Australias Involvement In The Ww1 History Essay

The First World War began when the British and Germans went to war in August 1914. At that clip Australias relationship with Britian was really strong, as 90 per centum of the population were of British decent. Australia had accepted the British legal System, British history, societal imposts, cultural and clean traditions were being taught in Australian schools. There were on-going political, economical and emotional ties. And although in 1901 Australia had taken its independency in the Federation, it still had strong ties with Britain and Britain still had a great influence over Australia by naming a Govenor General. To honor this relationship Australias ‘ Prime Minister Andrew Fisher agreed to back up the British Government, and being that they were now at war Australia was shortly to follow, along with France and New Zealand.

In october 1914 Australia sent Navy and Military forces taking ownership of Germany and New Guinea. In November 1914 the Royal Australian Navy HMAS Sydney destroyed German Raider SMS Emden But the war was non over it had merely merely started.

On the 25th of April 1915 Australia sent their Imeprial forces to Gallipolli. The military personnels were to remain at that place in conflict until they were evacuated on the 19th and 20th of December 1915. After Gallipolli in1916 and 1917 Australian military personnels were so sent to the Western Front and the Middle East to contend a figure of runs where there were great losingss and really small to be gained.

By 1918 the Australians had reached the extremum of their combat in the conflict of Hamel on the 4th of July. From the 8th of August they so took portion in a figure of conflicts until Germany surrendered on the 11th of November.

Merely like other states Australia greeted the war with great enthusiasm, exhilaration and devotedness. There was an overpowering 20000 voluntaries that filled the first call for aid from the British Governement. Their grounds for enlistement were, that they did non desire to lose their chance for escapade. They thought it was their responsibility to be loyal to Britain “ The female parent state ” . They saw a opportunity to be paid more so that they could break their lives. Besides, the hate of Germans had increased to the point where Australians wanted to protect there households from the Germans. At the beginning of the War the governments had to put high physical criterions for recruits due to the figure of people desiring to use. Merely the really fittest and healthiest work forces were accepted.

Australian adult females volunteered for services in, as cooks, nurses, drivers, translators, ammos workers, and skilled farm workers. They were left at place with their household, transporting the physical and fiscal load, while their hubbies were sent overseas to war. The consequence of the war was felt at place by households and communities that went through great hurting and heartache following the loss of so many work forces, and adult females.

Although there were many enthusiastic volonteers there were a figure of Australians that oppossed the involvemnt of Australia in the war. Religious groups were against the taking ogf human life, and unionist believed it was traveling to burthen the on the job category people in every state. It would non consequence the wealthy as they had money they could trust on.

As clip passed from 1916 to1918 small land was won, and decease and casualties grew. Between 1915 and 1916 the Australian Government so needed to replace military personnels, they introduced enrolling propaganda so they could act upon people to believe in a peculiar manner to promote them to travel to war. They started with runs such things as loyal addresss and epic action movies and the most successful propaganda was the colorful postings that were sent across the State.

They so besides changed the physical criterions for enlisting and such things as height limitations were removed, and work forces that had applied before and were rejected were now accepted.

Sign says: A ‘To the memory of the brave chaps who fell at Gallipoli, 1915 ‘

Man ‘s bag says: A ‘Interest on War Loans’The propaganda achieved great success as it persuaded people through fright, guilt and confrontation. It besides made adult females, friends and household imperativeness onto the people they new to travel to war. It appealed to peoples nationalism, desiring to function in honor. It showed work forces to hold bravery and maleness, offering escapade with a secure occupation that paid good, and it made the hatred towards Germans grow, with work forces desiring to protect their loved 1s.

There was besides muster of males that were between the ages of 12 to 14 and 18 to 40. On the 28th of October 1916 The Australians were asked to vote for conscription,1,087 557 were in favor and 1,160,033 were against, the referendum failed. The muster issue was greatly debated and made divisions between protagonists and non protagonists. Again on the 20th of December 1917 the Nation voted “ NO ” to muster.

But the Government knew what it was doing.. It was non stating the facts on what it was truly similar at war. It neglected to demo the world of the rough environment, and the diet of staff of life, biscuits, tins of beef and tea. The difficult physical preparation with menace of disease and infection from being surrounded by rats lice insects had taken its on the Australian soldiers, non merely physically but mentally as they saw their fellow Australians die before their eyes and they could non make nil.

Merely like other states Australians accepted the World War 1 with great enthusiasm that had ne’er been experienced before and will likely ne’er be seen once more. For Australia, as for many states, the First World War due to deceases, and casualties remained the most dearly-won struggle in all clip. From a population less than five million, 416,809 work forces enlisted, of which over 60,000 were killed, and 156,000 wounded, gassed, or taken captive. So to all the work forces and Womans that should hold been home before Christmas but that lost their lives.