Arthur Millers Death of a Salesman

The drapes open in Act two, scene 10 with a really intense confidant ambiance. The feeling or temper that prevails in the scene is chiefly created by the sensuous music. Willy follows a adult female who enters in her faux pas, while he buttons his shirt. It creates an allusion that Willy and this unknown adult female had merely been involved in sexual activities. The duologue between them is really informal and intimate. As they continue to prosecute with their conversation, a knocking is heard at the door. Biff appears. His visual aspect adds more tenseness to the ambiance. This scene seems to be the extremum of tenseness and exhilaration, therefore it is described as climatic.

The subject of Love and Family Relationship is presented through Willy and the unknown adult female being involved in sexual activities. The adult female describes Willy as sad and egoistic: “ You are the saddest egoistic psyche I have of all time see-saw. ” This is important as it highlights Willy thought of no-one but himself, therefore the consequence of him stoping up in a hotel room with a adult female even though he is married with a pleasant, supportive married woman.

The subject of Truth, Lie and Deception is besides explored. Biff had ever looked up to his male parent as a adult male he could esteem. This is why he had ended up traveling to Boston. He was seeking for consolation from him after he had a bad conversation with his instructor. He says to his male parent, “ You got ta talk to him… ..I ‘m certain he ‘d come through for you. ” But every bit shortly as Biff realizes there is a adult female in the room with his male parent, he becomes emotional and defeated. Immediately his assurance in Willy deteriorates: “ Never head… … he would n’t listen to you. ” The lines in which Biff calls Willy a hypocrite further shows his letdown: “ You fake! “ , “ Do n’t touch me you liar. You phoney forge. ”

Another squad explored is Respect. It is apparent that Biff loses all regard for Willy because Willy has disrespected his female parent to the highest degree. The small regard he shows to his lover is besides an illustration of how disrespectful Willy is to adult females. He asks her to go forth the room when she was half bare: “ Get out of here… ”


By Stacy-Ann Smith

How could my pa be a hypocrite, a sham?

After dreams, wants, promises he do

In forepart of God and adult male

On that twenty-four hours he stand

Was it in love he said, “ I do? ”

And ma smiled ( oh how I wish she knew )

I am non happy neither is Happy

I cry for her, yes I wept

In letdown for yearss I swept

You… … selfish, egoistic and rancid

No admiration Dad had nil works in his hr.


Act two, scene 11 Begins with the reaching of Happy and Biff after they had left their male parent in a eating house. Happy brings place flowers to his female parent as a signifier of peace offering, perchance because he knew that she would be angry after the fact that they had left their male parent while he was one of his ‘episodes ‘ . Linda in her choler tells her male childs to acquire out of her house. “ No we ‘re traveling to hold an disconnected conversation, him and me. ” This is Biff desiring to talk with his male parent. He eventually shows strong finding and great confidence in something he wants to accomplish. Linda is in denial about her hubby ‘s status. She tries to feign as if everything is all right: “ He ‘s seting the garden. ” This statement farther demo how much in denial she is, how she is willing to travel the excess stat mi to feign as if everything is all right, cognizing that it is non natural for person to be gardening in the dark. However, she allows Willy to make this merely so he can be contented with populating out his dreams ; dreams that will ne’er come true. Linda is to be partly blamed for Willy ‘s on-going status because she makes alibis for him, therefore promoting his small jokes. Biff says, “ Now? Oh my God. ” proposing that he is cognizant of his male parent ‘s status and does non see how his female parent has allowed it to acquire this far. It is besides apparent that Willy ‘s status has greatly worsened.

The subject of Family Relationship is highlighted in this scene. There is an detonation of emotions between female parent and boies. Linda refuses to accept Biff and Happy ‘s apologies and tells them to go forth the house, perchance because through them, she sees that Willy ‘s status is so bad. It has gotten so bad she can non make anything about it.

Linda and Willy ‘s relationship is a spot complicated. Obviously Willy is ill, but Linda tries to protect him by covering it up in forepart of the male childs, but they are already cognizant of it. Evidence can be drawn where Linda says he is seting the garden and Biff responds by stating, Now? Oh my God. ” She starts to pick up the flowers and stops herself. This is an effort to step out of her submissive province. She does non want to be inactive anymore. She clearly voices her sentiment by stating, “ Pick up this material, I am non your amah any longer. Pick it up you bum, you. ”

Willy and Biff have some contention between them that has been traveling on for a piece, a small excessively long for Biff and he now realizes that he needs to acquire it off his thorax. “ I got ta talk to the foreman Mom. ” The word ‘boss ‘ suggest that he has some signifier of regard for Willy and it besides suggest that the affair is of a slightly serious nature. It is besides sort of formal for a male parent boy relationship for him to mention to him as foreman. “ We ‘re gon na hold an disconnected conversation, him and me. ”

The subject of Love and Marriage is besides apparent in this scene. Linda seemingly loves Willy to the point where she begins to see past his defect. She accepts them and contributes to his false world. She makes alibis for him which thrust him further into his false consciousness. There is a strong bond between them that Linda feels the duty to continually protecting him from all things. What she does non see is that she is helping in his devastation procedure. What sort of love truly if she allows Willy ‘s status to acquire so far without seeking aid. How does it profit either party if she continually makes alibis for his behavior?

Individual V Self and Society is yet another subject. “ … ..the trash of the Earth and you ‘re looking at him… .. ” Biff says this in realisation that he can and will ne’er populate out the dream of his male parent. He will ne’er be who they expect him to be and he is now accepting it and traveling on. He now knows he can non delight everyone, least of all his male parent. He has awakened out of his dream and he now faces world and is now willing to accept himself for who he is.

When Biff and Happy left Willy in the eating house, the subject of Abandonment was brought out, through the eyes of Linda. “ … .he was so broken, he about limped when he came in. ” Linda is seeking to state that Willy ‘s forsaking caused him so much humiliation that it spiralled him into his other universe ; one which was evidently non healthy for him. Again, she finds some alibi for Willy ‘s behavior. She prefers to set the incrimination on the male childs instead than accepting it.


In this scene, Willy presents his program of killing himself so that his married woman can roll up $ 20,000 insurance policy. Furthermore, he wishes to turn out to Biff that he is deserving something and believe that decease will convey him added credibleness. In an attempt to make a determination, he has an fanciful conversation with Ben, who points out the disadvantages of self-destruction, but who besides agrees that $ 20,000 “ is something one can experience with the manus. ” It is ironical that Willy thinks Biff has been hurting him all his life, while Biff is dying to squeal his ain insufficiencies to his male parent. They are, at this point, conferences apart from understanding one another and will non be able to bridge the spread. Biff has moved nearer to world and Willy has milked his semblance to the point of decease.

The subject of Family Relationship is presented in this scene. Willy remembers the “ great times. ” He reminisces on the earlier old ages when Biff “ used to be so full of visible radiation. ” It is apparent that their relationship has deteriorated. There is no longer that bond that Biff had shared with Willy in the earlier old ages. He tries to happen the replies as to what had went incorrect, by inquiring his dead brother Ben, “ Why, why ca n’t I give him something and non hold him detest me? ”

Under the same subject of Love and Family Relationship, we besides see where Willy ‘s finding of perpetrating self-destruction is stimulated by the fact that Linda has suffered plenty and she now deserves a interruption. He believes that the $ 20,000 insurance policy will make her well. Willy believes that this is the manner to do his married woman happy. He says to Ben, “ Cause she ‘d suffered, Ben, the adult female has suffered. ”

This could besides fall under the subject of Love and Marriage.