A Look At Rapunzel English Literature Essay

A A A A A A A A A There was a adult male and his married woman who wanted a kid for many old ages. They lived following to a enchantress, who had a garden that was surrounded by a wall. The married woman wanted some boodles so bad that her hubby agreed to mouse into the enchantress ‘s garden and acquire some. The enchantress caught the adult male and made a trade with him. He could take the boodle but when they had a kid the enchantress would acquire the babe. When the twosome had a babe the enchantress came and took the miss and called her Rapunzel. The enchantress put her into a high tower that did non hold a door. It merely had a little window at the top. The enchantress would come every forenoon and mount up Rapunzel ‘s hair to acquire into the tower. One twenty-four hours a Prince came by and heard Rapunzel ‘s vocal. He watched the enchantress and learned how to acquire into the tower. Subsequently he climbed into the tower on Rapunzel ‘s hair. They became friends and decided to acquire married. The enchantress found out and cut off Rapunzel ‘s hair and took her to a desert. When the Prince came the enchantress was waiting for him. The Prince fell into a thorn shrub and he became blinded by the irritants. He wandered around for old ages until he found Rapunzel. Her cryings fell into the Prince ‘s eyes and he was able to see once more. They returned to his palace and were married.


This section in the magazine shows how the media and society has downgraded us to the extent were do n’t seek to pass on to person verbally or by a doing speedy phone call. Alternatively we resort to e-mailing or texting messages or paragraph conversations which go on for hours. This is taking us to free our societal functions in society and go to technologically dependent for our every full day-to-day demands.

Abdullahi M Farah

Rapunzel Are You Online?

Day 1

Prince @ 4:01

“ Hi I merely seen you on facebook and I ca n’t lie to you, your vocalizing is astonishing ”

Rapunzel @ 4:26

“ Thank you so much, I did n’t believe that a batch of people noticed i?S “

Prince @ 4:39

“ neptunium, I bet you parents are proud to hold such a beautiful and talented girl judgment from you image ”

Rapunzel 5: 09

“ I would trust so but one ‘ve ne’er reallyaˆ¦ it ‘s a long narrative ”

Weeks subsequently

Prince @ 6:01

“ Is it clear to come to your base gurl ”

Rapunzel @ 6:01

“ The enchantress is acquiring up all in my face with dem toxicant apple sand things, she wont allow me merely chill but anyways xoxoxo I miss you so much & lt ; 3! ! ! ! ”

Prince @ 6:03

“ I know what you mean, if the shade is clear den im on my manner baby, u know I feel the same manner about u ; ) . ”

Rapunzel @ 6:27

“ Hurry up, I think she will be back shortly from the garden, omg I cant delay! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! , give me a intimation, whats the colour of you hair ”

Prince @ 6: 45

“ Im on the manner at that place, taking a cab to your reference that you texted me, lol do n’t worry u will see when I get at that place, by the manner how am I traveling to acquire up to you? ”

Rapunzel @ 6:46

“ Merely text me a message when your at the bottem and we will take it from there all right i?S ! ! ! ! , & lt ; 3 see u shortly, allow me acquire my hair ready for u. ”

Prince @ 6:51

“ Yeah I think I ‘m about at that place, you do n’t necessitate to repair your ego up for me I will demur you for what of all time u are you know that. ”

Rapunzel @ 7:01

“ You here yetttttttttt? ? ? ? ? Im waiiittttttttttttinnnnnnngggggggggaˆ¦aˆ¦ ”

Prince @ 7:01

“ Yah I ‘m here now send down the ladder or state me the secret entryway to this tower, wow person does n’t desire you traveling anyplace. ”

The prince looks up and sees a long rope falling from the window above and starts to mount up the ladder boulder clay he reaches the top and enters the window

Prince: “ belly laugh that was a snake pit of a ascent, what sort rope is this smelled like shampoo ” turns around “ uhhhh who are you ”

Old lady: Its Rapunzel do n’t you play dense with me now, Your so much more fine-looking so I expected, now come here and demo me some love. ”


He so jumps out the window, blinding both his eyes in the autumn, and lived his unrecorded ne’er being able to text once more.

The lesson here is that do n’t restrict your ego to what you believe is cool or the most convenient because in most state of affairss at that place could hold been something done to avoid it. For illustration if he had made and try to name her alternatively of trusting on his text messages so he would hold realised that he was n’t covering with the Rapunzel he had in head. Just retrieve things are n’t ever what it seem to be.

By: Abdullahi M Farah