Accident in Basketball Court Essay

It was a wet afternoon. Tom and Sam had arranged to run into up for a hoops game at the nearby hoops tribunal. When they reached the hoops tribunal. they were dismayed to happen that the hoops tribunal was still wet from the early forenoon cloudburst. Initially. Sam advised Tom non to play on the moisture land as it was slippery. Tom exclaimed. “Don’t concern! Nothing will go on. ” Sam so agreed reluctantly. They were playing happily and were clearly in high liquors. At a clip when Sam was about to hit. Tom tried to snap the ball. Unfortunately. Tom slipped on a puddle of H2O and fell level on the cemented land with a loud thump.

Tom lay unconscious on the land. motionless. Immediately. Sam dropped the hoops on the land and looked on in dumb apprehension. He was panicking and shuddering with fright after seeing blood seeping out from Tom’s brow. With his trembling jelly like legs. Sam ran to the nearby public telephone booth to do a call for an ambulance. Within proceedingss. an ambulance arrived. Two paramedics instantly administered first assistance on Tom to halt the hemorrhage.

When the hemorrhage stopped. he was gently transferred onto a stretcher. The ambulance so raced to the nearest infirmary. Concurrently. Sam telephoned Tom’s parents to inform them about the incident. At the infirmary. Tom regained consciousness and had ten stitches on his brow. Sam was happy and relieved to see that Tom was all right. After this painful incident. Tom and Sam vowed ne’er to play on a slippery moisture land once more.