A Summary Of Vietnam History Essay

Vietnam is officially known in English as the “ Socialist Republic of Vietnam ” and Vietnam is portion of South East Asia, bordered by ocean on the West and south, with China to the North and Cambodia and Laos to the West. Vietnam is about the size of New Mexico ( 329,560 sq kilometer ) , but shaped in a long, narrow “ S ” . The state can be handily divided into three distinguishable parts, the South, the Center and the North. The North of the state was the first to be settled and is characterized by the rich agriculture lands of the Red River Delta. In the South, the Mekong Delta is the state ‘s most fertile part and Viet Nam ‘s major rice and fruit bring forthing country. The two great cities of the state are elegant capital metropolis Hanoi and the moral force, economic human dynamo Ho Chi Minh City. Many foreign linguistic communications, such as English, French, Chinese, German and Russian, are used in international dealingss.

The Culture of Viet Nam is besides impacted by neighbor China states and during Gallic colonial period, Viet Nam civilization received merchant influences from the Europeans that are the Latin alphabet to compose a national linguistic communication. In general, civilization of Vietnam is a particular blend of many ancient civilizations with the autochthonal civilization of the Vietnamese ; the most popular group is “ Kinh ” cultural groups.


Vietnamese civilization may be still cryptic and unknown to most people outside the state. There are a batch of factors that affect the civilization of Viet Nam but everything ever have two sides in good side or bad side. As discussed in category about civilization, in geographics we have three geographical factors: topography, clime and natural resources that affect it and so the impact on ain society of these alterations.


More than three quarters of Viet Nam ‘s district comprises mountains and hills. Four distinguishable cragged zones or Highlandss may be identified – the north West, the north E, the northern Truong Son zone in north-central Viet Nam and the southern Truong Son zone in the south-central part. Almost these topographic point are inhabited chiefly by cultural group such as Muong, Hmong, Jarai, Cham. But in recent old ages outside contact has changed their traditional civilization, particularly when touristry develop and expand to highland countries they tend to open head, some people change to construct the house like the “ Kinh ” people and the authorities give high engineering such as electricity, H2O, telephone overseas telegram aˆ¦come to people.

Furthermore, the state has two major river deltas – the Red River Delta in the North and the Mekong Delta in the South, are fertile land, favourable clime. This is the biggest rice basket of Viet Nam. All of them affect the wet rice agribusiness civilization and acquire comfy for the husbandman. For illustration, Red River is an of import portion in day-to-day life every bit good as in production. Alluvial aid more fertile Fieldss, and enriched and extended the delta seashore of the state of Thai Binh, Nam Dinh. Beginning of fish the Red River has provided a considerable assortment of freshwater fish agriculture in the northern delta. On the other side, due to big sum of silt that the river has ever been filled doing inundations frequently occur, so that long sides of the river we had to cover up the little butchs to forestall flood H2O compartment. It creates a civilization for the people who stay here every twelvemonth.

By contract, in the cragged the topography is n’t convenient for husbandman, so they create terrace rice field and it is a signifier of cultivation on inclining land of many cultural mountains high Sa Pa, Lao Cai state. Because in highland and cragged countries with scarce land for farming, particularly rice cultivation, people overcome by taking the hillside, mountain dirt is promoted to organize the three-level ties with the land. Then, depending on the purpose of farming that can take to dry or H2O from the higher extremums. Terrace Sa Pa are making a alone touristry merchandises to Vietnam, particularly after the travel magazine Travel and Leisure ( USA ) voted as one of seven Fieldss stairs one great period in Asia and the universe. These Fieldss stairs “ like the sun month ” in the Village is ever attractive finish for domestic and foreign tourers.


Vietnam has a tropical monsoon clime in the South for two seasons ( showery season, from mid May to mid September, and the dry season, from mid October to mid April ) and monsoon clime in the North with four seasons ( spring, summer, fall and winter ) . Because everyplace has difference seasons so there are some consequence to the people and civilization besides.

The biggest consequence to civilization is culinary civilization toward difference portion of Viet Nam. Southern culinary art is influenced by Gallic culinary art, Cambodia & A ; Thailand. Today, it ‘s easy to happen in SaiGon ( or Ho Chi Minh ) myriad of particular North, South or international, harmonizing to the original besides, but still is more popular dishes are “ SaiGon Dishs ” because clime in SaiGon is ever hot so they make set something more to suitable to the appetency of Southerners.

The North is a land of “ exhaustion of local flexibleness ” with the capital Hanoi antediluvian, the people is ever discreet high civilization & A ; pride in the elegant manner to bask the pleasances that life offers from Northern Nature. Northern culinary art is non bold and spicy, Sweet with other parts, chiefly H2O usage fish sauce. The profusion and diverseness of the northern culinary art is a consequence of the conditions, for illustration, Hanoi has been selected as the 2nd best metropolis for nutrient in the universe by Sherman Travel, Vietnam ‘s national dish Pho has been besides named as one of the Top 5 celebrated nutrient in the universe.

In add-on, the clime in fact has influences in the manner people dressing. Depend on the conditions if it is hot they prefer to have on traditional stuff that smooth and cool like cotton, satin, silk, so that they feel convenient and fresh. And because in the North they has a winter season so they need to have on jackets and winter apparels to salvage their wellness.

Nature resource

All natural resources of Vietnam are land, H2O, mineral, dirt, gas, Fe, etc. Vietnam has 4 universe heritages recognized by UNESCO, beautiful beaches, national ecologic woods, countryside, upland and historic topographic points.

Vietnam has big forest resources so they have a big sum of wood. In some cragged parts the cultural minorities live together focal point in ridge or vale and they deforest to do farm such as Hmong people populating in high societal and Pa Co Hang Kia Mai Chau territory. Previously, people tend to populate switching cultivation, mobile. But subsequently the authorities gave them to farming and colony stableness and development along with other cultural groups.

Besides Viet Nam has a lots rivers and sea so they ever create a sea festival to thank “ the sea God ” and it considered a high spot unique bold religious cultural life of coastal population. Actually, it besides creates a superstitious notion in here that is religious civilization of the coastal fishermen festival. It is a portion of tradition civilization and imposts passed down from one coevals to the following. It brings a different content is non less of import, a opportunity to demo their feelings, emotional lives of fishermen before disputing the huge sea and reflecting the desire for a life of peace, it adequate for coastal communities. It merely brings the strong belief for fishermen and helps them assured when they work.


In my sum-up, the civilization of Viet Nam has a length history and follows the flows of clip ; Viet Nam has been impacted by different civilizations from outside and different factors from nature like clime, topography or nature resource every bit good as. Despite of the alteration of environment, we try to get the better of obstructions and troubles to last and do life better. However, when alien come to ain state such as to make concern, they bring their civilization besides and sometimes it has become large effects to ain civilization because some origin civilization can rapidly alter and replaced by them, so the authorities demand to make something to continue the national civilization before it can vanish in some another twenty-four hours. As a immature coevals and live in 21st century, and I ‘m Vietnamese besides, I believe that non merely me but besides others can maintain the traditional civilization and regard it candidly.