this research is apple iPhone 4.

Questionnaire Sample Plan

Entire no. of Questionnaire Distributed

Rejected no. of Questionnaire

Completed no. of Questionnaire

Percentage of Response

Focus Group Sample program

Focus Group S.No.

No. of Participants



Focus Group 1

Focus Group 2

3.6 Data Analysis:

After roll uping primary informations following phase is data analysis, Paul Baines ( 2008 ) states that informations analysis is a phase in which informations obtained thru different methods are processed to informations input, analysis and reading.

To happen the factors impacting the acceptance of new merchandises both qualitative information ( thru focal point group ) and quantitative informations ( thru questionnaires ) were used.

For qualitative informations transcript based analysis was used in which the recordings of focal point group was transcribed and used with field noted to analysis the factors.

For summarizing and analyzing quantitative informations research worker usage SPSS tool which is a statistical analysis bundle, SPSS facilitate the research worker to execute broad scope of analysis, rapidly and accurately transport out statical trials, and it convert the information into tabular arraies, charts and graphs to give clear position of findings. ( Jill Hussey & A ; Roger Hussey 1997 )

3.7 Summery

This chapter act as the land for carry oning any research. It explains and justified the methodological analysis used for the research.

This research uses both the research approaches to roll up informations, in which secondary informations was researched and analysed utilizing desk research in which diaries, articles and online informations was studied, this information searched was on merchandise acceptance, new merchandise and consumer purchasing behavior, these information was critically analysed for happening factors impacting acceptance of new merchandises.

Primary information was collected thru Focus Group which is a qualitative method, two focal point groups were conducted for the research with seven and six members in it, these focal point groups were transcribed and analysed for relevant information. Second method used for roll uping primary informations was on-line study which is a quantitative method in which aˆ¦aˆ¦ . sample size was selected and analysed utilizing SPSS package.