Analysis Of Risk Management In The Boots Group Finance Essay

Risk direction identifies and analysis hazards that an administration is exposed to. An appraisal can be carried out in order to see the possible impacts on a concern. This can besides assist to make up one’s mind what action can be taken to extinguish or cut down hazard. The concern can so cover with the impact of unpredictable events taking to loss or harm. Within this study, a hazard audit will take topographic point for a peculiar company and placing both internal and external critical hazards. Though past and present events are non perfect predictors it must be remembered that it is a good point to get down looking for the result of future events.


The study will utilize Boots Group as an illustration of a big concern pull offing hazard. Boots are now known as Alliance Boots plc, due to their acquisition by Unichem ( antecedently known as Alliance Unichem ) .

The Boots Group was established in1849 when herb tea remedies where sold within a household concern. Over the following hundred old ages, it developed into a multi national company with a 1000 asset shops, runing from departmental shops to little pharmaceuticss, in the UK and sweeping concerns around the universe.

With the boots trade name making its hundred-and-sixtieth day of remembrance, it proves the company is traveling from strength to strength. “ Boots is the chief trade name in the wellness & A ; beauty division ” ( )

Now known as confederation boots, the company “ is a taking international pharmaceutics – led wellness and beauty group presenting a scope of merchandises and services to clients. ” ( )

Alliance Boots is occupied within wholesaling and retailing of pharmaceuticals. The undermentioned points are included within their scope – pharmaceuticals, skin care merchandises, beauty merchandises, optical and oculus attention merchandises, diet and fitness merchandises, aroma and aromas, baby attention merchandises and playthings, babe nutrient and eventually giftware.

With over 2,600 boots shops, they believe that with assorted locations it helps offer clients merchandises and services that at the same clip will be looked after by specialist welcoming people. ( )

Boots ‘ prima rivals are believed to be under two subdivisions – foremost, the non – nutrient and in conclusion the pharmaceutics sector. With supermarkets able to sell merchandises at a more sensible monetary value for consumers, boots have found their chief competition within personal attention to be rival supermarket ironss such as Tesco, Sainsbury ‘s, Asda and Morrisons. All these four supermarkets have “ aˆ¦larger market portions than Superdrug. ” ( ) However, harmonizing to the company ‘s profile the top rivals for the amalgamation between Alliance Boots. Examples include big supermarkets ( Asda Group Limited, J Sainsbury plc ) , Pharmaceutical makers ( for illustration, Johnson & A ; Johnson and L’Oreal S.A ) and high street retail merchants such as Body Shop International PLC.

With such challengers, as mentioned above, Boots autumn under what is known as oligopoly. This “ exists when a market is dominated by a little figure of big houses. Such a market can look extremely competitory, because each manufacturer battles hard for peculiar market niches. ” ( Marcouse et al, p. 194 ) Oligopolies can non vie on merely competitory pricing hence, holding to trust on alone merchandising points and spend big sums on publicity to pull clients.

The larger supermarkets besides have a pharmaceutics section where they, likewise to Boots, supply prescription drugs and besides sell toilet articless in direct competition to Boots and toilet articless retailer Superdrug.

Hazard Profiling

The Boots direction are likely to bring forth a hazard profile. Hazard profiling is merely an lineation of the hazards that the administration is exposed to. This profile would be created during a hazard analysis, which in bend, can be used for be aftering the direction of hazard. The types of menaces are examined by the administration and the likeliness of any unwanted effects that may happen and the mode of break and any costs connected with each peculiar hazard. The direction would by and large prioritize the likeliness of hazard and bring forth an action program for the more serious points.

Hazard can be catogrised into either fiscal or heuristic hazard and can be identified as internal or external hazard. Boots produce a drumhead version of this as shown in Appendix A.


To cut down the exposure of fiscal hazard at a house, a process needs to be processed to measure and pull off current and possible future fiscal hazards. This helps to diminish a house ‘s debut to put on the line. Directors covering with fiscal hazard must recognize the hazard and measure all possible solutions and results. From at that place, it is of import to take the necessary stairss in order to decrease the hazard. However, it must be remembered that fiscal hazard direction can non forestall a house from all possible hazards due to the fact that there are times where unanticipated fortunes may happen with no warning and therefore it possibly unable for the house to turn to the state of affairs as rapidly possible.

For illustration, they would catogorise their hazard in footings of impact and chance. This can be done by utilizing the diagram below:

Some illustrations of fiscal hazard are:

the fiscal impact of fire firing down a edifice. This is improbable to go on really frequently but the impact would be financially terrible. Boots would pull off this hazard by holding fire bar tactics, for illustration, sprinklers and fire asphyxiators and insurance.

the impact of a recession. The impact is high, as is the chance. This has happened late and hence holding insured a old program, Boots were able to get by with the economic alteration.

Shoplifting. Individual incidents do non be Boots big sum of money. However, chance is high. Therefore, they would hold control direction in topographic point.

Unknown issues are known to be of low chance and low impact. Sometimes direction do non cognize what the following hazard will be and therefore can non see and command for it. This may be a hazard that merely has to be accept.

Boots plc ( as it was antecedently known as ) was placed on the stock market before the amalgamation and because of this, fiscal records are easy accessible to the populace.

“ Alliance Boots plc was acquired by AB Acquisitions Limited on 26 June 2007 for 1139 pence per portion. The listing of Alliance Boots portions on the London Stock Exchange was withdrawn from the London Stock Exchange on Thursday, 28 June 2007. ” ) ( )

From the terminal of twelvemonth fiscal records of 2008 and 2009 ( Appendix B & A ; C ) , ratios ( Appendix D ) can be established ; assisting to see the advancement of the concern. Comparisons will be made from twelvemonth stoping 2008 to the alteration in 2009.

1 ] Return On Capital Employed:

Tax return On Capital Employed has increased by a sum of 1.2 % from twelvemonth stoping 2008, to 2009. Return on Capital Employed compares net income to Capital Employed. This has increased by 31 % , nevertheless, with a low addition of 2 % in the capital employed. This significance that they are doing net income for a given sum of fiscal investing within the company.

2 ] Gross Profit Margin:

Boots ‘ gross net income border, have declined from 24.9 % in twelvemonth stoping 2008 to 23.5 % in twelvemonth stoping 2009. This decrease may be due to Boots cut downing the sale monetary value of points in order to sell more units hence taking to a lower net income border. Positively though the Gross Profit has increased from ?2,956 million to ?4,048 million which farther backs up this theory.

3 ] Net Net income Margin:

The profitableness has reduced by 0.4 % bespeaking that their fixed costs have increased. Fixed costs are overhead points that would be by and large be spent whether the shop sells an point or non. They could include Insurance costs, cost of heating and illuming the stores, concern rates and renting the edifice. The figures shows that gross has increased by 45 % , nevertheless the net net income has increased by a slightly lower figure of 31 % . This indicates that fixed costs have increased.

4 ] Asset Employee turnover:

This means that, in twelvemonth stoping 2009, the generated gross revenues of ?1.33 for every ?1 of investing. From sing the figure of ?0.94 in the old twelvemonth, it can be seen the figure has improved by ?0.39. This farther indicates that gross revenues have improved for a given sum of investing within the company.

5 ] Inventory Dayss:

Inventory yearss have reduced by 15.5 yearss showing that the company keeps less stock. This is a positive measure due to the fact that there is less hazard of stock redundancy ; harm, larceny and besides they will be paying less finance on keeping the stock.

6 ] Non – Current Asset Employee turnover:

This is the big capital points within the concern, for illustration, edifices, store shelving and boulder claies. Gross has increased significantly in the twelvemonth stoping 2009 by ?5330,000,000 ; nevertheless, the non current assets are really similar to the old twelvemonth. This means that the company uses their non current assets more expeditiously.

7 & A ; 8 ] Current Ratio and Acid Test/ Quick Ratio:

This is a step of fiscal hazard and along with the acerb trial ratio helps step liquidness. Ideally, both of these should be a figure over one: 1. The assets should transcend liabilities. This means that the company has adequate current assets to pay their current liabilities. In 2009 the Current ratio had reduced to 1.2:1, although this is supra recommended 1:1 ratio, it indicates that there is some concern with respects to hard currency flow. The acerb trial has besides deteriorated to 0.8: 1 and this indicates that if all the current liabilities were requested to be paid by Boots it would non hold adequate hard currency and hard currency equivalents to pay these debts. This farther indicates a hard currency flow job.

9 ] Gearing:

This is a step between debt and stockholder sourcing financess. At present, stockholders fund more of the concern than debt. Given the involvement screen ratios it would non be advisable to urge Boots obtaining any more finance from loans. If they need to obtain farther finance they need to believe of other ways such as a portion issue.

10 ] Interest Screen:

This shows whether there is adequate net income to pay involvement on loans. In the twelvemonth stoping of 2007/2008 there was non adequate involvement screen, being able to cover merely 90 % of the involvement refunds, compared to the following fiscal twelvemonth stoping of 2008/2009 where there was merely equal financess. This could be a job as it indicates another serious hazard to the concern and hence, in theory, Bankss could coerce concerns to shut if the involvement is non paid.

Internal Risks

An internal hazard is one that can be obtained is a hazard that is effected by the action of the organisation itself or one of its employees.

Uncompetitive Pricing of Boots

Boots sell their merchandises at a higher monetary value than the competition. This could be a big hazard to Boots particularly in the current economic times. Though the current economic system is easy coming out of the recent recession, Boots is “ amongst the most expensive of all retail merchants ” when comparing common merchandises to their rivals, harmonizing to the company profile published in September 2009. ( )

The 2009 recession hit several concerns and affected gross revenues, nevertheless, Boots seems to be endeavoring throughout as the company charges 6 % more than the mean monetary value that their rivals offer. ( company profile,, 2009 ) Equally good as this, the company ‘s profile besides states that Boots is about 20 % more expensive on common merchandises against the taking supermarket Tesco.

Boots is pull offing this hazard by holding a well established company with consumers dedicated to purchasing the company ‘s ain branded merchandises ( ie a alone merchandising point ) , particular offers ( such as ‘3 for 2 ‘ and/ or half monetary value offers ) and incentive cards ( Boots Advantage Card ) . Boots have a strategy of what is known as the ‘Boots Advantage Card ‘ . This means that for every ?1 spent the client receives four points. The points turn into money that can be used against another purchase within the shop. The consumer does non hold a clip bound on when the points need to be used by. This could be one of the other chief grounds clients continually come back. The points can be collected and finally used once more against future purchases.

Human Resources

The term used for the division within an organisation that focuses on activities associating to their employees. Activities within this section include hiring of new employees, preparation of current employees, employee benefits and care. It can besides be known as the forces section.

Information found to members of the populace from can see that the company offer pupils and graduates chances to go portion of the confederation boots squad. Not merely do they hold an active internship programme pupils can be on a 3 – 6 month paid arrangement with aid from a wise man but besides have partnerships with assorted concern schools in different states. The programme offers visits to an mixture of establishments, selected pupil forums and meetings “ with the support of our local concerns, where we aim to give an penetration into our profession. ” ( )

The company states their purpose for alumnuss and pupils as follows:

“ Travel straight to the beginning of excellence to happen our hereafter employees and offer them the first measure in a calling that presents considerable chances and professional development. ” ( )

On the other side, the chance for druggists must be mentioned every bit good. The company states on that they offer the profession competitory wages and a scope of developing with chances of future calling development. and allows appliers to use via the web site for the assorted vacancies available. This is a modern measure compared to directing CVs into an office, doing phone calls and so forth.

To keep employee morale, Boots offers a figure of wagess and benefits for their staff. Some illustrations of the benefits are listed below:

company price reduction ( 22.5 % off Boots points and 12.5 % on other merchandises ) Note: staff price reduction can be used on the web site.

Reduced monetary values on wellness and dental attention.

Possibility to gain up to 40 % discretional fillip based upon degrees of client attention, gross revenues and company net income.

Interest free loans and auto loans.

Generous vacation allowance.

Lifestyle benefits for the person and their household.

External Hazards

An external hazard is one that can non be obtained by the company. If an unwanted event were to go on, the company possibly forced to renegociate footings of mention, either demanding extra resources or seting stakeholder outlooks.

Changes and tendencies in consumer behaviour

The hazard of this being that Alliance Boots could be “ adversely affected by alterations in consumer disbursement degrees, shopping wonts and penchants, including attitudes to our retail and merchandise trade names. ” ( Alliance Boots, 2008/2009 Annual Review, p. 42 )

The company ‘s response to this is “ our commercial accomplishments and ability to react flexibleness to altering consumer demand are extremely developed. Our scheme is to go on to heighten our market taking place in pharmacy-led wellness and beauty retailing in the UK, backed by differentiated trade names and adept client service. ” ( Alliance Boots, 2008/2009 Annual Review, p. 42 )

With the recent recession and the low involvement rates, concerns would profit from cut downing retail monetary values. Analyzing client behaviour is indispensable in order to understand and foretell the manner and how much clients spend money during a important clip in the economic system. During this period, consumers are of course weary of their money disbursement and as a consequence spend less. This helps to maintain clients coming into the shop and disbursement every bit good as keeping a strong image.

Impact of ordinance

A major hazard to Boots is alterations made by the authorities to licences and ordinances. This could intend that they are no longer able to sell a peculiar point or that there are excess demands required from the retail merchant in order to sell the merchandise. Within the retail industry the authorities has instigated speedy alterations particularly associating to wellness hazards and the retail merchant has had to burthen the cost of the needed alterations.

Companies within Alliance Boots Pharmaceutical Wholesale Division are expected to alter from clip to clip when it comes to regulations and ordinances “ associating to such things as merchandise borders, merchandise traceability and the conditions under which merchandises must be stored. Changes to these could impact profitableness. ” ( Alliance Boots, 2008/2009 Annual Review, p. 42 )

Boots manages this type of hazard by assisting to be an adviser to the authorities and policy shapers. This strength of relationship ensures that they are unbroken abreast of alterations at an early phase of the procedure.

“ aˆ¦through active engagement in policy-making procedures, understanding and lending to authorities believing on regulative affairs and constructing relationships with regulative organic structures straight and through representation in relevant professional and trade associations. ” ( Alliance Boots, 2008/2009 Annual Review, p. 42 )


Boots plc merged with Alliance to make the now known company as Alliance Boots plc. Boots ‘ name has become an international extremely branded concern with a repute that exceeds them. Boots needs to maintain in front of their rivals in order to command possible hazards. Financially, the company manages hazards professionally, nevertheless, Boots larger hazards are cashflow and debt control. Companies have both internal and external hazards that need to be considered along side taking fiscal attention. The two facets are merely every bit of import as each other. The illustrations of the internal and external factors have been considered, as have many more and hence proves that Boots has taken record of possible hazards and have steps in topographic point if such incidents were to go on.