Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange

The growing of the stock market in United Arab Emirates did non come overnight. As we can state that the stock market in the United Arab Emirates has passed all the manner through several phases in the past, until it came into the concluding phase. However, the fiscal market in UAE was suffered from several dazes particularly in the 1880ss and the 1890ss of the last century, which accumulate a batch of losingss to concerns class every bit good as to the society of the state. Furthermore, it took a batch of clip after every daze to do the fiscal organic structure recover from such losingss.

UAE stock markets are witnessing a liquidity-driven mass meeting, which is highly powerful. Recent tendencies in UAE stock markets have mostly benefited from this liquidness every bit good as the displacement of assets by Arab investors, from other Gulf States to the UAE.

The UAE stock market established its prominence by procuring 2nd place in the GCC within four old ages of formation with a market capitalisation of $ 200 billion ( Dh734.58 billion ) . Despite unfavorable judgment about the domestic stock market ratings ; there are some serious and positive cardinal factors in the UAE stock market, which are likely to take to allow chances and public presentation in the medium and long-run.

We have here in United Arab Emirates two stock markets, one in Dubai which was established foremost and the other one in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange ( ADX ) ( once Abu Dhabi Securities Market ) [ ADSM ] is working the same as a secondary market designed for the trading of securities concerned through public shareholding companies, besides bonds issued through the local or else federal authorities, in add-on to public establishments, along with any other fiscal instruments, either local or foreign, which are acknowledged through the market.

Background Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange ( ADX )

The Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange ( ADX ) was established on 15 November 2000 by Local Law No. ( 3 ) of 2000, the commissariats of which vest the Market with a legal entity of independent position, independent finance and direction, and give ADX the necessary supervisory and executive powers to exert its maps, to supply chances to put nest eggs and financess in securities in order to help the national economic system. In add-on to guarantee the dependableness and exactitude of minutess and to guarantee the traffics between demand and supply in order to find monetary values. Further, to protect investors through set uping just and proper covering rules between different investors. Besides to enforce rigorous controls over securities minutess to guarantee sound and behavior process. Furthermore, to develop investing consciousness by conductivity surveies and publishing recommendations in order to guarantee that nest eggs are invested in productive sectors. Furthermore, to guarantee fiscal and economic stableness and develop trading methods in order to guarantee liquidness and stableness of monetary values of Securities listed on the market.

However, the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange ( ADX ) was established as a shared personality basking fiscal and administrative endowment every bit good as executive powers to set in force and enhance commissariats and regulations of transparence and unity of trading. The ADX is covering with the same construct of securities as Dubai Financial Market. However, there are 68 companies are registered at Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange ( ADX ) in four sectors. These sectors are: banking sectors, Insurance sector, Services Sector, Industry and hotels. The lone difference between the two markets is the bound up/down. The bound at Dubai Financial Market is 15 % and at Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange ( ADX ) the bound is 10 % . Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange has some other subdivisions which are linked together electronically. These subdivisions are in Al-Ain City, Sharjah, Ras Al-Kamiah and Fujairah.

On January 29, 2000 United Arab Emirates President passed a federal edict to set up a public authorization in the UAE ‘s capital, which was called “ Securities and Commodities Authority. ” The Authority benefited a legal organic structure, fiscal along with administrative independency with the control every bit good as executive powers indispensable for it to dispatch its undertakings in line through the commissariats of this jurisprudence in add-on to the ordinances issued in accomplishment thereof, observing down that the authorization reported to the curate.

The Authority might set up subordinate subdivisions or offices to dispatch the undertakings of oversing plus supervising the markets although may neither set into pattern trade activities nor seek benefit in some undertaking nor ain or publish whichever securities.

Trading System:

Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange maps on a mechanised screen-based trading construction. The bulk of the universe ‘s first stock exchanges has motivated in latest old ages to similar screen base trading systems. It presents a typical advantage in surplus of traditional land trading in footings of intelligibility, liquidness along with trading of monetary values. Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange has an attempt with well-known international specializers in the program of a trading system, which is just, crystalline every bit good as efficient, accordingly those investors ‘ involvements are functioning up in add-on to the economic aims of the United Arab Emirates are gotten together.

The trading system at Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange is an order motivated system, which contested purchasing every bit good as selling orders of the moneymans. Investors can set their orders through Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange credited agents, who penetrate these orders into the trading system. Subsequently, the system repeatedly matches bargain every bit good as sell orders of an demanding security based on the monetary value in add-on to measure necessities.

Furthermore, the trading system as good generates plus displays information of the present in add-on to historical trading action, together with monetary values, volumes traded along with outstanding bargain every bit good as sell orders. Therefore, these make sure that investors comprise the necessary information to be capable to obtain informed trades determinations.

On the other manus, protection the efficiency along with unity of trading demands Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange to transport out regular monitoring every bit good as commanding market action. Furthermore, market Control Section tickers observation by agencies of the trading regulations along with ordinances of ESCA together with Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange plus helps to vouch with the purpose of trading is carried out in a methodical mode.


It is clip for attending to be given to beef uping the capital markets of the UAE. These markets will move as a moderator for unpredictable oil monetary values by pumping private wealth that was accumulated during the oil roar into the local fiscal system, therefore minimising the power of swings in oil monetary values that determine authorities grosss. Many utile lessons applicable to UAE fiscal system can be learned for free from the recent convulsion in other emerging markets. The age of globalisation is coming, and he who does non hold his house in proper order shall ache his whole household. The private sector is more than eager to play a prima function in developing the local fiscal system, if it were given a opportunity.

The constitution of a stocks market is giving a measure of more strategic benefits into the Abu Dhabi economic system every bit good to UAE economic system. Such benefits are non restricted for the short-run, but besides for the long tally in the advancement standard of the same economic system. Consequently the consecutive benefits which might be gained on or after developing a place stock market can be conveying to a stopping point as the followers:

1- Create advanced industrial sector, which will infix more value every bit good as gap to the economic system through the new attractive sector, that associated to the promotion along with public dealingss at the side of the media will play a most important function in heightening its representation in the public sentiment beside the earlier reference of its significance at the said economic system.

2- Investing more of the local capital money, as the capital holders will deviate more their investings into the local market, since more chances will be making at professional manner of stock portions alternatively the earlier unseeable trading at the black market.

3- Bringing more outside investors since there is normally a stable stock market with good organized manner of covering and trading along with its singular vision of credibleness among the other investing chances. All of these factors will take to convey more the foreign capitals to put in the said proposed market.

4- Enhance the credibleness of the populace owned companies, by coercing them to print their annual budget and supervising their public presentation in general. This will take more to heighten the competition whenever their public presentation being observed by their co-workers at the same sector in peculiar besides at the public sentiment in general among them by printing such intelligence and studies through the media.