Armys Role In Development Of North And East

Sri Lanka Army stands tall and proud among all the ground forcess in the universe after a successful military run. It was against the 30-year old barbarous terrorist act. This is a singular triumph as LTTE, the most pitiless terrorist outfit in the universe who explode suicide kid bombers even. Bing a strong combat ground forces during its three-decade battle to destruct terrorist act, the SLA is in a transitional period, change overing to a peace-time Army.

Today an ground forces of over 203,000 work forces, The Sri Lanka Army celebrates its 61st birthday with a low pledge to lend all its might to do Sri Lanka to go ‘Wonder of Asia ‘ , which end President is suppose to accomplish after supplying leading to get the better of the LTTE.

Harmonizing to Army Commander ‘s media let go of his biggest challenge is to change over the Army into a peace-time ground forces

Sri Lanka Army is the chief ‘guardian ‘ in keeping the hard-earned peace. It is lending their fullest energy in development activities in north and east countries. To reconstruct the normality in society in order to acquire developed in economically and culturally.


The purpose of this presentation is to analyze different ways of lending human and material resources of Sri Lanka Army on substructure and other development undertakings in north and east countries in order to ease cardinal authorities policies on economic development.


Sri Lanka Army has been divided into six security force central offices effectual bid and disposal intent throughout the state as security force central office, Jaffna, est, vavuniamulativu, kilinochchi, and south


The function of Security Forces Headquarters is to set about single service ( Army ) or Joint Service Operations ( as applicable ) at operational degree of bid to accomplish the strategic military aims in the theater.


Exercise bid over the Army and other services / dept resources ( Navy, Air Force and Police forces / Civil Defense Force / Home Guards and all security elements ) as applicable deployed on land / field operational responsibilities within the several theater.

Command and control of formations, units, and installings under bid to the Security Forces Headquarters.

Coordination of all civil affairs as directed by Ministry of Defence / Operation Command Director Service ( as applicable ) and Army Headquarters.

Security of military and civilians installings within the Theatre.

Intelligence maps within the theater in affair with military, constabularies and civilian intelligence bureaus.

Pulling up eventuality programs for military operations and for the proviso of indispensable services and easing smooth maps of the authorities machinery / buercracy.

Public relation activities within the Theatre.

Fiscal direction, disposal, control and supervising of public and private financess handled by the formations and units under bid.

Ensure programs / constructs formulated to provide internal and external menaces.

Behavior and coordination of civil undertakings and maps as directed by Army.

Catastrophe alleviation operations and aid to civil authorization.

Aid in the National rapprochement procedure

Support the constitution of lasting peace and render aid in the development processes initiated by the Government of Sri Lanka.


Assist Government Authorities and INGOs in the Human-centered De-mining Programme.

Conducting Welfare Projects for the Benefit of the Civilians in the Area of Responsibility.

Supplying Human-centered Assistance to Internally Displaced Persons by war or in natural catastrophes

Assist Government Authorities for Infrastructure Development Activities.

Assist Government Authorities to Resettle Internally Displaced Persons.

Assist Police to Enforce Law and Order within Area of Responsibility.

Carry out Effective Civil Affairs Liaison to Solve Burning Problems of Resettled Peopl

Assist Government Authorities and INGOs in the Human-centered De-mining Programme

Sri Lankan Army deminers, are the innovators in the field of demining in the North and east country. It will have a enormous encouragement for their uncomparable work, following the US proclamation that a determination to apportion Rs. 56 million ( $ 500,000 ) for purchase of more heavy vehicles for the Sri Lanka Army ‘s Human-centered Demining Unit.

Army demine group, doing the biggest part to the field of demining.Have by terminal of 2010 cleared a entire country about of 700 sq kilometer in the North and east states Deminers in the Sri Lanka Army Engineers have consequently unearthed 32,171 anti forces mines, 123 anti armored combat vehicle mines and 23,566 Unexploded Ordnance ( UXOs ) as terminal of 2010.

In add-on to that other deminers, attached to Non Governmental Organizations ( NGOs ) and International Non Government Organizations ( INGOs ) have managed to unearth several mines and UXOs. Up to now they nhave cleared 239 sq kilometer of country in extent both in the North and E. They have clearedA 150,422 anti forces mines, 351 anti armored combat vehicle mines. Entire no of 93,010 UXOs had been unearthed by those assistance bureaus as terminal of 2010. A sum of 31 officers and 991 Army deminers across northern and eastern states are busy uncluttering these deathly explosives at present.A

Meanwhile, the US embassy Press Release announced that the US stands committed to helping the return of all IDPs to their places after completion of demining. The United States stands committed to helping Sri Lanka in caring for those individuals displaced by the struggle and in assisting them return to their places and get down their lives.A The U.S. will lend Rs. 581 million ( $ 5.417 million ) for human-centered demining demands in Sri Lanka. Four international demining bureaus are presently working in the North

Significant advancement has been made on human-centered demining by all parties involved in Sri Lanka over the past year.A The United States remains committed to back uping these ha

s been proved that Sri Lanken ground forces applied scientists are more faster than mine glade


1. Locals are Enlisted and Trained for De-mining which provides Livelihood to Some Peoples.

SLE Personnel on Other Duties are now being withdrawn to heighten De-mining Strength

De-mining Progressive Conferences are held Twice a Month at SF HQ and following personel and organisational representatives will be attended normaly


Head of sub Office of UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs ( UNOCHA )

Military officers of UNHCR

Head of De-mining Agencies ( HALO Trust/DDG/SLE ) .

District Mine Action Officers of JFN / VNA /MLT


Slow Advancement of De-mining Activities, because of the nature of De-mining activities or due to predominating conditions

Deficit of Man power /and less more sophisticated equipments.

Excessive clip taken to clear LTTE dumbbell traps.

Lack of Funds for Expansion of working capacity

Lack of Fundss to Obtain High Tech Equipment.

Peoples Ignored Demarcated Mine Fields and Susceptible to Accidents.

Lack of Teams for Mine Risk Education.



Sri Lanka ground forces helping to restitute and build several schools in north and east countries and carry oning several donating plans with coordination of other dorning organisations to supply survey stuffs. First Psychosocial Centre for War Affected Children inaugurated.. This was a long-felt demand for turn toing issues. related to mental wellbeing of kids in war-affected countries. This was late opened at Mallavi Central College, in the Mullaitivu District.

A A ” Mahilchi Illam ” ( Happiness Centre ) , the Centre is to the full equipped with stuffs for humanistic disciplines and trades, books, musical instruments, games and playthings, DVD library, athleticss equipment, etc. which will supply the kids ample chance to research their creativeness and endowments and bury traumatic experiences of the past bloody war.

As a portion of the programme a Computer Centre was besides established in the school. Bringing IT to the small town where kids would be initiated into engineering. “ The Army ‘s primary function is to protect the state and its people and we have already done that and the secondary function is to help in state edifice ” , said Major General Kamal Gunaratne, Commander, Security Forces, Wanni, talking to the audience during the gap ceremonial and added that as a portion of state edifice, the Sri Lanka Army to the full supports this type of enterprise which promotes the well-being of kids who are the hereafter of our state.

Sri Lanka Army provided skilled labor in redevelopment and Restoration of the edifices at Mallavi Central College, as a portion of their part to the relocation programme of the IDPs. Establishing school based psychosocial Centres for the kids in the freshly resettled countries in the North and Eastern states are important.Safe lerning environment has been created by supplying needed security measurs for the school kids by Army

Again in 2007, 187,000 individuals were displaced when the security forces evicted the terrorist LTTE from the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka. These victims of the internal struggle were rapidly accommodated in collapsible shelter cantonments, and provided with nutrient, H2O and wellness attention. The UNHCR, the ICRC and WFP and other international organisations were active in helping in caring for the displaced and easing their return to their places. The conflict for Vakarai in the East, where the LTTE held 34,000 as sureties and as a human shield, was to reiterate itself subsequently.

Towards the terminal of the struggle in the North, approximately 294,000 individuals were displaced when the LTTE cynically herded the dwellers of the small towns and towns of the Vanni into a quickly shriveling enclave in Mulaitivu as portion of their military scheme and so used them as a human shield and as a bargaining bit in a deathly surety game. Belated entreaties from the international community for their release fell on deaf ears. Held against their will for hebdomads in an of all time diminishing zone, all these people were rescued by the security forces later in an unprecedented operation at great cost to themselves. Thousands streamed out of the LTTE ‘s concluding fastness when the security forces broke through. Later most of them were provided shelter, nutrient and medical aid in monolithic authorities tally cantonments. The authorities had anticipated this hegira and was prepared to cover with it.


The soldiers have helped concept over 4,475 new houses and to re-build 2,750 houses in the North, and the East. And still procedure is undergoing.

The Colombo-based Non-Governmental Organization ( NGO ) , HABITAT widening its support to the Army ‘s on-going house building undertaking for the resettled in the North, has come frontward one time once more as it did during the tsunami calamity.

, HABITAT has agreed to supply edifice stuffs for building of 50 new houses under the 2nd stage of the house building programme in Tennamarachchi and Vadamarachchi divisional secretariats. The Army is to supply proficient expertness and labor for the building.

During the first stage of the lodging programme, 52 Division military personnels on the instructions of the Commander of the Army and the Commander, Security Forces, Jaffna constructed 152 houses in the peninsula in the past twelvemonth.

Following are the lodging undertakings done in security force central office kilinochchi country

IDPs were issued 12 Tin Sheets, 08 Cement Bags for Temporary Shelter. Houses are Built with Civil Army Cooperation.

World Bank Old Project is building 3900 houses in KLN District and 2900 houses in MLT District

SLRC with German assistance is building 300 Houses on 325,000/= Each.

Indian Government is building 500 Houses on 500,000/= Each.

UN Habitat is mending 1000 Houses on 150,000/= Each.


Similarly, most of the individuals displaced in the Eastern Province have now been returned to their places. Despite all the reserves expressed at the clip, these refugees have successfully re-established themselves in their small towns and towns. The UN played a critical function but it was chiefly through Sri Lanka ‘s ain attempt that the returns were effected. The abandoned small towns have been reconstructed, the roads and irrigation plants rehabilitated, the schools and clinics restored and the whole state revived. The economic advancement of the state has been impressive. In 2007 elections were held for the Eastern Provincial Council and the democratic procedures were reestablished about after 20 old ages of terrorist regulation.

The procedure of returning those displaced in the Vanni to their places has progressed good. By the terminal of February 2010, less than 65,000 of the original 294,000 remained in the cantonments. The cantonments which were established to guarantee the organized proviso of shelter, nutrient, healthful demands, health care, educational installations for the kids, and most significantly security, served their intent and would be consigned to history shortly. They were the focal point of international concern for months, but security concerns were of import. A state that had suffered indiscriminate and barbarous terrorist act for over 27 old ages could non be expected to take excessively many hazards, peculiarly since over 12,700 former LTTE battlers had mingled with the internally displaced individuals ( IDPs ) in the cantonments.


Flood alleviation operation launched by ground forces in the East in February 2011 is one of authoritative illustration for human-centered aid natural catastrophes. Activities done by ground forces are elaborated to understand their function in an exigency as follows. Army military personnels in their 100s were widening theirA human-centered services farther, offering their ain nutrient rations to deluge victims as per direct instructions of the Commander of the Army who has given a free manus to his military personnels to run into with the challenge.

Thoppigala, one of the worst affected countries in the Batticaloa territory with torrential rains bringing mayhem, still remains about cut off from the chief supply paths, but alert land military personnels, despite menaces to their ain lives, reached colonies and small towns to deliver a figure of civilians while beingA dragged or trapped in inundations. Number of civilians rescued in the East including many kids and adult females.

President and Secretary Defense who have been in changeless touch with the Commander of the Army were supervising the menaces of lifting H2O degrees round the clock and instructed consequently to prioritise the deliverance of civilians, caught in the flood as a affair of urgency before everything else.

all Field Commanders in the East responded to the demand and went on let go ofing their ain dry ration stocks to feed the affected and other rescued civilians until alleviation supplies reached them.

Army Rescue and Relief Teams with the aid of Sri Lanka Army Medical Corps ( SLMC ) troops fleetly rose to the state of affairs and commenced a particular medical cantonments inundation victims were either resuscitated, given first assistance or medical intervention before some of them were transferred out or airlifted to peripheral infirmaries in position of their worsening status.

Army military personnels rushed to the armored combat vehicle countries and began Restoration and fix of its breached bund as a consequence of spurting Waterss, 100s of land military personnels were about making its completion, studies were telecasted in mass medias.

Another contingent of Army military personnels, as this study was being filed, has already undertaken the challenge of reconstructing the celebrated, Red Bridge in Pankudaweli on A 35 Chenkalady – Karadiyanaru route since one side of the span had been wholly damaged and washed off doing the route unpassable to both traffic and civilians.


Army military personnels managed to make, to a great extent flooded countries with the usage of some 10 boats and provided dry rations to the marooned, adequate for three yearss. About 10,000 – 15,000 isolated people have been good taken attention by the Army since other governments find it hard to make those countries under H2O. Army troops managed to administer sufficient cooked meal packages among victims every bit good as dry ration packages to affected households.

About 40,000 Army military personnels functioning the East have been deployed in worst affected countries supplying immediate alleviation with the coordination of provincial governments, Navy, Air Force and the Police.



There are Certain Areas which has Scarcity of Drinking Water in north and east countries. available few Wellss besides abandon. Army conducted civil military coordination plans to clean and restitute these Wellss. This undertaking was vastly benefited and a factor of winning the bosom and head of the people in the country. army H2O Bowers were employed to administer Water Supply for displaced war victims in the IDP cantonments.


private land, where we had impermanent military bases, will be handed over to their proprietors shortly. The Jaffna High Security Zone has been re-demarcated. Harmonizing to the program, the Zone has shrunk and 2,392 houses will be released to the proprietors. Over 11,960 people will be benefited by the new accommodation. There are six State edifices, seven schools, 26 Hindu kovils, two churches and 2,153 Wellss and six other edifices in the zone. But it will take clip because the zone needs to be de-mined.



Sri Lanka ground forces applied scientists are executing a enormous occupation on restituting and retracing route webs in north and east countries. With assorted type of building plants likeLaying Gravel along roads as speedy solution to heighten the transit. And they besides conduct pitch puting plans along some roads with coaction RDA governments. Army applied scientists clear the wantonness minor roads using their Earth traveling vehicles.

Railway beginnings said that the Reconstruction of the northern railroad trackA of first stage up to Thandikulam was completedA on agenda. Rest of the undertaking has been accelerated beyond Thandikulam. Work on the Thandikulam -Omanthiai has already begun. The southern people from Matara and Hambanthota have agreed to assist on Reconstruction work of the Kilinochchi railwayA station. A Railway expects to finish the northern rail path undertaking on agenda. Throughout the undertaking Army will supply their aid when of all time required.


LIVELIHOOD DEVELOPMENT in affected countries


Fishing Industry.



The Army is besides involved in agricultural work in a large manner. We have taken over some of the former LTTE farms in the North – Udayarkattukulam, Vellankulam and Nachchikuda. In Kandekadu in the East, we have an agri-project with the aid of the rehabilitated ex-combatants.


Now the coastal belt of north and east is free tofishermen in the country and they are allowed to travel deep in the see besides. Fisheries ministry and other organisations are supplying relevant aid by supplying stuffs.

Sri Lanka Fisheries Ministry to present non conventional undertakings to get more aquatic resources in the North The Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Ministry of Sri Lanka is to launch untraditional Marine resource development undertakings under the “ Uthuru Vasanthaya ” accelerated development thrust in the North. The Ministry plans to set about four different undertakings for this intent at a cost of Rs. 800 million. The undertakings aim to elate the support of the fishermen and acquire them adapted to angling activities on new Marine resources which are valued high in the foreign markets.


Harmonizing to UN Food and civilization Organization ( FAO ) returnees to the North of Sri Lanka are fighting to cover with up to 40,000 stray cowss that are damaging their harvests. Army aid can be utilize to return them for rightful proprietors, and it will be boost to diary agriculture in those countries.


Large transmutation is required to re-set soldiers outlook and for them to understand how a peace-time Army should execute. They who have performed highly good in conflict have to execute every bit good or better in peace-time. Awareness plans should carry on to alter soldiers mind to give assisting manus towards guiltless civilians and ex battlers

Structure of Army is more stronger than other organisations when accomplished undertaking undergoing with difficult ships hence substructure installations and proficient abilities should develop within the ground forces to transport out effectual development.

Measures should take to strong Civil military coordination and must place their troubles truly.