Analysis On Divorce English Literature Essay

The word ‘divorce ‘ is highly common these yearss. Every twenty-four hours you hear about person acquiring a divorce, or be aftering on acquiring one. Why is the term ‘divorce ‘ thrown around so much? In America, 50 % of all matrimonies will stop in one. ( U.S. Census Bureau 2007 ) You have to inquire yourself, what are the causes for such high Numberss in divorce? There are several grounds why person would seek a divorce, some more petit larcenies than others. Research besides shows that divorce is familial. If you come from a broken place, opportunities are you will stop up reiterating the form. What can we, as Americans, do to alter these chilling statistics? Americans need to halt rushing to the divorce lawyers and seek out alternate ways to salvage our matrimonies. Divorce is the consequence of deficiency of communicating, deficiency of committedness, maltreatment, different positions on child-rearing, deficiency of struggle direction accomplishments, fiscal jobs, and loss of love.


The deficiency of communicating is the figure one ground for a divorce. “ You ca n’t hold an effectual relationship if either one of you wo n’t discourse your feelings, ca n’t speak about your common or personal issues, will maintain your bitternesss simmering under wraps, and anticipate your spouse to think what the whole job is approximately. ” ( ) When a twosome foremost begins to day of the month, they talk for hours and hours. They listen to their spouse ‘s life narrative, and you reciprocate stating yours. When you get married, you tend to cognize a batch about your spouse already, so the lines of communicating Begin to shut. Pretty shortly you say merely a few words to each other when you get home from work. “ Hi, how was your twenty-four hours? ” “ Fine, and yours? ” That ‘s when communicating jobs truly set in. In order to keep a healthy matrimony communicating and active hearing is important.

Lack of committedness is similar to miss of communicating. When you foremost get down to day of the month some serious, you are to the full committed to cognizing that one individual wholly. Once you become married, you have your honeymoon and go on constructing your committedness to one another. Fast forward to five to ten old ages down the route severally and you start acquiring the scabies. Hankering for that ‘new ‘ feeling that you have n’t experienced in old ages. That ‘s when problem begins in this facet for grounds for divorce come in. You start with the rolling oculus, and so you start some meaningless flirtation. When the flirtation becomes reciprocated so you start developing feelings for the new individual involved and shortly you find yourself no longer to the full committed to your partner. Harmonizing to ‘s article, “ Why do people acquire divorced? ” 20-25 % of married work forces study unfaithfulness at least one time.

Abuse is another ground for divorce. There are many signifiers of maltreatment. Maltreatment does non ever have to be physical. It comes in a assortment of signifiers, such as ; sexual, mental, emotional, alcohol/drugs and verbal maltreatment. The best manner to forestall stoping up trapped in a bad matrimony is to acquire to cognize the shortly to be spouse before doing the committedness to get married. In the Bible, book of Ephesians 5:28-29, “ So ought work forces to love their married womans as their ain organic structures. He that loveth his married woman loveth himself. A For no adult male of all time yet hated his ain flesh ; but nourisheth and cherisheth it, even as the Lord the church: ” The marks of being an maltreater are engraved in a individual ‘s personality. These marks are overlooked when attractive force and/or infatuation present themselves early in a relationship. These marks can include: green-eyed monster, commanding behaviour, a speedy pique, inhuman treatment to animate beings, forced isolation from your household, drug or intoxicant maltreatment, and discourtesy for their spouse ‘s boundaries and personal infinite. These things can do your spouse to lose their trust. This leads to a way to an eventual divorce if aid is non sought.

Child-rearing can do emphasis in a matrimony every bit good. Parents normally have different parenting manners. Many times you disagree with one another which can do battles. Besides when it is a blended household there can be dissensions on who disciplines which kid. In my matrimony, I had a boy from another adult male, and so my hubby and I had two boies together. When it comes to training my first boy we do non see oculus to oculus. I do non believe in paddling. I would instead anchor him, take things off, etc. My hubby leans more into bodily penalty. When my hubby attempts to paddle my boy I get huffy at him since I do non believe that plants for him and besides my hubby does non recognize his ain strength. Harmonizing to Danny Guspie ( 2010 ) the laminitis of Fathers ‘ Resources International, a support group for divorced male parents, “ As to how frequently rearing dissensions significantly play into an eventual divorce, estimations vary. Disputes over kid rise uping play a large function in about 20 per centum of the divorces among those who use his organisation ‘s services. ” ( )

Another theory that leads to disassociate is the deficiency of struggle direction accomplishments. Psychologist, John Gottman ( 1989 ) ( William, Sawyer, and Wahlstrom p.222 quoted Gottman and Krokoff ) says there are four sorts of twosome interactions that are in 90 % of instances forecasters of divorce. As a aggregation they are called, “ Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse ” , those are Contempt, Criticism, Defensiveness, and Stonewalling. Avoiding these interactions and decently pull offing struggle can assist salvage your matrimony. It does nevertheless take a batch to re-teach oneself the proper manner of managing complex state of affairss.

Another cause of divorce is fiscal jobs in the matrimony. Harmonizing to the ‘s article by Alisha Rowd ( 2009 ) on “ Common Causes for Divorce ” where there is less money ; people become nervous and frustrated with their spouses and their life. Everyone knows in today ‘s economic system it takes at least two incomes to back up a household. If you are with a individual that lost their occupation or merely does non desire to work. All the household ‘s fiscal loads fall upon your shoulders, doing bitterness towards your partner. This emphasis can add up over clip and consequence in divorce.

Even though there are many more grounds for divorce, even every bit junior-grade as inordinate snore, there is merely one more that I am traveling to discourse and that is loss of love. After awhile one can easy merely fall out of love. Now that can really good be because of the small foibles in mundane life adds up and you can non even bear to look at your spouse any longer. It besides has a batch to make with your ain personalities and the manner everyone alterations overtime. The individual you are when you foremost married your partner does non intend that you are that same individual ten or twenty old ages down the route. Peoples evolve and mature, possibly to the point that you and your spouse are no longer compatible with one another.


There are several web sites on the cyberspace that give you possible causes for a individual seeking divorce. There are besides many web sites that can assist you repair your matrimony, or direct you in the right way for proper guidance. All the research that I did came up with reasonably much the same thing. Communication is the key to a healthy relationship. You have to be able to transport on a conversation with your partner in order to keep a relationship with them. You besides have to be an active hearer as good. If you and your spouse can merely sit down, talk your feelings/thoughts/problems in the proper manner, commit yourselves to the solution you came up together one hundred per centum ; so you can work out merely about anything together and avoid a divorce. I found through my research that people look for an easy manner out. Sometimes it is manner excessively difficult for you to re-evaluate yourself and learn yourself a different manner to talk to the individual that you love, or learn yourself to listen, truly listen, to your spouse and non judge them for their honestness. Peoples have evolved in being lazy over the old ages, and the easiest manner out is divorce. “ If the partners lack the interpersonal accomplishments necessary to work out their differences, they begin to act more antagonistically, get down to see each other as hard and, if their grudges cumulate, they may seek a divorce ( Huston, Ted L. 2009 quoted Gottman, 1993, 1994 ) . ”

Critical Analysis:

I found that all of this information from the research that I collected is perfectly right and I can personally associate to my life. I have been divorced twice, and I am presently on my 3rd matrimony. My first divorce was a consequence of physical, mental, sexual, emotional and verbal maltreatment. When a individual experiences these things for three long old ages, a divorce was my lone manner out. When I was eventually declared divorced from my hubby, it was the best twenty-four hours of my life. I felt free from the bondage that was placed on me. Some state of affairss, I genuinely believe that divorce is the lone reply. When there is abuse involved I think one time all the options are sought and none have worked so it ‘s clip to merely allow travel.

My 2nd divorce fell more into the fiscal jobs class. My hubby was really immature and did non hold on the construct of a matrimony, a brotherhood of two people. He considered each other wholly separate. We bought a house together and because I had a boy, I had to pay him 2/3 of the mortgage because there were two of us populating in the place. I besides had to pay 2/3 of the electricity and all other family related measures because of this ground. It took me merely three months to recognize my error of get marrieding excessively shortly and to the incorrect individual. This peculiar state of affairs could hold been corrected had we used proper communicating and struggle direction accomplishments. I tried to explicate things to my new hubby, but there was no budging on his portion. I did non desire this to be the illustration I set for my boy, so I ran every bit fast as I could. Unfortunately it was n’t fast plenty for an revocation. I took that as a major lesson learned.

My 3rd and current matrimony is to a adult male that I have known since I was eleven old ages old. We grew up together as friends. He saw me through my two atrocious divorces and eventually declared his love for me. I ne’er thought of him in that manner before since he was ever more like a brother to me, but I knew what I was acquiring when I eventually married him. We are presently nearing our 5th nuptials day of remembrance and we have had an extra two boies. With tonss of proper communicating, committedness, via media, struggle direction accomplishments, and love we have endured many route blocks in our matrimony. Our matrimony of class has non been perfect, non even near, but I could non conceive of enduring through the difficult times of this life with anyone else but him by my side.


We have learned that there are many grounds for a individual to seek a divorce. I am trusting that before a individual seeks a divorce they will make out and read the many available articles on the topic before they dive into the lawyer ‘s office to register a divorce. There are many options to disassociate these yearss, guidance, separation, and last but non least larning how to pass on with one another right. Hopefully, people will open their eyes and see their many other options to this epidemic in America. When sometimes divorce is the lone reply, many times it is non.