Askari Commercial Bank Ltdis Finance Essay

Borrowing financess from different beginnings has become an indispensable characteristic of todays concern endeavors. But in the instance of a bank borrowing financess from outside parties is al l the more critical because the full banking system is based on it. The borrowed capital of a bank is much greater their ain capital. Banks borrowing is largely in the signifier of sedimentations. These sedimentations are lent out to different parties. Such sedimentation creative activity is done through opening an history in the Bank.

Types of Histories

In AKBL, there are the undermentioned types of histories:

Current history.

Salvaging Account.

Askari Special Deposit Account. ( ASDA )

Basic Banking history

Term Deposit.

Current History

In current history there is no involvement on it. It is for lone dealing intents. They are paid on demand. When a banker accepts a demand sedimentation, he incurs the duty of the paying all checks drawn against him to the extended of the balance in the history. As there is no net income paid on this history it is besides called chequing history because checks can be drawn on it. Current history is largely opened for concern.

Salvaging History

The intent of this history is to bring on the wont of salvaging persons in the vicinity. The minimal sedimentation for opening the history is Rs.1050/- ( as obvious in the Annexure ) .

Though persons unfastened such histories for salvaging intent, individuals belonging to Armed forces and different military establishments are free to utilize this history on current footing.

Askari Special Deposit Account

ASDA history is an involvement bearing current history involvement is paid. The payment of return is monthly, where as the rate of return with facet to the sum of minimal sedimentation clear. It is besides cheqing history because checks can be drawn on it. It is necessary for this history that the client must keep a minimal balance of Rs. 50,000 at the terminal of the month. That ‘s why it is similar to current history. It is largely opened by Business but persons to open this history.

Tax of 0.3 % would be deducted on ASDA if backdowns are more than Rs.25, 000.

Term Deposits

A term sedimentation is a sedimentation that is made for a certain periods of clip at the terminal of the specific period. Thecustomer is allowed to with pull the rule sum.

AKBLs Term sedimentations are of types clear in the sedimentation strategy. One of them is “ Askari ” Advantage one month. The rate of return on this history is set by caput office. The term sedimentation histories vary one month to 1 twelvemonth for all undermentioned histories.

The sum of net income is given to depositors in three ways:

By hard currency

By directing a bank Draft to depositors Home reference or Military officers or whichever is specified as mailing Address.

The sum is credited in any one of the look intoing Histories of the depositor.

Account Opening Procedure

For the check histories ( C/A, ASDA, SAVING ) , there are different types of history holders are required for all these types of history holders. The operation /procedure demand that is needed for “ Individual Account “ differ greatly from “ Joint history “ proprietary “ Partnership “ , “ Limited Company ” and “ Club society or Association “ as explained below.

Individual ‘s History

When a individual adult male or adult females opens an history in his/her ain name and has the right to run it is called single Account.

Joint History

When two or more individuals, neither spouses, nor legal guardians, open an in their name is called joint Account. Husband and married woman or two individuals of same sex can open joint history.

Proprietorship Account

When an proprietor of a house runing singly, opens an history in his house name, this history is called a proprietary Account the proper himself apt for all his Acts of the Apostless.

Partner Ship Account

The history is opened in the house name and all spouse designate one two individuals to move on behalf of the partnership firmer all Acts of the Apostless on behalf of house. The spouses in the partnership house are apt for the Acts of the Apostless of the house jointly and badly. Every spouse has in a house has an implied authorization bind his co. spouses by pulling and enclosed checks.

Accounting Department

Histories section is a section which trades and cheques all the activity of all the section.It besides deals in look of finance of the bank. Salary payment is besides one map of the bank.

Checking Bank ‘s Daily Activity

Histories section trades and checks the full working of the Branch ; all the verifiers that have been posted at the computing machine are scrutinized in histories section. The “ End of Day ” i.e. computing machine print is besides received from the computing machine. The following twenty-four hours the activity is separated some statements from the “ End of Day ” . Then following twenty-four hours activity separated some statements from the “ End of Day ” . The verifiers are sorted out caput wise. The verifiers are matched with the entries in the statements.

Any abnormalcy if occurs, is instantly dealt with. All the verifiers and direction are checked separately against the computing machine printouts. After look intoing they are signed by authorised signers.

Other Activities

Preparation of day-to-day bank places statement

Payment of wages

Preparation of the statements

Depreciation computation

Cabinets Issuance

Clearing Department

There is no duty on a banker to roll up checks drawn upon other Bankss for a client, nevertheless it is map of every modern bank of aggregation of checks and measures on the behalf of clients DD, s wage and other negotiable instruments.Now a yearss NIFT is supplying services of roll uping checks and measures etc

Remittance Department

The demand of remittal is normally felt is commercial life peculiarly and in mundane life by and large. The chief map of the remittal section is to convey money from one topographic point to another. By supplying this service to the client, Bank earns a batch of income. Besides client is able to run into its twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours fiscal demands.

Demand Draft

It is an instrument collectible on demand for which value has been received, issued by the subdivision of the Bank drawn i.e. collectible at some other topographic point ( subdivision ) of the same Bank. If two Banks are involved so the DD is sent to other Bank but in other instance it is handed over to the applier.

Wage Order

It is an instrument issued for payment in same metropolis. Pay order issued from one subdivision can merely be collectible from the same subdivision. It is usually referred to as Banker ‘s check. It is besides called confirmed check, because Bank issues this on it ain warrant.

Outward Bills for Collection

The measures, which are received by the Bank and sent to other metropoliss ( subdivisions ) for the local glade in that metropolis, are called Outward Bills for Collection.

Inward Bills for Collection

The measures, which are received by the Bank from other subdivisions out of the metropolis for local glade are called Inward Bills for Collection.

Foreign Trade Department

Foreign trade section trades in:

Foreign currency history



Foreign Currency Account

This history deals with the histories holding foreign sedimentations and remittals. This history provides following installations:

Traveling quota

Out ward remittals

In ward remittals having

To do remittals process flexible


Chiefly export trades in:

Negotiation of paperss

Sending the paperss for aggregation

Pre-shipment funding

Post-shipment funding

Remittance against agent committee

Forward covered engagement

Managing the paperss for dialogue harmonizing to the UCP 500 ( unvarying usage and patterns )

Managing the paperss for aggregation harmonizing to URR ( unvarying regulations for aggregation )

Submission of monthly returns to SBP sing the export on form A-2/O-2.


Opening the missive of recognition.Scrutinize the paperss receive from fluxing bank under missive of recognition. Account to UCP 500 and widening the recognition installation to the importer informs FIM ( finance against imported ware ) FATR ( finance against trust reception ) .Arrange frontward cover booking sing import payments.Also arrange frontward screen engagement for missive of recognition unfastened other so AKBL

Submission of monthly returns to SBP sing the import on signifier I

Organizational Management Analysis ( OMA ) :

OMA is a alone procedure adopted by organisations to measure the efficiency and public presentation of their direction. This tool non merely helps executives with an overview of director ‘s strengths but besides place the country needs to be improved. Organizational civilization besides plays an of import function in the analysis of direction pattern.

In Askri Bank, the organisational civilization is seemed to be really strong. The Decentralized direction attack is used with the cultural values like authorization, acknowledgment, association and so on. OMA theoretical account checkpoint 360 single feedback is used to bring forth and describe about direction groups in Askari bank. Each study identifies director ‘s strength and country necessitating farther betterment.

The leading accomplishments of manages are typically rated through three groups: their foreman, their direct studies d their Peers. OMA theoretical account contains summarized information about the strengths and development countries of the directors and way for the necessary accomplishments developing needed to better their public presentation. Askari bank OMA ‘s theoretical account contains 18 accomplishments sets on the footing of which the direction strengths are assessed:

Facilitates team success 2 ) Achieve consequences

Communicates efficaciously 4 ) motivates successfully

Provides way 6 ) provides way

Thinks creativeness 8 ) instills trust

Plants expeditiously 10 ) delegates duty

Listen to others 12 ) works aptly

Takes action 14 ) cultivates single endowments

Displaies commitment 16 ) seeks betterment

Builds personal relationships 18 ) procedure information

The above accomplishments sets process the OMA information and organisational development scheme is devised on the footing of this.

Internship Plan

Sr. No.

Get downing Date

Ending Date

Name of Department

Duration ( Days )




MIS Dept.

Six hebdomads

Detail Description of The Task Assigned

Responsible for coevals of computerized studies of all the depts. in Summit FT

Responsible to upload studies to HQ via FTP ( file transportation protocol )

Help MIS officers in executing of their responsibilities particularly in hardware fixs or updating antivirus spots.

Keeping day-to-day minutess records

Screening and finalisation of bank client files

Care of studies on month terminal shutting

Performed all those undertakings which are assigned by my supervisor.

MIS Dept. of the Multan Branch:

As Askari bank Multan subdivision is the metropolis ‘s largest subdivision with drawn-out figure of sections. To get by with the demands of each dept. and to ease the operation of the machine-controlled system of the bank, a complete MIS dept. plants for the smooth working of the subdivision. The Hierarchy of the MIS dept. is shown below in a chart.

MIS Manager

Assistant MIS Manager

MIS Officer ( Hardware )

MIS Officer ( Software )

MIS Department Structure and Functions

Number of employees in MIS Dept.

MIS dept. in Multan subdivision is consisted of four staff members. The control of the said dept. is with MIS director. MIS director works under sort control of frailty president/ Branch director of Multan subdivision. MIS director besides assumes in-charge of all Askari bank subdivisions in Multan metropolis and responsible to describe to Regional MIS director at Askari regional office.

Assistant Manager MIS is responsible for supervising of MIS officers who further trades with hardware and package issues in the subdivision.

Duties and Functions of MIS dept. :

Management information system helps in informations aggregation and processing of natural informations into utile and meaningful information and to circulate to the other users when and where required. In fact, MIS is blood bone in now a yearss concern civilization that all determinations are made on the footing of information generated through MIS systems. Significant cost effectual and clip salvaging benefits are associated with the usage of MIS in organisations.

Admiting the demand of MIS system, Askari bank besides invested tonss of its financess to its MIS system to bring forth information in much fruitful manner. In Askari bank, each degree of direction usage assortment of information systems harmonizing to their demands and demands. Typically following information systems are really of import to do best usage of information:

Executive Support Systems ( ESS )

Decision Support Systems ( DSS )

Knowledge Work Systems ( KWS )

Transaction Processing Systems ( TPS )