American Post Civil War Growing Pains History Essay

The civil war was monolithic costing North and South America over 620,000 brotherhood soldiers and disbursement over $ 8 million. This cost was for constructing the devastation of agribusiness and industrial capacity. To serve this war revenue enhancements, authorities bonds, responsibility and duties was increased and to some extent the authorities was forced to publish more money ensuing to rising prices. For illustration boots cost $ 200 in Ridimand. Many white suffered due to economic depression and famishment as they were forced to pay for rewards to provide for the former slaves.

Turning Point in American History

During the clip of civil war it gave rise to concern and economic take off. This was the clip of industrialisation. West National market expanded ( Mississipi ) due to invention in conveyance. The edifice of rail conveyance ( Intercontinental ) was established to to assist in traveling natural stuff, Lumber of Pacific Northwest, farm animal and harvests, gold, Cu and Ag and finished merchandise to the market. The authorities policy besides encouraged this enlargement of new industry by take downing duties. Industrialization besides grew as a consequence of use and find of natural resources like gold, Cu and Ag in topographic points like Pennsylvania. Industrialization brought the innovation and invention of telephone and electricity together with changed life style.

Post civil war ended the bondage as people were able to migrate to urban centres. Industrialization bore the urbanisation which increases the American society going metropoliss and urban centres. Example is the mass in-migration to Chicago, New York and Philadelphia. Peoples interacted universally without segregation and favoritism during Reconstruction of new America.

How Historical Events Shaped Current America

Due to industrialization in America, people more particularly the in-between category began to act upon their civilization of American life style. The merchandises were low-cost and new techniques of production emerged. By 1990s there were people interested in athleticss like baseball which turned to be concern entity. Other athleticss included tennis, golf and football.

Apart from athleticss Americans had come with films, circuses and music to pull the audience. So far the popular diaries and magazines are published to update people on current economical tendency every bit good as on political issues. After civil war it gave rise to scientific spirit which permitted economic rational idea “ Urban Industrial Society ” emphasized the importance of free public instruction which was granted by authorities. Many Universities and colleges adopted their ain system to offer different classs in humanistic disciplines, scientific discipline and linguistic communications.

Post civil war besides brought alterations in agribusiness like monetary values have been favourable since people concentrate on hard currency harvest and the usage of machine facilitated planting and harvest home. Agribusiness has turned to be concern which drives the economic system at the same clip the authorities has encouraged husbandmans to organize corporative to extinguish competition, addition monetary values and maintain silos. Taxes and entree to authorities loans has been made easier.

On the political side, Martin ( 1984 ) and Myer ( 2008 ) argued that the cosmopolitan brotherhood is of import during political procedures including runs and vote. Republican and Democrats usually establish their runs on policies and pronunciamento which are geared towards poorness relief and extenuation of disease and making employment chances to all. President Obama and Romney is the latest illustration we can cite. Obama is black American but he was elected based on his docket non colour.

The reform motion has been formed in response to industrialisation so that the anti-trust statute law and concern ordinance and labour Torahs ( child labour ) can be tightened. Improved conveyance web as boosted topographic point, signifier and clip public-service corporation to consumers. Management system has changed from monopoly to integrating ( Horizontal and Vertical ) and international trade integrating. Right to idolize can be exercised to work out the anti-social frailties and follow Christian rules.


Reconstruction took topographic point after the civil war between 1865 and 1877 and involved integrating of province. During this clip it was volatile since bondage was to be abolished. So if Abraham Lincoln could hold been the president for the 2nd clip during this clip Reconstruction could hold been different in the undermentioned steps:

End of bondage

Lincoln had a vision to vouch the black freedom, protection and equality as the white. He critiquzised the increasing bondage of African in agricultural farms as he described this act as ungodly, unfair and cruel. Harmonizing to Douglas ( 1852 p.192 ) Lincoln rebelled against bondage he asked “ why is it that the lip service of the vindicator for bondage has no jurisprudence to forbid bondage so that the black slaves can be independent? ” from this mention Lincoln knew that the inkinesss will besides lend to GDP of the economic system by being free from bondage.


Lincoln could hold provided strong leading since he had steadfast base on the advancement of people, civilisation and modernness. Before blackwash he had an thought to implement natural jurisprudence for all to recognize justness, truth and brotherhood. Lincoln knew that there were operational forces underway to H2O the slave freedom. Harmonizing to Flemin ( 1949 ) Lincoln had hopes to promote the declaration of independent for the slaves. He could hold brought visible radiation of humanity as he agitated and protested military intercession. This was experienced when he supported the FMI ( Federal Military Intervention ) to stop bondage. Assimilation construct could hold been easy where people could universally coexist and negociate for the labour wage and contracts.

Effectss of Industrialization and Urbanization

Industrialization created utile things that were of import every bit good as conveying unwanted sense of fiscal insecurity among the mean on the job category. The on the job category could afford infrigidation and caused Fords. Due to their increasing power to buy they began to bask better quality life, enjoy leisure particularly those populating in urban centres. Sports and amusement was of kernel excessively.

Industrialization led to formation of labour brotherhoods where workers raise their promotions and grudges. Harmonizing to Davis Y ( 1971 ) the brotherhood consisted of workers based on occupant and non business and their authorization was to inquire for 8 working hours, equal wage, safety and sanitation criterions and federal province sections for workers.

Urbanization brought many jobs as most mean on the job category could merely afford from 4-6 narratives where there are four flats per floor and most unrecorded between 3-2 households per flat. Houses were ill ventilated and lit which were at the same clip unsafe and dirty. This resulted to diseases due to hapless hygiene which come as a consequence of hapless H2O and services. These households spend a batch of money in infirmary some were even killed because of offense mere on rise because those who were non working thought they had money. For illustration in 1875 the people live din NYC per acre. Harmonizing to Davis Y ( 1971 ) poorness rose since the mean workers were forced to work between 6-12 hours a twenty-four hours being paid and 9 a hebdomad. The life became intolerable coercing adult females to work for domestic aid

Industrialization made working status for workers to tire and unsafe since the wage was low, no or small benefits and no workers compensation.


Black codifications ( 1865 )

This statute law that federal passed to try to maintain the freed slaves into a place of servitude. This jurisprudence of Black Code limited the rights of the black both in instruction and economic chance. At the same clip, the Black Code jurisprudence restricted and prohibited the non white American from sitting on the tribunals or juries, restricting their ability to derive justness and attest against them baring them from transporting arms and guns in public.

Black quota system “ foreign land Torahs ”

The province passed some Torahs to exclude the non white from having some existent belongingss like land. They amended in-migration Torahs and rapprochement Torahs which harshest the intervention of inkinesss. Therefore they were denied citizenship it was merely the white accomplishment, prestige instruction and power.