Balloon Powered Car Essay

A balloon-powered auto is powered by the air released in the straw. One must blow into the straw which inflates the balloon. When you blow up the balloon. put your race driver down. and allow it travel. get awaying air from the balloon rushes out of the straw causation propulsion. The rule at work is Newton’s Third Law of Motion. which states that for every action. there is an equal and opposite reaction. In the instance of the Balloon Powered Car. the action is the air hotfooting from the straw. The reaction is the motion of the auto! The traveling Balloon Powered Car has kinetic energy. but even an object that isn’t traveling has energy. This energy is called possible energy. The possible energy of the auto is in the elastic stuff of the balloon. As the balloon fills with air. it builds more possible energy. As the air flows from the balloon. it changes to kinetic energy. This is the preservation of energy.


Using the old mousetrap auto base and wheels. we will look into how the diameter of the balloon correlatives to the distance the auto goes. Hypothesis: If we increase the diameter of the balloon. so we will anticipate a greater distance. Independent variable: The different diameters of the balloon measured in centimetres. Dependent variable: The distance the balloon-powered auto will travel in centimetres. Controls: Surface ( smooth tile ) . Temperature ( to maintain changeless kinetic energy inside the balloon ) . Unit of measurement of measuring ( centimetres ) . Wheels ( gum elastic ) . Position ( confronting frontward ) Unit of measurement of Measurement: Centimeters


1 ) Take out the mousetrap in the old mousetrap auto and maintain the base and wheels. Those will be used as the base and wheels of your balloon-powered attention. 2 ) Cut the oral cavity ring ( the lip that you blow into ) off of the balloon. This will let for a better seal between the balloon and the straw. 3 ) Insert a straw about 1? into the balloon. Use tape to firmly fix the straw inside the balloon. The tighter the seal. the better your straw is traveling to work. so make certain as small air as possible can get away. 4 ) Mount the straw so that the point where the straw and balloon connect is about 1? from the terminal of your human body. Taping it at this point is
your best stake. Procure the straw so that it points straight out from the human body. 5 ) Inflate the balloon and squeeze the straw to maintain air inside the balloon. Put the race driver on the land and allow it travel! TrialsDiameter: 15 cmDiameter: 20 cmDiameter: 25 centimeter

1130. 4 cm210. 2 cm265. 7 centimeter
2120. 5 cm165. 1 cm210. 9 centimeter
3135. 1 cm195. 0 cm235. 4 centimeter

Diameter: 15 cmDiameter: 20 cmDiameter: 25 centimeter
Average distance:128. 7 cm190. 1 cm237. 3 centimeter

Exact measuring of balloon with swayer
Precise alliance with the tiles
Exact measuring of distance with swayer
Resuming tests the following twenty-four hours


Through our informations that we recorded. we have concluded that there is a direct proportion between the diameter of the balloon and the distance of the auto. Our hypothesis was right ; if you increase the diameter of the balloon so the distance of the auto will increase. This is because the more air inside the balloon will ensue in more air being released ensuing in a greater force forcing the balloon frontward. There were systematic mistakes in our tests with the measurings of the balloon diameter and the distance. Besides. the resuming of the tests the following twenty-four hours may hold caused a little temperature alteration doing the volume of the balloon to differ from the twenty-four hours before. Besides. there were random mistakes with our arrangement of the auto along the tiles. and the ability of the wheels to whirl as they should. Another little mistake might be the fatigue of the balloon over clip and how rapidly the balloon would be able to ptyalize out air out of the balloon after each test. Besides. after mensurating. as we pinched the straw to keep the air inside the balloon some air may hold left the straw doing the balloon to diminish it’s diameter.