A Look At Critical Incidents English Literature Essay

Reem is a new Saudi pupil in the community of University of Dalhousie. She was eventually accepted to fall in the Faculty of Education. She graduated late from a good university in her state with a high GPA. And as a consequence, it was easy to acquire a scholarship from the authorities to go on her higher instruction in any university around the universe. Canada was her pick, and one of the grounds was, because of its multicultural community.

Reem ‘s first category was in a class named “ Woman and Education ” with Prof. Nancy Scott. Within the first meeting, the professor asked the pupils to present themselves to the others ( who you are and something surprising about you ) . Reem was really defeated ; she did non even cognize what to state. At that minute she forgot everything about herself! When it was her bend, Reem introduced herself uncomfortably and unclearly! After that, Mrs. Scott gave them material to read and fix for the following category. By the following category Reem read the articles and understood them about clearly. However, her outlooks were non right. Reem thought that the reading will be like an debut for the new information that they will hold in the new category, and the professor may show new contents that relate to the same subject. She did non foretell that those articles will be the usher to the large treatment that they will hold. And this was non the lone job! The teacher said that: “ each one of you need to indicate out to two issues that confused you or surprised you ” and so portion it with the whole category. After that, all the pupils were take parting in a large treatment and all of a sudden, when Mrs. Scott noticed that Reem is excessively quiet, Mrs. Scott talked to Reem straight: “ Reem, do you desire to add something, we did non listen your voice! ”

Reem were go toing two other classs and same activities were go oning. The Saudi miss was fighting within these feelings, whatever she tried to make ; she could non be every bit active as her schoolmates. She could take notes and listen really carefully to what the teacher says, but she could non acquire rid of the silence. All other pupils were able to show themselves and their thoughts but her. Reem decided to speak to her professors about her critical state of affairs and so, she expressed her troubles that she is confronting within the part to the conversation. Reem told Mrs. Scott that she did non see these sorts of activities in her old acquisition in Saudi Arabia. And besides, she explained to Mrs. Scott how is that portion of her civilization, where the professors are the biggest export! And where the pupils should be respectful in the attending of the teacher by non to show their thoughts! In add-on, most of her categories were based on talks. May be things now are traveling to alter, but at least until the clip that she graduated, nil changed.

After taking to her professors, they all seem that they understand Reem ‘s state of affairs. For illustration, Mrs. Scott said: “ We all have our ain troubles so merely relax and listen and believe and lend when you can ” . Reem was non comfy. She could non understand if her state of affairs is healthy! Every category, Reem lives this struggle and anxiousness, and keeps believing that everyone in the category is oppugning about her silence.

The following are affairs that might be runing accidentally to explicate Reem ‘s struggle and anxiousness in every category in the new school.

On acquiring an account from Reem, Mrs. Scott understands her state of affairs and advises her to merely loosen up and listen. Mrs. Scott seems to understand the single troubles and this could farther perplex Reem ‘s state of affairs in schoolroom since she could have a different intervention from Mrs. Scott.

Reem ‘s experience with Saudi professors made her believe that all professors are the same in other universities. Her old experience hindered her part in schoolroom.

Reem ‘s new pupil in Canada could non understand why she was no contributing in schoolroom activities. To them this is portion of twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours larning. This made them see Reem as a weak member of the category.


Reem come from a community where the professors are the chief export. She is used to a state of affairs whereby the pupils are respectful in the attending of the teacher by non to show their thoughts. Reem is non used to lending in any schoolroom activity due to the fact that most of her categories were based on talks. Reem is faced with a wholly different environment where everything seems really opposite to what she is used to. This makes it difficult for her to get by sing her old attitude toward professors and their manner of instruction.

Reem had ne’er been involved in schoolroom interaction. She feared what other pupil will believe about her responses. This is opposite to what other schoolmate felt. They were comfy and ever ready to lend. This left Reem in a province of disaffection since she was the lone 1 with a different experience.

Previous experience and mentalities can frequently impact one to anticipate certain behaviour. When Reem come to Canada she had a Saudi experience with professors and their manner of instruction. She was would be the instance in Canada. When she experience otherwise, she became stray and became unable to incorporate with other pupils.

Second Incident

Lana, a 3rd twelvemonth instruction pupil in University of Birmingham in England, was take parting in an exchange plan at Yale University ; where she had gone to analyze for one semester. While in Yale University, she was sent by the module for a instruction pattern at James Hillhouse High School. While in learning pattern, Lana had a critical incident in which she had unusual experience with the pupils.

It was Thursday forenoon, when Lana, was learning interior design. The scholars were to reply good to the “ custodies on ” nature of the actions. She had developed a really graphic gap which comprised function drama – foreign executives who are incapable of communicate vocally with one other and the design creative person ; therefore the demand for a perfect ocular representation of what is obligatory in the design.

As she entered the schoolroom, she found that as customary the schoolroom was vacant. This looked to be a consistent event with this category as non one pupil wanted to be on clip. The laughter and giggling as she come near the pupils was their manner of connoting that they do n’t hold to obey her instructions or really school guidelines as their mundane chitchat is excessively important. As the scholars flew into the room, the racket of chairs clanging and oral cavities was excessively much. This group of pupils was largely really welcoming and good pleased. However, the absence of inspiration and self-denial was tremendous in this category. Surely, the category appeared to be a communal assemblage for most pupils.

Lana had arranged the desks in groups to assist teamwork and specified the land instructions for the session, hands up before reacting to questions and go toing when she speaks. Despite a few snickers and cackles from choice participants of her audience, foremost overlooked by her, so met with a terrible, intrusive somewhat sponsoring stare which she expected would give the significance “ bull on you immature pull the leg of ” , the nucleus organic structure of the category looked to be a small interested.

Chaos started immediately the function drama begun. Denis played the starring function of a Chinese enterpriser while Jessica was selected as the African executive. Both scholars assumed their responsibility really all right, their assurance and theatrical ability was superb. Within seconds though, the more troublesome pupils were seeking to prehend the state of affairs. Comments like “ You atrocious small Chinaman ” you ‘ve fried lice crawling up your jumper ” “ Hey large mamma let us acquire what you ‘ve got ‘ are murmured by the badgerers.

Lana tried to rectify the state of affairs by admiting the two scholars in inquiry and factually coercing the two chief scoffers to take their topographic points. This seemed to flip them ; nevertheless, in the infinite of a minute, they were interchanging interesting remarks with each other for the aid of their protagonists, a minority of the category.

Lana ended the session explicating that all future entertaining activities will be shortened due to their clear absence of adulthood. This caused in an increasing groan from the scholars “ Ah no Madam, it ‘s great exciting. ” However, she was house, delegating the wrongdoers to new topographic points good isolated around the room and in making so expeditiously interrupting up the groups she begun to detect. Lana was shocked by the immature behaviour of pupils at James Hillhouse High School. She can non conceive of the same occurrence in school in England. She merely remembers when she was in high school in England, that pupils ever obey everything done or said by a instructor. The undermentioned facets might hold been runing subconsciously to explicate Lana ‘s daze from the experience she had with pupils in James Hillhouse High School:

Lana believed that all the high school pupils should ever obey everything done or said by a instructor. This is what she was used to from her yearss in high school in England.

Lana was runing from a really limited experience with American ethnic community. She has no experience of their behaviours and how to manage them.

Lana ‘s English civilization make her stick to instruction and larning methodological analysis which could merely accommodate English pupil but unsuitable to American pupils.


England, where Lana comes from, pupils ever obey their instructor ‘s instructions every bit good as school guidelines. This is what Lana is used to. It is contrary to American pupils who believe that they do n’t hold to obey their instructor ‘s instructions or even school guidelines as their mundane chitchat is excessively important. While in James Hillhouse High School, for learning pattern, she failed to understand the cultural difference that existed between English pupils and American pupils. She used a teaching attack that absolutely suited an English school puting but unsuitable for American Cultural scene. When it failed, she became autocratic and tyrannizing therefore losing control and more significantly her regard.

Earlier experience and outlooks can frequently act upon one to anticipate certain behaviour. In this instance, the narrative states that Lana merely had an experience with English pupil who are really concerted. This made her to anticipate the American pupils to act the same.

Lana assumed excessively much and forgets to recognize cultural differences that exist between states. She should hold consulted before get downing the instruction pattern.

Third Incident

Six months ago, a new immature lady, Milka, has been through a critical incident. Milka was from a Muslim community. She got a occupation to work as a transcriber for the Australian embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The narrative began in the 2nd twenty-four hours of work.

One forenoon, the Australian embassador, Mr. Jonathan, insulted her because she refused to agitate his custodies. Milka told him that she is a Muslim and there is no manner she could agitate a adult male ‘s manus. Then Mr. Jonathan straight replayed to her, I am a Christian! “ You are really ill-mannered! You think your civilization is more of import than others? ” Milka felt so much insulted because all the people in his community have ever understood why she can non agitate a adult male ‘s manus.

Harmonizing to Muslim civilization where Milka belonged, agitating custodies, and touching, individuals of the opposite gender when closely associated, is non permitted harmonizing to the traditions of the Islam. This is to put off physical connexion which could take to acquaintance that is undue or undesired by the adult female. It is besides believed that it could be the first cause for aspiration within the adult male.

Milka was so much uncomfortable while working in Australian embassy because the bulk of the employees, work forces in peculiar, in the embassy were Christians. Some used to bury and offer to shaker her manus whenever they meet despite Milka holding explained to them before. Milka, because of her civilization which forbid that, she could non agitate their manus. Every clip it happened, Milka was left experiencing out of topographic point since the members of Christian community did non look to understand her state of affairs. It was even worse when it happened outside the office while she interacted with visitants from the Christian community.

One twenty-four hours, Milka felt that it was going excessively much for her to bear. She talked to the Australian embassador, Mr. Jonathan and told him that she want to discontinue as a consequence of legion abuses she received from the employees from Christian community. Mr. Jonathan to her that, it was good she had realized before since even him was sing firing her for denying a manus shingle to his employees and visitants of embassy. He explained to her that agitating custodies in Christian community when meeting person is every bit everyday as taking a breath. Milka left the embassy experiencing so much discouraged knowing that she lost that cherished occupation merely because of a manus shingle.

The undermentioned are issues that might be runing subconsciously to explicate Milka ‘s Disappointment:

Milka is a Muslim miss and she has ever known that agitating a adult male ‘s manus is a large error. She could non believe of agitating any adult male ‘s manus regardless of the state of affairs.

Milka is so much into Moslem civilization that she does non see incorporating with a Christian civilization for her convenience at the workplace where the bulk of employees and visitants are Christians.

Mr. Jonathan is runing from a really limited experience Muslims. He does non recognize that Milka ‘s civilization is every bit of import to her as Christianity is of import to him.


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where Milka semen from, it is really good outlined that agitating custodies, and touching, individuals of the opposite gender is prohibited. This is with conformity with the traditions of the Islam which aims at put offing physical connexion which could take to acquaintance that is undue or undesired by the adult female. Mr. Jonathan is non cognizant of all these. Therefore, this has led him to handling Milka as a Christian miss instead than a Muslim who she is. This makes it difficult for Milka to suit due to cultural differences operational at the workplace.

Anterior experience and outlooks can frequently act upon one to anticipate certain behaviour. Milka expected people who will understand her civilization like people have ever understood her in Muslim community.

Milka, holding brought up in a Muslim community, she has interacted with people from other cultural groups. This denied her an experience of association with other people from other cultural groups. When she got a occupation in Canadian embassy, she is shocked by the bend of the event since she had ne’er interacted with Christians before.

Fourth Incident

Last twelvemonth, when Kent studied in his Gallic concern school, he had to cover with peoples from different democracies. It was so interesting experience but inclined to to perplexity because of his cultural difference.

He good recalls when he had a professional seminar with Nipponese people. Decidedly, they sent him an electronic mail stating that he had to travel at nine o’clock. Unfortunately, he had a hard with the coach and he reached with 10 proceedingss into arrears. From his point of view, it was non a really important job. This manner, he tiptoed and moved in in the assembly room devoid of apologize non to upset person. Actually, in France in such fortunes it is the best thing that people have to make since it is considered that an unpunctuality of about 15 proceedingss is acceptable. However, after the meeting, a Nipponese friend whispered to him that he was really ill-mannered and that his behaviour was outraged. He was in a level spin since at this clip he surely did non grok what the job was. He realized subsequently that in this instance, people have to do an apology and give an account for their lateness. Otherwise, it is consider like a deficiency of regard. This made Kent experience guilty and sorry for himself. He was left inquiring how his Nipponese friends were believing about him.

The undermentioned issues might hold been working subliminally to explicate why felt really contrite and regretful to himself:

Kent believed that analysis of the lateness is the same everyplace. He thought merely like they considered that an unpunctuality of about 15 proceedingss is acceptable would be the same to his Nipponese friends.

Kent has really limited or no experience covering with Nipponese. His experience was merely grounded on Gallic civilization.

Kent experience with Frenchmen makes him act like he was covering with them. He could non see anything incorrect since his actions were based on Gallic experience.


Surely, the manner to see the lateness is really dissimilar between Nipponese and Gallic people. In France, it is considered normal to be tardily for approximately five or ten proceedingss and people think that being soundless in this instance is the best manner to be respectful. However, for Nipponese people, being late is considered impious. Kent made a error of presuming that lateness would be treated likewise. He should hold apologized sing the fact that he was tardily.

Kent ignored a simple principal which could use to people from any cultural group. Despite him being from Gallic civilization, he should hold shown regard and niceness by explicating the cause of his lateness.

The scene of the meeting played a function in Kent ‘s behaviours. Since the meeting was already on, Kent was forced to believe that it was unwise to interrupt the meeting.